Tuesday, May 22, 2012

HFMD update

Since my previous post, Ash and hubby have recovered. Thankfully, for Ash, it was a mild HFMD. Inspite of it all, we kept her home the whole time. Well, not exactly the whole time because we made trips to the doctors and to grandparent's house. Although I was very tempted to bring her to Kidzania so she could use up her Kidzzos (do they earn money or you have to spend them? I have no idea cos she went there with her friends on a school field trip) and to calm my nerves. I kept Mini home too in anticipation of her getting HFMD as well but thankfully (really really thankful) she was spared.

Also, even though I had hubby home with me, I was busier than ever. He couldn't do much with them blisters on him. He had it a little worst than Ash. His throat was sore, more blisters and he also threw up with fever and all. Just so you know, adults have every bit of a chance of getting HFMD too so it's a myth if someone tells you that big people don't get it at all (according to the doc).

They were all better by the weekend. Our first trip out was to the grocery store! LOL...what fun! In addition to some meat, I also replenished my body scrubs. If only I had a nice and huge bath-tub to soak my tired body in. Now that would be heavenly! 

Anyway, glad the episode is over. Plus, the school holidays are approaching - 2 weeks y'all! We had every intention of going down south. But, will have to see how hubby's schedule at work goes and how our finances pans out. Other than that, am kinda looking forward to the holidays. We've got a couple of play-dates lined up, and my friend is still in town so yippee!!! We'll see...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A big HELLO, HFM and Mother's Day

So..hi there! As I am writing this, I am riddling with guilt because I've got a very dear friend...who's in town...and I had promised to see her, take her out and generally to catch up. As you can most probably guess that I haven't done any of those.

The past 2 weeks or so have been a little crazy around here. Mini turned 3! Before that, we had a major celebration for my sister on the occasion of her marriage. That in itself was pretty monumental. And then, just when I thought I could finally sit back, enjoy Mother's Day (Ash kept telling me the craft she was doing in school and how it was meant for me and how she hasn't finished it..), Ash kena-ed HFM!

It started last Thursday with fever. We gave Ash some fever meds and it cleared. Then it came back again. And by Saturday morning she was jumping up and down. I even took her to the paed on Friday just to be sure it wasn't dengue or HFM or whatever...and nothing came out of it. SHe wasn't even fever-ing when we visited the doctor. So we concluded at that moment that it was a viral infection. We went home after that.

Hubby and I even managed to catch Avengers on Saturday thinking nothing of Ash's fever. The movie, by the way, was freaking AWESOME! The movie of THE year dare I say it. And, I am so glad we caught it because the very next day, spots started to appear on Ash. EEkk!! She had a couple of them under her feet, between her toes and fingers. She also complained of a discomfort when she swallowed. Shiates, right?!

I quickly took her to the paed and sure enough, the doc confirmed our fears. I was actually more concerned for Mini to be honest. Somehow I knew with Ash being much older, she'll be able to withstand the discomfort and pain (if any). Sure enough, she did experience minor discomfort when eating and the worst appeared to be over because as of Monday, no additional spots appeared and despite the presence of ulcers in her throat, she didn't feel much pain. Which was a huge relief if you ask me. I then, concentrated on Mini, praying real hard she doesn't get it bad..if she gets it at all because the doc gave me that prepare-for-Emily-look. Plus she said "prepare for Emily".

So far, apart from feeling warmish on Mini's part, she's been ok after all. No visible outbreaks. Ash has also coped well. They've been getting on each other's nerves lately. WHat else do you expect when you have the kids at home...all day..everyday. O_O

Anyway, we are still stuck at home and depending on clearance from the doctor, I hope to be a free bird next week. That includes HUBBY as well cos he also kena-ed! What timing isn't it? 

Pray for us!! 
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