Sunday, May 29, 2011

what I was watching last night..

Hairspray!! so outdated..

Seeing how early the girls went to bed last night (they had a long day), and Rafa had a good day at the office, there was nothing on tv except for yup, Hairspray. Hubby didn't join me watching it cos he's not into musical and sorts. But, it's more than a musical -- it's a funny silly hilarious musical. One hubby wouldn't be the least interested. Not me. I enjoyed it very much. Either I was on weed or the antibiotics really really gave me the kick.

Oh, and I have a zit in my mouth. Of all places!! What? You're not interested? OK, I get the hint. I shall go look for my cream before it explodes rendering me mouthless. Since I am at it, I will also go look for information on how to get rid of whiteheads while I am at it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

school holidays

What are you up to this school holidays? Seeing as how I've only just recovered, I don't think we'd be doing that much. Ash has got plans though. She told the father this morning that her school is closed (in response to my question if she wanted to go to school) and that she needed new pencils (or was it colour pencils?) and that her father should take her shopping. Oh, before that, she also pestered her father about letting take a bus ride and then go shopping I guess. I can't really remember what hubby told her. Probably mumbled something and hope in vain that she'll stop asking about the bus ride and shopping. I can feel hubby's acne about to pop anytime soon. For his sake, I should get some acne vitamin ready, you know, just in case..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

being sick just ain't no fun

Especially when the school hols are approaching.

I have been having this dreaded fever since last Friday. It appears to be leaving me..for good this morning but I can still feel it trying to make it's way back somehow..Initially, the drs suspected I could've gotten the dengue fever so I went and took the test but thank GOD the test results came back negative. So, it must be some viral thing that's attacked me. I'm on just fever meds and antibiotics only but it's enough to drain all my every away.

The girls have been spending their day at their grandparents' house since Monday because with aches all over my body, I can hardly move. Oh yea, this fever comes with headaches, and even minor diarrhea. Also, hubby took some time off to help me because it was pretty bad in the first couple of days. And I, have been cramped inside the house for a week now, never venturing out unless it was to the doctors. I don't even know if I still remember to drive after this. Who knows what this fever has done to my body, my brains??...You know, I am ultimately thankful that I don't live in rhino steel buildings because if I did, I don't think I'd even survive the week!

OK...sillies aside, there seem to be some bug going around so just becareful, drink lots, eat lots of veggie and fruits and generally, get some rest. I have never had fever that lasts more than 24 hours, unless it was accompanied by some other cause such as chicken pox or measles but if it was just a normal fever, it wouldn't have lasted this long. Like they always say - there's a first for everything.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Maternity wear

I was cleaning out my closet just last weekend. Have to make way for some new clothes and to give-away some old ones. It started with my cleaning out the girls', keeping all of Em's old ones and then sorting out Ash's old clothes for Em. It's a pity that Em has to wear hand-me-downs at the moment. It seems that she does not mind, so, for as long as she's happy, I'm happy not having to constantly buy new clothes for her. But, on special occasion like her birthday, I make it a point to get her a new one.

Anyway, back to the part about my closet clean-out. I found some of my old maternity clothing and contemplated if I should give them away or keep them for my sister. Then, I looked at them and then I realized that by the time she gets married and eventually gets pregnant, they will no longer be fashionable for the belly bump. WHo am I kidding? - they look frumpy as it is now. No one will want then even if I give them away this instant. So, we decided to pack them up and give them away to the people who collects old items and clothing every weekend at out place. They are still in wearable condition, just no longer fashionable thats all.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

and so..

you know, I've been somewhat popular lately. Well, my company that is. I have been going out a lot lately. More than my usual quota. As you would have guessed by now that I was definitely not crowned Miss Social-Butterfly in my school days. Nope. That title belonged to some other people; I'm very much happy being with my group or being well, just ol' me.

Anyway, but of late, I've been out. It's nice of course. Instead of being home all the time with the kids, I get to be an adult for a change. Do adult stuff, talk adult stuff..just being 'grown-up'. And you know what's nice about all of these social events is? It's the fact that despite all the outings, it never felt like a social event per se, I actually enjoy the company I am with. It's definitely with people I like being with and that I don't have to feel like I am entertaining...know what I mean.

So, one of them is my very very close buddy from school. She's been home for the holidays and we've hung out a couple of times now. I even took pictures of us. It's been a while since we've ever been photographed together, the last being...being...see, I can't even remember when. Which is why I will definitely treasure these pictures. And, I plan on printing out copies for her before she leaves..if only black ink cartridges works. Just trying to be different in printing out B&W. None works so it'll have to be the boring colored ones then...Darn!

SHe'll be leaving soon. And, I don't know when I'll ever see her again. She did promise to come back next year but we shall see...we shall see..Momsie's been out eh heheh...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

on Mother's Day

How was Mother's Day guys? I should really be asking about Father's Day now, shouldn't I? Ah well, leave that for the mo; I am still on Mother's Day mode.

As for me (us), we spent Sunday at home most of the time. It was so so warm the past couple of days, I felt like submerging myself into a tub of ice. My cousin and family went to the Ice Room. I was this close to leaving all and following them there. But I didn't. I stayed home, with the troops. All of us were down with something or another : Em got the cough, hubby's nose ran away and doesn't look like it's making an appearance anytime soon, I had the fever last Friday. The only one standing was Ash but now, she's beginning to get the cough too (heard her last night). I think it's the weather, the not-eating-well the past 2 weeks or so. You know, just about everything. So, we decided to stay home on MOther's Day. We or should I say, hubby and I spent the day taking it easy, cleaning the house (which was left untouched for 2 weeks!!!), I cooked lunch (dinner we ate out)...

'Twas a slow slow weekend for us. A time to recoup and recover..

ps : and I didn't get any presents too..hhmmpphh..

Friday, May 6, 2011

housewarming gift

I have a question - what to get for a friend as housewarming gift?

She's into English vintage kinds if things. I haven't been to her apartment but from the photos that she's shown me, it's so so lovely. I can certainly live in it. So pretty and nice and...just so lovely. Made me wanna re-decorate my house. That reminds me - I should start thinking about painting the 'damaged' walls of my house because the girls went on a drawing rampage again yesterday evening. Hmmpphhh...

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the gift. I was thinking perhaps I should start developing some photos of her and her kid and buy photo frames at Personal Creations and give it to her as her housewarming gift. What say you? Good idea?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

teacher Ashley

Lately, Ash has been mimicking her teacher when she's at home. And guess who gets to become her 'student'?

Yep, none other than Mini!!

She will round Mini up, sit her down and take a book and pretend to read from the book. I say pretend because she doesn't know how to read from it yet. Or she will tell Mini to go play with some toys or do whatever. Basically, just order Mini around and funnily enough, this Mini'll gladly go along with the role-playing. She adores her sister and will do just about anything that Ash ask of her. Well...maybe except when they're fighting over a toy or whatever. You know, as long as what Ash's "teaching" her does not involve drugs or how to kiss boys or what the oxyelite pro side effects are, I am more than happy :-).

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello World!

How HAVE you been?

We been very tired and exhausted. Finally, the absolutely crazy week is over. Even Ash has put her hands up and said "no more!!"..

Last weekend, we had a very simple "do" for lil Em amongst family and our very close friends. It was an early celebration nevertheless. Also, thanks (again) to the aunties who gave my girls such lovely lovely pressies.

After the party, I asked Ash if she wanted to party some more and she told me "Enough of party mommy. Enough". She also said she didn't want anymore presents cos she already received so many (even though the presents were technically Mini's and not hers). Oh well, we shall see again next year...we shall see...

ps : oh and did u catch the royal wedding and the kiss, and The Dress and the Lady Gaga-inspired hats? I only caught like the last 5 mins of the thing. The part where they waved and the kiss. Ash didn't believe she was a real princess because it wasn't a pumpkin carriage!! O_O.
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