Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wedding Bells...

Nope not mine. Though I remembered where we partied like it was 1999..Actually, my husband, Chek puked non-stop the whole night and had to spend our wedding night at the hospital! Well, another story for another day.

This is about my sister, Karen's wedding in January and March 2008. Why 2 months? Her husband-to-be works in Sydney and they planned to have the chinese dinner and ceremony in KL while the church wedding in Sydney after.

My assistance was enlisted to help find a "suitable" wedding dress since I was according to Karen "free nothing to do, sit at home, etc...". Alright, I will be the helpful big sister that I always am and surfed the net (where else?).

Karen wants a tailor-made dress and her specifications were vaguely : modern, unique, pink (her fav colour), long train (church wedding), not too revealing (church wedding) but must show off her figure (?) and her future mother-in-law's latest requirement that Karen must fatten up for the wedding as she is too skinny.

Where o' where in the world am I going to find this unique pink conservative yet figure hugging stretchable (in case she gains 10 kilos) piece???

My prayers were answered when I laid eyes on this lovely dress except that it's not in pink but it would look lovely in pink too, don'tcha think so?

A Day In The Life....

This is what happened at the Loong household yesterday, 30 July 2007 :

7.30am : Momsie and Daddy woke up to the sound of Ashley sucking her thumb.

7.35am : After a 5 min snooze, Daddy went down to fix her milk.

7.38am : Daddy handed Momsie Ashley's milk and water bottle.

7.40am : Daddy went back to bed while Mommy fed Ashley.

8.15am : Ashley finished her milk but refused to drink her water.

8.20am : Made breakfast for Daddy and Daddy announced he was not going to work cos he still had fever from Sunday.

9.00am : Checked Ashley's temperature and still slightly feverish.

9.10am : Decided not to bathe Ashley but gave her a sponge bath.

9.30am : Ashley's 1st nap.

11.30am : Momsie fed Ashley milk while poor Daddy went to the doc alone.

12.30pm : Made porridge for Daddy.

1.00pm : Porridge not ready, Daddy ate bread.

2.30pm : Ashley's 2nd nap.

2.45pm : Momsie posted pictures on her blog and Daddy tried to nap but couldn't, answering office calls.

4.00pm : Momsie fed Ashley. Ashley's fever subsided. Play time. Daddy watched from afar. Ashley restless. Momsie answered emails.

6.00pm : Momsie gave Ashley another sponge bath. Ashley crying.

6.50pm : Momsie made milk. Fed Ashley till she fell asleep.

7.10pm : Finger's crossed. Ashley sleeping.

7.20pm : Ashley still sleeping. Momsie made herself dinner - crispy pork chop and mash.

8.00pm : Ashley still sleeping. Ate dinner. Daddy stole a bite from dinner.

8.30pm : Ashley still sleeping. Momsie showered.

9.00pm : Ashley still sleeping. Momsie corrected time-zone on her blog.

10.00pm : Ashley still sleeping. CSI.

10.30pm : CSI interrupted with Daddy wanting to eat. Made Daddy wheat cereal cos no more porridge. Daddy made Ashley's milk.

10.40pm : Momsie fed Ashley and changed her diaper.

11.20pm : Put Ashley back to sleep. She didn't want to sleep.

12.15am : Finally Ashley slept and Momsie went downstairs to, in my sister's words "chill!!"...

Monday, July 30, 2007


This post will (hopefully)have less "talk" and more recent pictures of Ashley for the benefit of her uncles, aunties and cousins from down under. Enjoy!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Beginning

I wonder how long it would take for someone, anyone to read my blog?

Well, things have certainly changed for me. Not only am I a newbie when it comes to blogging but I am also newbie at being a full-time mommy to my precious little angel, Ashley who has just turned 4 months old.

One things' for sure, I've been surfing the net a lot more than I used to. I stumbled upon so many mommy blogs which were helpful indeed for me in raising my daughter. The book reviews, the steps in getting babies to sleep through the night, the best place to get baby stuff...you get the drift. I thought perhaps i could have my blog to chronicle some of the highlights of my life as a mommy and hopefully, help others in a way that these mommy bloggers have helped me.
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