Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting my act together

Finally, I can relax, put my feet (heheh...sorry Tina) up and sip on my ice-y honey lemon tea.

I did it, I did it!

Things which have been sitting un-checked in my to-do list is finally...checked! I need a wardrobe for my bedroom. To think, all this time, living here, I don't even have a proper wardrobe. But, I will have one soon. And to get my kitchen cabinet door fixed. It's falling apart. To top my errands off, confirming flight tickets for our year-end vacation. Something which I am so looking forward to.

So, I made some phone calls, met up with the contractors, suppliers and travel agents and I was done. Though it did take me quite a while to finish them off the whole of yesterday but it's done. It is finally done. Yay me!!! LOL

The first of the contractors will be coming over this afternoon to have a look at my air-conditioner. Hopefully, it's nothing serious and I don't have to replace the a/c compressor. *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A procrastinating mother and a pair of happy feet

Just been busy, doing every other thing except what I am supposed to do.

Will be back.

When I'm done.


I hope.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Momsie's Monday Musings

*Ash handing me her socks taken from the pile of folded clothes on the bed in the spare bed-room*

Ash : choo..choo...(

Me :'s socks...say S O C K S

Ash : choo..*still holding socks*

Me : Socks...

Ash : *silence...with blank look and socks still in hand*

Me : Honey, I think it's time we increase that vocabulary of yours..O_O

Friday, July 25, 2008

A thing for boys

From the perspective of a mother with a daughter, that is a good thing.

We were over at Borders, the Curve yesterday. I needed to to replenish my brainless stock (chic lits). Usually, when we are with Ash at the malls (especially, the malls), we use the stroller. That was only because she wasn't comfortable with walking by herself yet. In recent weeks, her walking improved so I thought, why not let her roam around at the Children's section of the bookstore.

There was this lady with her...oh about 3 or 4 year old son. They were both looking over some books together. And my Ashley decided to walk over and peeked at what they they were doing. You know, with that “Hey you guys, what are you looking at?” expression. I tried to pry her away but she wouldn't budge. If you were a stranger looking at the 3 of them, you'd probably thought that Ash was part of the family or something with her standing close by, attentively listening to the conversation between mother and son.

After they finished picking out what they wanted, they got up and left. And what did lil' Ash do? With a book in one hand and a little knick-knack thing (something she picked up by herself) and as fast as her little feet could take her, went after the little boy. Nope, she didn't give up, she just 'chased' after him. The little boy was so amused that he mumbled something to his mom and started to tease Ash by laughing and making funny faces as he throttled slowly backwards, his front facing Ash as if to say “come come, catch me, catch me..”. Ashley went along, laughing when he made her laugh. This went on for about a couple of minutes.

But all of a sudden, she just lost interest. She simply went another way, towards the stationery shelves cos something else caught her eye. I think it was a pinky pencil case. Anyway, before she could get her hands onto any of those goodies, I picked her up and put her down somewhere else cos if you know Ash, distracting her away with something else is never easy. Of course, if the distraction was another little boy.

Yep, it was her day. This time, a slightly older boy, about 5 or 6. Initially, whenever she went near him, he would turn the other way. His actions didn't dissuade my determined lil' girl. Nope, she continued following him, even tried grabbing his shoe..LOL...But as soon as he began to warm up to her, she got bored and turned the other way. Hook em' and leave em'!...I swear I had nothing to do with it..

Whilst all of this wasn't the first time from Ash but sure was the most fun to watch. I didn't want to stop her from expressing herself, only stepping in when the ocassion warranted it. Like when she started to grab stuff from the shelves or grabbing the security guard's pants (OK, attempted to at least). I thought she had fun and so did I.

My aunt was right, toddling kids are a mighty cute lot. I couldn't agree more (apart from the undescernible tantrums). I'll have another chance at witnessing more of Ash's antics later today as we've got a little boy's birthday party to attend. I'm sure to know who'll be enjoying it the most. Till then, have a great weekend my internet homies! Catch ya later...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

After the rain

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In an Ashley moment

When I couldn't figure out the thing that has been bugging lil' Ash, I finally did.

Before we decided that it was time to be parents, we or rather, I, was mentally jotting down things I would want for my child(ren). The few things I felt were important : they need to eat right, have sufficient sleep, be happy, healthy and contented. See, I am not fussy. And I pride myself into thinking that I managed to at least accomplish them with Ashley, so far. She is what I've wanted her to be, a happy healthy child.

Ash goes through the same routine everyday. And I thought a routine is just what a child needs at this age and for a couple more years till they turn 18..LOL...She gets up around 6.30am – 7.00am, have her milk, play/tv, bath and then her brunch. She will have her nap in the late mornings just before lunch and spends the rest of the afternoon playing. I get her ready for dinner around 6 plus in the evenings and then, a sponge bath shortly after and ready for bed.

I never have to do anything fancy to get her ready for bed at night. All I had to do was leave her in the cot, draw the curtains, dim the lights and switch the air-conditioner on. She will protest at times but never for long. She will fall asleep by herself, probably from tiredness. We tried being in the room with her but felt that our presence only distracted her and made her not want to go to bed despite her needing to go to bed. So, we decided to leave her in the room by herself but remained close by.

All of a sudden, one fine day, she just changed. She didn't like her bed. Whenever I put her down, she would cry and shake her head, refusing to let go of me. I for once, am dumb-struck. I didn't know what went on with her. And yes, I do realise now that this is only the beginning of many more milestone surprises. But still, it's nerve-wrecking.

Then it hit me (like a ton of bricks). Although, she is still going to bed later than usual but I thought, I will try something different. Instead of leaving her to sleep by herself in the cot, I put her on our bed. She would drink her milk while I lay beside her. Her crying stopped and eventually falls asleep with us.

I did it again today and as I lay there with her, I realised what I have neglected to feel. I pushed away feelings that I am meant to feel. I have been so obsessed to wanting time for myself, time to have an un-interrupted thought that I had forgotten how special it is to be a mom. I was there in bed, as usual, my mind was thinking about the load in the washer and the dirty plates in the kitchen sink, Ash was rolling around in bed, looking for a comfortable spot to err...get comfortable. As she was doing this, she rolled over to me, planting her head on my chest at times. Getting up, falling back down. She snuggled up close and put her little arm across my chest.

I could feel calmness. She wasn't angry, frustrated or scared. She was happy. I guess, all she ever wanted was to feel safe and secure and the only person who could give her that is me. And I didn't know, I really really didn't know. At that moment, when she was next to me, I remembered, the only other time I ever felt those feelings was when I first held her in my arms at the hospital. It's the feeling of what being a mom is all about and I almost let that slip away.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The house-guest

I am at odd's end

I love the idea of having house-guests but not raving the reality of having them. I have to alternate between hating myself and loving them, hating them and loving myself, hating them and loving my house. I might say that the feelings are so much more intense with some of whom you would just count the days to them leaving even before they arrive.

The only positive I can take from having one (or more) is the fact that I will have to make sure the house is spic n' span. And it will be clean for at least a couple of days until these creatures create a ruckus prior to them leaving. I will again, loathe the very idea of being the "Y" as I scrub, wash and put the China back where it belongs. OK, I fibbed, I do not have A China but I have ones that are MADE in China.

That said, having house-guests do have its benefits. Their visit breaks the monotony of an otherwise a routine life and you then have a (valid) reason to go places that you'd otherwise take for granted because I am that sort of person.

But, it's different this time with the recent house-guests. Came un-announced, brought with them an entire entourage, messed my place up especially my potted plants (or what's left of it). Getting rid of them weren't difficult. Nope, we pretty much stood our ground especially the hubby. He hates them, you could see it in his eyes. This is the nicest person you could ever meet we're talking about here, yet, he showed no sympathy. Not with these monsters. He will go to extreme lengths just to make sure we won't ever see them again.

Got rid of them, we did and don't ask how. It was brutal. But, don't bet on them not returning. I know one when I see one.

Our house-guest

Friday, July 18, 2008

Something about Ashley

As there have been quite some political drama in the country lately, there are also some (drama) at home and the queen here is Ash.

Her sleeping is, what looks like, screwed (again) and I am absolutely clueless as to the cause of it. Ash goes to bed by 8 - 8:30pm. It has been her routine since she was about 6 months old. Of course, a routine is not a routine if it's not interrupted. Somewhere during the time when she was teething or close to teething, her sleep routine went bonkers. It took us a while to get her back on track, which we eventually did.

But lately, for the past few days, for some reason, she would go to bed at her usual time. No screaming, kicking or tantrum throwing. She would sleep for about half an hour and get up, screaming, kicking and throwing tantrum. I know it's not her fault cos she is really tired and I know, she wants to go to bed but just something's making her up. It's as though, that half hour is just a 'nap' for her and when she's ready for her deep sleep, she refuses and gets up. Naturally, crying when she's up cos she is already so exhausted from her day time activities.

Nothing changed. Not her bed nor her pillow. Nothing. The worst is, when its time for her to go back to bed, it's harder. She's not exactly the easiest person to pacify. The only thing that works is if we take her on a stroll in the car and drive around aimlessly for a good 15 minutes or so till she falls asleep in the car. By then, she's dead knackered and nothing would wake her. Not even the earth moving.

Just as I am frustrated cos it means, no more "ME" time at night, I am worried. I guess I will have to exhaust all avenues to eventually figure out what's bugging her. It could be that she's teething again but I doubt it cos she's been having this difficulty napping in the morning as well, which again, is her usual.I will just have to wait out on this one yet again...sigh..

It's Friday in the month of July. This can only mean one thing and one thing only - time to replace the curtains that's been hanging since CNY. Plenty to do today. Looking forward to the weekend. Take care all and have a great time.

A wine connoisseur

That, would not be me cos I am simply just not one. Though I enjoy a good glass at times but I'm not into it as much as some people are. Seems like the past 10 years or so, it has become fashionable amongst the people here to have wine with their food or to bring their own to restaurants. I was just commenting the other day to the hubby that if these people have to be carting their wine or booze every now and then to a restaurant, they'd probably need really good and reliable wine refrigerators to keep their wine fresh and zangy. Oh well, what do I know? Like I said, I'm no wine expert.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Houston, we have a problem!

The fashion police has got my little girl!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Energy savers

Friday, July 11, 2008


I can't believe I'm averaging just 3 post per week these days. It used to be at least one per day. Now, its verging on pathetic. It's worst if I have no "assignments" for the week cos I may never write at all..LOL..

Is it just me or it's pretty quiet around the blogsphere? Some of my usual hunts have either quit in totality or just simply stopped. Hmmm...isn't that the same thing?

Nah, I'm not quitting. At least not now. Not yet. I still love this medium of communication and connection. But just not that active as before. A blogger friend once told me that the novelty will wear off. It probably has but hasn't died (yet). So, I am still safe...LOL

I know some of you are enjoying the summer and some are "enjoying" the winter. It's summer all year round where I am so not much of a difference. But I do look forward to the weekends. I mean, we don't do bizarre stuff like climb a mountain or white water rafting but just little relaxing activities. However, not this weekend though. I actually planned for a day out to one of the hills tomorrow but I've got to shove that for now. My car needs to go into the workshop. Some strange sounds when I hit the brakes. Don't know what the problem is but we will (tomorrow). And since I am lousy with directions, I wonder if my sweet hubby will get a GPS for my car?? *wink wink* *flutters eye-lashes* kekekeke...

That will be my Saturday. What will you be up to for the weekend? Well, whatever you have planned, I hope you'll have a swell time. Be good, take care and have a great weekend!

For my birthday...

I wish for world corny is that? LOL...Actually, I am looking for a decent vacuum cleaner. Something along the lines of the Sebo vacuums. At the moment, I think that is all I want cos the little wheels on the existing one in my house is broken. And it weighs a ton. And I need to carry it up with one hand while vacuuming with the other to prevent scratches on the floor. So, for now, vacuum it is.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A baby girl for Jamie Lynn Spears

On the front page of OK! Magazine, you'd find Britney's lil' sister with her newborn baby girl, Maddie and a caption that says “Motherhood is the best feeling in the world”. Update : They even have a video interview with Jamie and you don't need a video card to view it.

Now, now, in case all you 16 year olds plan on a baby-making pact, DON'T bother! Take my word for it and you should, since I am qualified (in all aspects) to say it. Don't! Being a mother sucks! No, not sucks as in sucks but sucks as in “exhausting” sucks, “I-need-a-break” sucks, “I-can't-get-the-kids'-screams-out-of-my-head” sucks and most importantly, “why- am-I-still-size-10-when-I-used-to-be-size-4?” sucks.

So, unless you have a nanny, a chef, a butler, a personal assistant, a driver, a gardener, a fitness trainer, a pool boy, the honest truth is, motherhood isn't exactly the best feeling in the world all the time. Perhaps, only when they are asleep and all is quiet. Or when they actually do pick up after themselves. Otherwise, it's not all that. I know cos I don't have a maid like some of my counterparts do and although, I may be a little lucky in that my parents and PIL stays nearby, I go there for food. I only have to cook for lil Ash. But still, a lilttle one can seriously drive the most patient of all women up the wall sometimes. Believe me, its not all that glamorous as it's been made out to be.

Some quarters might argue that being pregnant at 16 is no big deal. Our grandmothers were probably mothers during their teens as well. During the times of our grandmother's or great-grandmother's people were somehow conditioned for something like that. Society were different then, women had very little choices and options. They only knew that getting married and caring for a family was the way to go. Through the years, that notion was quashed and women these days have more options in life. So, until and unless, you are sure and ready for motherhood at 16, motherhood can definitely wait a little longer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back to 'earth'...momentarily

Ahhhh...what has the blogging world been up to? You know, being 'away' doesn't help blogging at all. In fact, it's even harder to kick-start your blogging activities. For instance, after just 2 sentence, I am already lost for words.

Anyway, just a quick re-cap. We all know what happened at Wimbledon, so I won't go there. A loss even I shed tears. OK, Ok...not going there.

Oh yes, Ashley started herself. We tried coaxing her to walk independently but she refused until recent weeks. Of course, she couldn't have picked a better time cos every time, I wanted to watch tv, she wants to walk up the stairs. So I had to stop and accompany her up. Once she's up, she refuses to come down and I am stuck upstairs until she is satisfied that everything on the table ends up on the floor. Which also explains why I am usually beat by 8pm.

A toddler son of my hubby's colleague had 2 bouts of seizures in the span of one month. He is about Ash's age or slightly older. Apparently, it was pretty severe that he ended up in the hospital for a couple of days especially after the second seizure. Now I heard that he is fine and back home. When my hubby told me this, I immediately said that the signs were very similar to signs of autism. I could be wrong. I mean, I am no doctor and I hope I am wrong. Just because I read a little about it a couple of months back doesn't make me an authority. The only thing I did was forwarded some links to hubby for his colleague. They are getting a second opinion of some sort and I really do hope that the kid is fine and the seizure was due to something else.

For someone who's lost for words, sure has a lot to say, doesn't she? LOL...OK, me shut up now. Besides, Ash's nap-time is about up and I have gotta wake her. Otherwise, momsie and popsie won't have the chance of getting low, down and dirty tonight...LOL...

Monday, July 7, 2008

The rain helped...but only a little

Call me unfaithful but I went to bed last night at the most crucial and exciting moment of tennis. It was past midnight and my eyes weren't as determined as those 2 guys hitting out at each other. But, I knew the outcome anyhow and I wasn't about to watch Fed surrender the title like the way he did during the first sets.

Initially, at the first hour or so, it was utterly disappointing to watch. At that point, I felt Nadal deserve to win it and I wanted to see him holding the trophy. That was before the rain and I really thought it was going to be a straight sets win for Nadal. But apparently, Fed came back after the rain delay with at least a glimmer of hope, not for the fans but for himself. He pushed Rafa to 5 sets before going down.

Both were equally good. The difference was Rafa was more confident than Rog was. I think this loss is good. It will (hopefully) spur him on not to be any more complacent than he is right now. Or it could backfire and he could go into hiding, never to hold a tennis racket ever again. Either way, its not my concern. My problem now is to get more ram for my computer.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Confessions of a slacker blogger

Betcha' haven't heard of it, have you? LOL

Its precisely what I have been for the past week - slacking off. Just thought I'd take some time off from blogging. Wasn't intentional, just didn't get around to posting something. I would have a "mental idea" of what I wanted to say but by the time I got around to my computer, the urge just died. Either it's no longer felt relevant or the need just went away, in a flash.

You didn't buy that? OK, tennis got in the way (again!) and I swear that this is the last week and it won't happen again in 2 months time. Blame it on the French and Wimbledon being so close to one another. Yeah, blame them, don't blame me..LOL

Lets see...apart from that, I bought myself a blouse to go with my tights. Cut my hair. Finally found a hair-dresser nearby. Ashley grew a few cm taller and I think I shed a few pounds (hooray!! and I didn't even need hoodia). Took a picture of Ash's butt...but you won't get to see it..HA!! Had a recent revelation - not all good-looking men are gay..(just found out Neil Patrick Harris is gay).

That pretty much summed up my entire week. Told ya' I'm boring. OK, enough of nonsensical babbling...back to the tube!

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