Wednesday, October 31, 2012

School hols are a-coming

I love the school hols. Can't wait. Can't take the school runs anymore. What am I talking about? There will be more coming up for what will seem like the rest of my life!! Maybe I should get a job, hire a driver eh? OK, I am awake!

Anyway, lots of things happening from now till the actual holidays. And after as well. We are going for a long holiday. Holiday cum work (for me), but not the office kind. Just checking out things, take notes, buy a new fridge, washing machine, repair the house. get rid of lizards and how to get rid of ants. That sort of work.

But, still, now preparing for girls' concert. I know, it doesn't involve me and luckily no elaborate costumes. Just I plan to take pics of girls with teachers because I want to compile them and give them as gifts to the teachers. And, I haven't been using my camera so a bit nervous. Plus my DSLR is dying (kena sea water and sand...don't ask!) so I am praying hard that the colour will come out fine and that they don't look like green monsters. Oh well, I am only hoping for that.

Then, after that, we will be off. I will be off with the kids and MIL for an entire month before the hubby joins us. I have been without hubby and have handled the girls on my own during the times when hubby had to go for overseas assignments. But usually, not for a month and not having to also 'handle' MIL. Ekkk...better be in my best behaviour and keep my hormones in balanced. I have plans to either assault the pillow or go for a long walk. If I survive walking, I might just do some running. I swear, this sedentary lifestyle is not helping me whatsoever.

Oh, I don't know. So little time. So much to be doing. Maybe it's not so much. Just thinking about it is probably what's making me nervous. Besides, I am fast approaching the big 4-0. Can't believe it either. Many people have said I look no more than a 25 year old..hahaha...ok, just being me. I am a little nervous in that department because many many moons ago, just as I turned 25 exactly, some gypsy fortune teller person told me i will meet with a horrible accident when i am 40-ish. Of all things! Can't he just tell me I will win the lottery, or live a peaceful uninterrupted life with my family. Nope. And, I still remember it because well, it is not something you forget so easily right? Plus, I still have that paper he'd written my fate on. Again, people, do not do this to your kids. Don't bring them to some gypsy-i-can-tell-your-future person. Haunt them forever! So, what am I going to do? Stay at home not drive, not go anywhere? What a life to be living. I can claim it's hoax. But, can I really? Won't it be at the back of my head (or in front?). I mean whatever. All I know, it's a scary thought. I don't know which one is worst - to die from a car (or bus...I could be crossing the road) accident or die from lung cancer? OK, I don't know why I am talking about death in the dead of the morning. I should just go marinade my chicken, and have a djarum.


Won't you agree with me that kids are the best thing in life that you can ever have the privilege of having or being a parent is a complete gift from God? Not everyone who wants to be a parent, can be parents or some kids just don't have the luxury of having good parents? Did I make any sense at all?

I am supposed to go marinade some chicken wings to bake later tonight. But, I just had to write this down, to clear my head of thoughts swimming around in there. 

Just yesterday evening, I found out one of my friends been going through some sort of family crisis since the last Friday. We had no clue. I didn't have any clue. Because we would keep each other updated with our lives and all of a sudden, no news from her. So we were just wondering what happened. So, yesterday we found out. 

Certainly not the best news that greet us yesterday late in the night while I was fast asleep. She probably just got home from the hospital, police station...etc..I cannot imagine what she's going through. Honestly? I don't want to have to go through what she's going through. Life is like that la. You win some you lose some.

My point is actually not about life; it's about them kids. I offered to pick her kids up (her girl and Mini goes to the same playschool) if she needed help or just let her kids spend the afternoon with us or even for the night if she needed help. But, she declined (aiya, pai seh la what else??) and said it was ok, they can manage, the kids have behaved well through the whole ordeal, and understand that they are in a trying situation at the moment.  Kids only 6 and 4. I believe her because I know them since they were little ones. I am not surprised at their independence and mannerism..perhaps even a little envious?

I always believed kids are good people. With proper guidance and with lots of love, kids are good people and will eventually be good people. When I say "love", I do not mean spoil them, shower them with material things to make up for lack of attention or after you have given them a good whacking. That is not something I define as 'love'. Love is really not an easy thing to give. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, discipline of course and most importantly, time because in today's world, time is something we don't get enough and time is something everyone wishes they had more of. But, realistically, we only have 24 hours in a that is all you gonna get. 

What is my point again? My point is : love your kids, don't neglect them, don't spoil them, don't disrespect them, don't treat them like dogs, don't abuse them (mental or physical...many people do not take into account mental abuse is just as 'good' as being physical abuse). Do love them, nurture them, guide them, cherish them with all your hearts because, you will truly see the rewards. It will not be immediate, I can tell you that but you will see it and you will be eternally grateful for the effort that you have put into your kids. Remember : you only have 1 chance with your kids. Once that chance is gone, it will be gone forever. Just be the best parent you can be, follow your instincts not your emotions or your convenience. Your kid do not owe you their lives; you owe them one. 

p.s : ok, this post may be a little muddled up or make any sense with spelling and grammatical errors (me no English teacher). Just spewing whatever that is on my mind. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

The gender thing

You know, I think Mini is confused about her own identity, as in she thinks that she can sometimes be a boy or a girl, depending on the mood, the star alignment...etc. But, most of the time, she refers to herself as being a boy. Yup, but a boy who wears Barbie PJs, and dresses. She is one confused kid.

She's always been the hyper one. Not as girly as the sis. She still is. And, she likes Ben 10 stuff even though she doesn't know what it is. And she likes Buzz. She even asked her dad once to get her this gigantum Buzz toy figurine that costs a couple of hundreds of RM. Do you think her father got it for her? Of course not!

Now, she's into Ben 10. She's been asking me to get her Ben 10 shoes. Now, where on earth am I going to find her Ben 10 shoes? Also, if I get her Ben 10 shoes, she will pair it with a flowy dress or something. I mean, this girl has a serious fashion issue. All mis-matching stuff. Oh, and she even has her nails painted recently and refused to let me get them off. See what I mean about her being confused?

I supposed she could be like the tough girl, you know. The Megan Fox in Transformers. She can take a car (and a guy) apart. She can talk cars with the father when she's older. Like, which car stereo to get, how to change tires (I don't even know how to), how to replace toyota tacoma seat covers....just regular guy thing. 

Or, she might just be going through a phase.


So, Ash got 2 fishes from her school's charity bazaar a couple of weekends back. They hold this event this every year and proceeds from the bazaar goes to making a kid's dream come true via the Make-a Wish Foundation (Malaysia). It's actually pretty exciting for the kids because they will spend weeks before the actual day learning about giving to the less fortunate (and that there are kids who are less fortunate than them). In this case, they will help make a certain child's dream come true. Plus, the kids will also make crafts which ultimately goes on sale that day as well. And, on the actual day, the kids will have (had) such blast that they will not leave. I am telling you...they won't! 

Anyway, back to those fishies. So, she got herself 2 fishes. They were kept in a plastic bag inside a container. We couldn't find an appropriate fishy place to put them. We thought we could get it done the next day, which was a Sunday. 

Honestly, the girls weren't too bothered about them fishies. After feeding them their "dinner", they just left the fishes still in their plastic bag on the table. Just like that.

This is definitely not a funny thing, but when I found 1 of the fishes dead the next day, I kinda went to hubby and snigger. WHat do you expect? Leaving the poor fishes with no room to breathe and no room to roam. The girls came down to feed the fishes their breakfast and I told them, one of them had died. Ash went "oh". Funny, I don't remember anything else after the "oh".

To cut long story short, I think my girls are kind of heartless. hahahahah..All they wanted to do was feed the fish. And, after telling them 1 had died and we were going to move the live one outside and into a proper bowl, she wasn't bothered about them at all. Mini was worst, I don't think she even remembers hahahah...

See..I was right about not getting any pets for them. They couldn't even handle 2 fishes. OK lar, not totally their fault cos the mommy and daddy also not bothered. As you would've already guessed, the other one died not long after. Oh, well. I should probably trigger the girls' memory abit about them fishes...hehehhe...and to see what they'll say. 
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