Thursday, December 30, 2010

the next chapter

The next chapter for us, mommy and daughters, will be a challenging one. I'm not sure how it will pan out but as usual, am keeping an open mind and live each day as it comes. Easier said than done actually because I'm not one to go without planning...for anything. There..something I have to keep at learning.

As you know, Ash will be 4 next year. That invariably means she will need to be starting school. During my time, a couple of hundred years ago (heheh..), 4 year olds will still be lounging at home, jumping up and down the sofa and attempt all sorts of crazy stunts to stun their parents. You know...whatever. But, not kids these days; they have to be in school or need to be in school. One reason is because it gives SAHM's like me a couple of hours of break each day. Another reason is because kids these days are so much more alert, intuitive and active that they need challenges after challenges and amazingly, they are able to cope even when you think they couldn't...they will amaze you.

So, anyway, yes, Ash will be going to school next year. I've met the teacher last weekend and we liked her instantly. Ash was reserved as usual. Which is why I said in the opening of my post that next week will pose somewhat of a challenge to us both. For starters, I am bracing myself to having to go through the motion with Ash for a week or so.

And then, lil Em and I will begin our playgroup together which is what I am looking forward to really. As cliche as it may sound but I did enjoy the sessions with Ash the last time. It gave us plenty of time and freedom without interruption to interact. I didn't have the distraction of household chores, the computer, the cooking, the was just me and Ash for a good 45 mins each time. And, the rest of the day after that. With Lil Em, it will be similar but then I may have to break the routine a little bit when I pick Ash up from class. So, it may be less amount of time to spend with Lil Em compared to Ash but I am hoping to strike a deal with MIL for her to take Ash in after class during those days when I have the playgroup sessions with Em. And whilst concocting this plan in my head, I will have to be mindful of the fact that MIL isn't getting younger and with each passing year, her stamina and strength wont' be the such, Lil Em's exclusive time with me looks to be a whole lot shorter. I wish for more. Of course I do -- handling 2 is a handful! But seriously, I need that time with her. I feel I owe her that much. I need to be satisfied that I've honestly giving my time fully to her as I've done so with Ash in the first 2 years. Am I even making any sense here?

See what I mean about me thinking too much...over-thinking things? I suppose I will cross that bridge when I get to it and hope for the best in the process.

Twas' the night of Xmas Day..

Traditionally, Christmas dinners are often had on the eve. That's when everyone get together and eat and be merry and then the kids'll leave milk and cookies for Santa to thank him for coming down the Chimney (no Chimney here so...down from the roof?) to place their gifts under the Christmas tree when everyone has gone to bed. Daunting and dangerous task for ol' Santa isn't it?


Well..that is tradition. But...we, we broke tradition this year. We had our dinner on Christmas night itself heheh..We don't officially celebrate Christmas as you would've gathered from my previous postings; this is just to fulfill one of Ash's wish. We've done all and am delighted to ell you that she's indeed a happy camper. She has not asked for "snow", "beach" or "Christmas tree" since. It's as if everything that she's ever wanted in her life, she's gotten them and is now a very contented child - NOT!!! hehehe...while yes, it's true she hasn't repetitively asked for those 3 things but she's been asking for other things. We've been doing a pretty darn good job at persuading her not to get those "other things" thus far. How much longer can we hold up? - I don't know but so good.


OK..back to our dinner. So, we had my family over and PIL. We are all small eaters so lucky me I didn't have to cook much. My mom made the fried mee-hoon and MIL bought satay. We had to have a little fusion to our menu that night because we're talking about 2 of them folks above the ages of 75, another 2 above the ages of 65 -- they seriously needed some familiar tastes. The roast turkey became roast chicken instead because, when my sis found out that San Francisco were selling them at RM200++...we shoved the idea down the drain. Oh..I wasn't about to roast the bird all by myself, are you nuts?


It was great fun in the end. Even my Dad participated in the gift giving and receiving. If you knew my Dad, he's hardly a sporting lad. But, I guess one really do mellow with age and will do anything for their grandchild(ren). Everyone had presents. I, of course, made Ash give away presents as well. I bought them all books...hehehe.


I have a feeling this may be a yearly affair from now on. When I am brave enough in later years, we will even have more people over and do the whole turkey thing. I don't know -- I haven't thought about it much. I am simply glad that everything went well that night and we all had a good time. Now, here's hoping for more family Christmas dinners together..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Oh Shit!!!"

My soon-to-be 4 year old been saying this a couple of times now. I heard her.

Shit!! Double shit...

I have a strong feeling she learnt that from us (or me?), don't cha think so??


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

merry christmas

Have a grand celebration!!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

what to wear for Christmas?

What should I be wearing on Christmas Day? I know at least the first half of the day, I will be all sweaty and smelly from cooking in the kitchen. No, I'm won't be cooking up a storm but just that, you know, it's the kitchen -- it's bound to get stuffy and really really hot.

All presents have been bought and wrapped except mine cos I need to use it on Christmas day :-). So, everyone else will have a blast opening presents. Ash's been asking us for presents to be placed underneath the Christmas tree. She even cried when we told her we will get...soon...but didn't tell her when. We almost brought out their presents for her but decided against it because we know she will want to rip open them that instant. So, we'll wait and thankfully, we've been quite successful in distracting her with other stuff.

Anyway, so...dinnertime...what on earth am I going to wear? But, I DO know what I will NOT be wearing - a prom dresses. I don't think my butt can fit in them anymore. As sad as it may sound but anyone of you attempting childbirth, be warned of the many side-effects. One if which is that your'll never be the same again. Can't say I didn't warn you. :-).

Monday, December 20, 2010

the tree


Thanks to my dear dear cousin and family, we have a Christmas tree!!

And, not forgetting, I have to thank my sister and mom too for lending me the decorations. Some of them are 20++ years old. My mom threw away our old tree when they were renovating the home recently but kept most of the tinsels and ornaments. I am just so thrilled and excited and relieved all at the same time. For a minute there, I thought we were going to have to disappoint Ash. But, she's all happy now. Except of course, she kept asking for presents. But, she doesn't know it -- we already have the girls' pressies all wrapped up and hidden the house....where they can't find them..heheheh.

This will be our first year celebrating Christmas with the girls. We'll be having roast turkey too. Hope my sore throat heals before then..**fingers crossed**..Will tell you more after that. In the meantime, there are a couple more photos of the tree and it's retro decor over here...have a peep if you'd like :-).

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Geniuses at work..

Remember folks - my post about the girls turning the walls of my (once) beautiful home into world famous art pieces?

Well...wonder no more..

May I present you....the evidence :

"we are"

" smile...for the camera"

I rest my case!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

let your blog do the earning

If you have a blog or own a blog, chances are you will be itching to get it monetized. Some have done so with their blogs but some prefer to keep their blog free from advertisements, paid reviews and all that jazz. Some will want to maximize their time on the internet by earning some extra cash (if you already have a full-time job) with their blog. I mean, why waste precious minutes with your blog and not get paid for it. Even peanuts cost money.

I am definitely not expert but if you dwell deep enough on how people actually make their blog earn them cash, you'll find words such as 'SEO', 'ranking', 'directory submit', 'text-links', 'content advertising' etc...Just some words that are associated with blogs that earn money. How do they link up? - HOnestly, I don't know because as you see, I don't monetize my blog as heavily as others. This is more of a personal blog. I don't even have ads on the side-bar.

If you want to do some heavy-duty blog monetization, I would suggest you go seek advise from seasoned gurus or google for tips. There are plenty out there but just make sure you go look for them at the right places...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Book Review : If I Could Keep You Little by Marianne Richmond

Before I became a mom, I would often hear my grandma telling me how wonderful children are and how we must treasure them with all our hearts. If she could have one wish, she'd wish for a trip back in time; to experience once more her kids' childhood.

"Sometimes, you'd wish that your kids will never grow up"..she'd tell me.

Naturally, at the time, I had no idea what she meant. Shamefully, I always thought when saying those words, it was just the "old-age" doing the talking. I mean, my grandmother is, after all, 95 years old.

But, you know, after having kids, after being a mom for a couple of years; experiencing someone's growing up years first hand...I understand now what my grandmother was trying to tell me all these while.

As a matter of fact, just a few weeks ago, I casually mentioned to hubby how much Ash has grown and how much I miss her baby days.

And I realize also that soon, when she develops her own interest and having made more of her own friends...I know I'll miss her even more. On the other hand, I know I'll be jumping for joy at the freedom I'll gain from her independence...hehhe..but still -- I'll miss her (if you know what I mean).

Having had all these mixed feelings inside...and I was sent a copy of this gorgeous and easy to read book by Marianne Richmond. It's a keeper this one. Every page speaks my inner thoughts about my kids, my fears for them, my joys of them and my wishes for them.

What this book does to you is that it will speak straight to your heart as a parent, exploring the powerful feeling that every parent has: the push/pull feeling of wanting your child to grow and savoring and holding on to every moment.

Truly a must-have treasure in your bookshelf.


Note : Thanks to sourcebooks for this review opportunity!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

i saw the dino move...

This has been a very short work week indeed. We accomplished quite a fair bit this week notwithstanding hubby being extremely busy.

Lets see -- I got the wardrobe cleaned out, sorted through all the clothes to be given away. I also gotten my stash of old handbags sorted and keeping only the ones that I love. Found my XO sauce at Bangsar Village. I tell you, of all's got to be there. I scoured all the major hypermarket and none had it. We also visited the national science center. They were having some dino exhibition going on, and even though Ash is a little too young to learn anything from there but she still had fun with the kids. Managed to complete Round 1 of my Christmas shopping. You know, the next 2 weeks will be even quieter what with everyone going away and all.

We still haven't found the ultimate Xmas tree. I know, I's awfully late. I have a very strong feeling we will end up not getting it anyway..hmm..we shall see.

Anyway, I wonder what my dear hubby's getting me this Christmas. I know, I sound awfully mean don't I? - to always think of a present for me and none for hubby...hehhe..I have got to write it down don't know, in case he reads this so he'll be reminded without me reminding him. Just as long as he doesn't get me one of those pedestal sinks, I'll be fine.

The weekend is here and we will have yet another busy 2 days. Lets hope they are productive. You guys have fun, ya' hear!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

questions of the universe

the many 'whys'.

Sometimes, I am just so stumped.

Like when she asked me why I used my hand (fingers) to eat my prawns and not the fork. Or when she asked me, why I'm only using my fork and where is my spoon? (I was having my prawn spaghetti).

The questions, the whys -- they seem simple enough to answer...but, my problem is, after you answer, there comes another question. Am I the only mom experiencing this? I do appreciate my daughter being intuitive and curious and want to know..but..don't you think it's getting rather annoying?

You know, I am almost, actually, I am VERY glad she hasn't asked me anything complicated because if she were to start asking me about polaris rzr accessories, I would bolt!! RUn. as fast as I can. And let the father handle those toughies. Don't you know already? - I am such a whoozzz..O_O

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ash is 3 years, and...well, she's 3 years going on 4. And changing every single day. She's picked up good habits, and of course, bad ones too. I don't know - I mean, how can anything be bad for a 3 year old? It's probably bad because we adults deem them/it to be bad, but to them, they are all good.

Anyway, she's been acting up again in the mornings. She would cry and cry when her father goes to work and will insist on him changing his work clothes back to his pjs. And, she would cry and cry again until he is out of sight. Then, she comes to me sobbing and she'd say "Ashley girl so sad...Ashley girl cry...". Then, I'd have to pacify the sobbing little child. Yeah, the things we moms have to do.

She used to cry a lot in the mornings when hubby went to work. This happened when she was...oh, i don't know, when she was 2? 2++? Then, she stopped crying or wanting her father home. Now, she started acting up again.

So, this morning, hubby got up early, went to her room to check on her and was surprised to find her awake but just lying in her bed. He took her downstairs, had a nice quiet father and daughter moment (quiet because this mommy and Mini was still sleeping). I think she enjoyed her 1-on-1 time with her dad. Something she's been missing since Mini came about. Plus, hubby's been really extremely busy lately with work that he's not been with the kids as much.

That mere 10 or 15 minutes apparently did wonders because she happily saw him off to work this morning. She said goodbye and when she saw me, she told me with a smile "Daddy go (to) worp". The thing is, hubby doesn't get to spend much time with them in the evenings. By the time he gets home, it's dinner, feed Ash if she's been slow with her food, wash the girls up, and then, it's time for bed. Hardly any quality time with the girls and they are feeling it too.

Seeing as how we have found a solution to Ash's crying problem, and there's no longer a need for me to search for said solution from a website directory, hubby has decided to wake up earlier to have breakfast with Ash. I can tell you this'll definitely save me lots of time without having to pacify the little one..hehehe..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

facial cleanser for little girls

I only started using md clear exfoliating & cleansing scrub when I began getting breakouts. How about you - when did you start using facial cleansers for your face? Before, when I was a kid, it was just the Johnson&Johnson baby soap that my mom buys. I remembered using the shampoo and the soap.

Naturally, for my girls, I used the same. Well, not exactly the same but the lazy version of Pureen Head to Toe liquid wash so I don't have to buy them separately or have the soap place separately. I would buy a big tube and I can use it for both the girls..heheh...Technically, I shouldn't use it on Mini cos she has pretty sensitive skin and is prone to getting eczemas at the creases of her arm. Luckily they are mild and will quickly disappear after dabbing on fish oil. I'm not sure why but those things really works. It can get messy but it works.

Anyway, before digressing, do you use special cleansers on your kids' face? What type of shower products do you use on your kids?

Malaysia and her Ipad

So, finally, the Apple Inc Ipad has finally made their way to Malaysian soil.

What took them so long?

I remembered a friend was so disappointed when he found out that the local stores didn't have them a couple of months ago. So, if you had seen people at starbucks or at the airport, working on their Ipad, they probably got them from US or Singapore.

Anyway, I was telling hubby about it last night after dinner about it and if you wanted one now, it's available in RM. He asked me how damaging is it to the purse if one got one and I told him, it's RM1.5K++. He looked at me like "Oh!! That's cheap...I thought it's like a RM5K or RM6 thing".

No, I'm not getting one nor do I own one. It's just that...I thought I'd let you in on a typical boring conversation we have when we're having our dinner or when the girls are in bed. I mean, we have come to a point where we end up watching CSI or Hawaii FIVE-O, or whatever hubby gets from the DVD shop. Then, we're off to bed. In between, he'll be on his lappie and I'll be on mine...scouring the net for acne treatments an example. Then, we'll fall asleep on the couch because we're so exhausted from cleaning up after the "storm" (the living-room always looks like a tornado came by for a visit). Then, we'll get up only to find that we've missed half the show...seriously, and truly...routine and boring.

So...what's your routine like with your hubby..after hours? hehhe...You can skip the intimacy bit...hehhe..

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Still nursing my allergies for more than a week now. Make that 2 weeks. The red itchiness on my hands and legs are gone but the ones on the face still remains. My lips were somehow affected also.

At first, I didn't know what I was allergic too. Was it the countless si-hum I ate, the dirty muddy water at the beach, my acne products..? I honestly had no clue. Then, it dawned on me that this was not the first time I've had the allergies. I had it once before during CNY but at the time, I blamed it on the countless helpings of my aunt's chili crab. I simply thought, it was the price you pay for being greedy. How was I to know?

But, this time, I didn't have any crabs before the attack. Even my si-hum session was after. So, what happened? Both times, the allergies attacked after going to the beach. So then, it hit a tonne of bricks (I also verified this with my GP)- it was the sun protection cream!!! Silly me!! Now, I have to throw that one away and get a hypo-allergenic ones (if there is one in the market) because I need one..soon.

Friday, November 19, 2010


"yucks" is what Ash calls her veggie or anything green. She's ok with carrot and that's it.

How I miss the days when I fed her porridge. I'd just dump at least 3 types of veggies with pork cubes and fish. You don't even have to add salt and it's tasty. She would wallop everything. Then, her eating habits started to change when she started having adult-type meals..rice and all. She started getting picky with her veggie. She used to be ok with broccoli and naturally, I was ok with that! Cauliflower was also another veggie that she enjoyed and will happily gobble up even if it tasted bland (cos this lazy mommy will just blanche them and eat with soy sauce as dip). All the hard veggies she took except for the soft and leafy ones.

Nowadays, she'll cover her mouth and run away whenever I come near with anything green or anything resembling veggies as if they were banned all natural diet pills or something. She hates them so much that she even told my sister not to give her the 'grass' part of my sister's birthday cake (my sister's birthday cake had 3 red beetles and some grassy parts). See what I have to deal with?? **sigh**

Anyway, lately, I managed to 'trick' Ash into eating her veggie is to cut the leafy greens into small and tiny pieces. That way, she'll eat with her rice and whatnots. But, this cannot be the solution, now can it? She still won't be getting sufficient greens because I cannot fill up her plate with lots of greens, she'll complain. I can only take like a few pieces and cut it up, and when you cut up into further tiny pieces, it looks too much.

Any suggestions, anyone? on how to get your child to eat her greens?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mini at 18 months


Mini went for her final immunization shot this morning. Final for a toddler/baby. Her next will be when she's 6. I can breathe a little...

Of course, she didn't know what was coming. They checked her height and weight. She's 9 kg, standing at 79cm. Very petite compared to her sister. According to the aped, she's all-systems-go so nothing to be concerned about. Just that, after her shot, she was extremely manja, especially if you touch her err..."wound". If you so much as brush her thigh, she'll scream her head off. So...I left the bandage there. It's still there. She's the real drama queen this one. Funny though, this lil queen didn't make a sound during...but instead, she cried her eyes out whenever she sees that white sticker on her thigh. Funny girl! She's really this funny funny girl..:-).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a beach-y outing


When everyone was celebrating Deepavali 2 weeks back, we went to the beach instead. It wasn't planned as such but seeing as how it was a long weekend (it was a Friday I believe), hubby thought we should do something out of our usual with the girls. Besides, we want to fulfill Ash's 3 wishes as best we can (the "3" being an outing to the beach, find snow and buy a Christmas tree).

We weren't about to travel for hours to Phuket or Pangkor or Langkawi because hubby's work schedule is packed till the end of the year so he suggested we take a short drive to somewhere nearby. PD is a little too far out. We could've gone to Morib but...we didn't think of it. So, what did we do?? - end up in Sepang Gold Coast in Bagan Lalang. A relatively short 45 minutes drive from where we live.

We left after lunch and by the time we reached Bagan Lalang, it was close to 3 (we made a few pit-stops along the way to pee, reload Touch n Go and to the gas station). Ash was ecstatic when we finally reached our destination. SHe bounced up and down her seat and screamed "I see a beach...I see a beach...I see it...I see it...HURRAAYYYYY!!!". She'll make a good cheerleader when she grows up..hehhe..

You know, we were late (as usual) because all the shaded spots were filled up. By the looks of it, they weren't moving their butts anytime soon either. We just picked a random spot, with an old tree bark...just to sit on, or lean our bags against. This was such a last minute outing that we didn't even bring a mat. But, we managed.

The girls had a great time. We left around 6. Of course, it wasn't a smooth exit because Ash didn't want to leave. She kept shouting for us to "come back!!" when we left her behind. But, we just continued walking. She followed us, soon after..mumbling to herself. I had to wash Mini off because she was covered with sand, mud and God-knows what. She wasn't swimming in the water but just that, she sat down and the tide came in more and more as the hours went by and we had to keep retreating. SOmetimes, she got wet if we missed. In the end, she got soaked from waist down. Did I mention that the water is filthy? It is!! Dead fishes were being washed up as the tide came in. G-R-O-S-S!!! It was...very very gross..You can imagine why I had to give Mini a quick shower before leaving.

By the time we got home, it was past 7.30pm. Even though, it was late, we cleaned the girls up from head to toe. Scrubbed every nail, wash every strand of hair..ok, I am exaggerating! But, we still gave them a good wash. We gobbled up our dinner and scoot the girls off to bed.

All in all, it was a pretty fruitful outing. Ash got her wish granted. With Mini older now, she was able to sit and play along with hubby and Ash so that left me with ample opportunities to take photos. The last time we were there, it was during CNY when we brought BIL and family and with Mini being just 8 months then, she was fidgety and we had to take turns carrying her. This time, she happily played along. I was glad I managed to take some decent outdoor pics of the girls. That reminds me, I need to sort the photos out and take them to the printers. With everything digitalized, it's so easy these days to just leave everything in the computer and before you know it, you've accumulated thousand and thousands of photos and you'll end up having to sieve through everything again just to pick the ones for print. Wouldn't it be the greatest thing on earth if I had the professional epson printers so I don't have to run to the printers all the time? I can just hook it up to my lappie and print away. Do you reckon I'll get one for my birthday? hehehhe...:-).

Friday, November 5, 2010

when she's angry...

Typically, when Ash gets angry, she's more adorable than disturbing. hahaha..I bet all kids are and most parents love to watch their kids get angry because they look so cute!! I know, aren't we a bunch of sickos??!!

BAck to times, I will purposely make her angry just to see her throw a tantrum. I know - what the---??? I don't do things to mentally abuse her or anything, just that bit to irritate her a little. I will usually stop or give in after that. But, just too cute.

Like last night, she wanted hubby to draw her a cat. And she insisted on the cat being drawn in a certain way. If a whisker went out of place, she gets irritated and showed her displeasure (see what i mean...signs of OCD-ness??). When no drawn properly, she'd crumple up the paper and throw it on the floor or she'd grab the crayon and proceeded to show hubby how she wanted the tail drawn..all this time saying "hmmmpppfffrrr...I show u!!". We both giggled in our hearts, and hubby tried pacifying her by saying "ok...daddy draw again".

After a couple of tries, and still hadn't got the drawing right, she got further frustrated with hubby. No, she didn't screamed or hit him, she just crumpled up the papers and ask for another drawing...and another and another..Then, hubby was the one who got irritated with her and said ", daddy is angry. I don't want to draw anymore" (perhaps the natural testosterone was doing the talking). She let out a 'hmmmpphh..", and ran into the study room. She tried drawing herself and got irritated with herself and when "aaaarrrggghhh..." before crumpling the paper and throwing it down.

Wait...there's more. I went in, hoping to to pacify her while trying to put on a straight face. She pushed me away and proceeded to clean the room. She put all her cooking toys away into the basket. She cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Her way of "letting-it-all-out" i believe. Once she was done, she came out and started her crocodile tears in my arms. She was really tired and was cranky at the same time. She only had a short snooze in the morning. We cleaned up a sobbing Ash, made her milk and hubby read her her bedtime story. She went to sleep in 10.

She's just too cute sometimes. Even her being angry didn't seem like she was really angry at all.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

at play


Mini'll turn 18 months in a couple of days. 18 months!! She used to be so tiny when she came out from me. Even tiny-er than Ash. But, a lot more feisty too. Must be the 2nd child syndrome.

People tell me that this is the fun age. I don't know -- it might be fun for her but definitely a lot more tiring for me. She's cute when she runs, like a little duckling. She can say out loud a couple of words..but, none of them are mama or daddy. She's also polite. I know that because she'll say 'kam' (welcome) whenever you say "thank you" to her when she gives or passes you something. She only needs her pacifier and her bolsters to fall asleep. Shes still so tiny and soft. I just love cuddling her..and hubby adores her. Who can blame her for being so irresistible? SHe's our youngest!

Yeah, she's definitely at a fun age. Perhaps, not so "fun" in the parent's physical department because we still need to watch over her. Who knows what might happen when we turn our backs? It's tiring definitely but have no regrets because they grow up so fast and once that phase is over, it is gone forever. So, I tell myself to enjoy every moment even though, you know, on certain days, I honestly don't feel like all. I just want to curl up in bed and have a nice uninterrupted snooze. Oh how I miss them...the snooze.

Anyway, she'll be due for her final vaccination soon. Her next will be when she turns 6. Apart from that, our agent been bugging us on this new insurance plan for her that he's brought to our attention. We haven't looked at it exactly but I think we may need to cos he'll call real soon. Can't these coverage get any cheaper? I mean, what ever happened to cheap life insurance? I always thought premiums for children are way cheaper than for adults. But, I tell ya, it doesn't look that way to me..**scratches head**.

You know, I do look forward to the day when her whole personality explodes..full blown..for all the world to see -- just like Ash's right now. I can't wait to have a conversation with her..I can't wait. She'll probably be a real chatterbox, you reckon? Too early to tell -- we'll just have to wait...and see.

are you ready for Christmas?

How time flies!! It's already November and then, soon, it'll be December and then, it's Christmas time. Soon, another year just goes and we'll be celebrating new year's.

Have you figured what you're gonna get for your kids, family, friends, friends' kids'...etc..We don't celebrate Christmas on a big scale but since my sister does, she decks up my mom's home with all sorts of Christmas decor. My mom still puts up her Christmas tree from the 1970s. You should see some of the ornaments -- they are like so retro!! Some are missing though; not to mention broken. But, we still have the tree hehehe..

Anyway, I still look forward to Christmas. I know Ash is since she's been asking us to get her a Christmas tree. Since her request fell on deaf ears, she asked us if we could decorate the lime tree in our mini backyard instead **slaps forehead**. We won'd be getting her one for sure. We will however, buy her presents and head over to my mom's house instead. I will of course get myself a present too -- the best best acne serum that money can buy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a baby girl is born

After 12 hours of labour, my friend finally popped. I tell you, it's raining girls again this year. I remembered when Ash was born, that year, many also had their baby girls. Well, personally I didn't know all of them; the happy news were related to me. The ones I knew were 4 girls at the time.

Anyway, happy news for my friend. And, happy news for the insurers too because I'm sure the new parents will be looking for term life insurance quotes for their daughter. Maybe not immediately because they'll need to settle down, go through the confinement, then the full-moon...once the dust settles, that's when they'll start thinking of the nitty gritty. It's natural because having our kids insured gives us a little peace of mind when it comes to security and protection...for the future...for any eventualities **knock on wood**.

snow and christmas tree

We've been summoned to get a christmas tree and err..somehow get some snow too for Ash. She sure knows how to ask for the impossible, doesn't she? It's the dreaded tv I tell you. Oh, and not forgetting the beach...she wants to go to the beach but we always tell her it's too far...I don't think she understands what 'too far' means but at least, too far managed to stop her from asking much these days. If not, we'll be hearing "beach beach beach"...all day and night.

If you ask me, and if I had the choice, I will want to spend Christmas in Swiss. I did have the best of time there last year though it wasn't during winter. You know, it will definitely be the most interesting Christmas ever if that happened. Not only for me, but the girls too. I get to dress the girls up in pretty little winter jackets and boots; chic cashmere sweaters for me. Did you know they are the trend these days? Again, people in the West are just so so lucky they get to dress up and wear pretty.

Anyway, I am, as usual, day dreaming and maybe if Ash wants it bad enough, we might just head down to Sunway Pyramid. They have a skating ring there don't they? She won't be able to tell the difference -- I'll just tell her it's 'special snow'...:-).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

lazy Sunday know, I will tell you what happened on Sunday. I cannot believe I slept till 10 am that day!! I was so knackered that I continued sleeping and sleeping and refused to get out of bed. Have I ever told you that having kids is your remedy to slimming? It's true! You want to lose weight, simply have kids and they are your best fat burner pills. Running after them is as good as running a full marathon.

Come Sunday...I was totally worn out. Hubby was already flat out Saturday night cos he went to bed at 10pm. So, he woke up bright and early with the kids, made them their milk and breakfast (toast and cheese). He even snuck out for laundry whilst the girls entertained themselves with Barney. By the time I woke up, Mini had her bath and was already having her 2nd dose of breakfast (instant fruit cereal). Yeah, I know, this girl can really eat!

It's been a long time since I've stayed in bed past 8. It was a luxury but at the same time, I think it backfired because I woke up with a massive headache. I must've 'overslept' or possibly dehydrated or from hunger. I quickly gobbled up a few pieces of butter cake I bought the day before and drank milo and popped a panadol. The headache subsided. Thank God..

Monday, November 1, 2010


Ash will be what? 4 next year? So, I think, it's quite safe at this age to surmise her strengths and sort of gauge what she'll be good at doing when she grows up.

The more I look at her, she can be a typical accountant. She's orderly, loves putting things in order and categories. She loves to complete her puzzles. Plus, she's got a little OCD in her. No, I'm not saying that accountants exhibit OCD tendencies (but trust me, the majority of them kinda do) but you know, they are terribly meticulous and extremely attentive to details. One less zero and they will pounce on you. And, you need to put things in exactly the way it's supposed to. So..I don't know. I have 2 sisters who are accountants and sister in laws who are accountants. The accounting genes can't run very far.

It's alright if she decides to make accounting her future career. Did you know that there is a serious shortage of accountants and accounting jobs are aplenty? Every business (small or large), needs an accountant. If Ash isn't fussy, there will always be job opportunities for her so long as she works hard, grab any opportunity she can and who knows...the sky's the limit.

one on one time..

I spent Friday alone with lil Em while Ash spent her day with her grandparents. I had some chores to do around the house in the morning so we stayed home. She had her nap early and hubby came home just in time for lunch. He brought me some yummy lunch, since I was too lazy to cook. Lil Em had her porridge as usual. But, since she was asleep during lunchtime, we had our lunch pretty much in peace.

By the time Lil Em woke up, the dishes were washed, load of laundry hung and some other cleaned laundry folded, cleaned the Fireplace doors. I even managed a short snooze. I fed her lunch and bathed her. Then, she watched her favorite Barney while I accompanied her. If you ask me, it was really boring because we've seen the CD's a thousand times but she wanted company and I thought why not? Since i hardly get to spend any quality time with her. Even if it's simply watching tv, I'll just do it. I was very tempted to surf the net with my lappie or hp but I didn't because knowing her, she will want to fiddle with my stuff so best not to bring my 'work' with me.

After that, she got bored with Barney and wanted something else. I took out Ash's crayons for her and she started doodling. After a few doodles, she got bored, so I brought her out. We went to the Curve (my usual quick and easy hang out place), walked around till she got fidgety and went home just in time for her dinner. Quickly fed her, washed up and then off to bed. I knew she was about to get really really tired, I put her down with her pacifier and her bolsters, turn the lights off left. She did cry a little but I just left her. Normally, if her cries persist for more than 10 mins, I'll check on her. But since it lasted for only a few seconds, I let her be. I checked on her about 30 mins later, she was already asleep. It was a good thing I put her down just in the nick of time; any later, she would've created a huge fuss.

It was a good day with lil Em. I did quite a bit despite her hanging around me. Of course, for the most part, she slept so that gave me some time. For the next 2 months, I will have more time for lil Em because the plan is to send Ash to my in laws at least twice a week. I think they will both be pleased with this arrangement..hehe..:-).

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the fall

I must confess that I have been so lazy in caring for lil Em. For instance, when Ash was a baby and having solids, I would sit her down on the high chair, read her a book whilst feeding her. This worked pretty well because she would be so fascinated with the pictures, she would flip the pages of the same book over and over and over and before you knew it, she was done eating. Feeding her was such a breeze.

With lil Em, sometimes I sit her on the high chair and tried the same tactic of bringing her a book. It rarely works. Because, as soon as she spots Ash doing something fun, she would bolt from her chair, refusing to sit still. So, instead, I get her to sit on the sofa in front of the tv whilst feeding her. I really hate doing that but, like I said, I have been lazy and I want her to finish her meals fast like Ash.

This afternoon, while feeding her lunch, she started climbing up and down, fidgeting even though her favorite Barney was on tv. She went and sat on the arm rest and started to push herself till she fell backwards. She came crashing down onto the floor...which was tiled...with concrete. My heart stopped for a second and I was all ready for her to scream her lungs out whilst hoping that she wasn't hurt badly.

Thankfully for lil Em, the Thomas tent which is filled with many of Ash's balls, and floats sat next to where she fell and it kinda broke her fall. She didn't cry as badly as I thought she would, only letting out a whimper here and there. I did hear a knock though...hhmm..

Anyway, just thank God she's ok. I have found my diet pills that work because with Lil Em, I run twice as fast, walk twice as fast, even my heart beat jumps twice as hard.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2 months..

Ash's playgroup session is over for the year. A little too early methinks. But, the staff wanted a break and to prepare for their holidays, Christmas and other family stuffs...

Then, I started to moan and groan to the other moms about what I was going to do with lil Ms Ash for the next 2 months. Seriously, you have no idea what playgroups can do for your kids and for a mom of course. They are the best!! Initially Ash was this clingy kid but the last 6 months or so, that place was like her home. In fact, it's better than her home - it was her toy heaven!! Plus, she made her own friends throughout the year that she's been with them. We've had the best of both worlds whilst there.

We will surely miss some of the kids next year but most of them are returning for the playgroup like I am going to with Mini. ANd some have opted to return for the extension program instead of sending their kids to kindergarten or me. Ash will not be attending a kindy proper next year, she will instead be joining the extension program for 4 year olds. This program will be conducted by a qualified teacher and the aim of this program is to prepare kids for kindergarten/preschool the following year.

Before the mayhem starts again next year, the little mayhem will be starting soon with Ash being activity-less for 2 months. I can foresee myself aging a lot more in the next 2 months. It looks like I may need a much stronger anti wrinkle serum if I want to re-claim my youth..heheh

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

busy weekend

We had a full day on Friday. It's very rare for us to be out and about from morning till night because we're such homies But, we were out the whole day since Friday. We had dinners, play-dates and what nots. Ash loved every minute of it of course. She behaved like someone announced it was payday advance weekend or something. Mini wasn't as thrilled though..she was cranky most of the time.

Also, it was my sister's birthday and we had a family dinner on Saturday night. My dad bought us all dinner at the Ship. Personally, I haven't been to the Ship in such a long time; 10 years to be exact. I used to frequent that place a lot cos my then college friend were good buddies with the Filipino band that used to play there after hours. For the life of me, I cannot remember what they were called but they were good. The place hasn't changed one bit and of course, the food hasn't changed much either. It's kind of my dad's favorite so we all went along.

Last night, after coming home from my mom's place and I missed my mom's cooking when she went on a week's holiday. My sisters and I moaned the lack of home cooked meals the past couple of weeks. I may have digressed. After we got home, it was the first time I treasured my weekdays more than my weekend. It was great and all, but there were times in between where you felt like you needs to slow things down and take a breather. I'm just glad all is over and we get to have our usual weekend yet again..heheh..:-)

Friday, October 22, 2010

ancient cave writing

The cave would be my home.

The writing can only be deciphered by lil Ash.

You know, if you've been inside my house, you'll know that I have done very little to my home in that, there's virtually zero renovation except for certain fixtures and fittings that was necessary. I didn't even paint over the walls of my house. So, perhaps my kids thought they are living in a boring home, with little or no decor at all and they'd do me that tiny little favor -- by sprucing up the walls with their writings/drawings. Maybe they figured that to have natural art is always 10 times better than getting a Van Gogh or Rembrandt. Who knows? Ash might actually grow up to be a very famous artist and I'll have her very first painting right here on my dining room wall.

If they had wanted to get me an early birthday present or even a Christmas present, I have plenty on my wishlist. They can always get me acne cream for instance since it's close to that time of the month. Certainly, having wall decor by a 3 yo and 17 month old is not on the list.

Seriously, I may have to add a new Christmas project to my list and that is to re-paint the house or at least some of the walls. Now, I think I have to go assign a wall that they can draw or write on and get them washable ink pens or something. Because, no point reprimanding or telling them not to do it, they'll do it anyway. They are, or more accurately for Ash, at the age to explore and the more you stop them, the more they want to do it. So, better just let them cos soon, they'll get bored and move on to something else..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

sleep deprived

If you're a mom, chances are you know what I am talking about. There's not a mom in this world (ok, maybe not that I know of anyway) who has never experienced such a state. FOr me, my girls were kind to me. And, I should say my hubby was also kind to me when he offered to wake for lil Em's night feeds from the time she was 3 months till about 8 months or so. Once they reached 1, the girls slept right through only needing their feed around 11 or 12 and even then, they will drink in their sleep and go back to bed. Hardly have they been waking up in the middle of the night unless, they were unwell.

But, last night, lil Em couldn't sleep. She spent the day with my MIL on Friday and when she came home, her sleep was interrupted several times during the night. I worked the night shift till around 1, and then, hubby worked from 3++. Then, I worked again around 6++. Now, I am wide awake. She was warm but not feverish so we gave her some paracetamol and counted on a kiddy abacus using her little fingers to push push the little roller balls to one side. You can tell she was so sleepy and tired but just couldn't get a good night's rest. She went to bed around 7am. I turned the zircon on for her which we usually don't past 12 midnight. Actually, the unit shuts itself as we have programmed it to.

So anyway, I have no idea what set her off. It's been a while we were both made to stay awake throughout the night albeit intermittently. She had no noticeable fever, wasn't fussy with food (she has never been anyway), so I don't know what's been bugging her. At this moment, I can only think of 2 things that may have triggered her off -- the teething bit and likely the weather.

It would be nice if we knew what the problem was because then, I'll know the remedy. It would help of course if she was older like say...a 21 year old where all you need to do is stuff some cash into her pocket or they will leave you alone if you offered a perdomo. It is easier when the kids are this respect in any case.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

a leftie

Ash is predominantly a leftie. I say this because she can use her right hand pretty well too. But, she's most comfortable and in control with her left. Is she ambidextrous? I have no yet.

I've always known she's left-handed. I remember quite vividly of her at about 2 months, always lifting up her left arm, her fingers rolled up in a fist-like position and she would stare at it for a long long time. SHe seemed so fascinated with her left arm (and fist). It was always her left. Call it mother's instinct or what, I had the hunch but you know, was very open to the possibility that she would change since neither me nor my hubby is left-handed.

My instincts proved me right yet again 3 and a half years later as she's writing with her left. In general, she uses her left more; including when she holds a scissors. I never really thought it would pose a problem to us with her being a lefty until I tried guiding her hand in an attempt to show her how to write properly. I tried using my left hand so it would seem more natural to her but I tell you, it was horrifying. There I was, trying to make sure she does it properly but instead, made it look worst. I had the will but simply couldn't execute. I gave up. I told her to learn to write herself, following the lines. She tries. Sometimes, she makes it, sometimes she doesn't.

Then, I read an article in the local daily about dealing with a lefty child, the challenges they face and I thought "wow, how timely the article came to being!". I was glad someone chose to write about it. It didn't even occur to me how something so ordinary such as a pair of scissors are made for righties. And oh, you can actually purchase specially made items for lefties too. Things like these are very informative. Not that it matters, but would compression stockings information contain any instructions for lefties? I'm just asking :-)

dressing up

The pink bag

The other day, I was talking to a mom at Ash's playgroup and she casually mentioned how I should 'dress' Ash up. You know, with pretty clothes, hair accessories...the works. Her saying that was in response to me telling her the backpack Ash was carrying, was a gift from my sister. I told her I don't usually buy her stuffs like that. So, that's when she went off and advised me that I should.

Yeah..well, you know, I'm not that kind of a person. I am the kind who'd rather sleep in than to go to the gym for a work-out (assuming I have time in the first place). Or get on the wii or spend hours at the shopping mall. When I look at all the shops, the varieties of things one can possibly buy, I get overwhelmed. I don't even know what goes with what. Sure..I do have my favorite shops but that's it, I don't do the whole mall thing. I guess I am not as hardworking as I should be for me.

So, with my kids, I tend to be pretty laid-back with them as well. With lil Em, she'll let me put on whatever I want except for the hair. But, Ash, I usually let her dictate what she wants to wear. That includes getting them at the stores (if we went shopping). It's a rarity for me that she likes whatever I pick out for her. She has her own likes. Besides, they get all sorts of clothes as birthday gifts and whatnots. Why waste a perfectly good top even if it's from Jusco or Tesco? If she has no issues with it, I don't have any issues with it.

And...what's the point? The point is...I am a terribly lazy mom.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

birthday present

I had wanted to post up a rant so bad last night. Was literally hopping mad. I wanted to bold the names, wanted to litter my complaint with profanities, write to the press. But..all is calm now. I had to remind myself that this is boleh-land, therefore, such things do (and will) happen.

Anyway, onward to more "exciting" news. My birthday is coming up..this month..but I am not saying when..heheh..And, guess what I got as an early birthday present?

-a vacuum cleaner-

Yes..go on, shake thy heads. I am as dumbfounded as you are. But, I am not the least bit angry because, I've wanted it for a long time since our ancient 20++ year old vacuum is about to giveaway and even though I have the part-timers come in to do the cleaning, I still wanted that vacuum. And if you're wondering why it came early..well, cos it was on discount..heheh :-P.

You know, I am seriously turning into a hardcore housewife. I take pride in my cleaning tools. I am more happy with a household appliance than with..say, a diamond ring?!!

That's it. After 4++ years of domestication, I have officially (and safely) landed over to the 'dark' side.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

her signature look


Then (taken when she was 1 month++)



How much she has grown. She's due for, this mommy is really hopeless because she cannot remember what vaccine her daughter needs. But, yes, she's due for her jab soon. Oh did I tell you that she's just turned 17 months? Yes, she has and you can tell can't you -- that I am mighty glad that those days are over. Not entirely, but almost.

Her and Ash, they are Tom and Jerry. One is always running away from the other. One is always taking the other's stuffs. Now, one knows how to fight over the television set. Ash will want to watch her..I don't know, her Toy STory, Ice Age, Ratatouille..etc and Mini just wants Barney. She can even say "bar".

She's the littlest darling. The darling of her cousins, the darling of the family. The way she has everyone wrapped around her little fingers, there's no doubt in my mind that she knows it!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

she wants the big one!!

I always try to give the girls 2 serving of fruits a day. One in the morning, and one in the evening. Each time after their food. I try to. SOmetimes, I don't when I am lazy.

So, this morning, I cut up a huge pear for them. I cut smaller cube-sizes for Mini; after all, she only has 8 tooth so far. FOr Ash, it was the bigger julienne pieces in another bowl. When I finished, I brought out the bowls and proceeded to give Mini the one with the cubes.

Take a wild wild guess which one she actually preferred????

Yup, she gestured to me waving her hands side to side whilst telling me "". And, when i gave her the bigger bowl, she grabbed it with both hands and quickly ran away from her sister.

Quite a greedy lil fella this one, isn't it? and sneaky too. If she doesn't grow up to be anything, there's always a personal injury attorney Tucson to consider. I heard they make good money too.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010



The never-ending journey of a a new toddler.

And the usual crankiness, clingy-ness..but luckily, she is ok with eating and no noticeable fever. When she's cranky, she's cranky!! Like someone gave gave her hgh releasers or something.

I don't remember Ash being this cranky during her heydays. You know what they say...every child is different so we just have to deal. And, "deal" is what hubby has to do when he gets home every evening. No partying, no boozing, no night out with the guys...he has 2 angels to entertain every evening when he reaches the front door. heheheh..NOt that he was ever the social butterfly; neither of us were. But, on occasion, someone will ask him out and usually, he will decline cos if I don't give him the stare, his 2 angels will. ANd he wouldn't want to face the stare of death...muahahah...**evil laughter**.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paint it Purple

There is a party going on and it's going to be purple!! and no, Barney will not be making an appearance. OK,'s the deal :

It started when the very fabulous and creatively talented Dinah called out for a group contribution to our very own Women's Aid Organisation (WAO). This was in response to a campaign to raise US$1 million for WAO Malaysia (in which you ladies have contributed to) & the USA’s National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) initiated by the Pixel Project (an innovative virtual volunteer-led non profit organisation using social media and online strategies to turbo-charge global awareness about violence against women while raising funds and volunteer power for the cause).

I am all for a group thing - you bring the ham, I'll bring the cheese, no sweat. Especially, when it's for a good cause...and especially, if I don't have to do the lugging about hehehhe...I'm kidding!!!.

Dinah was kind enough to co-ordinate with WAO and then, collate all the items from willing and helpful donors while having to work and juggle the house. Didn't I tell you she's also amazing?! The items were sent yesterday and shortly after that, I received (as the others who have donated would also have received) an email from the organization thanking me for the contribution I made. I felt touched and you know, they didn't really have to thank me because I compared to what I have done, they have done (and still doing) much much more. My contribution pales in comparison to what the volunteers and the staff who are so dedicate in their work to help these women and children.

Anyway, just so you know, the Pixel Project has also kickstarted Paint it Purple, which is essentially a campaign against Domestic Violence on Women by raising global awareness about Violence Against Women through a Social Media campaign that will “paint” the internet purple and Raising funds and grassroots advocacy for The Pixel Project and our partners through the global “Paint It Purple” party.

In conjunction with this, the Paint it Purple Party in KL will be on this Saturday 2 October 2010, details of which are as follows :

Date : 2 Oct 2010, Sat
Time : 2.30pm
venue : Leonardo's Restaurant, Jln Bangkung, Bangsar, KL
Dress code : Purple and white
Entrance fee is rm40 for a box of 4 Heavenly cupcakes by Just Heavenly.

If you'd like to attend, please get in touch with Annie at So yeah, if you are going, have fun and remember this is all for a good cause and well, have fun...:-).

our 9th wedding anniversary

Earlier this evening, we kind of celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary by eating out. Ha! No cooking for me today and since we moved into our neighborhood about 5 years ago, we have not even had dinner out nearby to any of the shops nearby. So, kind of pathetic actually so this evening was the first time.

We ate at H&H, a little cafe/restaurant situated in Kota Damansara, near Giza. The food was reasonably priced also. We ordered crispy squid, ginger beef, claypot tofu and kangkong belacan. Of all the dishes we ordered, I think I make a better ginger beef. They had other asam fish and all that but we had Ash with us so.. She didn't take the kangkong belacan naturally. Lil Em was happily eating her rice, making a mess and ate some veggie from the claypot even though she already had her dinner. I told you she loves food right? She can eat and eat and eat. But, she's still kind of lean compared to other meatier babies.

Not much of a celebration I know. Well, it wasn't planned really. Besides, with lil EM, it's not easy trying to have a nice quiet and slow dinner. Your digestive system better work double shifts when she's at the dinner table. She wants in...on EVERYTHING!!!

Anyway, I can't believe we have been married for 9 years. 9..I feel old. Hmm...I am old hahha..That was our quick and jiffy 9th celebration. I will make sure we have a better one for our 10th!! gegeggeeg..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a 3rd child?

This morning, I went to visit a friend who has just given birth. Actually, just about 3 weeks ago. She looked so happy, calm and all together. Can't say the same for me when I was in her position a year and a half ago. I had to battle depression from even before lil EM was born. Strange eh but I did or should I say, I think I did.

Whilst there, we were fed with the most scrumptious dish ever made by her aunt. A Hockchiew delicacy which was simply delish. Or, it could be because I have not tasted it before and without shame, I took on seconds (and thirds).

Questions such as having another child will pop up inevitably especially when visiting moms and their newborns, and some of us, are planning for a 3rd or 2nd. WHen they looked at me, I went " way". As complete as it may sound to have a son, I don't think we want to go through another bout of depression. Existingly, we have 2 kids, more than many people would yearn for and when you're thinking about expanding your family, it's no longer just your needs that matter -- it's theirs also. This is what we feel anyway.

Now that I'm feeling a whole lot better compared to the first couple of months lil Em was born, I'm getting my ol' self back. Not entirely but I'm getting there. It's been quite a rough couple of months then. I may not have described it in detail in this blog because...honestly, I don't know what to say about it except that it's not the most wonderful feeling in the world; not even one that you'll wish for your worst enemy. It's not only about how you feel but more of, how your reaction to those feeling affect the people around you.

So, no more pregnancy, no more morning sickness, no more.... Although, I have to say that when you hold a newborn in your arms, the urge is there. But, it does feel good to be able to hand the baby back to the mom once you're done cuddling..heheheh..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

food that tastes so good, you'd think you're in heaven

Last Saturday, at 4pm in the afternoon, I had banana-leaf-rice. heard me - 4 in the PM.

We were on our way back to my PIL's place, Ash was napping in the car and all of a sudden, I had this craving for tosai. So, I told hubby to stop by Sri Ganesh (section 13, close to the University Hospital) to have tea. He said ok because we had such an early lunch and was clearly exhausted (and not to mention, hungry) from our outing. Besides, lil EM was with my PIL and it's been a while since we had a decent meal; esp our kind of meal.

Then, as soon as we stepped into Sri Ganesh, my tummy took a turn and I ordered banana-leaf-rice instead. You should've seen the look on hubby's "what is wrong with you woman?" I didn't care. I ordered one anyway. I even grabbed a plate and filled it up with curry chicken. And I was on the highway to heaven as I dug into every grain of rice smoldered with yummy and warm fish curry. Never mind how they made their food, it was good enough for me to eat.

After that, I couldn't move. Ash ate all my poppadom and asked for more. Hubby had roti canai with dal. Did I say that Ash ate all my poppadom? Yeah she did and at the same time, finishing the man's tub of poppadom causing him to refill the tub with more. I held up my hand and gestured "no more please". Needless to say, he was Ash's best friend for the day.

YOu know, I haven't had such a lovely meal in such such a long time. It did ruin my dinner but what the heck, my tummy's meant to be spoilt rotten once in a while..heheh..**burp**

Saturday, September 25, 2010

happy weekend

Usually, our weekends are not exactly 'packed' with activities but there are some activities in that we bring the girls (that will be lil Ash to be exact) out to where ever they want. It's their weekend; they are the ultimate decider. For Em, she's just happy to be out. I could bring her to watch people a chess competition and she wouldn't complain.

I like the weekend too simply because hubby takes over and you can say, I'm a 'free woman'. No cooking, no cleaning, nothing...OK, so maybe we do the laundry and fold the mountain pile of clothes sitting in my bedroom but other than that, the part-timers take care of most of the cleaning on thursday so save for the spot cleaning that we may have to do, the floors (and bathrooms) are squeaky! hehehe..

Weekdays really feel like a work week for me even though technically, I don't work. I'm really dreading the day when Ash goes to a real school - the everyday 9-12 thingy. I'm not sure how I will survive those days. **think happy thoughts** **think happy thoughts**.

Will not mess your weekend up. We shall all be happy happy since the weekend is here. So, have a great one you guys!

Friday, September 24, 2010

the big sis

Ash and Em must know how much Ash makes me beam sometimes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

on being a parent

My friend mockingly asked " do you find being a parent now?". I told her "arrgghhh...". Then, she laughed her head off. And I sensed a relief from her upon hearing that. She's been telling me how her girls (ages 7 and 4) constantly drive her up the wall and that she's always yelling at them and wishes that they'll stop talking or asking questions, basically know when to stop wanting her attention when she's not ready to give any.

I know how she feels, not so much about the talking bit because one of my girls doesn't know how to 'talk' yet. Yes, just because I don't talk about their relationship with each other in great detail, doesn't mean that they don't fight. Both my girls do. Thankfully, Ash doesn't hit back or endanger her sister in any way. Like if Ash's playing with something and lil Em wants it, she'll simply hold on to it, or run away with it leaving Em screaming her little lungs out. YOu would think lil EM'll let it go and not be bothered right? Nope. She will cry and cry and attempt to grab it from her big sis. SOmetimes, I'll just let them be but most times, to just stop lil Em, I'll tell Ash to give in which she usually does.

However, I honestly don't feel as stressed up. Maybe not yet. At times I do because I can't stand babies/toddler crying. Now that will stress me up to a point where I will feel a giant zit popping up on my forehead. ANd, when that happens, I will get further stressed up just looking for the best acne treatment because I have really sensitive skin. Other than that, if they fight happily and no one cries, I'll be ok.

I understand why she feels the way she does. First of all, she works full time and on alternate Saturdays. Second of all, they don't have a maid -- not even a part-timer. For the sake of her family, she cooks dinner too. Not whipping out gourmet dishes but at least she does something for them. She hardly has time for herself. She was telling me how difficult it is to even have a conversation with her hubby at home or in the car without her kids butting in all the time.

So, yes, I get her and feel for her. I didn't start giving her a lecture on how she should get her kids to bed early so she can have some "OUR" time with her hubby or to take them out for activities so that they get to burn all the urm...pent up energy or have home projects for the kids to keep them occupied. It's not easy having to juggle the household without help, work long hours, and have to endure our school time-table. By the time she picks her kid up from school and head on home, it's already 7.30pm she says. I can imagine her having to multi-task at top speed to get dinner ready, her girls cleaned up and do laundry. Plus, you're supposed to do ALL of that with a smile on your face.

It's never easy being a parent. Just randomly pick out a mommy or a daddy blog and I can guarantee you there will be at least one post lamenting about how incredibly difficult it is being parents. It's one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do, if you choose to do it. But, at the same time, it's also one of the best thing that will ever happen to you if you become one. Believe me and I say this crossing my heart, hands, and one will ever tell you otherwise.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

how mommies can lose weight..

I'll tell you a secret - just have kids.

ANd I am not the only one saying this. My single friend can vouch for that statement as well because she's seen it with her two eyes (or 4 cos she wears glasses). I was told that she met up with a classmate whom she hasn't met in ages and got the shockalingam out of her life. That classmate used to be or look like Joanne Kam PoPo. You'll have to google her if you don't know who I'm talking about. And apparently, after 3 kids, she looked like that Swedish nanny from Sex n The City 2. SLimmed down big time. The secret was...get this -- she lost all her weight as the babies came popping out.

Of course, I cannot verify the truth in what she's telling me because I've not met her friend but I can't think of any reason why she'd want to fabricate some stories. I believe her..wholeheartedly because it's happening to me. Rather, it has happened. You see, after giving birth to Ash, it took me 1 whole year before I could fit into my jeans. With lil Em however, it took only 6 months. So, now you know why I believed her story. And, I always say this and I won't hesitate to say it again - having kids are your best fat burners!

the flairies

"we don't have wings so we are not fairies, we are flairies"

Oh dear!! I am having an overdose of Barbie cartoon. Ash's been playing her CD non-stop for the past 3 days. Lucky hubby cos he's back to work and he does not have to endure the torture of 'the flairies' every single day. Urrgghh...

The flaries are demi-fairies who have glitter power and how they work is that they spice up dresses or clothes with glitter. But, you know what's bugging me still? - the fact that they can 'fly' even if they don't have wings. And, they claim they are not fairies. **rolls eyeballs**. Maybe they are not fairies..FAIRIES but pixies with high protein powder intake from

OK...whatever floats your boat hunneeee...

Monday, September 20, 2010

what's up with the Barbie cartoon?

I am from the scooby-doo, Jem and the holograms, She-ra, He-man, Smurfs generation. That was ages ago but if you want to be reminded of what they look like, just look them up on Youtube.

Nowadays, they have the...I don't even know what they have because we don't even subscribe to the Astro cartoon channel. We just buy DVDs or CDs for the girls. Lil Em's into Barney lately whereas Ash has been into mickey mouse and movie cartoons. They still look pretty much like cartoons I am used to when I was a kid.

But, last Friday, of all things she asked for at Pavilion, was a Barbie CD. We got her the CD and she was ready to go home. Obviously I wasn't (ready) because we just got there. Unfortunately for us, we walked passed by a CD shop when we were looking for my cousin's shop and there it was..a Barbie cartoon being played on the display set. She wouldn't leave without us getting her one. Hubby even tried coaxing her to buy the Barbie watch instead but she still insisted on the cartoon. Lil Em was watching us from her stroller and possibly wondering what the big deal was. In the end, we got one for her; the one she chased. She was happy naturally.

When we got home, she put the CD on. She loved it. She could even tell me which anorexic figure was Barbie. If there exist a guaranteed Barbie-esq quick weight loss program for women , there will be lots of happy women. Many can only hope...and wish. Anyway, I shouldn't digress -- have you ever seen a Barbie cartoon? DOn't you just hate the computer animated figurines? They look really really and I mean really super scary. Not to mention Ken too. Then again, I always hated the Ken part of the equation; he shouldn't even have been invented! Like I said...the cartoon..too strange for my liking. Either that, I am still an oldie at heart..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Doc's appointment

I'm due for my yearly ObGy's appointment. I was supposed to have seen him in June and now, here we are in Sept and I still have yet to make that date. Along with my residence maintenance fees, I forgot about this one also. You know, I'm getting very forgetful lately. Either that or since I dread seeing doctors, I forget on purpose.

Whatever it is, I will need to see him soon. Yes my ObGy is a HE. "He" happens to be really good at what he does; may not be the smoothest of all men nor is he the most approachable because depending on his mood of the day, he can get seriously grouchy. But he delivered my babies the old fashion way - without anesthetics, without devices. WHen Ash wouldn't come out he persisted for 18 hours despite my water breaking and despite her losing air inside. Some may call him mad but well..gotta trust your doctor.

Another reason why I dread seeing him is the queue outside his office is always very long. And he'll only dedicate to seeing pregnant ladies on Saturdays. He has so many patients that at times, he'll go on without food or toilet breaks. ALso, because he's the hospital's in-house doctors, you can be waiting for hours and have him suddenly tell you he has to go up to the delivery suite. So, you'll be, like, there waiting for an additional hour on top of the 4 hours you've already been waiting. I've definitely learnt my lesson to at least bring a good book and have coffee at Starbucks after submitting my card to the nurse because I'll tell you, by the time you finish reading about cure for herpes from the scraps of brochures lying around at the waiting area outside his clinic, you'll be the ultimate expert. TRUST ME, you will!!
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