Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Today is our nephew's 8th birthday. Technically, he celebrates his birthday once every 4 years but his parents aren't mean people. They let him celebrate every 28th on other non leap years. But he is indeed a very special boy. Very smart, friendly and lovable. Its a pity Ashley hasn't met him and his sister yet. Soon, we hope soon...

OK, lil Edmund, Uncle, Aunty and lil mui mui Ash wishes you a very Happy Birthday and do have a blast!!! *smiles*

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Figures not for me

Thankfully, I am not the owner of a business or having to oversee anything remotely related to numbers. I suck at it, I really do. I am even surprised that I got through math in high school. I am really terrible at it and luckily for me, I have a husband who is. So, officially (and self appointed) he is the chief financial officer of the house. I guess I should thank my lucky star that I am not a millionaire otherwise I would need an accountant or some financial person to help me with my finances. Since I am blogging, I'd probably look for an accounting blog where I could get information or even guidance on finding for a good accountant. Day dreaming? Yeah, I am. I am in the day (or evening) dream moment currently.

Tell me again...

Why did I ever decided to have kids? Gosh, its been an absolutely hectic afternoon for me. I am not sure exactly what happened but that lil girl just would not settle down. She had her nap very early today and by 6 she was extremely cranky. I had to quickly feed her, let her roam around before giving her a sponge bath. After that, I had to put her down in her play-pan cos she was all cleaned up and I didn't want her crawling all over my dirty, unkept floor. Oh and did I also tell you that I have an assignment pending, I didn't even have a proper lunch. I just couldn't get anything done. I made her milk and put her to bed (finally!). She's now asleep and I am typing as fast as my fingers could get me. Breathe in, breathe out...breathe in, breathe out...breathe...

Pass it To the Front

I've been tagged again by Ashley's Mommy. This is a pretty simple tag to do.

Here are the rules:

* First copy and paste it.
* Do not remove any content.
* Just add One word related to your blogs.
* If you don’t like the concept Pls! say no?
* Our main goal is we are going to circulate our number of friends.
* The more people join the “pass it to the front” the more links we generate.
* Lastly write only one word “short” for your blogs…
* Keep it simple and short, I know some of you have more than one blogs.
* The color is only black, gray, or white plssss avoid using any color okies.

Let me show you:

1.Filipina, 2.Darling allen, 3.Abroad, 4.Halfway,, 6.culture, 7.interracial, 8.pinaystories, 9.pinaysinglelooking, 11.Miscellaneous 12. Children13. my experience 15. milestones 16. Home 17. shopping 18. funnies

OK, I am going to pass this tag to (I hope you haven't done it) :

1. Tammy
2. Chin Nee

OK, I shall stop here for now. :-D

Open house

Whenever there's CNY, there will always be an open house some where in our circle of friends. Either its for the sole purpose of a get-together, catching up with each other once a year or its an open house cum house warming.

We were supposed to attend one during the CNY but it was cancelled at the last minute. A good thing also since I was sick during that weekend. Besides, we had already paid our dear friends a visit the weekend before cos we indicated that we may not make it due to other visiting commitments.

Our friends we telling us how difficult and
arduous a task it was moving en entire room to fill the apartment. It may look tire-less but it sure isn't cos moving and moving with 2 kids is an entirely different concept altogether. But, all in all, the apartment looked lovely even though they kept most of the internal structure intact i.e no major renovation. They just added the fixtures and fittings just like what we did to our house. I always say, minimalist is ideal *smile*.

Many many Thanks (Part III)

Actually, saved the best for the last..and this award was given by none other than lil' munchkin's mommy. Coincidentally, both our daughter's name is Ashley. Wouldn't you agree that 'great minds think alike *ahem*..

Anyways, she is a really wonderful mommy that I've had the privilege of meeting online and I am so glad I did. Always kind and bubbly, I can only think of good things happening for her.

So, Barb, thanks for this award and many others you have given me *smile*

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Silly Momsie

I have told myself a many times before I was pregnant that if ever I have kids, I would want my eldest to be a girl. Doesn't matter who wants what, let me have the first pick and then we can talk about the second one to be a boy or a girl. Thankfully that worked out..for now.

The reason why I wanted a girl was because I wanted a real life doll!! LOL...heheh...I can't wait till Ash is a little older so I can tie her hair in pony-tails, make her wear pretty dresses. She will be the loveliest doll ever. I risk having her scream her head off at me when she is older and realised what her mom put her through but what the heck, I only live once and I did 'make' her. So, that gives me some of kind of right to be ridiculous, no?

Anyways, I couldn't wait and see what I've already done (or attempted to do) to my poor baby.

I was at my mom's place yesterday evening and I put my mom's necklace and ring on Ashley. I also tried putting on the pearl bracelet on her but she kept taking it off. The hard part was trying to take one picture of her with all the jewelleries on...but she kept moving about I had to take 2 separate pictures..

Silly mommy isn't it? :-D

I need a vacation

It has been more than 5 years since we last went on a vacation, the hubs and I. We had planned to 2 years ago but because of the move to our new place and then me being pregnant, we shelved the idea. Then, we plan a trip to Egypt this year but that didn't happen either cos with the hubs' new work commitment, he has been awfully busy. I told myself we should go on one end of this year, by hook or by crook. No matter what, family comes first.

I am planning on a trip later part of this year to visit the in laws with Ashley in tow. It will be a challenge especially my ear problem. We'll see how far we can go this time with our intended family vacation to down under. Frankly, I prefer going somewhere I can have a white Christmas as opposed to the sun. Ah, stop complaining, its good enough we can even go on one (family vacation).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I don't wan..

This conversation took place a couple of days ago and it went like :

Momsie : Eh, when baby girl grows up, she will move out edi lor..

Daddy : No, cannot. I don't wan..

Momsie : Huh? What if she go overseas to study leh?

Daddy : No need. Study at home...

Momsie : OK. What if she get married?

Daddy : I don't wan. Cannot get married.

Momsie : HA?? If she really get married to Allen's son leh? (we have an arranged marriage for our lil one *evil parents* muahahahha...)

Daddy : Then, they will have to stay here with us..and sleep in separate rooms.

Momsie : DOUBLE "HUH???" Congratulations dear..You have successfully turned into YOUR MOM!!! *evil grin*

Daddy : *Laughs*

*for the record, my MIL not so mean lar. She allowed them to go overseas and get married. But it ends there *wink**

Many many Thanks (Part II)

My second award was given by a wonderful mommy who never fails to give my blog her constant support all the way from Canada. She's amazing.

"Thanks so much Tammy, your is Excellent too!!" *muacks muacks*

Better than doing nothing

Yeah, that's what the hubs always say but does he do anything? Nah!! His life revolves around work work and work. Well, at least I hope its WORK and nothing else. He has been telling me since yonks ago that he wants to pursue a Masters in Business or something to that effect. Provided he finds the time otherwise that will remain a fantasy (or a dream) of his.

The thing is, he has got to the point where there isn't time anymore. He has to babysit the office when he's at work and when he's home, he has to babysit the baby. Maybe I can do something to ease his burden but knowing the lazy me, the first thing I do when he walks in the front door is 'throw' the baby at him. I can't help it. I've been here the entire day and I want some peace and quiet. Selfish? Yes I am. Lock me up, I'm guilty as charged!!

Well, in case he didn't know, I too want to further my studies. Take up something different like a psychology degree or something like that. Then again, at the rate I am going, I don't think I'd be studying or taking up anything..sigh..

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random ramblings

You would never guess which movie I watched last night? Hehhe...Transformers!! I know, I know, its stale news already but can't help it. Not like I can just leave everything and go to the cinema on a last minute's notice. Besides, the hubs has been so extremely busy the past year that it was shocking enough he found the time to even get the DVDs!!

Certainly not as good if I had the cinema effect -big screen, high volume. Nope, it was my trusty 8 year old 21 inch tv. But it was still good nevertheless. Could that have been the best movie of 2007? I don't know, I haven't been keeping score. The Oscars are coming and I haven't watched a single nominated movie. Then again, I don't even know who got nominated and who didn't -sigh-

We have one more DVD left. That cartoon rat movie. As for me, no signs of mickey yet, or minnie. Forgive me, I haven't blogged for a while and I'm suddenly bursting with things to say/write. Have you ever had that? Nothing of substance, nothing coherent but just pure rambling on and on about absolutely nothing, garbage.

And hubby will be away this weekend again for his...I don't know what it is. Its their management meeting of sorts. It happens once a year and everyone has to have it away from the office. Which means, I will be stuck here again, alone with little monkey (now, I know why people call their kids that). How I absolutely dread being alone. Then, he'd be off to the ME for another few days. Again, I will be alone. I might as well have married the gardener. OK, again don't mind me. I absolutely have no freakin' idea what I am writing here. Not looking forward to the coming weeks. I would rather be in Disneyland!!

Shopping shopping and more shopping

In fact, that is what you should do after the festive season. So you'd find last season's clothes. Big deal!! The truth of the matter is, clothes and stuffs are usually cheaper when you saw them just prior to the festivities. Most of these are marked up and marked down after the holidays are over. If you want to feel "un-cheated", buy your clothes after not before each festive season. Saves you a bundle especially if you are a one-income family like us. Alternatively, you could use Kohls coupon codes as a means of cost saving on that shirt or bag you had your eye on for quite some time.

A total revamp

We've doing some thinking and before the final move back to my in laws' place, we need to be doing some major renovations. One thing's for sure, we need to give the kitchen a face lift. No correction, not a face lift but a total reconstruction. I know what you may be thinking.

Why now? Why not before? Well, my MIL is pretty sentimental when it comes to her things. I can relate to that. She doesn't want to have things changed or moved about cos frankly, she has been cooking in that same kitchen for the past 30 years or so. Its "change" that people fear most. But we don't have a choice if we are all going to stay under the same roof. We need extra room space.

We need to renovate the kitchen to free up the existing dining room so that we could use that room as a study/computer room. And we will then use the existing study room for Ashley or our things such as cabinets, wardrobe. The rooms are pretty small apart from the master bedroom and we won't be occupying the master bedroom now would we? So, in order to create or give us more space to work with, we have to separate our 'closet' from our beds in separate rooms. Plus, Ashley doesn't come with only a diaper bag. She has her own cupboard now and we need to get a bigger one for her she is fast running out of space for that one. And her toys. She is beginning to accumulate these things.

Anyways, its all in the pipeline and when I have the chance or when things are more confirmed, I'd take a picture of the before and after shots just to show you just how much work we have to put in. At the moment, we still haven't received the "green-light" from my MIL yet but if I have any say in it, I'd want to change the kitchen sinks to Kohler sinks.

Many many thanks (Part 1)

I always see other bloggers getting awards after awards and I wondered if I'd get any. heheh...well, hold and behold, I did get some..and I am thankful for these that I have received from 3 wonderful mommies whom I've had a chance to meet online. To show my heartfelt thanks, I'd post them up, giving due credit in separate posts.

First up, a cool mom who writes excellent articles on her blog is none other than Jo-N who gave me (and a few others) this extremely creative award.

Now that its over

What next? Post Valentine's that it. You know how these days Valentine's is just so commercialised that flower shops business everywhere boom during this time of the year. Its like a once in a year big profit or big money kind of thing. And some un-scrupulous business owners will make the most out of this demand period by hiking the prices of their flowers two or even three folds.

My neighbour was just telling us how his daughter, who owns a flower shop in the neighbourhood, couldn't even end the day on the eve of Valentine's(literally) as people were walking in asking for some last minute flower arrangements to be done. The entire family was roped in to help with the extra load of work. From being the truck driver to arranging the flowers.

As for me, I don't think I'd want my hubby to waste that kind of money. I'd rather him spending it on something else for me. Or better yet, give me cold hard cash...hahhaha...But it I'd have a pick, I wouldn't mind some mini calla lilies at all as oppose to conventional roses (red or pink). Maybe next year. Who knows, if I am a good wifey *wink*

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I have a bone to pick

Remember I LOST ALL MY PHOTOS from my digital camera. Looks like its really a gon-er. Unless the hubs decides to do something about it.

I went out this weekend to get some grocery shopping done. 2 weeks and we are almost out of food. We went to Cold Storage at Ikano cos its also at Ikano where we bought the Digital camera at one of the photo shop. Great regret that has been.

Anyways, after some serious shopping and I mean SERIOUS cos although the fridge isn't entirely empty but filled with mostly rotten food. Yeah, I know yucks!! So we decided to replenish almost the entire fridge and pantry. Plus, we decided we'd eat in tonight too. I will be cooking (yay!!).

That was Cold Storage. We had lunch after that at this pasta place just outside of Cold Storage. Can't re-call the exact name of the restaurant but it was this pasta place. Nearest and we were super hungry. We chomped down our food while Ashley had her milk. We finished everything in under 20 minutes. Then on the way to the car park, we stopped by the photo shop, hoping that I'd get my camera repaired so that I'd be able to post the photos up.

This is our first digital camera ever and we bought it last year, just before Ashley was born. I'm sure you can guess the reason for the camera by now. Don't know why but we still prefer the bulky conventional cameras. Just thought we should have one (the Digital one) handy. Thats why we are pretty blur when it comes to these things.

Anyways, we told the guy at the shop what the problem was and he said he wasn't able to help us. The reason he gave was that we had not brought the camera back immediately and that we had taken a photo after we encountered the problem (??). I don't understand it either but he is the expert. Then, another lady told us that they could check the memory stick for us. And if it is found to be “OK” we'd have to pay RM40 and this includes a CD burned for us (??). Again, me no comprehendo. Looks to me that these guys are out there soley for the $$$$ so we told them to “Stuff it”. Not exactly those words but a more polite “Its ok, thank you very much”.

And as we were doing all the talking and listening and explaining and nodding, Ashley entertained herself on her stroller, tore apart a piece of tissue she was holding and throwing the bits onto the floor. I didn't realise this until we bid them adieu and when I looked down “Yikes, place filled with torn bits and pieces of tissue paper”. But since, they so much as pissed me off, I decided to, you know “buat tak tau” (be ignorant) and just pushed her stroller out. We went home *evil grin*.

One thing I didn't have

During my pregnancy was backache. I am serious! Not boasting or bragging but a fact. People often asked me if I did and when I told them that I didn't experience backaches', they were surprised. And it wasn't because Ashley was 'small' either. She was a whopping 3.1kg when she came out. She was big for my size. Wanna know my secret? I have to say, I attribute all that to good posture. Really, having a good posture really helps, I have found that out. I always walk and sit properly when I was young and even in my adult life.

I remembered in school, I had a friend who wore a
posture corrector. She would come to class, wearing this metal/plastic brace on her back underneath her uniform. We used to make fun of her by knocking on the brace like this "knock knock". And she used to be known as the girl who had the perfect posture. She sits straight, stands straight and probably even peed straight (heheh..I'm not sure if that was true). Anyways, thank god she only wore that for a while and she doesn't anymore. So, to sum it up.

The key to not having a back ache during your pregnancy, learn to have a good posture. Trust me, you won't regret it. Not one bit.

Friday, February 22, 2008

What happened to me

Been almost a week since I last blogged. What happened? I'll tell you what happened. The hubs and I went on a second honeymoon to Timbuktu and decided to settle down there, thats what happened!! Hehehhe....NOT!! Actually, I had fever last weekend. Then, in the wee hours of Monday mornin', I had the worst, the most terrible diarrhoea EVER in the history books of diarrhoea. That horrible purging lasted for 8 hours and I was still having fever. Hubby took the day off to accompany me and took me to the doctors in the afternoon when I stopped visiting the loo. I don't know what happened. It could be something I ate or have been eating during the CNY days leading up to then.

Luckily, Ashley spent the night (Sunday night) with my in laws cos I was still not feeling well then. Hubby told me that when she was the car, she cried cos I wasn't in the car with them. That really broke my heart and I felt shitty (pardon the pun) for being sick-y when I heard that. I did miss her when she wasn't with us that night.

It means, I have done something right. Or is it all babies miss or want their mommies no matter how they treat them. Do they remember? I say this cos, during the early months, I had a hard time adjusting to becoming a new mom. It doesn't help with people constantly wanting to be the "cook" as well. It just got to me really bad and I snapped. I snapped at my baby a couple of times. I will always remember that. Remember how a terrible mother I was and that it was not her fault. I tried very hard subsequently to change cos I knew that I had to. It was hard. You're fighting against emotions or feelings you never had, emotions that you can't control but yet, you know you have to. I had to. I had to take control and not let them run loose.

Its nice isn't it, to feel wanted, to feel the love of a child. Its probably the only reason we became a mother in the first place. A million bucks won't compare to that "Mommy, I love you". Ashley hasn't said that yet. She hasn't even called me Mommy. But when she does, I am sure to shed some tears. Feelings of happiness, joy. Feelings that only a mom would know.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Unique proposal

On Valentine's, there was this article on the newspaper about how a young man proposed to his girlfriend. His "will you marry me" appeared on those huge billboard signs along the freeway and he asked her to 'look up' as they were approaching it. He then gave her an engagement ring to complete the 'event'. I am not sure how I'd feel if my man had done that but one thing's for sure, I wld've felt a little embarrassed and wonder where he got the money from cos the entire affair set the dude back a whopping RM54K!!! Then, I read somewhere that the dude's family is in the billboard business. You know the people that does billboards for advertising clients everywhere from the sign along the freeway (just like where the guy had his) to trade show booths. Anyways, what a way to celebrate Valentine's, huh?

Friday, February 15, 2008


Normally, "Oh Joy" would be what I exclaim as soon as I wake from my sleep on a Friday morning. But not today. My "Oh Joy" doesn't have that zest, that panache that usually comes with it.

I look forward to the weekends cos its my day off, the hubs has to do EVERYTHING. And he gets the privilege to be the driver, the cook (OK, not lately cos we have been pigging out at the in laws), the one who showers Ashley, the milk-man (mixes her milk for her), takes her out for walks in the morning (when he's up to it), does the laundry, does the folding of clean clothes. Does practically everything. This weekend, however, we will be out. And I will be tired. And all the unfinished chores will be left for me to do during the week. He escapes. He, the lucky duck.

So you see why I am not looking forward to this weekend? OH Joy, happy weekend people, lets make the best of it and hope yours will be a blast. All those who are still celebrating the CNY, happy celebrating..*smile*

Ashley at the park on the kiddy swing

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Strange Tee

Please bear with my ramblings. One day, now I can't remember which but it was definitely one fine day cos the hubs was with me. I was at the bank, waiting for my turn to collect my new credit card. Don't ask me why don't they just send one over. They did apparently but the only thing was, I didn't receive it.

Anyways, as I was standing and sitting (I began to get restless), there was these 2 teenage boys with their mother. Presumably also waiting for their turn to collect their credit card. I noticed that the 2 boys had on identical funny t-shirts that says "I'm not a Plastic XXXX" on front!! My eyes nearly popped out!! Then, I was amused and a little curious as to how the mother could allow her kids to wear something like that in PUBLIC. I know if it was me, my parents will HAVE MY HEAD!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


CNY hasn't ended yet but already, there is a mishap.

What you might ask? Well, there can only be one thing - MY PHOTOS ARE ALL GONE!!!

Last night, not only I had to endure snail pace connection, everything took forever to load, my photos disappeared from my digital camera. We have no idea what happened. We took it out, hubby re-played the lion dance bit and then when he wanted to scroll to the next photo, a message appeared as "Picture error". And we couldn't scroll any further as there were no photos found. We took a random picture of our sofa and that appeared but not the others.

Why am I upset? It was Ashley's first CNY, we had loads of her with her red packets, her at the dinner table during reunion, her with all her grandaunts and cousins, her at the beach front...arrgghhh...

I only have these few pictures which were taken with my mobile..

Lion dance at Pavillion

Acrobat at Pavillion

Ashley and her 2 aunts

Ashley with her Daddy

I didn't queue for the donuts...:-D

Valentine's gift for men

You know, it is extremely difficult for women to get their man a Valentine's gift. With women, its easy. A box of chocs, flowers and a romantic dinner will simply do the trick. Or a midnight walk at the beach. See, its too easy. For a guy, its different. They don't want perfume, ring (might even scare him off) or worst, a teddy soft toy *gasp*. Its hard. The have big expectations, expensive taste. Gifts such as a Ferrari might be nice or how about a set of Cleveland golf clubs? That would set his pulse beating twice as hard, wouldn't it? *wink*

My obssession

I can safely say that I only have one - watches. Though I have many but there is one which I would love to own would be one of those raymond weil watches and possibly an Omega cos Cindy Crawford looked so cool with it. But, I doubt that will happen. My most expensive watch thus far is actually my Tissot and due to my fat wrist, I can't wear it at the moment :-(

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CNY is far from OVER!!!

I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. After the lonnnng, lonnnnng weekend I had, I have to gear up for more this weekend. Thankfully, the hubs has started work today and will be working until this Friday. That means, I get to rest, blog at normal hours, finish my pending assignment(s)...before the mayhem starts again on Saturday. I still have a couple of my relative houses which we have not made it to last weekend and since its the LAST weekend before the actual end of CNY, we have to get the visits wrapped up this weekend by hook or by crook. OK, as promised, photos will be up tonight..:-D

Monday, February 11, 2008

Little Tiger

A few days ago, my aunt, her children and my grand-aunt came for a visit. With her running her own dental clinic, a toddler and one coming out of toddler-hood, CNY is the only time she gets some free time and she used it to visit me. It was very thoughtful of her. I haven't seen her and my grand-aunt for more than 3 years.

It was unfortunate that her hubby couldn't come along as it was a Saturday and Saturdays are his golf days. She was telling us how her hubby is pretty competitive in the game and he would join his club's competition every now and then. And then, the conversation turned to my hubby and whether he played golf.

Let me tell you, it was pretty funny cos a few years ago, my hubby was hooked on the game. He is quite good with sports in that he can pick any game up with ease without proper lessons or tutoring. It started with squash in school, tennis during his university days and then, it was golf when he worked. He bought the clubs, woke up in the dead of the morning, and went to the driving range almost every week. Now, the clubs are sitting in the store-room collecting dusts and don't even get me started on the rackets. Virtually, un-play-able. When he was into the game, he told me he would want to groom our little kids to become the next Tiger Woods, little Tiger so he claims. Now, I think he may have other plans cos his new passion is baseball *rolls eyes*. So, throw away the clubs and welcome the Baseball Gloves.

Hippo Momsie

I have turned to resemble very much like a hippo on stilts. The upper part of my body has ballooned especially after consuming food like, a hungry hippo for the past 4 days (counting Wednesday). Now, its time for damage control, like I mentioned earlier. More photos will be up later as I have to sort out the pictures I took, including this afternoon where the hubs and I went window shopping without the babe *smile*. And whilst all this is going on, I need to get myself hoodia diet pills to set the slimming ball rolling. Wish me luck, people - sigh.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Being together

The hubs and I, we've been together for 13 years and married for 7. Gosh, how time flies! All this time, we never celebrated Valentines' in a big way. No fancy dinners or flowers. His excuse - they are too expensive on that day. Which is true but being the naive and whinny little girl I was back then, I thought he didn't love me, enough. But now, all I want for my valentines day gifts are

are still a fancy dinner and flowers...nyek nyek...Guess I'm still the little kid ..*big grin*

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year






Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Need more funds

Heheh..thats what my MIL is crying out for this CNY. The reason - she has been attending alot of wedding dinners of late and giving out massive, MASSIVE red packets to the hosts. And so, if there is anything she would want to wish for this CNY would be :

1. More wealth in abundance;

2. No more wedding dinners;

3. Balance her checking accounts;

4. Bigger red packets from her kids (nyek nyek...:-P)

OK, so lets hope her wish comes true this CNY *smile*

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Time for a good deed

Today is the start of the weekend. And we all know what weekend means "Yippee"!! Anyways, my weekend will be busy as we would be doing some last minute shopping and what-not's. And then in one of these afternoon we would head over to our favourite temple to offer some donation. Its actually a temple cum senior living. We do this twice every year, once before the CNY and once before the New Year. But I think last year we did it before Christmas. Oh well, at least we did. And I am looking forward to this trip since they were renovating the residence when we last saw them. I am pretty sure its up and running now. OK, I have got to get going cos the hubs' giving me that "look" and its NOT the Look of Love either. *gasp*...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Freaky Friday

I know this is old news but I did promise my sister that I'd blog about it.

Yes, a tragedy indeed and news has it that Jake (Gyllenhaal) is taking his "friend's" death really hard. Can't say I blame him, Heath was a hottie. I thought they were both fine actors and considered them to be my favourite actors currently.

Coincidentally, the last time when I had my then favourite actors acting in a movie together were Keanu (Reeves) and River (Phoenix). And the freaky thing is they both also acted in a gay movie called My Own Private Idaho.

And that's not the best freakiest part, one of them is DEAD too...Yup, River...

Isn't that the most creepiest of all creepy coincidence?? O_o *creepy song*

A naive confession

It takes a lots of guts but nevertheless, I am willing to do it. Do what? You might ask. Confess that I was once a naive and unassuming girl. And pretty, gorgeous at the same time *tsk tsk*. And highly proud of blowing my own trumpet *tsk tsk again*..I was just joking. And many people don't get my joke.

OK, back to story as to why I was such a naive girl. You know how sometimes, in small firms or where small businesses are concerned, their fax number and general phone number is the same. Well, I used to think that in such offices, everyone share the same phone and there is only ONE phone for everyone to use!!! How naive was I? Very!! I suppose these days they would have better and uncomplicated small business phone systems at such offices.


On the contrary, I haven't been busy with CNY cos I have been procrastinating again. I'm allowed to since we plan on celebrating the new year with my PIL rather than at our own home. Seeing as how I lost touch with most of my blogging friends' blog for the past 2 weeks, I am here now checking them out as my daughter is spending the day with my PIL. Whenever the part-time maid comes, she will spend the day with them and I will go over with my hubby for dinner later. This arrangement sort of leaves me a little window to get some things done on my own - like blogging for instance.

I'm not sure why I don't particularly look forward to this coming new year. I looked forward to it last year cos Ashley was born soon after. Speaking of which, she will be celebrating her 1st birthday soon, next month. How time flies. Just the other day, when I was on my way to my mom's office, I passed by the Chinese primary school near Tropicana. The one opposite some apartments. I was stationary at the traffic lights. I was just looking out and observing the kids, their mom or dad or grandpa or maid. They were either walking (from the parked cars) their kids to school or walking their kids from school. It dawned upon me that I will have to do that in a couple of years time. OMG!!! I am so grown-up...Can I escape from this reality? Bah...guess not. Will just have to go through the motion.
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