Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So, it has been Ash has her mind made up. She's going to take up learning the piano. At almost 7 years, she better be sure what she wants. Or else, we'd be wasting money again. We told her it's going to be a long tedious task of lots of practise boring scales and whatnot. It's not going to be fun. Fun may come after years of practising but you will need to practise. She obviously has no clue what we are talking about so we'll just let her be. In the meantime, I am rolling my eyes and this shrug mug. I don't think it's her but...well, you will never know. Oh, she absolutely do not like Mandarin because of too many worksheets. Surprisingly, Mandarin is one subject she's pretty good at...So how? It's piano for now and perhaps, when she's fed-up, I'll suggest the harp.

May God help us all!! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back to the grind

No more holiday, no more staying up late, no more Wii, no more games, no more movies, no more's back to work, people. All set and ready to brave new challenges this year. I cringe as I think of it. Lunches to prepare, stepping into driver mode, homework to supervise's madness I tell you. On the upside also, it's back to catching up with good friends, back to some routine, back to certain discipline. I am not the most disciplined person on earth, in fact, the laziest. If you put me together with a group of chinese schooled people, I will lose to the last person running. So, some degree of force will do me some good..

I don't sound very enthusiastic, do I? Yea...I'd rather be sleeping and eating and watch movies all day long if it was up to me...hehehe :-).

Alice in Wonderland

The girls are currently obsessed with Alice and her Wonderland. So much so that they have been watching the movie every single day. Am I annoyed? Well...kinda. Because having to listen to the "off with the head" many times over, it will get to you. It's so irritating that you'd just want to smack that 'tiny' little head of hers.

Anyway, since watching the movie, I have had the most weirdest dream. I dreamt that I was Alice, runnning away from some Banglas because they wanted my purse. Then, I fell into the longkang. After that somehow I was at Starbucks with a friend and we found another friend of ours puking away because she's pregnant with her 3rd child. Then, I continue running away from the group of Banglas.

It was a weird dream. I will of course ask my friend if she's pregnant or has any intention of getting pregnant...hehehhe. Also, I don't know why I fell into a longkang instead of rolling into the posh sothebys in miami. Haih...

Back to watching more Alice and her rabbit for more wonderland inspiration...

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chinese New Year wish

We always have our reunion dinner every year at my inlaws. This is year is no difference. We were there at my inlaws early cos hubby needed to wash his car...hahaha..because the car wash was filled to the brim with people wanting to have their cars washed as well. What to do? when you wait till the very last minute. 

Anyway, back to the story. So, while Ash and hubby were busy with the car, my MIL's neighbour brought over some homemade cupcakes for my MIL. So sweet of her. Also, the neighbour made the cuppies specifically to my MIL's taste because my MIL complained that her previous cake was too sweet. Awesome isn't it?? We asked them to join us for dinner but they declined. So we told them to come visit us another day whenever they are free.

Later, Ash had the idea of recite a Chinese New Year wish, but only after dinner, during dessert (courtesy of our neighbour). She made us choose our cuppies, hold it up as if making a toast whilst she rendered her very short CNY 'poem' (as she calls it). Once she's done, we were allowed to eat our cuppies. Actually, the cuppies were good. I am now thinking of getting her to make them for Ash's birthday?  Hoping to get it for loader! 

Hope my CNY wish comes true. 
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