Monday, January 5, 2009

...and that is why they are your better-half

Last night was one night in quite a while that I stayed up past mid-night. Granted, I don't have (yet) any school-going children, I decided to be defiant and break the school-night rule.

As usual, I'd finish watching my dose of crime solving mystery (CSI) and thought I'd surf the net. While doing that, I was doing a couple of things as well : like ponder about today. I know how many parents will wake up excited and anxious about the new school day especially those with kids who are attending school or kindy for the first time this year. And how the roads will be hustling and bustling with traffic since we live close to the city and folks are back from their well earned vacation.

Then, it led me to think about how today will be the first day in 2 weeks that Ash and I'd be spending our day without hubby. It's not just for today; it will be for quite a while seeing as how difficult it is for him to have off-days. More so in the ensuing months. As much as we'd love for hubby to be around but it's time to get some work done.

I went to bed after that feeling rather sleepy and I just dozed off within seconds.

When I did wake up this morning, it was late mind you, Ash was already bouncing around in the room. She couldn't reach for the door knob yet so she patiently waited for me to get my big butt up. I did, and as I kissed her on the cheek, she said “Mar ney” (Barney) indicating she wanted to watch her favourite show.

I smiled, brushed her hair and led her out of the room. We passed my notebook when heading towards the living-room and there I saw a a handwritten note on the front of an envelope. I couldn't help but smiled again and I knew instantly that he too felt what I felt – wishing that the holidays didn't have to end.


Tammy said...

What a sweet note!

Irene said...

awwww... tiz is so sweeeeeet!

*passing by ur blog*

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