Sunday, January 12, 2014

Santa is real

So...I took Ash to her art class and sat with her. Well..I didn't have to "sit with her" but because I had no where to go since I was due to pick Mini up and I didn't want to drive through the traffic. And, therefore, I stayed with her - not the entire duration but pretty much. It was ok, nice talking to her teacher but now that Ash is older, she listens in and butts in to the conversation thus losing focus at times. A pain.

Towards the end of class, 2 boys came in to begin their session. The teacher sat them down, gave them their unfinished painting and sketch book respectively. They went to work. I think the teacher suggested to one of the boys to sketch a lion doing the lion dance since CNY is around the corner. He hesitated. He was more interested in sketching Santa or something. Then, all of a sudden, Ash turned aorund and blurted "He's (Santa) real anyway". I was like "No, he's not real lah". She retorted "Yes he is! You said you saw him sneaking into the house to give us presents".

I went blank. "OOppssie!". Yup folks. I lied to my kid and now she says that she wants to stay up with me on Christmas eve to say "hello" to Santa. Bummer!

How can i tell her I was drunk and smoking weed at the time? OK, I wasn't drunk and neither was I smoking weed but I was up late baking the damn cookies for beloved Santa aka myself and hubby.

I will have to come clean one of these days and yes, I will probably get a good sounding from her. In the meantime, I will distract her by showing her some fanciful doorknobs and say "look! I found these at". At least she's pre-occupied with something. Anything. 

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