Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'll continue with Part II of my birth story in a later post cos at the moment, there is something I wanted to say.

So, yesterday evening, while my urut lady and confinement lady chatted. I happily listed to their stories. When I say 'stories', they were mostly bizarre stories. The kind that makes your whole body shake and feel as if some parts of your anatomy are about fall apart as well.

Anyway, the most talked about story was when they both shared the same concern about ladies after birth - the uterus. And both are so adamant that for some, if you are not careful, will have their uterus fall out!! Careful..according to my confinement lady means no squatting, no carrying heavy stuff, no running...basically, no sudden movements that may cause this...urm...tragedy. And my urut lady, kept asking me to get the 'bengkung' or a girdle to "hold" my tummy in place.

Since I can't be mopping the floor or cleaning the loo, I sat there listening to their horrific tales. Plus, other stories which isn't err...very appropriate for me to write it here. Even thinking about it now is making me sweat.

The whole time, I glanced at my clock and anxiously prayed for hubby to speed home or tried to concentrate on the tv (the French Open has started - another reason for me to do less blogging hehheh...) but neither helped much.

Now, I did plan on you know, exercising and doing it right this time around (at the moment, I look as if I am 3 months pregnant). However, in light of the new err...information, I don't think even the world's most advance fitness equipment will entice me to begin my Project Sim-Down.


Monday, May 25, 2009

The big 80

Recently, while I was stuck at home, my parents and siblings went for a dinner party to celebrate my grand-aunt's 80th birthday.

Wow. 80 years old. She has lived a long and meaningful life. I hope she will continue to live the life she's having right now. I remember my grandma telling me that, if you live to even watch your grandchildren grow up, you are considered very "hang fook". I think my grand-aunt is one such individual.

At the dinner, my mom met all her cousins, second cousins and etc...whom she's not met for quite a long time. It was a gathering of sorts. And she found out that 2 of her cousins are homeschooling their kids. It's getting pretty popular isn't it, this homeschooling business. Almost like a trend. One of them, their 2 boys have already grown up while the other, well, the kids (and parents) still have a long way to go.

I don't think hubby and I are convinced of the homeschooling method of educating our kids. Heck, I think I will crumble and just fall apart. Or end up in the looney-bin faster than I thought if I have to be stuck at home 24-7. Nay, it's not for us. Besides, what would I tell them about colon cleanse if the kids ask? Furthermore, I am already making plans for a far-away boarding school as we speak.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ok, so...it has been a little over a week now since the babe arrived. But frankly, I only had her for about a week because Emily had to extend her stay at the hospital for an additional 2 days to treat her jaundice; doctor's orders. She's ok now which is good.

As for me, I am doing ok I guess. I can't say I love waking up at odd hours of the night or someone emptying my 'juice bars' every now and then. But, it's one of those things you know...you just gotta do it. Oh I'm not exclusively breast-feeding..still got to supplement with formula.

So, anyway, lets back-track a little because Emily came a tad bit too early. And we were all un-prepared for her arrival as we thought we had one more week to get some last minute baby stuff done (and making sure I have sufficient flash memory for my equipment).

After the false alarm, I thought nothing of it. I went about doing my thing as usual – kicking up my heels and relax heheh...That night however, I had a bloody show. Wow!! I started to panick a little. Still no contractions. Well, not the ones that I am accustomed to. So, I thought “sleep on it and if when I wake, if the show continues, I will head down to see my gynea”.

True enough, the next day, I got another bout of bloody show with no known contractions. I still took my own sweet time. Read the news, made myself a nice breakfast and even chatted with hubby online. I even joked with hubby that if my gynea sees me, the first thing he'd say to me is “you want to induce?”. But I knew I could hold off any longer. I called the nurse, made a appointment (actually, what she said was “come now ah, doctor not in afternoon”).

So, I went in around 12 noon. Did a VE and said “you are 20%”. Why must he be so mathematical? What the heck is 20% anyway? Then again, 20% or 2cm makes no difference to me because they are such low numbers. I was hoping that if I was indeed in labour, I would have at least been 4cm right? Nope but I was spot on on what he'd say...“do you want to admit tonight?”. I looked at him speechless. I told him “no” and a million things ran across my mind “hospital bag not packed, bottles not sterilised, mattress not sun, credit card statement due, one more weekend of pigging out at moms, haven't had my korean bbq etc...”.

My gynea, knowing how relentless he is, said “ok, how about tomorrow morning?”. Again I looked at him, speechless...and he continued “you have to give birth some day you know” “what if you are in pain for days?” “Nevermind, you come in tomorrow morning at 8am, my nurse will book the room. We will put you on drips.” OK, like that is supposed to make me feel better.

After that, I drove to my mom's house, and told her that it may be time soon. And she'd have to help me get the stuff needed for my confinement. I think it was then that I felt the contractions. Not hard just fleeting but you can definitely feel it. No sweat. I can handle this. Not bad after all.

I went home after lunch at my mom's place. I started packing my hospital bag in a frenzy. Took out the bottles. And went to bed in an attempt to rest, sleep, do whatever to relax. I couldn't cos my heart was racing and my mind was full. I got up, still with the mild contractions, went and watered the plants outside. Fed the fishes and realised that 2 fishes have died. Bummer.

As soon as hubby came home, we drove to my MIL to have dinner and pick Ashley up. Or so I thought was in that order. Yes, we did have dinner and hubby drove home with Ashley. I stayed back at MIL's cos I couldn't move. The contractions came harder. While lying in bed, I actually heard a pop and my water-bag broke. Uh-uh...this is really it! My MIL was in a more panic state than I was. She was “oh no, I won't know how to deliver a baby”??? She hurried my FIL to get dressed to drive me to the hospital. But instead I assured her that the baby would not be making her way out any time soon. I then called my hubby to turn back and he did.

To be continued....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My mother's day present

Hmm...all my initial fears and anxiety flew out the window, figuratively speaking.

"She" decided to pop out early, last thursday morning to be exact. I think she must've heard mommy's fears loud and clear..LOL..

Anyway, from the time my water broke and the actual birth took less than 5 hours. I am surprised myself. I never thought I'd get through this in a single day let alone in a couple of hours. So, all in all, I'm happy with the way things turned out.

But, I've been exhausted as any mom is after giving birth. Looks like birth story and all (and how it will take another mammoth task to lose weight without weight loss pills) will have to wait just a little bit.

Just wanted to give everyone an update. Also to give a word of thanks for dropping by and checking up on me. Appreciate it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

False alarm

Call it hallucination or anxiety or just plain I-want-it-natural syndrome.

Really, when I was told that I will be "late" again this time - I simply cringe. I was like "why me...why again?". Ok, I know there are worst things that could happen but believe me, I am not liking the idea at all.

You know, the last time when this happened to me, I was excited. Totally bizzaro but I was! Contributed largely to the fact that I didn't know what to expect and you know, just went with anything. I mean, I didn't know what contractions would feel like, what it meant when my water-bag broke...things like that. Sure...of course...I would read about these things but actually experiencing them, feeling the pain is another. I knew the contractions would be a lot more intense if you were to have your birth induced...but for me it was like "ok..well, compared to what?". I had nothing to compare the intensity with.

However, now...I DO! It is horrible, horrible. I would never wish upon this on anyone, anyone at all. I'm not saying that it's totally un-bearable, it is but it's just...if I had a choice, I'd rather not.

So, anyway, last night, I felt it. I wasn't sure if it was contractions or simply, stomach ache from eating too much of my mom's kai choy soup (I had one bowl too many O_O). I was elated..at the fact that I may be experiencing contractions.

But, just like unique hotels, they are so hard to come by harder when your super gynae is right. The 'contractions' disappeared this morning when I woke up. And to think...all that mental celebration...short-lived..:-(
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