Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The truth is - there aren't any rabbits! Nor did we bumped into any. It's just that I was staring blankly at my computer screen for 5 minutes just thinking of a title; an appropriate title to this post. Unfortunately, nothing came to mind. I glanced over at one of Ash's flash-cards and there was this picture of a rabbit. So, I just 'borrowed' the word and typed it. ;-) When was my last post? Alright, the weekend was filled with eating resulting in me possibly needing an orovo detox. I kid, I KID! Anyway, on Friday, my mom, sis, Ash and I went to 1U Chilis for dinner. For some funny reason, I had a sudden craving attack for nachos. Half-way through dinner, I realised it was a huge mistake cos Ash wouldn't sit still and she didn't want the high-chair. Each of us had to take turns taking her outside for some entertainment. She was particularly grumpy and irritable that night. Then again, she's been a little grumpy and irritable lately so, I've just gotta wait it out.

Then on Sunday (Sat was rest day), my mom made her to-die-for prawn noodle/mee!. It's so good, there should be a tv show for it. I am serious! Once you've tasted it, you never want to taste another prawn noodle...EVER...:-D. I had, oh, I don't know, I think in total 5 bowls! Not at once, just at 3 hour interval..LOL. But it was good. By the time we reached MIL's place, I almost felt like puking cos I could hardly breathe. And not to mention, the gas! Plus, I couldn't sleep that night cos my stomach was extremely bloated and I think I might have had a minor bout of heartburn. I had that once when I was pregnant with Ash and it was bad. I felt as if my chest was about to explode. So, this time, I told myself "go easy on the food"....But, as usual, I never listen, even to ME. Luckily, it was minor. I must remember : eat less, eat frequent..

Then, on Monday evening (which incidentally was my BIG day!!! *grins*), we all went to Arisu for a dose of Korean BBQ. I am telling you, that place rocks. We had the pork, chicken, beef, Kimchi soup, kimchi pie, steamed egg. And it was as if I had gone to heaven and back again...hehehe...OK, I am exaggerating but it was close. And Dad came along (he's usually not that adventurous). He paid the bill (pai seh). Everyone dug in and finished everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I on the other hand, was trying incredibly hard to stay focus and abstain from chow-ing down too much. It wasn't easy I am telling you. It wasn't easy at all!

So, that was my "Deepavali"; hope you had a fab time feasting too!


Tammy said...

Hi Shireen! It sounds like you had a yummy time. :o)

sting said...

that sounds like a great feasting time :-)take care and ya, eat less but frequent...

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