Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Silly Momsie

I have told myself a many times before I was pregnant that if ever I have kids, I would want my eldest to be a girl. Doesn't matter who wants what, let me have the first pick and then we can talk about the second one to be a boy or a girl. Thankfully that worked out..for now.

The reason why I wanted a girl was because I wanted a real life doll!! LOL...heheh...I can't wait till Ash is a little older so I can tie her hair in pony-tails, make her wear pretty dresses. She will be the loveliest doll ever. I risk having her scream her head off at me when she is older and realised what her mom put her through but what the heck, I only live once and I did 'make' her. So, that gives me some of kind of right to be ridiculous, no?

Anyways, I couldn't wait and see what I've already done (or attempted to do) to my poor baby.

I was at my mom's place yesterday evening and I put my mom's necklace and ring on Ashley. I also tried putting on the pearl bracelet on her but she kept taking it off. The hard part was trying to take one picture of her with all the jewelleries on...but she kept moving about I had to take 2 separate pictures..

Silly mommy isn't it? :-D


Helen said...

Hahahhaha I hope you won't dress Ashley up like those kids on CNY music videos. Aaargh

I love little girls in pink and ribbons... but then makeup is a no no. lol

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hehehe..that's a cute little doll you have. love the pearl necklace and ring :D

Eva said...

Hahaha! u are juz so cute :D

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha...poor Ashley. Bet she will be the prettiest doll when she goes to schoo :)

Sue said... cute..

sting said...

hehe.. that's what my friend said too :-) and her 4 yo girl is so fashionable now she advises her mum! haha

Sasha said...

everyone also want a girl because they want a real life doll! hahaha

Shireen Loh said...

Helen : Make-up?? No lar, I not dat "siow"

Barb : heheh...thanks. I almost lost the ring u know O_o

Eva : hey, thanks for dropping by :-D

chin Nee : that's the plan...muahahha...this mommy sot jorr

Sue : hi there, thanks for dropping by!!

Sting : wow wow...think that will happen to me lar..

Sasha : guess all mommies are the same lol

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