Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcoming the new lunar year

I suppose we are all set. Mostly.

Tonight, we'll begin our feasting. First stop : in laws. After that and hopefully with some extra gastronomical space, we'd have more at my grand-ma's! Can you tell...I just can't wait..:-)

Well, that's about all I have for you today. I won't go far though; you'll be hearing from me soon :-D

Have a grand celebration to the ones who are celebrating and a well deserved long weekend holiday for the rest.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

..and I thought the buying has stopped

Ash's boots. One of her many Christmas presents. Precisely what I mean when I say we need more space..

As I look around my home today, I've come to the realisation that it's pretty dull. I've had the same decor for the past 4 years that I've lived here and I fear I might have to live with them for another 4 years or more! *gasp*. I know, who can afford to re-decorate every few years or every now and then anyway? If you can, well, good for you. But for me, not only is it expensive but extremely time consuming. Plus, what am I going to do with the old stuff? I don't think I have it in me to give or sell them away and we don't have a large enough storage area either.

However, having said that, there is still room for improvement. By that, I mean, there are still some parts of the house that are not furnished. That's only because we halted any further renovations and installations of any built-in's when we found out about our surprised pregnancy (yes, it was a surprised because technically it's un-planned yet planned -- a little complicated, I know). So, any hacking or drilling or whatever had to be canceled and will only resume..oh, I don't know, a year from now perhaps.

Also, Ash needs more space for her things. It's amazing how a kid, barely 2, can have more possessions than hubby and I could during that time. I am totally baffled. At times, I have this firing urge to get rid some of them but well, I haven't done that yet.

So, anyway, I was sitting in the living-room this afternoon while Ash was asleep, somehow, I glanced across the room and noticed an empty corner slot, perfect for a glass door cabinet of some sort or even a book-shelf. I rang hubby up and asked if he was going to be late and since he said that he wasn't, I told him that we could head out to Ikea for dinner and get ourselves something nice for us. Of course, he had no idea what I was mumbling about but he got home anyway. And, off we went to continue our holiday shopping.

We did find what we liked and what we thought would fit nicely in the living-room. Unfortunately for us, the cabinet we wanted, was completely sold out. And, they are not expecting the replenished stock until the end of the month. So, that's a little pre-new year bummer. But, I guess the buying can stop for just a little while..:-D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home at last...

We are home...we are home..:-)

Actually, I am not too excited because I have tons of work around the house to do. Work such as cleaning and washing and mundane chores I'm sure it's the least of what you'd want to hear about. I don't exactly have a choice, what with the New Year's celebration coming up and all. And to think, it felt like it was just yesterday we celebrated Christmas and here we are, once again, puttering about and on to another big bang festivity.

Will I be doing up another list of resolution? Well, maybe an addendum perhaps -- to probably scrape some off from the original list..LOL..Nah, this time, I'd just sit back and go with the flow. Come what may. The itinerary is pretty straight-forward for the 1st 2 days (read : routine). I'll probably tell you more about it later.

In the meantime, I'm glad to say that this year, we've been extremely efficient where our shopping is concerned. We all have our new year clothes ready, washed and tucked away. OK, some are washed. Thank goodness for hubby's time off last year. So, all that is left right now are the cookies which my mom helped ordered and they are probably sitting at my mom's place as we speak. That reminds me - I've gotta pay her.

This is Ash's second new year celebration. I doubt she remembered her first. Come to think of it, I doubt she'll remember much of it this time round either. And can you believe what this naughty mama did with her "ang pow" last year? She spent it all!! Alright, let me justify that by saying that it wasn't much at all. Still, that's no reason to spend other people's $$ now is there?? you might holler..I know, so which is why for this year, I wow not to touch a single cent unless it's absolutely necessary *wink*.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Project New Year's resolution come true!

I, for one, have never big on New Year's resolution. Yet, I made one for this year albeit in a spur of the moment. I don't know what it is about 2009 but it compelled me to make a list of things that I feel are important and it made me want to accomplish all of those things. Or to try at the very least.

With that in mind, I think the one item on that list (oh, I made 9 of them! Call me insane..) requires immediate attention is the fact that I want to have my house loan settled.

A little ambitious you reckon? Yeah probably but with the current economic (and world political) outlook, things aren't looking too bright. In fact, it's rather stormy and if I have any say in it, having less financial commitments, the better.

I'm clearly not the expert but I can bet that, the way forward right now is to have solid financial planning. More so now than before. I need to keep track of our monthly budget and expenses a lot more closely now. I will need to somehow ensure that we tighten our belts a little further too.

In considering the above, I've also asked myself “what better way to manage one's finances than to have an all-in-one financial solution?” Well, let me tell you that you might be happy to know that Ambank has one specially designed for ALL your family financial needs – all in a single package!

With Family First Solution, you'd receive an Everyday Account, up to 10 Special Savings Accounts, special rates and privileges when you sign up for the Family First Home Solution and 5 Star Family Protection Solution packages plus consolidated statement comprising your savings and current account.

Sometimes, before committing yourself, you may want to do your research or conduct your own calculations. I mean, let’s face it, with ample of information readily available these days at your finger-tips, it's no wonder financial institutions have to be innovative in providing extra value-added services to their customers. AmBank is no exception in this area. They have provided special financial tools to make managing your financials so much easier. Tools such as Budget Planner, Savings Goal & Savings Over Time and Money Measure are easily accessible at their website -

In fact, you'll find plenty of information about this great solution by simply logging on to You'd even find a series of articles and Life Guides where you can learn more about how to manage your life through this informative guide that is mapped to your life stages and is filled with practical tips and useful ideas.

I don't think I've come across a more comprehensive financial solution for a regular family like mine. It isn't everyday that financial institutions take the initiative to provide an all encompassing plan for the ordinary family making a decent living. And I believe, AmBank has done so quite impressively.

But, don't just listen to me; go check out if you can't wait or go to your nearest AmBank branch and ask to speak with any of their family bankers. I am sure, they'd be happy to see you. Alternatively, you could call call 1300 80 8888 to speak to any of AmBank's Customer Service Officers to find out more about this interesting product.

Friday, January 16, 2009

No one told me..

"no one told me that one day, my child would be old enough to wipe his own bottom without supervision. one day I would not fret over spilled food, high fever or struggle with feelings of inadequacy and guilt. and that my heart would ache, oh so much, realizing that motherhood is not about feeding little bellies or shaping characters anymore. it is about providing my sons with a sense of safety and consistency. it is about helping them make their own choices, and fully understand the consequences of those choices. it is about preparing them for a life where they will no longer need me." - Momster

Beautifully written. I don't think I could ever articulate those feelings as well as she did.

Although, I am no where close to where she's at right now but I believe I will, one day. Even before I know it.

Reading this truly made me realise just how fast they grow up and how so much difficult it is to let go..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 Momsie soothers

1) sunshine

2) shortbread cookies –- Christmas hang-over

3) Ash's laughter

4) hearing my baby's heartbeat

5) beautiful pictures

6) yearly event

7) mom's chicken curry

8) sprite –- i'm into sodas lately

9) food for the sole

10) inspirational site that was nice :-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things I thought I'd never see again

The candlelight holders that you see above are one of the many wedding gifts that my best friend sent to me from NZ many years ago. Aren't they lovely?

However, I have a guilty admission to declare here - I left them behind!

It's not that I don't appreciate gifts - I DO! It's just...see, I lived with my in-laws for the first few years of being married while waiting for our new house to be built. Naturally, when you've lived in a place for over 4 years, you tend to accumulate stuff. I did. And when we moved out eventually, I left some of them behind -- embarrassingly, these stuffs are still there.

During the past month at my in-laws, I un-earthed many of my treasures that I didn't remember having but as soon as I saw them, I knew they were mine. Pretty silly huh! But, let the truth be known - I'm growing old and because of my failing memory, I honestly didn't know I had them in the first place. Can I plead amnesia as a defence? :-)

To help de-clutter my in-laws place (how did she put up with my things?), I'm taking some home with me this time. Something I should've done a long long time ago.

A close-up shot of what's in them. Trinkets from a traveling friend of mine. I should really keep them close to me. Really...

Something for Valentine's?

With Christmas out of the way, the gift-receiving season may appear to be over. However, it's far from over. In fact, it has just begun!

However, this may apply to ladies only :-D. Sorry guys, you are stuck at the giving end. Still, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy giving away lovely gifts to your loved ones and seeing their happy faces as they un-wrap their presents.

I for one, will not hesitate to remind hubby that Valentine's day is approaching and there is a great need to do good for mankind. Rather, in my case, woman-kind.

To make things easier for him, I'd tell him about GemznGold. A website guaranteed to make every woman or girl smile from ear to ear. A wide range of jeweleries to choose from. And what's more, it's easy access and site navigation boosts their convenience for online shoppers.

I know I am hooked. Wouldn't any girl be?

I don't know about you but I am not about to let this opportunity slip out of my hands anytime soon. Especially when time is definitely running out!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She is really enjoying herself

one of Ash's presents...i am absolutely clueless as to what it is

My in-laws are back from their month long holiday. They are actually more relieved I gather since they no longer have to brave the cold. If they had to choose, they'd rather be in place where it's hot and humid. Never mind the mozzies, just don't get the cold anywhere near them.

As expected, Ash was thoroughly happy to see her grandparents once again. In fact, we have decided to put up at their place for one more week. And I know Ash will thank me for this...heheheh...

Well, aside from her grandparents' presence, Ash also received a whole load of belated Christmas pressies from her aunts, uncles and cousins. There could've been more if not for my MIL's luggage overload -- so I've been told. But nevertheless, we're very appreciative of their thoughtfulness.

As for me, I'm getting the little reprieve for the past couple of days since Ash is being entertained. Actually, it's more than a little - it's a WHOLE lot. And I for one, will have to treasure this moment for as long as I can...:-D

Congratulations to...

Thanks to all who entered and making this quite a fun 'first' for me :-D

As much as I would love to give away to all, unfortunately I can't. Perhaps if I am fortunate once again to have someone sponsoring a give-away on this blog, you may try then.

Oh, Ash was quite helpful in helping me pick the winner. And...the lucky winner this time is :

I will be contacting you soon and congratulations once again.

p.s : Now, back to our regular Momsie posting soon.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday give-away : Momsie's first

I've been blogging for what, a year and a half now. And occasionally, whenever I surf the net to see what everyone else is doing, I stumble upon bloggers hosting give-aways on their blogs. In my year and a half of blogging, the thought of hosting a give-away on my own site did cross my mind several times but just never had the opportunity to do so.

Now I have.

Thanks to KN KAREN NEUBURGER, I learned that Thursday, January 9, 2009 was National Bubble Bath Day – in the US at least.

In conjunction with that, they were so kind in sponsoring a give-away on this very blog! Isn't that cool or what? Plus, the give-away is open to EVERYONE.

The give-away pack consist of : a comfy cozy, limited edition Chenille lounge socks with rubber grippers (retail at $15, perfect for post-bath and pictured below) along with a cute KN Shower Gel and Lotion set.

Sounds good?

Now, on to the rules. It's very simple because there is ONLY one. All you have to do is leave me a comment, letting me know you'd like to receive the pack. Yep, that's it. No fuss and no frus.

I'll leave the give-away on for about 3 days and Ash will get the honor of picking out the winner's name at random from a box. I will announce the winner on Monday (12/1/09) evening (Tuesday morning for some). Oh and don't forget to also provide your name and contact email just in case you're the winner.

In the meantime, KN KAREN NEUBURGER has some lovely after-bath sleepwears for kids. These sleepwears soft, snuggly, all designed to make your kids love baths even more. They come in pretty designs for girls and classic designs for boys. You can check them out

Have fun and good luck!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Room with a view

KLCC in the evening from our room

Immediately after the new year's, I was feeling a little bummed out. Mostly because I was exhausted. And also, I felt a tinged of reality setting in – the reality of my life changing (again) in a few short months. I did say that as soon as we hit 2009, the clock will really start to tick and I couldn't be more correct.

I was probably 'hung-over' and the effects of it lasted a few days -- the reason why you are only reading about this now.

For the last day of the year (I cannot believe that it's almost a week now!), I wanted to spend the day (and night) in the city. So, I made reservations at one of KL's newest hotels. Mind you, I made the reservations some few months ahead of know, just in case.

After a wonderful night's stay, all I have is one word to describe the experience : C-O-O-L!! I have absolutely no complaints about the place. I chose it simply because it's new for one thing. It's extremely close to the KLCC shopping center and they even provided 'transportation' (buggy) to and from there (we are quite the lazy lot). And I wanted a perfect view of the fireworks in the comfort of my own space with a hot drink and not having to rumble with the crowd. I'm a such a sucker! Thus, I am every bit the satisfied customer.

However, what I didn't know (Well, I should have since the name itself is a dead give-away) was that they aren't exactly a family oriented hotel. Their set-up is geared more towards the urban individuals and the business-minded. As such, you won't find any activities and play area for kids. There isn't even a kids pool! So, if you're looking for a family weekend getaway in the city, you're probably better off putting up at Mandarin Oriental or the traditional Hilton or Shang.

Anyway, to satisfy your curious minds, below are a couple of more photos that we took.

Monday, January 5, 2009

...and that is why they are your better-half

Last night was one night in quite a while that I stayed up past mid-night. Granted, I don't have (yet) any school-going children, I decided to be defiant and break the school-night rule.

As usual, I'd finish watching my dose of crime solving mystery (CSI) and thought I'd surf the net. While doing that, I was doing a couple of things as well : like ponder about today. I know how many parents will wake up excited and anxious about the new school day especially those with kids who are attending school or kindy for the first time this year. And how the roads will be hustling and bustling with traffic since we live close to the city and folks are back from their well earned vacation.

Then, it led me to think about how today will be the first day in 2 weeks that Ash and I'd be spending our day without hubby. It's not just for today; it will be for quite a while seeing as how difficult it is for him to have off-days. More so in the ensuing months. As much as we'd love for hubby to be around but it's time to get some work done.

I went to bed after that feeling rather sleepy and I just dozed off within seconds.

When I did wake up this morning, it was late mind you, Ash was already bouncing around in the room. She couldn't reach for the door knob yet so she patiently waited for me to get my big butt up. I did, and as I kissed her on the cheek, she said “Mar ney” (Barney) indicating she wanted to watch her favourite show.

I smiled, brushed her hair and led her out of the room. We passed my notebook when heading towards the living-room and there I saw a a handwritten note on the front of an envelope. I couldn't help but smiled again and I knew instantly that he too felt what I felt – wishing that the holidays didn't have to end.

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