Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm always having trouble with titles...

Hmm, if you're in my part of the world, have you noticed that they (Astro) have been screening plenty of sitcoms re-runs lately? There's this Seinfeld and Friends back-to-back in the evenings. Swell isn't it??? I just love them! Don't you? I mean, sitcoms? They are so hilarious and entertaining and funny (hey, isn't that the same thing?) and relaxing; it certainly beats having to sit down and decipher what retail pos systems actually do.

At this stage, I need all the relaxation I can get and muster. I realised I don't talk about my pregnancy as much as some people do. You know, the everyday or every month run down. For starters, I didn't talk about it earlier because like I mentioned, me being superstitious and me finding it difficult to sit in front of the computer for a long period of time. This round of pregnancy, the experience is totally different - I get tired easily and less happy. Possible reasons - I'm older now and at the back of my mind, I'm constantly worrying and stressing about Ash.

Ash gets bored easily. I suppose all kids do, and especially so at her age. And I feel bad for not being able to entertain or play with her as much as I'd like to. It's as though I'm hindering her wanting to explore and discover by not being an active participant, to guide her and to lead her to discover more. Plus, I'm constantly thinking about what happens when the baby is born. What will happen then?

You know what, I think I think too much (oh and this is just one my many thoughts;there are more :-D ). I know many would say that. And I will be asked to stop thinking and just take things one day at a time. Really, I'm trying but I can't help it; I want to be mentally prepared to handle these things when, you know, the time comes. Then again, will there be a time when you are ever prepared...about things like these?


Tammy said...

You're pregnant?!!! Did you mention it before or did I just miss it? CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Shern's mom said...

When I read that you're pregnant, I go through all your older post to check if I missed the announcement. Anyway, congrats. How far along are you now?

Shireen Loh said...

Tam : Yep, you just missed it! LOL..It wasn't a biggie announcement - just a very very short mention buried somewhere in a couple of post back. Thanks for your wishes though! :-)

Shern's Mom : Thanks for your wishes. Sorry, it wasn't an announcement per se. Just a short mention. I'm currently, about 13++ weeks and thankfully, the 'morning sickness" (or in my case, the night sickness) has sub-sided a little.

mott said...

Hehehhe.... have one more kid..and experience a whole new level of tiredness! Then when you have the fourth's suddenly not so bad! Because your No.1 and No.2 can help with No3. and No4 and No5 and No6..

Ooo..I'm going mad!

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