Thursday, October 28, 2010

the fall

I must confess that I have been so lazy in caring for lil Em. For instance, when Ash was a baby and having solids, I would sit her down on the high chair, read her a book whilst feeding her. This worked pretty well because she would be so fascinated with the pictures, she would flip the pages of the same book over and over and over and before you knew it, she was done eating. Feeding her was such a breeze.

With lil Em, sometimes I sit her on the high chair and tried the same tactic of bringing her a book. It rarely works. Because, as soon as she spots Ash doing something fun, she would bolt from her chair, refusing to sit still. So, instead, I get her to sit on the sofa in front of the tv whilst feeding her. I really hate doing that but, like I said, I have been lazy and I want her to finish her meals fast like Ash.

This afternoon, while feeding her lunch, she started climbing up and down, fidgeting even though her favorite Barney was on tv. She went and sat on the arm rest and started to push herself till she fell backwards. She came crashing down onto the floor...which was tiled...with concrete. My heart stopped for a second and I was all ready for her to scream her lungs out whilst hoping that she wasn't hurt badly.

Thankfully for lil Em, the Thomas tent which is filled with many of Ash's balls, and floats sat next to where she fell and it kinda broke her fall. She didn't cry as badly as I thought she would, only letting out a whimper here and there. I did hear a knock though...hhmm..

Anyway, just thank God she's ok. I have found my diet pills that work because with Lil Em, I run twice as fast, walk twice as fast, even my heart beat jumps twice as hard.


Anonymous said...

I guess children can't run away from bumps and knocks...just yesterday my younger one climb to a stool bout 2 ft high....fell and bump his head against the floor...building a bungalow there..that happen at the sitter's house...I was so worried...cos imagine if you were to fell and bump your head on the floor, you would felt giddy and the children could tolerate those kind of pain...but I guess it's part of growing's not the first time he fell from chair and bump his head the same spot...lost count..sigh..CS

Cynthia said...

2nd kid syndrome. They are always tougher. (because their mums are so slack haha!) Mine fell off a chair onto the hardwood floor..cracked her lips and lots of blood! She screamed of course, but it didn't bother her much after with eating and drinking. Tough. All the same we should be vigilant.

BoeyJoey said...

Oh dear... my heart was beating fast while I was reading! So glad that lil' Em was not badly hurt.

Try having Ash to eat at the same time? Will having jie jie around doing the same thing (eating) be entertaining enough for Em?

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Awww poor mini. Hope she's ok. Good thing for the tent. BUt kids are bound to have a bit of a fall. There is a chinese saying which goes along the lines of, the child can only grow up if he/she falls.

Shireen Loh said...

cs : oh dear. hope your son is alright now.

Cyn : yep, have to be more careful.

boeyjoey : no, i haven't tried having them eat together or at the same time. I will try it and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.

PL : you don't know me la, i am very paranoid when it comes to kids bumping themselves and falling. Also, Ash was never so adventurous during her days. Guess I have to learn to chillaxxx!!!

Mamapumpkin said...

Oh, glad to know Mini is OK. My heart also went boop-boop when I was reading this :-( Phew....

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