Monday, July 21, 2008

The house-guest

I am at odd's end

I love the idea of having house-guests but not raving the reality of having them. I have to alternate between hating myself and loving them, hating them and loving myself, hating them and loving my house. I might say that the feelings are so much more intense with some of whom you would just count the days to them leaving even before they arrive.

The only positive I can take from having one (or more) is the fact that I will have to make sure the house is spic n' span. And it will be clean for at least a couple of days until these creatures create a ruckus prior to them leaving. I will again, loathe the very idea of being the "Y" as I scrub, wash and put the China back where it belongs. OK, I fibbed, I do not have A China but I have ones that are MADE in China.

That said, having house-guests do have its benefits. Their visit breaks the monotony of an otherwise a routine life and you then have a (valid) reason to go places that you'd otherwise take for granted because I am that sort of person.

But, it's different this time with the recent house-guests. Came un-announced, brought with them an entire entourage, messed my place up especially my potted plants (or what's left of it). Getting rid of them weren't difficult. Nope, we pretty much stood our ground especially the hubby. He hates them, you could see it in his eyes. This is the nicest person you could ever meet we're talking about here, yet, he showed no sympathy. Not with these monsters. He will go to extreme lengths just to make sure we won't ever see them again.

Got rid of them, we did and don't ask how. It was brutal. But, don't bet on them not returning. I know one when I see one.

Our house-guest


Mommy to Chumsy said...


Tammy said...

ROFL!!! You totally had me there! Very funny!

Sasha said...

hahahah i thought you had some family members over!

wen said...

i was thinking hard who were those unwanted guests, human beings as a matter of fact!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Not my kinda guests!!!
In my house they're not welcome!

CrazyKinux said...

And to think I complain when a house fly gets in. That thing is hideous!! =)

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