Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm always having trouble with titles...

Hmm, if you're in my part of the world, have you noticed that they (Astro) have been screening plenty of sitcoms re-runs lately? There's this Seinfeld and Friends back-to-back in the evenings. Swell isn't it??? I just love them! Don't you? I mean, sitcoms? They are so hilarious and entertaining and funny (hey, isn't that the same thing?) and relaxing; it certainly beats having to sit down and decipher what retail pos systems actually do.

At this stage, I need all the relaxation I can get and muster. I realised I don't talk about my pregnancy as much as some people do. You know, the everyday or every month run down. For starters, I didn't talk about it earlier because like I mentioned, me being superstitious and me finding it difficult to sit in front of the computer for a long period of time. This round of pregnancy, the experience is totally different - I get tired easily and less happy. Possible reasons - I'm older now and at the back of my mind, I'm constantly worrying and stressing about Ash.

Ash gets bored easily. I suppose all kids do, and especially so at her age. And I feel bad for not being able to entertain or play with her as much as I'd like to. It's as though I'm hindering her wanting to explore and discover by not being an active participant, to guide her and to lead her to discover more. Plus, I'm constantly thinking about what happens when the baby is born. What will happen then?

You know what, I think I think too much (oh and this is just one my many thoughts;there are more :-D ). I know many would say that. And I will be asked to stop thinking and just take things one day at a time. Really, I'm trying but I can't help it; I want to be mentally prepared to handle these things when, you know, the time comes. Then again, will there be a time when you are ever prepared...about things like these?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The truth is - there aren't any rabbits! Nor did we bumped into any. It's just that I was staring blankly at my computer screen for 5 minutes just thinking of a title; an appropriate title to this post. Unfortunately, nothing came to mind. I glanced over at one of Ash's flash-cards and there was this picture of a rabbit. So, I just 'borrowed' the word and typed it. ;-) When was my last post? Alright, the weekend was filled with eating resulting in me possibly needing an orovo detox. I kid, I KID! Anyway, on Friday, my mom, sis, Ash and I went to 1U Chilis for dinner. For some funny reason, I had a sudden craving attack for nachos. Half-way through dinner, I realised it was a huge mistake cos Ash wouldn't sit still and she didn't want the high-chair. Each of us had to take turns taking her outside for some entertainment. She was particularly grumpy and irritable that night. Then again, she's been a little grumpy and irritable lately so, I've just gotta wait it out.

Then on Sunday (Sat was rest day), my mom made her to-die-for prawn noodle/mee!. It's so good, there should be a tv show for it. I am serious! Once you've tasted it, you never want to taste another prawn noodle...EVER...:-D. I had, oh, I don't know, I think in total 5 bowls! Not at once, just at 3 hour interval..LOL. But it was good. By the time we reached MIL's place, I almost felt like puking cos I could hardly breathe. And not to mention, the gas! Plus, I couldn't sleep that night cos my stomach was extremely bloated and I think I might have had a minor bout of heartburn. I had that once when I was pregnant with Ash and it was bad. I felt as if my chest was about to explode. So, this time, I told myself "go easy on the food"....But, as usual, I never listen, even to ME. Luckily, it was minor. I must remember : eat less, eat frequent..

Then, on Monday evening (which incidentally was my BIG day!!! *grins*), we all went to Arisu for a dose of Korean BBQ. I am telling you, that place rocks. We had the pork, chicken, beef, Kimchi soup, kimchi pie, steamed egg. And it was as if I had gone to heaven and back again...hehehe...OK, I am exaggerating but it was close. And Dad came along (he's usually not that adventurous). He paid the bill (pai seh). Everyone dug in and finished everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I on the other hand, was trying incredibly hard to stay focus and abstain from chow-ing down too much. It wasn't easy I am telling you. It wasn't easy at all!

So, that was my "Deepavali"; hope you had a fab time feasting too!

Friday, October 24, 2008

What I crave for now as I am typing this...

That, ladies and gents, would have to be 'nasi lemak'. I know, it's funny. And the spicier the better cos I think it's cos of the urge to kick-start the taste-buds in my mouth. Oh it does work; only temporary. After the fire is gone, everything goes back to normal - bland and un-appetizing.

I'm not officially back at home yet. Blogging from my mom's house. Been there since last night. Hubby will be home tomorrow. I hope he is able to get the lens that I've asked for. Otherwise, I would have to wait till next year when MIL gets home. Then again, it's fine cos I haven't been photographing much either. Yeah, another aversion. I don't know, this time, it just feels worst. I don't think I am having the best feeling. Of course, branded MP3 players might just do the trick. But...nah...I doubt it!

The lil person that I feel for the most is Ash. I haven't been goofying around much with her. Come to think of it, I haven't written much about her either. I hope this phase will pass soon. I feel Ash may be a little detached from me since I've not been carrying her much and playing with her. Everytime, she wants me to get my butt moving, I just decline and she gets fed-up of asking and just leaves me alone. Terrible huh! And I've been sending her to MIL's place more these days in the afternoon so I can take my nap (sleep/nap is so elusive at my house).

Hey, you know what, I did tell myself to start a cheerful post. Just look at where is heading towards?! Anyway, before I bore you with more sorry bits about my boring self, I better end here.

You guys have a good weekend. I'll talk to ya next week.

P.S : Oh, before I go, a little rant: The other day, I was at the post-office to get my driver's license renewed. The guy at the counter asked if I wanted to renew it for a year. I said "no, 5 years" while lifting up my palm with 5 fingers wide open so he could have a visual as well in case he hadn't heard me. When all is done, he gave me the license and when I checked, it was only renewed for a year! I really don't know what else to say....I honestly take my hat off to these people. I asked him if he could un-do what he did but ended up giving me all kinds of excuses that made no sense whatsoever. Plus, I really didn't have the time to listen to more nonsense, I just left it as that.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Carol!!!

My baby's sister celebrates her 21st birthday today. She's now officially an 'adult' and can be married off without our parents' consent (hint hint to the one who's been patiently waiting..:-P).

We're not having any big celebration today cos we already had one on Tuesday. And I've already given her her present. So, I'm good...

Apart from that - nothing much's been happening. Except that my absence from the blogosphere was largely due to the fact that I haven't been home for the past couple of days. Ash and I have been a nomad moving from one house to another for sleep-overs. Hubby isn't around so I didn't want to be alone with Ash at home...with my urm..situation.

OK, I think it is time I come clean - yes, you guys are right! I am in the final stages of the 1st trimester. I didn't want to officially say anything at first because firstly, I am highly superstitious (and it isn't this one thing that I'm superstitious about either) and secondly, my pregnancy aversions actually includes going online. It's true, I'm not even joking. Every time, I look at my lappie - I want to throw up. And it gets worst in the evenings and nights. At times, I would even tell my hubby "Don't go online. I might just puke!" It's crazy I tell ya!

Apart from that, I'm doing ok. The only thing that gets me going is shopping. I'm looking for more baby stuff since I've not had the complete infant system for Ash the last time. At that time, I wasn't sure if I actually needed some stuff but realised later that I really do. SO, I'm not taking any chances this time. Of course, there are also somethings that I don't mind having again; just to have that feeling of new-ness like new crib bedding for instance. But I know what hubby would say "Don't waste money". Oh well...I probably won't tell him if that's the case..*wink*...

Alright, I'm off now. No, it's not the aversion but Ash is awake and she wants something...ttyl!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Don't mind me...

Ooooo...just read online (I can only go online during the day cos by night-time, I'm like a zombie) that our petrol prices have reduced (yet again). But doesn't make much of a difference to me cos firstly, I don't travel far. In fact, on some days, I don't travel at all. Am I so arrogant that the little savings counts to nothing? No, it's not that. If you knew how much I use in a week or a month for that matter, you'd realise that it's not the petrol that saves me money but prices of tangible things.

Ever since the petrol prices sky-rocketed recently, so has my bowl of noddle at a nearby kopitiam. What used to costs RM3.50, now it's RM4.00. Worst is, even if the petrol prices were and will be reduced in the last month or so, the cost of my bowl of noodle won't! So will the new transportation charges the newspaper-man levied on my FIL last month (they still prefer the old fashion way of reading the newspaper. Frankly, so do I).

I just find it so redundant with the reduction now. It's not as if I can now suddenly afford those fancy Sector watches with the savings.

To quote my MIL on her conversation with the market lady:

"When you increase your price, you say it's petrol. Now, petrol price drop, you pretend to be dumb and ignorant la".

P.S : Oh yes, don't mess with MIL when she's at the market ok...

P.S.S : Notice there are no photos today? I'm just not up to it; just too lazy to switch the other computer on and upload bla bla bla...long story. Besides, my hormones has gone a little haywire lately -- hence, the tone of this post. So, don't mind me...while I let some of it off...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Many many thoughts...

Ash thought this baby looked like someone she'd like to get to know

Firstly – there are endless Christmas presents to buy. I could ignore them since even if I'd bought them, I would not be the one delivering to the recipients and seeing their faces (hopefully in glee) light up when they finished unwrapping them. Yeah, I am funny like that – the joy (for me) is seeing happy and surprised faces more than shopping for the gifts itself. I thought about it and since sending Christmas Cards or Holiday cards is so impersonal, I decided to get the gifts in any case even if we are not there sharing the gift-giving and gift-receiving season.

OK now--what on earth am I talking about here? Well, that, incidentally, brings me to “secondly”. You see, I'm not sure if you remember me talking about getting flight tickets for our year-end trip. I believe it was a short one and offered no explanation whatsoever. My apologies; explanation coming right here – we were supposed to spend Christmas in sunny Australia (it would be sunny by the time we went there). Hubby was able to secure a one month long vacation leave and we thought it appropriate to spend the holidays with the rest of his family in Aust.

We were particularly excited about this trip simply because this will be the first time, in a LONG time, the ENTIRE family gets together and just be a family. His family is kind of split up in that we and his parents are here while his siblings are over there. There was never a right time for everyone to be at one place because of work commitments. And so, we thought this would be it taking into consideration that Christmas is a time where in Aust, people are on long vacation so there will be no need to inconvenience anyone into taking unscheduled leaves to accommodate us. Sounds like a plan doesn't it? That's what we thought too until...

Due to some recent developments, which unfortunately I can only blog about a little later (sorry again!), we had to cancel our flights. Luckily there were some change in the dates and we hadn't paid for it at the time when we canceled. But, my in laws will continue with the original plan of going and to my envy – will get a taste of the infamous turkey that my BIL makes and raves about every year!

Oh how I was really looking forward to this trip. I had plans of what we would be doing; like camping for instance. I know, the summer heat and insects but unless you've done it like I have, it's actually very fun. Not forgetting the After-Christmas sale. It's not the States but for what I intend to look for, it's enough. Ah..just thinking about it makes me a little sad. But, the cancellation is due to a very good reason, so, I shouldn't beat myself up anymore. Besides, I will get my therapy from shopping for pressies for my MIL to bring over..:-D

So, other than that, I'm feeling better. Not entirely but better. I went for my monthly quick fix yesterday; my feet feels great after a soothing massage and pedi. I've gotta say that I am quite lucky in that I get to indulge in some kind of comfort every month – my facial and pedi. To just take away the routine and all. And they don't costs a lot either cos I don't go to swanky upmarket over-the-top beauty centres to have my face and nails done up. In fact, in total, my facial and pedi combined doesn't even cost more than RM150. I would think that is a steal for some sort of pampering, no?

We have got quite a bit going on this weekend and next. The Raya feasting is far from over for one thing. Plus, full-moon and birthday celebrations. So, am bracing myself for a busy weekend and not the usual sedated ones I have been having lately. Really, with my mood and condition – sometimes, even eating can be a problem.

Oh dear, I didn't realise what a long and winding post this has become. Hope you didn't fall asleep at mid-point...heheheh...I'll stop here, more later!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rare occasion

This morning is one of those rare occasion where we are (or rather, I am) awake before Ash. She's been so exhausted from yesterday's activities that even until now, as I am typing this, she's still asleep! I'll let her sleep in a little before checking on her.

I haven't much planned for today except maybe, get some new furniture; like a proper chest drawer for Ash. I have been using this plastic-container type drawer for her clothes since she was born. Initially, they were meant for her toys and other non-clothing type of things but since we had another bigger box for her toys, I decided to use it for her clothes before getting her a proper one. I figured, since her clothes were tiny, they didn't require much space so I left it as that. But, as you would've guessed by now that I procrastinated..for too long and now, the drawer is over-flowing and I seriously need to get her a proper (and bigger) chest drawer.

Plus, I've also had my eye on this really comfortable one seater which I am hoping that with a little coaxing, hubby will get it for me..LOL..Oh, and I also want those ultra expensive, wallet breaking and chic- looking kitchen faucets for my "wet" and "dry" kitchen. But I think, I shouldn't push my luck that far if ya' know what I mean! ;-)

Alrighty, I'll get a pic up for you when I get my couch; in the meantime, you have a Sunday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thoughts from a mind that is a little clearer today

I haven't been myself lately. I bet you've noticed that too! It will pass soon enough..I hope.

Oh, before I forget; let me give thanks to the wonderful people who commented and wished me on my 7th Anniversary. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And as to the present - I'll post about it soon.

We didn't do anything in particular that day. We're sort of past that "celebration mode" many years ago so it has been a pretty much ordinary day for us since then. In fact, hubby even forgot about it when I told him about it. Years ago, I would've beaned him if he forgets important dates but you know, after a while, these things become less and less important. Another significant sign of old-age I guess..:-) must be wondering (if you are) why it took us so long to have kids. We've been asked that question, I think, a gazillion times. Most people wondered if we were having some kind of infertility problem. Thankfully, that wasn't the case and the reason was a simple one really; we just weren't ready to be parents. Being responsible for someone's life was huge..too huge for us even though we weren't 19 or 20 when we got married. We were 26. But still, that fear just put us off having kids for a while. That's it really.

As to how many kids we want to have -- it's still an ongoing debate because for me, 1 or 2 would be more than enough whereas the great hubby wants a football team! Go figure who wins at the end of this round!

Uh-uh..I'm late. I need to get Ashley's lunch cooked and get ready cos we are going out for our Raya lunch. I, for one, do not intend to miss out on ANY of the yummy appetizers!

Talk to you soon.. And if you're celebrating - Selamat Hari Raya!

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