Thursday, June 26, 2014


So, what is your take on sleepovers?

Honestly, I am not a fan. The thing is, if you start allowing your kids to have sleepovers or go for sleepovers, the requests will not end..or will it?

The only place where we allow the kids to have sleepovers is their grandparents' place. And since they've had a taste of freedom from us, they really love it and it's been a routine ever since.

The thought of allowing the kids to sleepover at their friend(s)' home, we are not keen. They will have plenty of that when they are much older. Or, maybe they won't have it at all because according to Amy Chua aka Tiger Mom, she never allowed sleepovers. Seems like her kids have grown up fine.

We are traditional. No sleeping over at other people's house. Can go over for a playdate but no sleeping over. Kids under the age of 7 are not allowed to spend time at people's house unsupervised. As a result, I have had to decline requests for playdates for my 5 year old because I am so freaking lazy hehehhe...

Nevertheless, I do feel bad when parents ask for sleepovers. No matter what I say, I am implying that they (the parents) are not trustworthy or I do not trust them or whatever.

Oh well.

I remembered once when I was 8 or so. My parents left me with a relative. Because some people were visiting and we all went over to this relative's house. My grand aunt suggested that I could spend the night with them. She had good intentions. She thought the kids could all hang and play. At the time, I really didn't want to but my mom gave in out of respect to my grand aunt. But, the older 'aunt' was really mean. She completely dominated our playtime and excluded me in all their activities. Of course, I felt so so miserable and I totally didn't enjoy myself whatsoever. All the while, I kept hoping and praying that my parents would come bring me home. I just wanted to get out of there.

My mom didn't know any better. But, as a parent now, I know what sleepovers can potentially be and if I can prevent any unpleasantries from happening to my own kids, I will do my best not let it happen. Besides, when they are older, they will have all the opportunities for sleepovers with their friends. What with school camps and whatever else camps that they may attend. Just not the time now....yet.


Hah! I must really be aging. Just yesterday, I insisted Ash wear a particular pair of socks. She kept refusing and I kept insisting. And, she got mad at me. Then, I was MY mistake because I had been going on and on about the wrong pair of socks. I took and gave Em's socks instead. No wonder she kept saying "I cannot fit in it, mommy!". And all the while, I thought she was just being picky.


I apologised and of course, she ended with "you might want to get me more socks!". O_O.

It's true. I hadn't realised that Em had more socks than Ash. #mommysbad

This aging thing, I am really feeling it. My eyes, my forgetfulness, and soon, I'll need fancy noriko wigs for my bald patch *yikes*

Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to get your sister out of your hair

created by Ashley for Em

Ash : Here you go Emily...find the words...ask Mommy if you can't find any. O_O

It's the "ask Mommy" part that I cringe..hehhe..

A little backstory : 

The girls were ill 2 weeks back. I don't know what it was but they had fever that kept yo-yo ing up and down. At one stage I thought it was dengue. But, thankfully it wasn't. On top of the fever, they were coughing and had runny nose. They were at home for a week. Towards the end of the week, they were better and started to annoy each other (and me). 

So, one day, Ash decided to draw up this puzzle for Em. You know, to keep Em occupied. But, as you  know, Em wouldn't know how to find the words because she can't read yet!! Well, she can do "cat" and "dog" but she struggles with words having 4 letters in them. 

I told Ash that Em wouldn't be able to do it. Ash rolled her eyes and exclaim "but, it's so easy!" - Wah lau! How action?! Anyways, I ended up helping Em find the words and she circled them..heheheh.

Not part of backstory : I am surprised with Ash. For someone who didn't read till she was 5.5 years old, she's doing quite well. Of course, this improved English literacy skill is to the exclusion of other languages i.e Mandarin and BM.'s ok la..she knows Yik, Err, San, Sher...and Mau Makan...good enough for me :-D.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

f i v e

I cannot believe my baby is 5! 

On the morning of her birthday, I asked her how old she was, she replied "3?" and proceeded to doing her baby talk.

She is one cheeky girl. Here she had her mini birthday celebration with family and her best buds (I say buds because all of them are boys). They had a soccer-themed party, complete with personalised jerseys and a coach (hubby lar...heheh). 

Oh Em, you're doing great! Apart from the spills and thrills, you truly are a joy to all of us. I thank God for the privilege to be your mom. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back to Blogging

When was my last post? I have been having trouble with my internet connection for quite some time. Although hubby fixed it since (he bought a new one), the line is so slow during the day that if I were to go on FB for eg, everything takes ages to load and I seriously cannot be bothered to surf anything...

So...I stay on the internet far less as not to use up the monthly quota too quickly. Who knows? I may need to check my email in case someone decides to leave a million Euros in my bank account and I can't log in. That will be a disaster, I tell you. 

Anyway, things have happened, come and gone. Ash turned 7 last month -- S E V E N!! Soon, she'll be a tween and a teen and young adult. It's ok, I shall enjoy 7 and a month for now. 

We also went to Penang for a super short family getaway. Inlaws were in town and you know, the in laws were in town. Oh and we went to this really awesome blossom Japanese BB restaurant in Sri Hartamas. Food was delish. If you ask me, I much prefer it to the Korean BBQs. But, the price at the Japanese BBQ place was freaking expensive. If we had to pay, we wouldn't have eaten there. heheheh...What's that place called? I think it's Momotalo or something. It's definitely momo-something. 

Getting my routine back from the holidays wasn't the easiest. Now that I have gotten used to it, we have another holiday coming up. Well, for Ash at least. We will be around town. There's a tentative plan to head somewhere but nothing is confirmed yet. I love traveling during the off-season. 

What else? I think thats all. Oh, I am trying to crack 2 eggs at once when cooking...hahaha. :-P. It's my challenge for 2014. Pray for me :-D

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So, it has been Ash has her mind made up. She's going to take up learning the piano. At almost 7 years, she better be sure what she wants. Or else, we'd be wasting money again. We told her it's going to be a long tedious task of lots of practise boring scales and whatnot. It's not going to be fun. Fun may come after years of practising but you will need to practise. She obviously has no clue what we are talking about so we'll just let her be. In the meantime, I am rolling my eyes and this shrug mug. I don't think it's her but...well, you will never know. Oh, she absolutely do not like Mandarin because of too many worksheets. Surprisingly, Mandarin is one subject she's pretty good at...So how? It's piano for now and perhaps, when she's fed-up, I'll suggest the harp.

May God help us all!! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back to the grind

No more holiday, no more staying up late, no more Wii, no more games, no more movies, no more's back to work, people. All set and ready to brave new challenges this year. I cringe as I think of it. Lunches to prepare, stepping into driver mode, homework to supervise's madness I tell you. On the upside also, it's back to catching up with good friends, back to some routine, back to certain discipline. I am not the most disciplined person on earth, in fact, the laziest. If you put me together with a group of chinese schooled people, I will lose to the last person running. So, some degree of force will do me some good..

I don't sound very enthusiastic, do I? Yea...I'd rather be sleeping and eating and watch movies all day long if it was up to me...hehehe :-).

Alice in Wonderland

The girls are currently obsessed with Alice and her Wonderland. So much so that they have been watching the movie every single day. Am I annoyed? Well...kinda. Because having to listen to the "off with the head" many times over, it will get to you. It's so irritating that you'd just want to smack that 'tiny' little head of hers.

Anyway, since watching the movie, I have had the most weirdest dream. I dreamt that I was Alice, runnning away from some Banglas because they wanted my purse. Then, I fell into the longkang. After that somehow I was at Starbucks with a friend and we found another friend of ours puking away because she's pregnant with her 3rd child. Then, I continue running away from the group of Banglas.

It was a weird dream. I will of course ask my friend if she's pregnant or has any intention of getting pregnant...hehehhe. Also, I don't know why I fell into a longkang instead of rolling into the posh sothebys in miami. Haih...

Back to watching more Alice and her rabbit for more wonderland inspiration...

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chinese New Year wish

We always have our reunion dinner every year at my inlaws. This is year is no difference. We were there at my inlaws early cos hubby needed to wash his car...hahaha..because the car wash was filled to the brim with people wanting to have their cars washed as well. What to do? when you wait till the very last minute. 

Anyway, back to the story. So, while Ash and hubby were busy with the car, my MIL's neighbour brought over some homemade cupcakes for my MIL. So sweet of her. Also, the neighbour made the cuppies specifically to my MIL's taste because my MIL complained that her previous cake was too sweet. Awesome isn't it?? We asked them to join us for dinner but they declined. So we told them to come visit us another day whenever they are free.

Later, Ash had the idea of recite a Chinese New Year wish, but only after dinner, during dessert (courtesy of our neighbour). She made us choose our cuppies, hold it up as if making a toast whilst she rendered her very short CNY 'poem' (as she calls it). Once she's done, we were allowed to eat our cuppies. Actually, the cuppies were good. I am now thinking of getting her to make them for Ash's birthday?  Hoping to get it for loader! 

Hope my CNY wish comes true. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Santa is real

So...I took Ash to her art class and sat with her. Well..I didn't have to "sit with her" but because I had no where to go since I was due to pick Mini up and I didn't want to drive through the traffic. And, therefore, I stayed with her - not the entire duration but pretty much. It was ok, nice talking to her teacher but now that Ash is older, she listens in and butts in to the conversation thus losing focus at times. A pain.

Towards the end of class, 2 boys came in to begin their session. The teacher sat them down, gave them their unfinished painting and sketch book respectively. They went to work. I think the teacher suggested to one of the boys to sketch a lion doing the lion dance since CNY is around the corner. He hesitated. He was more interested in sketching Santa or something. Then, all of a sudden, Ash turned aorund and blurted "He's (Santa) real anyway". I was like "No, he's not real lah". She retorted "Yes he is! You said you saw him sneaking into the house to give us presents".

I went blank. "OOppssie!". Yup folks. I lied to my kid and now she says that she wants to stay up with me on Christmas eve to say "hello" to Santa. Bummer!

How can i tell her I was drunk and smoking weed at the time? OK, I wasn't drunk and neither was I smoking weed but I was up late baking the damn cookies for beloved Santa aka myself and hubby.

I will have to come clean one of these days and yes, I will probably get a good sounding from her. In the meantime, I will distract her by showing her some fanciful doorknobs and say "look! I found these at". At least she's pre-occupied with something. Anything. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014


San Neen Fai Lok!! Eh...It's not Chinese New Year yet. hehehe...But, CNY is not too far off this time around. Back to being busy busy busy...makan, shopping (or in my case..will be window shopping) and pai neen.

Going into the new year wasn't a very good one as news of people passing were just a bit too much. Especially those that were innocent kids who lost their lives so tragically and suddenly. And one where a dear friend's MIL who passed away 2 days ago. It was heartbreaking to hear her words and you could immediately tell that her MIL was a wonderful wonderful human being. Personally, I've met her a couple of times and don't know her MIL all too much. But, just listening to my friend talking about her and telling us the events leading to her demise was enough to conclude that her MIL has the purest of souls and the wonderest of hearts. I could feel my friend's pain and sadness despite her being 10,000 miles away from me. I truly felt so so sorry that she and her family (her husband especially) had to endure this. All I wish for is the soothing and healing powers of God to take this pain away and to restore the harmony that exist in their lives once more. Geez...why is it I cannot write so well when whatsapping her then???

Anyway, just wanted to get that out of the way...and off my chest! 

New year, new beginning. I used to be all gung-ho and have all kinds of new year's resolutions, goals, targets, yadda yadda. Not this year. I realised that, it is pointless setting any goals or resolutions of any kind because they just don't work. I'll be all enthusiastic in all of..maybe 7 days then, I will be a wreck again and I will realise ultimately that none of what I set out to achieve, will ever get achieved. So, I decided to stuff it for 2014. In fact, my New Year's resolution is....not to have a resolution? Does that make sense? I have decided to live for the moment, live according to the wind and let my hips sway to the music (whatever music that is). It is my 40-th year and I choose to let loose. 

The kids have grown up...plenty. I am so thankful for them. I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for good friends and good neighbours. It isn't always you have neighbours to bring you food when you have nothing in your fridge or when you are just so freaking tired just standing in front of the stove. It isn't always that you have your neighbours rescuing your laundry when the sky pours. It isn't always you get neighbours looking out for your kids. I will miss that for sure. 

As always, new year means new beginning. And, new beginning can encompass anything under the sun. For me, I want to just give thanks to all I have and will embrace whatever comes my way. The ups and downs; the joys and the sorrows. I want to continue on this journey of the unknown, of the suspense. 

Have a Happy 2014! Cheers to great food, great company and most importantly, good health. Peace!  

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