Thursday, June 26, 2014


So, what is your take on sleepovers?

Honestly, I am not a fan. The thing is, if you start allowing your kids to have sleepovers or go for sleepovers, the requests will not end..or will it?

The only place where we allow the kids to have sleepovers is their grandparents' place. And since they've had a taste of freedom from us, they really love it and it's been a routine ever since.

The thought of allowing the kids to sleepover at their friend(s)' home, we are not keen. They will have plenty of that when they are much older. Or, maybe they won't have it at all because according to Amy Chua aka Tiger Mom, she never allowed sleepovers. Seems like her kids have grown up fine.

We are traditional. No sleeping over at other people's house. Can go over for a playdate but no sleeping over. Kids under the age of 7 are not allowed to spend time at people's house unsupervised. As a result, I have had to decline requests for playdates for my 5 year old because I am so freaking lazy hehehhe...

Nevertheless, I do feel bad when parents ask for sleepovers. No matter what I say, I am implying that they (the parents) are not trustworthy or I do not trust them or whatever.

Oh well.

I remembered once when I was 8 or so. My parents left me with a relative. Because some people were visiting and we all went over to this relative's house. My grand aunt suggested that I could spend the night with them. She had good intentions. She thought the kids could all hang and play. At the time, I really didn't want to but my mom gave in out of respect to my grand aunt. But, the older 'aunt' was really mean. She completely dominated our playtime and excluded me in all their activities. Of course, I felt so so miserable and I totally didn't enjoy myself whatsoever. All the while, I kept hoping and praying that my parents would come bring me home. I just wanted to get out of there.

My mom didn't know any better. But, as a parent now, I know what sleepovers can potentially be and if I can prevent any unpleasantries from happening to my own kids, I will do my best not let it happen. Besides, when they are older, they will have all the opportunities for sleepovers with their friends. What with school camps and whatever else camps that they may attend. Just not the time now....yet.


Hah! I must really be aging. Just yesterday, I insisted Ash wear a particular pair of socks. She kept refusing and I kept insisting. And, she got mad at me. Then, I was MY mistake because I had been going on and on about the wrong pair of socks. I took and gave Em's socks instead. No wonder she kept saying "I cannot fit in it, mommy!". And all the while, I thought she was just being picky.


I apologised and of course, she ended with "you might want to get me more socks!". O_O.

It's true. I hadn't realised that Em had more socks than Ash. #mommysbad

This aging thing, I am really feeling it. My eyes, my forgetfulness, and soon, I'll need fancy noriko wigs for my bald patch *yikes*

Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to get your sister out of your hair

created by Ashley for Em

Ash : Here you go Emily...find the words...ask Mommy if you can't find any. O_O

It's the "ask Mommy" part that I cringe..hehhe..

A little backstory : 

The girls were ill 2 weeks back. I don't know what it was but they had fever that kept yo-yo ing up and down. At one stage I thought it was dengue. But, thankfully it wasn't. On top of the fever, they were coughing and had runny nose. They were at home for a week. Towards the end of the week, they were better and started to annoy each other (and me). 

So, one day, Ash decided to draw up this puzzle for Em. You know, to keep Em occupied. But, as you  know, Em wouldn't know how to find the words because she can't read yet!! Well, she can do "cat" and "dog" but she struggles with words having 4 letters in them. 

I told Ash that Em wouldn't be able to do it. Ash rolled her eyes and exclaim "but, it's so easy!" - Wah lau! How action?! Anyways, I ended up helping Em find the words and she circled them..heheheh.

Not part of backstory : I am surprised with Ash. For someone who didn't read till she was 5.5 years old, she's doing quite well. Of course, this improved English literacy skill is to the exclusion of other languages i.e Mandarin and BM.'s ok la..she knows Yik, Err, San, Sher...and Mau Makan...good enough for me :-D.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

f i v e

I cannot believe my baby is 5! 

On the morning of her birthday, I asked her how old she was, she replied "3?" and proceeded to doing her baby talk.

She is one cheeky girl. Here she had her mini birthday celebration with family and her best buds (I say buds because all of them are boys). They had a soccer-themed party, complete with personalised jerseys and a coach (hubby lar...heheh). 

Oh Em, you're doing great! Apart from the spills and thrills, you truly are a joy to all of us. I thank God for the privilege to be your mom. 

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