Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ash's cat

Remember, a couple of posts back I talked about how Ash wanted a pet cat and how we are not getting her one anytime soon, or not at all? I am too lazy to look for the link and post it up here. But, I did talk about her wanting a cat..a real cat. And also how she already has a toy cat that she plays with and pretends it's a real cat. OK, not so psychotic...just at times, she'd like to cuddle, dress it up, decorate it a bit.

One day, I saw this :

She decided to de Princess her cat too. It was just completely hilarious that I simply had to take a photo of it. Funny la this girl of mine. I love her to bits and truly am grateful to have my girls in my life.

Anyway, she hasn't asked for a pet cat lately. But, she will...occasionally when she sees one or just thought of having one. Well, I always tell myself "it's better a cat than asking for dha tanning. You know, all the hard and difficult questions? Hubby has to do it. I am sure he doesn't mind doing it either especially when it comes to interviewing prospective male candidates. My dad just ran upstairs and hid in the room when my sister's ex wanted to ask if he could date my sister...hahahaha...That was funny!

So that is...Ash's pet cat...for now (and always!).

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kidzania The Curve PJ

Tell you the truth. I thought I could escape the Kidzania mania...forever and ever. Sadly, it could not escape me. Or, I could not escape it.

I was just there last weekend. Honestly, I am not the kind who likes to rush with the crowds. I try to avoid the crowd like the plague. Hence, my mall visitations are strictly during weekdays when the kids are in school and I can try on that pair of pants without someone screaming down my neck demanding for ice-cream, or needing the toilet or whatever.

So the thought of having to brave the crowd on a weekend (and a long one might I add) wasn't the smartest of all choices. Why did I do it then?

Ah you see...when you have a kid who bugs you about taking her to Kidzania since the 20th Century, you just give in. Otherwise, you will never see the light of day. And this is why I have no doubt she will succeed working in a Japanese company because those buggers can be quite a pain in the arse. She will blend in quite easily.

And, so we went. We decided to split up with me taking Ash and Hubby taking Mini. Naturally, when Hubby dropped us off, and Mini realising she wasn't coming with us, cried, screamed and kicked. How long the ruckus lasted I don't know but Hubby was super sweet - he took her to Ikano, bought her ice-cream, painted something with her and took her to the mini playground on the top floor. Technically, he was supposed to go grocery shopping but he had to calm her down first, right?

The real reason why Ash insisted on going was because she had some unfinished business with Kidzania. You see, she went to Kidzania on a school trip some months back. She participated in some activities. The ones which she fancied and the ones that she actually understood. Then along came the water bottling plant. She went through the whole process and got a bottle for herself which she claimed was so cool. Then, she lost her bottle. Apparently someone mistook hers for their bottle, took it and scooted off. She was visibly upset by it. The teacher even promised to look for it for her. The problem was...the day after the trip, she skipped school for 2 weeks due to HFMD.

So, the bottle and it's contents..they were gone...forever! And Ash wouldn't let it go. Nope. She wanted a bottle. She wants another shot at it. She was not going to let up. Why? What is so freaking fun about assembling the bottle? Must have been fun because every now and then, after her trip, she'd lament over her lost bottle and how she'd want to 'make another one'.

OK lor, fine, so we decided to take her there.

getting ready...

it begins...

After that, she was happy. Of course, we didn't leave immediately (which was what I wanted to do). It was painting school, some colouring shop, jewellery making class and then to the hospital. Since we were at the hospital last, we had to rush and didn't get the opportunity to play doctor. So, instead she settled for playing nurse. Oh, in between, she wanted to try out the Oreo cookie thingy but was too young..only for those who are 8 and above. So much for making Oreos.

Painting School..

assembling her bracelet...

It was pretty fun...for a kid. I was truly tired and kinda bored. Having to queue reminded me of Disneyland. Of course, it's nothing compared to having to wait 45 mins to an hour for a ride but still...had to wait lo.

I saw some kids running around on their own. I reckon it's ok to leave your kids there whilst you go shop or do whatever. But, only when they are 12 at least. Won't recommend it for any kid ages 12 and under to be on their own even though, it's supposed to be safe and all. Don't know why but I still do not completely trust the security. That guy right there in the Jewellery-Making class...he left the 'class' mid-way. Left to do what I don't know cos he just walked up and down the 'street'. Possibly looking for someone or something. I don't suppose the supervisors/instructors can leave the area un-attended, can they? Even if they left for, like a wee minute? If he was gone for more than 2 minutes, I would've complained because he had young kids with older kids in there. Shouldn't leave the place un-attended at all cost, that's what I feel. Even then, they shouldn't leave the place at all.

So far, Ash is a satisfied kiddo. No more asking for her bottle. In fact, the bottle has replaced her school water-bottle since. I, on the other hand, definitely wish for no more Kidzania. But, I doubt it. She missed the Supermarket section!!! =O

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flowers for the Dead

Recently hubby's distant uncle passed away...quite suddenly also. Had cancer that spread to his heart. In a span of a few weeks he was gone.

Really scary how life is truly precious and how we have to truly treasure every waking moment that we have.

Anyway, we were deciding whether to send the family green wreath but then MIL said since we were already going to the funeral and they probably would appreciate a pak kam so we scrapped the idea altogether. So, we chipped in and gave pak kam instead. 

Rest in Peace uncle. 


Ash has been asking for a cat. A real cat. The one that meows and shits all over the place. Also, the one that hubby detests. Yep, the CAT.

We were like...OK. To convince us, she even volunteered to clean the cat, walk the cat (?) and shower the cat (??). 

Honestly, both hubby and I are not too fond of having cats as pets. OK, that's a lie. We do not want any animals as pets period. Not even that cute donkey. The reason being that we already have our hands full managing our lives and the kids'. The last thing we want to do is to manage a pet. Maybe when they are a little older and will not cringe at cleaning up after them, perhaps...we may consider. Consider. 

At the moment, pets are a no no. Besides, we do not have a large compound for them to run around anyway. I really pity dogs that are cooped up in a terrace house or worst, an apartment the whole day. They need space to roam free and it will be unfair to have them, yet not give them the kind of "pet-life
 that they deserve. Just like kids. People want to have kids but don't know how to treat them. Why have kids right? Some dogs have better life than those kids. 

Anyway, back to Ash and her cat. I have no doubt she will treat her cat well if she has one because she is a very loving and caring girl. Also, I will update this post with a picture later on what she has done to her little stuffed toy cat (bought from Princess Shop for RM5.99!). She will be great with animals. Mini, on the other hand, is still afraid of cats and dogs and anything that moves. So much for Ms. Chilli Padi O_o

Princess Shop

There's a shop for Princesses in KL. Yup, that's right folks because according to my 5 year old, the shop she frequents quite a bit for her little princess knick knacks is right here in our neighbourhood. Cool eh?

OK la. It's not "truly" a Princess Shop but it's a shop where you can find loads of things. I mean, seriously, loads of things. Loads of Made in China things. Furthermore, the shop is called Fun n Cheer. "Fun" AND "Cheer" because Ash always has fun and cheers loudly whenever we are heading that direction.

I kinda love it too because I don't have to pay back-breaking prices at Toys R Us, and the girls get the heck out of shopping for princessy things. Anything! You name it : hairbands, books, notebooks, lipstick pens, handle grips..Anything. It's her shopping paradise. And I don't mind it one bit. Like, once, she wanted us to get her a magnifying glass. I know, it isn't exactly very Princess cos' it's ugly and black in colour. But, she was obsessed with being Tin Tin and hunting for clues, she wanted one. As it turns out, Princess Shop has one exactly her size. What luck! Plus the damage to my pocket (which isn't really damaged) was only RM0.90. In total, I paid RM1.80 for 2 miniature sized magnifying glasses.

I tell you...a happy kid, makes a happy mom (and dad's pocket) :-D.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

New 2013 Ikea Catalogue

I was at Ikea and managed to snagged the new Ikea Catalogue. I always thought you can just grab a copy from the stands or customer service desk. You ask for one, and they'd just give you one. This time though, I was asked to "register" for my copy. Register as in write my name, address, marital status and what I'd like for breakfast. OK..I made the last one up. Still? Why do they need us to write down our names and stuff. Of course, me being the all complying one, wrote my real name and real address. See! So next time you're at Ikea, don't put down your 'real' name and address. Unless they are giving away free sofa bed or couch with every copy registered, then you might wanna give them your real address...and your real name. I love Ikea. Ikea is everything. They have everything. The only thing they do not have are fresh foods and catering equipment suppliers. Might wanna work on that, Ikea! :-).

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Book Review : Mommy Mixology

When I was asked if I wanted to review Janet Frongillo's recipe book, Mommy Mixology, I was intrigued. A recipe book specially for mommies to savour? I thought "what is the big deal? All recipe books are meant for mommies anyway because the naively, me, assumes that mommies does all the cooking in the house. I believe it's true for most households. It is kinda true for mine. 

But then, when I read the brief excerpt of what the book entails, I couldn't resist. I agreed almost instantaneously to have a copy for review. 

And boy! Did I make the right choice or what?

Firstly, the book is cute. It is super duper cute. They were not joking when they came up with "all good things come in small packages". This one definitely is! 

The book is a cute little handy thing. It comes in a 6x6 pocket sized read and about the depth of an Iphone 4. This means, you can bring it where ever you go. You can keep it by your bedside, in your purse...anywhere. It will not take up much of any space in the house.

Secondly, it's filled with colour. Remember, this book is meant for mommies. We have bad days. Some days are better than others but at times, the bad outweighs the good. And, nothing will cheer us up more than seeing wonderful bright colours. This book has all of that. Plus, it makes a very good decorative piece to your shelves too, thanks to the fun layout. 

Thirdly - I would say this is the most important - the book is actually a recipe book of cocktails fit for moms. Janet is a mom herself and she knows that the only way to get through motherhood is by laughter and some strong drinks. These are no ordinary mix either : 

When your little darling starts to pick up on - and repeat! - every word you say, clean up your language with a Son of a Beach

or how about...WHen your toddler digs in his heels and comes back with "NO!" 367 times, shake it off with a refreshing NO!Jito.

What did I tell you? These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more to that from where they come from. Believe me. 

Mommy Mixology is laced and coated with a pungent taste of humorism. It's more than a recipe book, it's comedy in paperback. 
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