Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back to the grind

No more holiday, no more staying up late, no more Wii, no more games, no more movies, no more's back to work, people. All set and ready to brave new challenges this year. I cringe as I think of it. Lunches to prepare, stepping into driver mode, homework to supervise's madness I tell you. On the upside also, it's back to catching up with good friends, back to some routine, back to certain discipline. I am not the most disciplined person on earth, in fact, the laziest. If you put me together with a group of chinese schooled people, I will lose to the last person running. So, some degree of force will do me some good..

I don't sound very enthusiastic, do I? Yea...I'd rather be sleeping and eating and watch movies all day long if it was up to me...hehehe :-).

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