Saturday, December 28, 2013

Her desires

Ash has plenty of desires. But, none includes academics. Ask her to do maths is like asking her to eat poison. It's a good thing we decided against Chinese school. It's the same with reading. Well, we don't really ask her to read. I tried but it didn't work. I would read to her when she couldn't read but I found her looking at pictures rather than wanting to familiarise herself with the words. I even thought that she was dyslexic at one stage. But, it turned out my fears were unfounded. So she couldn't read nor write (except her name) for the longest time. Plus, I think I was a lazy mom who didn't spend enough time reading to her and quickly accepted this doomed state of affairs.

Now that she's 6++, and is able to read quite adequately for a 6++ year old, I am relieved. I don't blame her really cos neither her dad nor I read plenty during our childhood. My dad was horrified that I couldn't read until I was...12? So, I don't expect my girls to be super smart at school. Definitely not in the genes.

In order to fuel her passion for life (no point emphasizing on things they have no interest or just simply lack the aptitude for), we allow her to pick up other skills. One of which is the flute. Why the flute? Frankly, I have no idea. She wants to learn it. I suggested the piano (the basic, right?), and she scoffed at the idea saying "the piano is so huge. I can't bring it anywhere. The flute is small...I can just put it in my pocket...see? easy peasy".

So...what I need to do now is to find a..flute teacher? Where? I was kind of hoping maybe the violin. But, has to be a freaking flute! 

*throws hands up in the air* I give up!. 

Close of 2013

The year is coming to a close. Time truly flies. doesn't it? We had a wonderful Xmas despite not really celebrating it. The only reason why we even put a Xmas tree up is because of the kids. But, all in good spirit, hubby and I just went with it. We even had a Christmas dinner on the eve and forbade the kids from opening their pressies till Christmas morning hehhehe...Oh and Ash even made me make cookies for Santa. She wrote a note for Santa (I am too lazy to paste it here). So I had to make some, thanks largely to Betty Crocker (lazy mom alert!!). 

A friend wrote that 2014 will be a year dedicated to her kids and sick mom. That's awesome, wouldn't you agree? I, on the other hand, would like to dedicate 2014 to me and me alone. I figured I need to have that. I find that for the past 7 years, I have spent just with the kids. Even my conversations are about kids and all things related to kids. I was telling someone the other day that I actually prefer to hang out with working or semi working moms as opposed to SAHMs for some reason because I do find SAHMs a wee bit...exhausting and tiring, if you know what I mean. 

I am not entirely sure what I want to do next year. I turn 40 next year and I've mentioned that working might be an option since the girls will be older, thus alot more independent. Part-time work maybe? That was said casually a couple of years ago. I haven't broached the subject since. Now that the time is near and our plans have somewhat changed. So...I don't know. Maybe I'll just hang on a bit to this SAHM gig and see what happens in 2015.

In the meantime, I am sure to find something to do. I am resourceful after all and more importantly, I have resourceful friends whose mighty brains I can pick...heheheh :-D.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

School is O.U.T


School is out...O.U.T. I can finally relax, unwind and finish up my Christmas wrapping. Plus, I have done and given away most presents that I had set out to give. Granted, I actually wanted to give away more time did not permit me, I didn't get as many presents this year. But, it was quite a bit of shopping, still.

I cannot believe it is almost the end of the year and 2014 is looming. It is the year where our full challenge awaits us. Pretty much all set and raring to go, despite the heart beating and mind racing. Like finding out you're pregnant and then having to deliver your baby. YOu know, it's the excitement yet nervousness all in one. "Will we make it?"..."Will we survive?"..."What on earth will we eat?" many unanswered many surprises.

We will not be going anywhere this Christmas. We have loads of packing and clearing up to do. And, since we will be staying put, I thought it will be a good time to get Ash proper swimming lessons. She knows how to float and thread water (slightly) but not proper swimming. A month long intensive course will be excellent this time, wouldn't it be? I might also throw in some music lessons. Guitar and  the violin? What do you reckon? 

We'll see how we go...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nearly there...

We are..nearly there. The holidays are coming and we will be enjoying - for sure. At least I would be enjoying (and rejoicing). Jumping up and down like a crazed bunny.

The girls want to watch a movie at the cinema. We plan on taking them some time soon. hahahah...You can tell our enthusiasm and our excitement at the prospect of going to the cinema with our kids, can't you? We've only ever taken them once. That one time had both girls covering their ears. "Too loud mommy", they'd squeal. Well..can't help it lor. Cinemas are like that. Lets hope this time'll be different i.e they would watch the movie with their ears uncovered.

My neighbour of 10 years recently gave birth to their 3rd child. And recently, the family moved back home after a 2 months hiatus outstation. The sounds of an infant crying gave me serious chills down my spine. I get goosebumps and immediately, I begin to have flashes of my own girls crying when they were babies. I can still remember how they were back then. Ash was pretty good after the 3rd month. She slept through the night and all. Mini however, was a totally different child altogether. Not only did she have difficulty sleeping, she had to be carried everywhere. She didn't like the cot that much. She wanted to have the bird's-eye view of everything. Why ah? Not as though she knew what was going on or could tell me things those days. I literally sang hallelujah and praised the Lord Almighty when she began crawling. It was my stairway to heaven. When she could crawl, she didn't need me to carry her as much. That was sweetness to the stars. 

Fast forward many years later, I am beginning to miss those little toddler years. Mini is already 4.5 years and she's fast losing her baby soft skin, her stubby toes and fingers. I am enjoying them alot more now for sure especially with the things they say. Am fascinated with their thought process and sillyness all at the same time. But, yeah, kids do grow up mighty quickly. I am most thankful that I am able to witness their every burp, giggles and vomit. If given a second chance, I don't think I would do anything differently because I know, I have done the best that I most capably can to raise my kids. There's nothing that I would want to change and I'd most probably will do exactly what I've done (and have been doing) bringing up my girls. 

Of course, this is simply Phase 1 of my kids' lives. I still have the Phase 2 (pre-teen), Phase 3 (teen) and Phase 4 (young adult) to go through. I will cross that bridge when I come to it. But, in the meantime, I'd like to remember my kids now, and how happy they make me (despite the yelling and the screaming; the tears and the frustration). It is a lot of hard work and guess what? It is all worth it. Every bit of it. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The COuntdown begins

Today is the 1st of December. And I am not even half way through with Christmas and birthday presents. I went shopping today for some but just didn't get everything I wanted to. I thought if I could somehow pick everything I need from just one store, life will be so perfect. not to be.

I have got tons to do honestly. I have yet to put up the tree. My girls left some Christmas hangings with SIL and forgot to bring them home. NOw we are left with 40 year old vintage tree ornaments. Sadly, the tree also cannot be vintage cos the one my mom had yonks ago, died a natural fake tree death.

If I can find the time to do it next weekend I will. Next week is a killer for me. I have got 3 birthday celebrations! 3!, one luncheon, 2 dance practices and I will be pooped. All I want to do is curl up in my bed, pull the covers over my head and fall asleep. But I can't. Because tomorrow, I have a short holiday with a couple of Mini's friends and their family. Why? I don't know. It's not that we don't get along with the family; we do. I don't know. Maybe it's because I always feel like I can't settle things fast enough and there I am on the move again.

Hopefully, this chaos will end soon and we will have a brand new start come 2014. I am hopeful. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


For the most part, our family celebrates Christmas and Chinese New Year. When the occasion calls for it..we will include Deepavali and Hari Raya. Just the way it is.

Before the kids came along, the celebration I look forward to is the CNY. Without fail. The new clothes, new knickers, new everything. Life just couldn't get any better. I feel as though life for me for the year is just to wait for CNY and nothing more.

Then I had kids. Having them didn't change my sentiments towards CNY. I loved (and still do) CNY regardless. But, once they grew up and wanted their own celebration of some sort, it was Christmas. Perhaps, it's the pressies that sealed the deal for them. I mean, who needs a red packet stuffed with pieces of paper I have no use for and no nothing of the value it bears. All I want is that darn Barbie - or in Mini's case, a blue truck. So, Christmas is the party of the year where my kids are concerned.

So, nowadays, I honestly feel stressed come the end of the year. Not only I have to think of gifts for the kids, but also, I have to think of gifts for other people's kids. I will not lie. This year, in particular, have been absolute madness. I am still living through the madness as I type. I am not sure how to survive another year to be quite honest.

The one thing that I haven't done is to draw up my to-do list for Christmas. I am sure thankful that I am not hosting any kind of parties for the kids. Instead we will be attending some. Nothing high end. Just good ol' fashion PG-type of parties. Those that don't involve elaborately custom printed table runner or fine China. Nah....But, it does involve having to pull Ash out of school for one of them (yikes!). We'll see. I am feeling overwhelmed. And, I will admit that this sensation is due to my lack of planning. It's all me and my own doing. I will just have to somehow get everything all sorted time...soon.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

May you have a spooky-licioius night 

(or day..depending on when and where you're reading from)


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Running into a string of bad luck

The last couple of weeks were absolutely crazy. It began with the stomach flu everyone of us had. Then, hubby experienced a bout of stomach infection that landed him in the hospital. Can life get any more worst? OK la, it's not that tragic. Just one of those days or just those days when every thing chose to come together. When it's good, it's good all the way. When it's bad, it's bad all the way. The cycle of life.

Everything is calm now. SIL is visiting. So we have our hands full. Ash has been missing some of her classes. Although we are happy, she's not. Mini has been asking for behringer mixers at musician's friend. Alright, not true. Mini's been asking us to bring her to soccer lessons/class. We haven't given in. Hubby said next year. We shall see if that promise will hold.

Also, whenever you feel that you are alone facing adversity, you are really not. Thank you God that you have blessed us with wonderful and thoughtful friends who will go out of their way to bring a smile to your face. It's just truly truly amazing when that happens to you. And I honestly cannot ask for more because more is what I have and I feel absolutely blessed. 

We are back to our usual routine. September is just around the corner. Ash is already planning her Christmas party. I.just.can't. right now. No...I will just pretend I didn't hear her. After all, she can only make it happen if I allow it to happen. And honestly, I am just so lazy...yes, lazy. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

doing nothing


Yesterday the girls were home..."doing nothing" as suggested by Ash. She was happy doing nothing. But, on the contrar, doing nothing actually means she gets to play her games. O.M.G, I tell you girl needs to get out there and do something!

Anyway, because the girls were unwell a few days prior, we decided to just stay home yesterday save for the evening when hubby took them out to the playground. Speaking of which...yesterday at the playground, she met her playground friend. Said friend told her that she also lost her tooth and the tooth fairy left a skipping rope under her pillow...LOL. I just cracked up laughing when I heard the story. This skipping rope thing started when Ash brought hers to the playground many weeks ago and some of the girls there played with skipping rope for the first time. I suppose, after tasting skipping rope fun, they got their own to play with.

We must really 'do nothing" more often...:-D

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy August

Is it August already? Time truly flies. Got wind that SIL will be making her way down here soon. Should I get her to bring stuff over? I don't want to intrude but at the same time, I need my err...stuffs. Just things that are almost impossible to get here. As it is, we are getting someone to buy and bring home the girls' sandals and slippers...hahaha..I know, just go to some Pasar Malam to get la. We love them and they are pretty sturdy. Especially if you walk alot with it and want a comfy enough shoes.

So, looks like some busy days are up the corner. I wish it wasn't so but unlikely right? We've got a day trip coming up during Raya weekend. Might be packed but we are left with little choices especially now with the girls' extra extra curricular activities. Wish they didn't have much to do...I don't remember me having much during my time. It was always at my grandma and home. Back and forth. I remember playing pretend alot. Talking to myself. It may have contributed to me having split personalities or bipolar? I would be Mary, Jane or Denise...depending on my mood. hehhehehe...OK, la...talking crap again.

Just for the record, this is Mary typing :-P.

My 2 front teeth...

Ash lost both her lower front teeth back to back the last couple of days. They were wobbly and in dire straits. She even begged me to bring her to the dentist so the dentist could "take it out and put a new one in". Alamak! Haven't heard of a kid begging the parents to take her to dentist..have you?

OK, so the story so far is....we didn't need to visit the dentist after all. Her tooth let loose and decided to detach itself. Both of them. And now, she is richer by RM20 (yeah, what to do? The Ah Pek tooth fairy was very generous) and talks funny hahahaha...OK, no laughing matter. 

But, so sweet. She's really growing up. Next will be zits and Aunt Flo and BOYS. Oh dear. Do I really have to deal with all of this? Can I delegate this part of mommy duty to someone else. It was definitely easier when they were babies. Although no sleep but minus the external issues. I'll take the no sleep any day because if you leave everything aside, it is manageable. Unlike "zits", "Aunt Flo" and "Boys". Oh and potentially - MEAN GIRLS. I mean, it could be, your daughter is or part of the MEAN GIRLS or get bullied by MEAN GIRLS. Either way - it's NOT nice. 

I am getting ahead of myself. I will enjoy her toothless grin for now. Savour every moment before the gap fills up. I should, shouldn't I? You know, just sit back and smell the roses...

Musical Instrument

Ash will be performing at her school assembly after the week after Raya. She said she will have to play some instruments of some sort. Some triangle thingy. Although I learnt the piano but didn't get very far and I can't read the notes now. Needless to say, I have zero musical talent or gift at all.

As I was saying, Ash has a performance due. The sound system is pretty cool. I often wondered if the school uses bose soundlink at musicians friend? If they did, it's no wonder the sounds come out crisp sounding. OK digressing...

The last time she performed, it was for a choral festival, where she sang. This time, she has to play a musical instrument. A simple one obviously for someone with zero rhythm and blues knowledge. I am naturally looking forward to watch her. But, she said she preferred singing. It's easier for her so she claims. Don't know la. Singing and playing...same to me. I can lip sync but I can't sing to save my life. Actually, neither can she la...hahahha..but she prefers singing to playing the instrument cos "it's hard". She will be like this at the beginning, but once she gets the hang of it, well, we shall hear the other side of her story. By then, it's "I want to learn...this and that". *rolls eyes*

The Real Princess

One would imagine that when it comes to a Princess or everything associated with being a princess is well, princessy. A princess is one who is soft, sweet demure, loves long gowns, loves her crown, loves pink (only my daughter perhaps).

Unfortunately...or fortunately, a princess is none of the above. Everyone will automatically assumes that Ash is the Princess of the house. Even she thinks she's the princess of the house. She's right because she...loves all things princess. But, in reality, she's far from being one. She loves everything there is to love ABOUT princesses but she is definitely not one.

Mini, on the other hand, IS the real princess of the house. When she screams, everyone just bows and give in to her every whim and fancies. That includes the grandparents. More so the grandparents because they are a firm believer of "letting the child be" it were. When asked to clean up after play-time, she will simply ignore our instructions and just wander around. And, she tends to get away with it. Why? Because usually, for lack of time, it's quicker to get Ash to pick up the toys. Also, because whenever Mini gets sent to the corner after been given fair warnings, she cries her lungs out. I am used to them crying..because I am the mom. But, not the Father. His heart aches and his legs weaken. He will shoot me the death stare as if I was the demon and Mini will get cajoled instead - with lots of treats and hugs because she was banished to the dungeon by the evil queen. See my predicament here, people?

So, now you know who the real Princess of the house is. And how the Princess almost always gets away with EVERYTHING. 

But, having said all of the above, the Princess don't always get her way...with me. siree. I won't give up on her so easily. Imagine when she's 20 and all her life, she's not taught to do anything by and for herself? Or, having no responsibility whatsoever? She will get a rude awakening when that happens because contrary to what most people believe, you don't acquire life skills just because you age. These skills have to be taught and instilled when young for people to function in society when they become an adult. Sure, perhaps some will learn along the way especially when thrown into the deep end all of a sudden under certain circumstances. However, most will suffer when they are an adult without said skills. 

Like I said, I won't give up on Mini. Sure, she has a cushioned life because she has the benefit of an elder sister who will willingly (most of the time) pick up after her and generally takes care of her. But, that doesn't mean she gets to boss me around. I do get her to pick up her toys, help me with some chores, put her plates/cups away in the kitchen....the sort of things that a 4 year old is more than capable of. She will grumble and moan and refuse to do it. But by golly me, she still has to. Or when I say no more TV time, it really means no more TV time (needs to obey orders). 

I think the important thing here is never give up on your kid. Understandably, they will hate you, they will kick and scream and threatened to leave home. I am sure that will happen to me...I have girls remember? The worst thing you can ever do is to give up on your kid when all they really want is for you to accept, love and cherish them. Keep on reminding yourself that.

No one ever said parenting is easy. It is not and never will be. Plus, one kid is always different from the other. As parents, we just trust our instincts and always put our feet in their shoes. Talk to them and reason with them at their level be it to a 4 year old or 16. Most times, you will be amazed, kids can be reasoned with. Unless, it's 7 in the morning and no one wants to get up to go....then, no one would be in the mood to negotiate :-D.

At the end of the day, as I always say you only have one chance with your kid. Make the best of it. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sea Shells

@wangirls Ash wants to make necklaces out of these...more work for me!!!!

The girls recent haul from the beach. I have a very strong suspicion that my girls will grow up to be hoarders of...urm...things/stuffs/rubbish. For Mini, it was just any shell in sight. Just take and take and take. Ash on the other hand, had a more specific reason for wanting those shells. She told me last night she wanted to make necklaces out of them. Although marveled at her vainability, I am not feeling particularly enthusiastic. For one thing, I don't know how possibly she's gonna turn these into necklaces. Plus, I do not have the patience to find out if she's stuck and asks me for help. I hate to tell her I am just too busy (read : lazy). 

It's just one of those things. I want yet I run away or have the urge to run. Bah! I shall let her deal with it when those shells have lost that dead fish stench. It is absolutely gross I tell you. The only good thing that came out of it is, we had a fantastic and relaxing holiday. Even hubby was happy. Thanks to Ash who dreamt of going to the beach everyday. It was indeed an excellent idea. We all need that break sometimes. 

And now, it's back to work, people *moans*. 

Fairy Bread

Ash has been obsessed with this fairy bread. No, it's not a magical bread where once you eat it, you become immortal and can fly about world. No, it's just a piece of bread covered with colourful sparkly sprinkles. I have not made it for her although she made it in school and kept asking to make one at home.

First of all, I haven't gone to buy fairy dust. Secondly, she has forgotten all about them fairy breads and eating eggs on toast instead. With the myriad of activities this girl has, fairy bread isn't gonna be much help to her. Just like a contrabassoon is to me. Not only that it costs a bomb, it is really blardy expensive. $20K++ is enough to buy me a very nice car. 

So, we will not be getting any expensive toys anytime soon and Ash will not be having her fairy bread anytime soon either. It's a good thing she has forgotten about it, innit? *smiles*


We had wanted to give our home a make-over since...since...a long time ago. We even got a contractor in to tell him what we wanted done to our home, discussed the package, discussed the time-line..etc..

I am happy to report...we only got about a quarter of what we had originally wanted to do. Call it bad timing or you could call it "some-other-thing-came-up". Anyway, we only got about that much done and "that" was just re-painting the house. Well the interior of it at least. We got it down when we went for our long vacation end of last year. Whilst we were away, the hubs gave the keys to someone and when we came home....we came home to a new bungalow! Ha Ha...No la. Just re-painted with different colours and since I left the colour choices to hubby, I had not much to say...hehehehe.

Will we ever get the other part of our plans get done? I am not sure, to be honest. Just a few things here and there like maybe throw in a modern bathroom vanity. Things which we originally wanted but may not need in the coming, I honestly don't know. Besides, the contractor is super busy. Hasn't had time to come look at our place. Haven't even billed us!! Yeah, we kinda haven't paid for a job completed more than 6 months ago.

Any progress, I will surely let you know. As of now, nothing's been moving yet. Things have to be getting on moving reaaaallll sooonn...

Friday, July 12, 2013


Ash told me that I am "the best mom ever" and that she will "love me forever" and that she'll "never break my (her) promise (to love me forever)".

Naturally...I felt the love and I was 'aawww-ed'. Who wouldn't be, right? Coming from a 6 year old, you have to believe her. It's different if it was from a 25 year old male, he may want something in return but from my girl?'s the real deal. 

You do understand why I needed to jot this down, don't you? Yes. As blackmail when I am 60 and she dumps me in some 'home' with complete strangers. Of course I need to remind her of her pledge to love me foreever. Meaning, never leave her side. 




But, really, I want to jot this down because I just want to remember her innocence. I want to remember what she's like at 6 when she's 16. I want to tell myself being a mom is truly worth all the effort I have put in and its not in vain. I want to know that I have done right by my kids. I want to be sure that I have given them the best that I possibly can. I want to know that they have the life that they deserve because no one asks to be born. When I say 'deserve' does not mean that they are showered with money or is pampered all the way. No. It is that they are treated like how any rightful human being is supposed to be treated : with respect, honesty and love. And, in turn, I see that reflecting in their being, their soul - I want to be assured of it. 

Being a mom, I am constantly asking myself if I am doing things right. There are no exams that I can take or evaluations for me to tick off, to know that I am moving along the right track. That I am passing each level with flying colours, or even passing at all. I can't find any. This is one test I wish I can take no matter how much I hate taking exams. It's the one result which I will eagerly wait for. 

But, unfortunately, there's no such exams. No such evaluations. Nothing.

The only way I know I have been passing each level of my child(ren)'s live(s) is how happy they are, how confident they are and how much of a good person that they are. 

There are no awards for moms (or dads). You don't need them actually. I know I don't and never did. Just the sheer joy resonating from a child is good enough for me. It's more than enough for me, personally. It's everything. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Taking a break

Hubby came to me and said "you know - our kids are so different from others". I was like "yeah.."just listening but not concentrating because I was busy with my magazine and you know, just simply not paying attention. 

Then, he continued "other kids will be busy studying and will take a break from studying to play some games...whereas our kids, they play games whole day and will take a break TO STUDY..."..

hahahaha...quite true. Now you know. Our kids will never do well in school. And? What are we going to do about it? Nothing la. They are only 4 and 6. Chill!

Have a good weekend :-).

Friday, June 28, 2013

Dorothy Perkins End of Season Sale

I know this is kind of late. But...better late than never! :-). Actually, they informed us last month about the sale. As usual, I simply dismiss it and forgot about everything. Until last night where I was reminded (once again!) about the sale. Don't we women love our sales.

All kinds of clothes, shoes, bags accessories...even for petites and plus size active wear from junonia. You name it, they have it. Even bikinis. That reminds me (again), I have to get myself a decent swimwear seeing that I last bought one almost 15 years ago. It not only no longer fits me, but, they are horrifically out of fashion. So, in need of trendy decent swimwear and need to get one soon for our upcoming holiday by the beach :-). 

So, get your husbands wallets girls and do some serious damage! 

Being ahead know what? I am telling you - these parents are so super duper "kiasu". It's hokkien for...err...someone who wants to be on top of EVERYTHING? Somewhere along there la.

Seriously, these are the people that make their kids have tuition all day long, 7 days a week, learn a gazillion Musical Instruments, participate in many sporting events (and must come out first), top of the school and neighbouring schools. Or better yet, top of the whole country and the world. So, you tell me - kiasu or not? 

My question is : where do they find the time? No need to sleep? No need to breathe? No need to eat? No need to s***? WHat is the long term effects from such err...activities will the kids suffer? WHat if one day, they don't make it? They don't become Vanessa Mae at 13 for instance. Then what? All those years and hours of training and practising...will come down to just being nothing. What a waste isn't it? 

Ah..anyway, with all the hype about not having to do much or having to pressure kids, but yet parents continue to do it. Of course, it won't be what the PARENTS want but instead, it's what MY KIDS want. See the difference? Masked under the No, it's not me, it's my daughter, she wants to do it. I tell her don't want but she insist. What am I to do? I am stuck. Yea right a whole load of rubbish thats what it is. You can still choose not to allow it. My wise friend once told me : kids don't rule, only parents rule. 

Think about that for a bit...parents.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Christmas shopping?

Trying to be super efficient this year. Why? Because for starters, we may have lots more gifts to buy this year. *gulp*. And because my daughter is already planning her Christmas party with her friends. She wants to invite this and that...and this and that. She is living every moment for Christmas. In fact, if she could, she would fast forward time and...poof! It's Christmas time! 

I on the other hand, thinks that she is nuts beyond words and I am definitely not having the Christmas party she so desires. Just don't tell her that! OK, I may and may not. I haven't exactly decided yet. All I know is, I have my Christmas list all ready and all I wanna do is shoot myself! 

Holidays are coming!!!

Ah..the sure sound of the word holiday makes me wanna jump up, do the twist, hug our Malaysian/Bangla gardener outside and oh...I don't know - sing?

Well, whatever it is, there will be no school for 2 whole weeks. 2 freaking weeks!! Can you believe it? I can't. Hahahaha...

So..what do we have plans for the hols? Actually...the immediate plan is to sleep in. I was told that sleep is for the weak. So yes, I admit it, I am weak and I need my beauty sleep. Besides, it revives the soul and urm...everything else? :-).

Ok, so, no significant plans at the moment. Well, there is one next week to meet at someone's house for a playdate. Gosh! I haven't had a playdate in months. Don't even know what that feels like anymore. I will confess to you that I am not fond of getting dressed, going out, be nice, or worst - be pretentious! But, thankfully, my kids are good friends with kids whose parents are people who hubby and I also adore so...that's cool. I can basically dress up in my ol tee, smell like fried fish and I will still be accepted to the group. Great feeling, huh?! You betcha!

I am not sure if it's too late to make any concrete plans now seeing how we might be a little late where all the hotels and all are concerned. We might just take a 5 hour drive to Terengganu? We know a resort mansion is being built over there. Just that, we don't know if it's ready for occupancy or not. Duh!

Or, we could do the Deuter Act Lite 50 + 10 and hope no creepy crawlies end up in our backside. 

Or, maybe not. 

I am sure we'll think of something...someday...sometime. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sisters Act

Those two are really something. They can be fighting and disagreeing with each other one day; and be all best bud the next. Intrigued? No need because it's all a natural phenomenon of sisterhood.

So, what is all this 'sisterhood' about anyway? I can't say what it compared to say - a brotherhood- because, I don't have brothers. But, I do have to say that being sisters can be great fun.

Despite all the fights my girls have, they simply cannot live without each other. They have to be in the same room, they have to know where each other is, they are each other's playmates...and I guess you could say also, they are each other's soul mate. They understand each other, they tolerate each other and they love each other to bits. Like, whenever I go shopping with either one of the girls, they will pick up something and "Oh, I think EMily will love this"...or "this is Ashley's favourite". So endearing.

One thing though : they are totally opposites in character and personality. Even their taste in everything is different. One is so so girly and the other is really like a boy. Mini will not wear skirts. OK, maybe not never ever wear dresses or skirts but she prefers T-Shirts and shorts/pants. Ash is all jewelery and Mini is hard ball. I can imagine Mini roughing out with the boys and being fascinated with baseball; whereas her sister spends hours at the Princess shop and will immerse herself on No kidding!

Well, whatever it is, they only have each other and they best keep each other for life!

Still a Baby

At 6 years, Ash can still be quite the baby of the household. Sometimes, she'd whine like a baby. Or, she'd want to be carried...yep, like a baby. She wants me to sleep beside her, snuggle up to a baby. 

ALso, many would gasp at her because she still takes the bottle!!! Although she takes less milk these days, she still insist on the bottle at night before bedtime. She still has her beloved comfort pillow - the one she had when she was born. 

In fact, I only just teased her yesterday for still taking the bottle and having her 'meow meow' (her comfort pillow). She giggled and cheekily retorted that she'll continue to indulge herself "even when I am 10 years old". Yea right! When boys come into the picture, she'd throw out her bottle (and her comfort pillow) in no time. 

She still gets to keep her baby stuff while she's still able to :-).

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ash's life ambition

So...yesterday, Ash came home to tell me they learnt about wedding practices of other cultures. As she told me, her face lit up, grinning from ear to ear, eyes sparkled like diamonds...I was like "eh, your favourite subject right?". She nodded ecstatically "uh huh...." I just shook my head.

It is no secret that all Ash wants to be when she grows up is a SAHM. She wants to have 3 kids. She wants us to live with her together with her and her 3 kids and with Mini and her 3 kids. She even suggested that we get our neighbours to "move away" so we could build a bigger house. Also, I am instructed to help babysit while she cooks. If and for any reason that while she's cooking, and the baby cries, I would let her know immediately so she can stop cooking and take the baby out for a walk (her 3 kids will be girls).

Naturally, all these talk about having kids, getting married and cooking, is making hubby sweat buckets. "She has so much going for her", he'll moan. Oh well, you can't stop a girl from having a clear vision of what she wants to do with her life. Just make sure you screen the men later on and their bank balance. If no money also, make sure father got money. ^_^

Mini, on the other hand, will have none of those. She's into Spiderman, Ben 10, ugly monsters and busy chasing Luqman....hahahha...It's a favourite game of her friends and her. Poor boy. Well, at least there's still hope in Mini for my hubby. They can talk four-arm control hand wheels and politics all day...all night!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mini says...

(One evening at the restaurant)

Mini : I had a bad dream yesterday

Me : Oh dear. What did you dream about?

Mini : My brain

Me : (??) Oh...what happened to your brain?

Mini : My brain...He ran away!

Me : *burst out laughing*

Mini : *the whats-so-funny? stare of death*

Me : *covers mouth* not funny.

(One weekend at home)

Mini : tap tap tap...(at the computer)

Ash : *yap yap yap into Mini's ears*...faster there...hit...etc...

Mini : Go do your your maths

Mom & Dad in the kitchen : *LOLOLOL*

(One day when Mini ponteng school)

Me : *cooking in the kitchen*

Mini : Mommy, can I have something to eat?

Me : OK...just give me a minute. Let me finish this first. Very fast one.

Mini : OK and walks out..

10 minutes later...

Mini : *walks in to see me still cooking* Howz it going? I thought you going to be faster...

Me : *facepalm*

(One weekend at Grandparents' house)

At mama and yeh yeh's house. Mama was in the shower. Left Yeh yeh to entertain the monkeys.

Mini : Yeh Yeh, I want nen-nen. Can you make for me?

Yeh Yeh : Err...hmmm...I don't know how to make. You ask Mama when she finish shower.

Mini : I teach you. First you put water in the bottle. And then, you put milk. See? Is easy.

Yeh Yeh : *LOL*

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Little Ponies

If you want to know my girls' personality type, watch My Little Pony. The girls have been obsessing about the movie. So much so that they've each identified the pony that they each love.

Ash says she loves Twilight Sparkle and Mini says she prefers Rainbow Dash.

So...who are these ponies? Well, according to Wiki (yeah, the ponies have to be Wiki-ed) :

Twilight is..well, the pony series Friendship is Magic in fact revolves around the daily ins and outs of Twilight's life. She's the one holding the group together, the magic element, the one they call when the kitchen sink is know, THE one.

Rainbow Dash on the other hand is being described as "a tomboyish pegasus pony who helps control the weather" so says Mr. Wiki. 

In essence, Ash is a little like Twilight. She bosses Mini around, to a certain extent bosses her friends around, quite the socialite (so says her teacher...actually, it's more like she talks too much in class) and is responsible and reliable (so says her teacher...again). 

And...Mini, is Rainbow Dash! Except perhaps Mini doesn't help control the weather - she sets the weather! She decides if it will rain or shine in this household. So much for helping eh? 

Anyway, these 2 just love love love their Pony. Everyday they'd ask for a dose of Pony. Like drugs, they can never breathe without My Little Pony. They would even call each other "Twilight" "Rainbow Dash"...should I be worried? 

To be honest, really doesn't worry me because it's just a phase. They will soon be bored and off to something else. Look what happened to Barney? Maybe I should get them to find whitecraft Saddleback Wicker Collection. It might just be the thing that gets them away from the Pony business. 

What do you think? Will it work?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Let's hear it for the BOYZ

Mini's friends comprises of all boys. She loves to play running with them during their play-time. Plus, she would not hesitate to beat the crap out of any boy too. Well, until play becomes a little violent, then, she'll take a step back because although she's quite the fiesty one, she's also not as strong. She can get into pretty serious trouble.

But...still? Not like a little bruise or skull fracture will stop my lil bull! Hahaha..OK la, I'm just exaggerating. No bruise nor fracture. But, yeah, she can be quite stubborn and quite gila at times. When she plays, she loses herself.

A hardcore play-yah this one. I will have to watch out...for gore and blood!

Having the competitive streak

Ash is really competitive. To the point of acting all crazy if she does not get No. 1.

How? Why? None of us are competitive in any manner whatsoever. I mean, I'll gladly let everyone else join the Wongs or the Joneses or the, go ahead, be my guest.

Sadly, not my Ash. She's a maniac when it comes to competiting. And she WILL kick up a big fuss if she loses. Like crying for not having been selected for story competition or searching high and low for the best drums and not finding any. Whose kid is that?! Definitely not mine.

Oh...I'm talking about her games la. Nothing to do with school. :-D. 

But, still, the freak goes crazy whenever she's with the console. She is an absolute maniac. And again, who shall I have to thank for her behaviour?

*sharpening me knives as we speak*.

The Great Relationship

According to Ash :

Ash : Mommy, you know what?

Me : What? (Actually, quite irriated response because I was in the middle of a conversation with myself and she just decided to ask me or tell me something...sheesh! Can the information of the universe wait?!)

Ash : You know the mosquito and the (house)fly are best friends.

Me : -huh- blank. (do) you know?

Ash : They are! The mosquito bites humans (so the humans become distracted and start to scratch themselves) and the (house)fly will eat our food! So they help each other. So they are best friends.

Me : Ah...ok. (Got further irriated because I forgot what myself and I were talking about and thus, lost the conversation mojo).


p.s : Seriously? The Fly and the Mosquito? 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The animal lover

I may have mentioned it before (not sure, now) that Ash is an animal lover. I mean, a lover of ALL types of animals?

Seriously..this girl is crazy! The other day, for some reason, I may have accidentally snapped a lizard's tail whilst doing the dishes in the kitchen. I don't know how I did it, but I did. The next thing I knew, something small and flickery was moving next to my feet. When I looked down, it was the tail having a seizure. Immediately I felt soo soo SOO geli-fied and screamed my head off. I felt as though I have 10-thousand of those all over my body..It was so disgusting.

Then you know what happened? Obviously the whole house heard me. Probably the neighbours down 10 blocks heard me. Heck, probably the pan meen at Sunway Damansara heard me too.

The girls came into the kitchen wondering what the commotion was and I screamed "lizard!! lizard!!". Ash went "Where..where?". I pointed to it on the floor still seizure-esq and all. To my horror she said "'s a cute lizard. It's nothing mommy, it's just his tail". And then, she went nearer to it almost picking the damn thing up with her fingers. Crazy or what?! Just then, hubby came and flicked that horrible thing away, out of my sight.

I tell you - this girl has no fear. Honestly. She fears some thing, surely?

ANyway, she's still the animal lover of the family. Mini and I would just jump out of our skin if they ever come near us.

I did contemplate on getting Ash a puppy/dog for her birthday. Oh how she would have been ultra surprised. Then, I thought, I should get her a baby lamb instead. hehhehe..She's had a taste of them. She's fine.

This post is all over the place. All these things in my head, am spewing it out as I go along.

April is coming soon. We will be busy. I don't really like being busy..and generally we're not busy but just seeing the month of April makes me nervous. The honest biggy would be the coming home of Uncle G. Mini will have her tree back to climb on. I can't can't..

A holiday in the pipeline perhaps? After all, we need to spend our big 4-0 in a urm...big way isn't it? No, please don't tell me that having a kid will be the ultimate birthday present. No, not going there. Every time I hear my neighbour's baby cry whenever I come home, chills run down my spine. I mean more baby. Speaking of which, I've got 2 friends who will have their bundle of joy arriving this year. One a little earlier than the other. What a friend I am right? I don't even know when their due dates are. I know one will be born in the dead of the New Zealand winter. If I want to visit them, I might as well scout also for some skiing stuff...sticks, skates, sleigh, ski jackets men...etc. Or, we could pack our bikini and head to Aruba? I don't know - both are equally tempting.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

School Holiday mode's the holidays! 

But..not exactly jumping up for joy because both Ash and I are down in the dumps. Yea, we got the flu bug. Hubby is nervous because he has to do everything in the house...hehehhe..:-P

Anyway, luckily the visit to the dumps was a short one. Still? Not very good if you have to visit the dumps at all, right?

Today, the girls have been entertaining each other all day. First, they patiently watched a heavily defective DVD. In the end, the DVD gave up and froze refused to reel anymore images. Just froze. So much for tv.

Then, Ash played teacher to Mini. I know. It is my job but I figured it's actually good practise for Ash because after all, if you can guide and teach someone, you would have understood your work right? Of course, it wasn't as if Ash was teaching the deep theory of Physics or whatever...just simple colouring, sums, words...etc..the stuff that 6 year old should already master. So, you see, delegation isn't so bad after all. :-D.

OK, I am back to bed. I should use this time to fully recover before school starts up again..ekkk.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Ash is 6 today.

6...6??? How did that happen.

What can I tell you about the little Princess we have here?

She is a gem! I know..everyone says that about their kids, their firstborn but no, she really is a gem.

I have no words to describe what an incredible little human that she is. Astonishingly so when she's my daughter. No words.

Plus, I am super super tired today. Running around collecting her cuppies, morning tea with a friend, being the messenger, delivering said cuppies to school so her can drool over them..hehehe. And then, driving home.

We did not celebrate her birthday this year because hubby was out of town last weekend so decided to just have a low key one with her friends at school and a quiet moment with the family. Which was enough. She's not big on lavish celebrations anyhow. As long as she's got her family close by (and her birthday cake), she'll be happy as a lark. In the end, that's all she got! hahahah...:-P 

However, she did have certain requests. Like what she wanted for her birthday and how her cake should look like. Luckily, it wasn't a 24K diamond ring nor a 6 tier wedding cake lined with diamond studs. No, none of that...Thank You God! All she wanted was "Angelina Ballerina cake and Strawberry Shortcake water-bottle"....her exact words. Easy peasy la. But, I must say, her Angelina Ballerina (cup)cake(s) made everyone green with envy.

ANd yes, we got her the Strawberry Shortcake water-bottle. 

So you see....what's there not to be happy about? The simple things in life....comes pretty reasonable in price...:-D. 

"Happy 6th Birthday my Princess. You are REALLY 6 hon, really! And, you will find your Prince one day, just maybe not today but - when you're 30?"

Update : This is a back-dated post. 

She turned 6 a couple of days ago and I just couldn't get the post published on time for some reason. Photos     will come later (when I get my phone back from the lil one).

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kids fighting


It was a case of one wants neat, the other wants mess. For some reason this evening, Mini became an impossible creature. Not that that something new -- just that, she was just being nasty today towards her sister. And, bless her sis, Ash just continued picking up after Mini to a point where Ash herself got really frustrated and screamed at Mini to stop leaving her building blocks all over the place. Actually, Mini threw them on the floor and Ash screamed in anger "if you do that, the toys will break!" She was obviously very frustrated and she didn't like Mini man-handling...urm...anything. The more frustrated Ash got, the more MIni did just to spite her sis. 

So the question beckons : WHere is Mama? Well, the Mama as usual, no eye see...went hiding in the kitchen. :-P.

Was positive to know that Ash treasures her toys. Just can't say the same about Mini though. That girl needs...oh, I don't know? A field trip to Guantanamo Bay? :-). 

p.s : I am on a yesterday's-movie roll at the moment. Just watched my all-time favourite - A Few Good Men. How can you not love the movie? A star-studded cast, brilliant script, men in uniform...They don't make movies like they used to...  


Now that the girls are a wee bit older, they love playing pretend together. One minute they are mommy and baby; the next minute, they are chef and waitress. Or, yesterday evening after dinner, they were teacher and student. Since there wasn't 'enough' students, they made Mickey, Cinderella, eraser (??) and some other stationaries their student. Rather, it was Emily because she was the teacher and she was taking attendance. "Eraser? - Present!". "Mickey? - Present!" It was so funny I just burst out laughing in the kitchen.

Also, a couple of times, hubby and I got roped in on their pretend play as well. Once Hubby had to be chef and Ash was the waitress. But her restaurant ah, you cannot order anything you like because everything also she don't have. O_O. WHat about the time where they played hairdresser? They were both busy styling hubby's hair. That was also another funny.

I am telling you - too funny!

What next lil ones? A bookshop selling books

Can't wait for that episode to air.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hair and more hair

Since time immemorial, Ash has been bugging me about growing her hair. I've been able to maintain her short japanese style locks for the past 6 years. maybe not 6 because she didn't have much when she was born...but, you know, the past couple of years when she went on this self hiao realisation (whatever that means). Each time, I'd said "no" and she'll go "oh man!!". I also explained that if she had long hair, she'd have to tie it up, clip it and zip it. To which she gave me that over-my-dead-body look. So, snip goes her hair! 

Then, lately - more accurately - early this year, she was determined to keep her hair long and agreed to tie her hair up. Since she was willing to do something out of her comfort zone (oh, trust IS out of her comfort zone..she doesn't like anything on her head..really..really), I agreed to let her grow her hair out. 

It is been a couple of months now since the start of school. She'll be 6 soon. And, she's been growing out her hair. And, I've dreading each morning having to wake earlier than usual, tie her hair yadda...yadda...Furthermore, I have to go spend money buying her clips, bands, etc..Haih! So mar fan

So, far, no complaints from her. Except maybe there's still the suitable length we have yet to agree upon. Other than that, she's pretty happy going to school with her hair up. Plus, she has not removed any of her clips, hairbands and what-nots. At least, she's keeping up with her end of the bargain :-). I guess I have to keep mine then! *groan*. *GROAN*. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Guess what? I introduced some of my all-time favourite cartoons to the girls. Found them on Youtube and they have been watching on Apple TV. Mini is into Spiderman now so she gets her fair share of Spiderman. As for Ash, she prefers Strawberry Shortcake, My Lil Pony, She-Ra...hahaha...

They watch a lot less tv these days. I don't consciously limit them but just that, we don't have much time from after school coming home till dinner and bedtime. I try to stick to the 830pm for the girls. I usually succeed but they will always try their sleep delay tactics. Bedtime works sometimes, and don't sometimes. That leaves very little room for tv. Which is good actually. Then again, not so good because they have discovered the world of video and computer games. Yeah, I know! I still can't get over the addiction bit. Ah well..they can only play on their Wii on weekends. So....It is a good thing too that we don't have an Ipad. Yeh Yeh has one so the girls get their fix whenever we are at their place.

Again...not so easy to curb this addiction of theirs. I am just wondering - what could be next? Booze? Boys? or worse, perdomo?! Ah well, I guess we'll come to it when we..urm...come to it. In the meantime, I am just going to hunt that gamer down!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mermaids (1998)

I have been watching lots of re-runs lately. The most recent being Speed. Sandra Bullock looked like a teenager in that movie. And, Keanu Reeves? Well, what can say about Mr Reeves. He used to be up on my bedroom wall together with the late River Phoenix. What hunks! Don't die on me now, Keanu!

Do you remember seeing the movie, Mermaids? I do. It is absolutely one of the most hilarious and strange movie of all time. If you must, the movie's about the lives of this-less-than-perfect and less-than-ordinary family. The mom..I mean, the mom is a real ku-ku head. She's the troubled child of the family. Totally irresponsible, and seriously eccentric. On the other hand, the elder daughter is the exact opposite. She's pious, innocent (until she lost her virginity that is), a nun in the making. The youngest sister is..well, played by Christina Ricci and this movie was actually her debut as a film actress. Bet cha didn't know that! Oh, and the younger sister (in the movie) loves the ocean and swimming. Then the whole family goes on this self-discovery phase, break apart and coming back together. Hmm...sounds like nothing much, isn't it? But, no, watch it - the movie's actually fun.  

The movie's not the point really. It was just what happened a while ago that, reminded me of the movie's nutcase mom and her 2 adorable daughters. 

You see, I was lying on the couch. Not exactly in dreamland, although the desire to be in dreamland was...very desirable. The girls had gone upstairs to ransack whatever's left of their room. I took the opportunity to get some shut eye. Eventually, they came downstairs with things that belonged upstairs (and that never went upstairs ever again). I heard them and pretended to sleep. Ash came over and inspected the situation. After which, she promptly hushed Mini saying "Shhh...mommy's asleep. Don't make noise". Then, Ash proceeded to cover me with the blankie. And, so they went to play. 

If you have seen the movie, there was a scene where Charlotte found her mom on the couch, half drunk and covered her with a blankie. And I believe she mumbled something about having to always take care of her mom. Honestly, I can't remember the scene exactly but just that part. And, as I laid there, pretending to be asleep, I think that perhaps, eventually as Ash grows up, she'll actually be a lot more sensible than her mom. And that I may very well end up being a ku-ku head and I will need my daughter to take of me. Am I getting anywhere? Nah...

It was just a sweet gesture from Ash and I wanted to remember it She is very collected, very sensitive, very sensible. I don't think I had half her attributes when I was her age. I hope she doesn't change. Even if she does, I am glad she's my kid. I am glad both are my kids and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world. 

Lao Shir

So, yesterday, I was helping Ash with her homework, she called me Lao Shir (teacher in Mandarin). No, she's not in the Chinese stream but she learns some in school. I replied "huh?". Then she said "Lao Shir is are teacher lo thats why I call you Lao Shir". I was like 'OK'.

Then, I grabbed something for her and she said "xie xie". I was "huh?". She explained "xie xie" is thank you". I was like "OK"..again. In my head, what was that all about? Anyway, I hope it will stop there because that's about ALL the Mandarin that I know.

She finished her homework quickly. And said "can I play games...please please...pretty please?". I am telling you, whoever got my kids addicted to video and computer games, you had better watch out! I might just start her with more ASA. Like...guitar lessons with the wonderful Taylor Guitars? How about that? instead of those computer games. 

Early morning scent

This morning, Mini had a tough time getting up for school. Why? She had a long nap yesterday afternoon and so, naturally, she was wide awake at night. Like WIDE awake. 

Anyway, we brought her downstairs and she continued sleeping on the couch..refusing to budge. So, I did what any stressed out parent would do - whack her nicely with the cane! But, of course, it would've been the easier way out and I'd probably be even more stressed because I'd have to spend that extra 20 minutes getting her to stop crying. Plus, both of us will be in the most horrible mood, she'd hate school, I'd hate myself for having whacked her in the first place. So you see...won't get any of us anywhere.

Instead of whacking her (we don't have a cane anyway....shocker! but it's true), I just tickled her a couple of times...kissed her a couple of times...rubbed her belly a couple of times...tickled her some more times. She got so annoyed with me that she stuck her toe up my nose! I made that yucky face and needless to say, we both laughed, giggled, and she got tickled some more. 

The result of it was : Mini did eventually wake. She wasn't cranky despite having insufficient sleep. She was glad to go off to school. I, on the other hand, did not end up doing what I intended to do because I was beat having to play pretend, getting the girls ready, playing driver. But, at the end of it all, we were glad for the day. It was (and still is) a beautiful day after all. My laundry will dry. I guess that's "accomplishment" for a SAHM, huh?

Saturday, January 26, 2013


So...this morning, Mini came to me with her workbook at hand and asked if I could help her with some numbers thingy. Naturally, I said "of course not". hahahahah...No la, I helped her. Had to, isn't it? Can't say no despite the strong desire and urge to just finish my coffee in peace because we were out driving practically the whole day yesterday. Could've gone across the Causeway and back! 

Anyway, half way through 'helping' Mini, Ash got distracted and came to volunteer instead. And, what did this mommy do? Made way of course! I allowed her in and slowly (but surely) crept away from them, bringing my coffee along. Hehheeh...what a nice lil gesture from Ash to save us both : me from haviing to sit through 1,2,3 and Mini struggling with her 5s and 9s. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

World's greatest Video Gamers

During the holidays, the girls were playing lots of Wii and were also introduced to the world of video games. I tell you, they have a cousin and an uncle (who is a real kid at heart) who are truly the world's greatest gamers. Name any game and they will get their hands and feet and fingers right into it. What is so great about these video games or any kind of games for that matter? I would much be experimenting with new recipes, or search for new recipes to satisfy my gastro cravings. One thing good about these gamers is that it is VERY easy to get them Christmas pressies. Hahahahahah....There's only one thing and one thing only that they can ever want in life and that is to be glued to their "joy-sticks". Nothing else matters. Not even the proposition of porn nor to find free audio books online. Nothing. Zilch. Nadda...Nandre..

I give up! **throws hands in the air**


I am a little late with talking about the New Year, aren't I? Everyone's preparing for the Chinese New Year and I am still stuck in 2012. I attribute my slow comprehension to the fact that the world was supposed to end last year and that there's nothing more to write, to envision or contemplate or look forward to? If you feel you hadn't done anything or accomplish anything, well...there wasn't much you can do after 2012 eh? The world was gonna end whether you like it or not. 


it could be that I am naturally slow in everything. Slow to move, slow to talk, slow to understand. People advance in their school grades whereas I had to be held back a couple (of grades). It's inborn, I tell you. 

Anyway, so.....2013. Gosh. Time flies. Ash will be 6 in a less than 3 months. She's practically 6. Have I been a parent for so long? I didn't feel a thing. It's like it was just yesterday I endured a..what? 18 hour  labour? I am always proud to announce that I did it know...that thing which makes you high or don't feel a thing. Of course, on the flip-side, I can be labeled as pretty dumb not to have it since it's available. So yes, 18 hours filled with pain and agony and feeling like your whole intestine was gonna fall out. 

Funny, both hubby and I were reminiscing about Ash's day of birth and the process before that. So, he asked me if labour pains felt like a 'terrible stomach ache'? I just laughed out loud. After 6 years only he asks me. Apa la!! Of course, I replied that it was not; it's "1000x more painful". Plus, I told him that it's a pity that he's not a woman and he'll never be able to live to tell people about the most amazing thing that could ever happen to a human being (and some animals). Obviously, he just shook his head and mumbled "whatever!". 

Both Ash and Mini. Speaking of Mini, she's adapting well at school. This year it's an everyday affair unlike previously. New teachers, new faces. No crying fits thank goodness. But, she did say that her school is 'mad in there'. hahahaha...She's so used to just 25 people in her whole playschool last year and this year it's a whole new different ball game with hundreds of kids. If not hundreds, it's a hundred. Still more than 25, right?

This year will be no different from any other year for us being parents. We will continue to perform our duty in the best ability that we possibly can...which will include listening to our kids, supporting them, standing up for them since they are still very young, be there for them, encourage them, build confidence and love them from deep in our hearts since even before they were born. This is probably our lifetime pledge to our kids. Nothing will and can ever change that. We owe our kids the life that they deserve when we decided to have them. That's what parents do or ought to have done, don't you think?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prepared for Camp

Mini has a new tent with pirate illustration all over it and also, a new spiderman sleeping bag. I am telling you my girl is a boy. She's been playing in it, sleeping with her sleeping bag. She refused to sleep in her room. Of course, once all of us are in our room, she is too chickened to actually spend the night alone in her tent, downstairs all by herself. Looks like she's all ready isn't she? All she needs now are some pots, a coffee mug, utensils, fishing rod, a hiker's pole, a handy osprey manta 25 and she's ready to tackle the Appalachian Trail! heheheh...She's nuts I tell you! Just like her mama. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Feathery heart

Testing new Flickr App

So, one day, Ash decided that her aunt's Christmas tree needed something originally authentic and not cheap glass and plastic...hahahah :-p. 

She made me buy her some pink feathers and she went on her way and the result was what you see now above. 

The aunty liked it, Ash liked it..and we all liked it. The urm.."ornament" is now safely tucked away in the boxes where all the other ornaments rests, ready for next year's party. :-).

Books for Christmas be more precise. Thick, hardcover Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay's culinary bibles. Actually, if I knew if I was gonna get them, I'd say "keep your money, I go Youtube"..:-p. But of course, in the spirit of Christmas, let's not be so direct. I was (in the Christmas spirit). Gap was shut; a smile was in place.

Anyway, I have yet to pour over the gazilliion pages of them books. The size of them really creeps me out. I don't know why but I don't have the patience to sit for hours going through books anymore. Not even in the toilet. Partly because I don't have constipation problems anymore like I used to when I was a kid. So hanging in the bathroom reading while waiting know...just don't happen no more.

Also, I hardly have time to read. Maybe I will (have some time) this year with longer waiting hours between schools. Other than that, I don't see how I could do it. Oh, I can't read in the car because of motion sickness. And I just found out, I can't read in the plane either!!! Only happened to me since..since last year. Age? Glaucoma? Don't know.

The books are...somewhere. Because our house is a mess. We got it painted while we were away. Got the 'wall art' off finally. So, I spent the last couple of days, sorting things out, cleaning (with the part-time maids' help) and some of our things are still in the luggage. It has (and still is) absolutely crazy around here.

I am sure Jamie and Gordon will have some good food to share. I am only hoping their recipes do not call for a new pot or new laboratory ovens or a new whatever. I don't think I have space in the house for anymore cooking gadgets. 
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