Monday, December 24, 2012

Blessed Christmas 2012


Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas where ever you are, where ever you may be. Lots happened in 2012 and I for one am extremely grateful. Lets just give thanks on this Christmas day and pray for an Iphone 5 from Santa! (sic). 

Merry Merry Christmas...Ho Ho Ho!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

At the playground


Mini was asleep when the one up there had all the fun. Naturally, all hell broke loose when she woke up O_O.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Will and Kate are parents bound

The world is going crazy. The Duchess of something is pregnant! Every magazine, every newspaper, every online news, tv news...everything is reporting the happy news. Someone committed suicide because of this "world event". See how importante the news is?

I say, give the poor Princess a break. As it is, she cannot shit in peace, can't even be pregnant in peace. But, I have to say, she's taking it pretty well. I mean, so far she's been able to take in the scrutiny, the being a public figure. Doing an absolutely fantastic job. I can't say the same now that she's preggers and eventually when crazy hormones start to kick in (post delivery and all...). Or crazy hormones could kick in sooner. I don't know.

When all's said and done, Princess really has some fine clothes. Every piece is just fitting. Trendy yet classy, thus be-fitting a Princess. I believe it's her personality and her entire look. Dress her in drab and she'll still look stunning. 

Yes, I do like her style. And, possibly a million others. But, unlike most, I kinda want to leave her alone and not be the serial stalker. Just creepy and to an extent, extremely rude. This is probably the downside of being a Princess, eh?

What's on the Xmas tree?



The above are some of the stuffs that are on my BIL's Xmas tree. I haven't taken those on my SIL. We helped decorated 2 trees this year. OK, not exactly 'we' but the girls did. Of course, they also gave my SIL and BIL a good heart attack in the process (used the twirly lights as skipping rope!). Anyway, the girls having some good X'masy fun. (read : only the girls cos their mom is exhausted). 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My little drummer girl...


All she wants for Christmas is a pirate sword. Oh and also, a set of drums. Yeah, of all things...DRUMS! As it is, piano is bad enough (especially when practising their scales), drums will be worst I reckon. Besides, us being no celebrity, I cannot afford to dedicate a room for soundproofing. We don't have enough rooms!

So, anyway, she has stopped asking for her 'drums'. For now. Let us see how far this obsession of hers will go. I hope it will last till....the end of (to)day? :-D. Otherwise, instead of scouting for cheap acoustic guitar, we'll have to go get her a pair of drumsticks! *shudders* 

Super hero to the Rescue


After decorating the tree (and causing a ruckus), Ash decided to...urm..strike a pose? hehehe...

Honestly, I don't know what she's doing because the picture was taken by her sister and I only came across this photo days after the event. So, I can only guess. Doing the super-hero? Doing the Madonna? 

I haven't got a clue. Have you?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The thought of moving....

...just brings me to tears. 

Not because I'll miss my home, but - I'll have to pack! I look at my existing home and I feel that I should just pack my entire life's treasure into a tiny weeny suitcase. Everything else that does and do not fit, will be given away, donated or sold on Ebay. Travel light...that is what they all recommend. I'll take it.

We cannot bear to move and that's the truth. The girls childhood is here. Everything is here. Our first home is here. What we built over the years -- is here. So why bother? Well, in reality, our house is good for a couple with really really small family. Like maybe a family of 3. Any digit that more than 3, is considered one too many.

Also, you might want to ask - if we love the house so much, why don't just renovate and add some more space or even another room? Well, we considered that. But, because we live in a townhouse, every inch of the space is used. I cannot even consider reducing my bedroom space to make way for another. Call it the ingenuity of the designer/developer, but there is nothing I can do to the house to make way for, say, another room.

I am the sort who dislikes clutter. I like a little space in between. I don't need a bungalow though. We don't have a maid, so living in an obscenely huge house is well, not necessary. Just a reasonable amount of space to you know, kind of make the living a tad bit more comfortable...not just for me but for everyone.

Having said that, we have yet to find our dream house. I don't know when we will ever find it because real estate prices have sky-rocketed in recent years. I may have to travel to Taiping for some decent living. And, no offence to the folks there, but...only when I am 60? I know Taiping fairly well. My dad is from there. In fact ancestors were from there. I have relations still from there. I won't know how to get around that's for sure as it has been more than 10 years since I have been back. But, I know what it entails.

If I didn't have kids, I would move for the heck of it. Bored with one place, move to another. The thought of re-designing the home, pack, getting kids to pack, the logistics. It is such a nightmare. Such hardwork. People who designs for a living have my utmost respect! I find it brain wrecking. Just the colour scheme will throw me off course. Then comes texture, look, style, feel, etc...which pad foam to get. I mean, really? I salute you people. Only a true artist will find joy in solving the decorating puzzle. And I am not one of them. Ask me to sit and do nothing, yes. Ask me which floor tile goes with which kitchen top...I will simply run and hide or flush ze head in ze toilet bowl. 

Honestly...honestly. I think moving is simply not my thing.

2012 Advent Calendar


 Have you gotten your advent calendar? The girls got theirs. Filled with little chockies. The moment it got into their hands (and fingers), they opened up each 'window' and devoured each choc almost immediately. Before I could explain that you can only open up once a day for the next 25 days, I might as well as have been speaking in Swahili for all they cared. And, it was gone in a matter of...a couple of days (I think). Kampong girls...really kampong girls.

Oh well, at least they loved the chockies. I would have loved it too if I had an opportunity to get my hands in them quick enough! ppfftt...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Street performer

If my girls can't study or work in the corporate field or do both....they can consider a career in street performance. I am not entirely sure what they can do. Juggling? Clown? be a mime artist? Or play the piano or guitar? Before they can actually perform on the streets, they have to learn the craft first. I mean, you don't really want to suck at performing and have no money pelted at you right?

Anyway, I think these people make tons of money. Tax free and under the carpet. Cash. I think it's a fine profession. They are not out murdering, or robbing people, right? Still a decent living. They could be making more than all the CEOs of the world. Only problem is, you have to be really good la. I mean, no half-baked stunts. If want to mime, you better make damn sure it's mime and not some tau foo making some robotic moves, you know what I mean?

Likewise, if they want to play whatever musical instrument, they better make sure they can "play" in the first place. Which means, they go to learn how to play...the piano or guitar. I should start comparing instrument prices, cost of lessons, as well as cost of spare parts (in case we need replacements). 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas presents for my girls

Confession time : I have no clue what to get my girls for Christmas! 

It's ok la. They will get plenty of gifts from their aunts uncles and cousins. Besides, we do not have enough of space at home. Neither do we have space in our luggage. Also, we are not exactly swimming in wealth either to be able to get them tons of presents or whatever piques their fancy while walking by the shops. I tell you - my girls are truly capable. Which is also why I tend not to make going to the malls my top weekend priority.

As it is, they've already asked for this and that...and this and that. More of this; some of that. The worst part is, they will only be interested in whatever they want for a short period of time. Like..2 days. And then, they'd move on to something else. See what I mean? It's never-ending. Plus, not as if I can pluck money out of the apple tree or something. I can't obviously.

So, I thought..well, since I am undecided on what I want to get the girls, I contemplated on telling Ash (at least) that this year, for Christmas, her gift will be given to an unfortunate kid who has no mommy and daddy to spend Christmas with. I was so sure she will jump at the go select the present, wrap the present, do her craft magic on the Christmas card. At the time, she will learn important lessons, keep her busy, get her motivated...etc..So, win-win, right? Score right? Pat on the back for that wonderful human being that I am and a true example to humankind that I would also deserve that Nobel Peace Prize. Thank you..thank you...the pleasure was all mine... 

Armed with a big smile and a big head, I approached Ash one morning to excitedly tell her about my proposed plan for her Christmas present. At first, she was speechless. I thought "oh, the big grin and jump-for-excitement will come any second". But, instead, her eyes went red, tears started flowing. Then a loud wail like her pet rabbit had died! My MIL thought she fell or something. As for me, I was clearly dumbfounded and naturally, stunned by her response to my err...nobel idea. 

I asked her why she cried. I mean, an obvious question. Then she told me that she was looking forward to opening presents on Christmas day, everyone will have a present to open and she will have none. Also (and more importantly) she really really REALLY wanted that Barbie something. O.M.G!!!

I will let this one slide -- although, I was looking forward to that award. I figured that, she's been looking forward to Christmas since..well, last Christmas. And, she doesn't always ask to buy toys and stuff. It's only a once a year affair. Plus, there will be another opportunity for me to do this act of giving to the less fortunate anyways. I can wait. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas presents

Christmas is less than a month away. In fact, it will be December tomorrow. Shiats! I won't be around for a friend's birthday in December also. Double whammy.

Anyway, I thought I had all presents figured out. I felt pretty efficient having sorted out who is going to get what this year. But, damn! I don't have presents for the girls. I don't have any for hubby either. I mean, hubby and I, we will be ok if we didn't have any. The girls? Oh, they will be so disappointed.

The way I see it..they will be getting pressies in any case. They will have more than we will. I am just wondering - do we need to get them presents at all? I am inclined not to. Also, we won't be having Christmas at our home this year. The thought of lugging boxes after boxes of stuffs...I don't even want to think.

If you ask me what I want for Christmas this year, the answer is quite simple really. An Ipad Mini or bvlgari perfume. Is it too much to ask? Everyone has an Ipad. Can I have one too? You know, just so I can fit in. ehhehe..

Ah...stuff it! Rather save for a vacation to Greece. Ola! Or whatever Greek word equivalent :-D.

Santa IS real!

So, my kids actually believe in Santa Clause. They do not think it is some guy in disguise. They actually believe that the some guy in disguise IS the Santa from the North Pole. 

I am not about to burst their make-believe bubble and tell them that Santa isn't real. That there is no such thing as Santa Clause and no human person can really deliver all those gifts to all the children of the world. Nope. Plus, there are no 'flying' reindeers. If anything, reindeers are possibly smelly and without wings. 

But, you know, it is Christmas. The season of dreams, tales, songs, wine, and Colin Firth in his reindeer jumper (LOL). Well, we won't get all snowy this Christmas that is for sure. It is bloody hot over here.

 I will let the Santa thing slide for now. I mean, I am pretty sure that eventually, they will realise that Santa is another sui yee in a suit, out to rip kids (and parents) off. Soon they will know that anyone can be Santa..including mommy. I just need the right outfit..and the nice beer to get me to sleep.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Music to save the day

A couple of months ago, we visited hubby's ex-colleague who was seriously ill. He had everything imaginable : failing liver, stroke, diabetes...and, I can't remember anymore but he must have had it. It took forever to persuade him to go check himself into the hospital. He doesn't believe in seeing doctors. To him, all doctors are crapzzz!! hahaha...

So came my hubby, the tough negotiator (actually, no la, just used some reverse and perverse psychology), he finally convinced (and sent) the sick man to the hospital. To cut the story short, he finally agreed to the dialysis treatment and is still on it. Plus, whatever speech therapy that he was recommended.

Anyway, while we visited them during Raya, we met his 2 sons. Very good boys. One is doing his final year in school and will be off to college soon. Oh, they are Indonesians by the way. So, we got to chatting, the girls loved playing with new kor-kors. The boys attend the International Indonesian School here in KL. Apparently, some Malaysians attend there as well. Shocking!

One interesting fact I sort of gathered from them is that music was somewhat a compulsory subject in their school. If I am not wrong, it is the high school kids who has to learn a musical instrument. So, the bigger boy, he chose the guitar. He brought it out and played a couple of tunes for us. And then, it hit a bolt of lightening. No wonder the Indonesians have better quality songs than we do. I am serious! Have you compared their hits with ours?

And, as if I know a great deal about guitars, I asked him what he thought of the kawaii. Was it worth the money? Hubby looked at me like 'wait, is that my wife talking?'. To the hubby's surprise, I do know a couple of things..other than what's in the kitchen. Yes, I do kind of know a thing or two about the world ;-).

Saturday, November 10, 2012

WHat is this?

So, last night, the girls grabbed hubby and made him read those picture books with them. One by one, they'd take purposely annoying the heck out of the father. heheheh..

WHen it came to Mini's turn (she had the book on insects), hubby pointed to a picture of a black ant. Hubby asked her "What is this?". She replied "spider?". Then hubby said "no..what is it?". Then, she replied "spiderman?". LOL..She fell backwards and laughed her head off! Actually, we all did the same. So, came Ash to the rescue because this girl cannot stand any spot being at the wrong end, she corrected Mini and said "Ant". Had to spoil the fun.

Anyway, my cheeky Mini will always be...the cheeky Mini. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Last week of School

This is the last week of school for my girls. Initially, Mini has 1 more week to go..simply because..and with a picnic and fun activities lined up. But, because next week will be filled with holidays on most days, they decided to follow the cabinet's ruling to close by the end of this week. That means, I can begin my holiday hibernation early. I plan to eat, sleep and crap...ALL.DAY! Regressing towards infantilism. 

So, last week was a busy week for us. Busy weekend. Usually not the case because we prefer to chill and have unimaginable siestas. Besides, the house looked like Sandy just knocked on our doorstep. No, not joking...I quite mean it because everywhere there are toys, little toys and big toys, small pencils, big pencils, colour pencils, strange name, we have it! The best part of all, both hubby and I are so so not bothered. They took everything out from the store-room and left everything in the living, dinning, etc...all except their bedroom. I suppose that is a good thing. 1 less room to clean.

The girls had a blast at each other's concert last weekend. They did well on stage (albeit a mini one). And, both didn't want to leave after. We had some small makan after each concert and was praying and hoping they'd want to leave but...nope. Mini was happily making new friends at her cheh-cheh's school. Her cheh-cheh was busy introducing Mini off to her friends. On Mini's day, Ash was busy reconnecting with her old friends. Kids whom she hasn't seen in over a year. They practically grew up together since their playgroup days. How time flies! And how time don't necessarily go by that quickly when you just want to leave early. Say our hellos, small chit-chat, and off! We do love our home.

That was that. Just looking forward to my rest (and sleep). I am sure my car wants a rest as well. Did I tell you about my sleep sesssion? Yeah. You can tell can't you how I love my sleep. Do not ask me to go to the malls or whatever. I am sure they will be packed to the brim. ALso, Ash will not be attending any holiday programs this time around. Why? Because this mommy wants her sleep. Hahahahaha...She is just happy to spend time with her grandparents. She surprised us one day when she announced that she wanted to sleep over at her grandparents but retracted her request at the last minute when we said our goodbyes. She didn't want to be left out. I am sure that day will come. WHen it happens, I will cry buckets. My baby girl is truly growing up. Gosh! Do you know she will turn 6 next year? 6?? Why? I will miss her. I miss her already. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

School hols are a-coming

I love the school hols. Can't wait. Can't take the school runs anymore. What am I talking about? There will be more coming up for what will seem like the rest of my life!! Maybe I should get a job, hire a driver eh? OK, I am awake!

Anyway, lots of things happening from now till the actual holidays. And after as well. We are going for a long holiday. Holiday cum work (for me), but not the office kind. Just checking out things, take notes, buy a new fridge, washing machine, repair the house. get rid of lizards and how to get rid of ants. That sort of work.

But, still, now preparing for girls' concert. I know, it doesn't involve me and luckily no elaborate costumes. Just I plan to take pics of girls with teachers because I want to compile them and give them as gifts to the teachers. And, I haven't been using my camera so a bit nervous. Plus my DSLR is dying (kena sea water and sand...don't ask!) so I am praying hard that the colour will come out fine and that they don't look like green monsters. Oh well, I am only hoping for that.

Then, after that, we will be off. I will be off with the kids and MIL for an entire month before the hubby joins us. I have been without hubby and have handled the girls on my own during the times when hubby had to go for overseas assignments. But usually, not for a month and not having to also 'handle' MIL. Ekkk...better be in my best behaviour and keep my hormones in balanced. I have plans to either assault the pillow or go for a long walk. If I survive walking, I might just do some running. I swear, this sedentary lifestyle is not helping me whatsoever.

Oh, I don't know. So little time. So much to be doing. Maybe it's not so much. Just thinking about it is probably what's making me nervous. Besides, I am fast approaching the big 4-0. Can't believe it either. Many people have said I look no more than a 25 year old..hahaha...ok, just being me. I am a little nervous in that department because many many moons ago, just as I turned 25 exactly, some gypsy fortune teller person told me i will meet with a horrible accident when i am 40-ish. Of all things! Can't he just tell me I will win the lottery, or live a peaceful uninterrupted life with my family. Nope. And, I still remember it because well, it is not something you forget so easily right? Plus, I still have that paper he'd written my fate on. Again, people, do not do this to your kids. Don't bring them to some gypsy-i-can-tell-your-future person. Haunt them forever! So, what am I going to do? Stay at home not drive, not go anywhere? What a life to be living. I can claim it's hoax. But, can I really? Won't it be at the back of my head (or in front?). I mean whatever. All I know, it's a scary thought. I don't know which one is worst - to die from a car (or bus...I could be crossing the road) accident or die from lung cancer? OK, I don't know why I am talking about death in the dead of the morning. I should just go marinade my chicken, and have a djarum.


Won't you agree with me that kids are the best thing in life that you can ever have the privilege of having or being a parent is a complete gift from God? Not everyone who wants to be a parent, can be parents or some kids just don't have the luxury of having good parents? Did I make any sense at all?

I am supposed to go marinade some chicken wings to bake later tonight. But, I just had to write this down, to clear my head of thoughts swimming around in there. 

Just yesterday evening, I found out one of my friends been going through some sort of family crisis since the last Friday. We had no clue. I didn't have any clue. Because we would keep each other updated with our lives and all of a sudden, no news from her. So we were just wondering what happened. So, yesterday we found out. 

Certainly not the best news that greet us yesterday late in the night while I was fast asleep. She probably just got home from the hospital, police station...etc..I cannot imagine what she's going through. Honestly? I don't want to have to go through what she's going through. Life is like that la. You win some you lose some.

My point is actually not about life; it's about them kids. I offered to pick her kids up (her girl and Mini goes to the same playschool) if she needed help or just let her kids spend the afternoon with us or even for the night if she needed help. But, she declined (aiya, pai seh la what else??) and said it was ok, they can manage, the kids have behaved well through the whole ordeal, and understand that they are in a trying situation at the moment.  Kids only 6 and 4. I believe her because I know them since they were little ones. I am not surprised at their independence and mannerism..perhaps even a little envious?

I always believed kids are good people. With proper guidance and with lots of love, kids are good people and will eventually be good people. When I say "love", I do not mean spoil them, shower them with material things to make up for lack of attention or after you have given them a good whacking. That is not something I define as 'love'. Love is really not an easy thing to give. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, discipline of course and most importantly, time because in today's world, time is something we don't get enough and time is something everyone wishes they had more of. But, realistically, we only have 24 hours in a that is all you gonna get. 

What is my point again? My point is : love your kids, don't neglect them, don't spoil them, don't disrespect them, don't treat them like dogs, don't abuse them (mental or physical...many people do not take into account mental abuse is just as 'good' as being physical abuse). Do love them, nurture them, guide them, cherish them with all your hearts because, you will truly see the rewards. It will not be immediate, I can tell you that but you will see it and you will be eternally grateful for the effort that you have put into your kids. Remember : you only have 1 chance with your kids. Once that chance is gone, it will be gone forever. Just be the best parent you can be, follow your instincts not your emotions or your convenience. Your kid do not owe you their lives; you owe them one. 

p.s : ok, this post may be a little muddled up or make any sense with spelling and grammatical errors (me no English teacher). Just spewing whatever that is on my mind. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

The gender thing

You know, I think Mini is confused about her own identity, as in she thinks that she can sometimes be a boy or a girl, depending on the mood, the star alignment...etc. But, most of the time, she refers to herself as being a boy. Yup, but a boy who wears Barbie PJs, and dresses. She is one confused kid.

She's always been the hyper one. Not as girly as the sis. She still is. And, she likes Ben 10 stuff even though she doesn't know what it is. And she likes Buzz. She even asked her dad once to get her this gigantum Buzz toy figurine that costs a couple of hundreds of RM. Do you think her father got it for her? Of course not!

Now, she's into Ben 10. She's been asking me to get her Ben 10 shoes. Now, where on earth am I going to find her Ben 10 shoes? Also, if I get her Ben 10 shoes, she will pair it with a flowy dress or something. I mean, this girl has a serious fashion issue. All mis-matching stuff. Oh, and she even has her nails painted recently and refused to let me get them off. See what I mean about her being confused?

I supposed she could be like the tough girl, you know. The Megan Fox in Transformers. She can take a car (and a guy) apart. She can talk cars with the father when she's older. Like, which car stereo to get, how to change tires (I don't even know how to), how to replace toyota tacoma seat covers....just regular guy thing. 

Or, she might just be going through a phase.


So, Ash got 2 fishes from her school's charity bazaar a couple of weekends back. They hold this event this every year and proceeds from the bazaar goes to making a kid's dream come true via the Make-a Wish Foundation (Malaysia). It's actually pretty exciting for the kids because they will spend weeks before the actual day learning about giving to the less fortunate (and that there are kids who are less fortunate than them). In this case, they will help make a certain child's dream come true. Plus, the kids will also make crafts which ultimately goes on sale that day as well. And, on the actual day, the kids will have (had) such blast that they will not leave. I am telling you...they won't! 

Anyway, back to those fishies. So, she got herself 2 fishes. They were kept in a plastic bag inside a container. We couldn't find an appropriate fishy place to put them. We thought we could get it done the next day, which was a Sunday. 

Honestly, the girls weren't too bothered about them fishies. After feeding them their "dinner", they just left the fishes still in their plastic bag on the table. Just like that.

This is definitely not a funny thing, but when I found 1 of the fishes dead the next day, I kinda went to hubby and snigger. WHat do you expect? Leaving the poor fishes with no room to breathe and no room to roam. The girls came down to feed the fishes their breakfast and I told them, one of them had died. Ash went "oh". Funny, I don't remember anything else after the "oh".

To cut long story short, I think my girls are kind of heartless. hahahahah..All they wanted to do was feed the fish. And, after telling them 1 had died and we were going to move the live one outside and into a proper bowl, she wasn't bothered about them at all. Mini was worst, I don't think she even remembers hahahah...

See..I was right about not getting any pets for them. They couldn't even handle 2 fishes. OK lar, not totally their fault cos the mommy and daddy also not bothered. As you would've already guessed, the other one died not long after. Oh, well. I should probably trigger the girls' memory abit about them fishes...hehehhe...and to see what they'll say. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ash's cat

Remember, a couple of posts back I talked about how Ash wanted a pet cat and how we are not getting her one anytime soon, or not at all? I am too lazy to look for the link and post it up here. But, I did talk about her wanting a cat..a real cat. And also how she already has a toy cat that she plays with and pretends it's a real cat. OK, not so psychotic...just at times, she'd like to cuddle, dress it up, decorate it a bit.

One day, I saw this :

She decided to de Princess her cat too. It was just completely hilarious that I simply had to take a photo of it. Funny la this girl of mine. I love her to bits and truly am grateful to have my girls in my life.

Anyway, she hasn't asked for a pet cat lately. But, she will...occasionally when she sees one or just thought of having one. Well, I always tell myself "it's better a cat than asking for dha tanning. You know, all the hard and difficult questions? Hubby has to do it. I am sure he doesn't mind doing it either especially when it comes to interviewing prospective male candidates. My dad just ran upstairs and hid in the room when my sister's ex wanted to ask if he could date my sister...hahahaha...That was funny!

So that is...Ash's pet cat...for now (and always!).

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kidzania The Curve PJ

Tell you the truth. I thought I could escape the Kidzania mania...forever and ever. Sadly, it could not escape me. Or, I could not escape it.

I was just there last weekend. Honestly, I am not the kind who likes to rush with the crowds. I try to avoid the crowd like the plague. Hence, my mall visitations are strictly during weekdays when the kids are in school and I can try on that pair of pants without someone screaming down my neck demanding for ice-cream, or needing the toilet or whatever.

So the thought of having to brave the crowd on a weekend (and a long one might I add) wasn't the smartest of all choices. Why did I do it then?

Ah you see...when you have a kid who bugs you about taking her to Kidzania since the 20th Century, you just give in. Otherwise, you will never see the light of day. And this is why I have no doubt she will succeed working in a Japanese company because those buggers can be quite a pain in the arse. She will blend in quite easily.

And, so we went. We decided to split up with me taking Ash and Hubby taking Mini. Naturally, when Hubby dropped us off, and Mini realising she wasn't coming with us, cried, screamed and kicked. How long the ruckus lasted I don't know but Hubby was super sweet - he took her to Ikano, bought her ice-cream, painted something with her and took her to the mini playground on the top floor. Technically, he was supposed to go grocery shopping but he had to calm her down first, right?

The real reason why Ash insisted on going was because she had some unfinished business with Kidzania. You see, she went to Kidzania on a school trip some months back. She participated in some activities. The ones which she fancied and the ones that she actually understood. Then along came the water bottling plant. She went through the whole process and got a bottle for herself which she claimed was so cool. Then, she lost her bottle. Apparently someone mistook hers for their bottle, took it and scooted off. She was visibly upset by it. The teacher even promised to look for it for her. The problem was...the day after the trip, she skipped school for 2 weeks due to HFMD.

So, the bottle and it's contents..they were gone...forever! And Ash wouldn't let it go. Nope. She wanted a bottle. She wants another shot at it. She was not going to let up. Why? What is so freaking fun about assembling the bottle? Must have been fun because every now and then, after her trip, she'd lament over her lost bottle and how she'd want to 'make another one'.

OK lor, fine, so we decided to take her there.

getting ready...

it begins...

After that, she was happy. Of course, we didn't leave immediately (which was what I wanted to do). It was painting school, some colouring shop, jewellery making class and then to the hospital. Since we were at the hospital last, we had to rush and didn't get the opportunity to play doctor. So, instead she settled for playing nurse. Oh, in between, she wanted to try out the Oreo cookie thingy but was too young..only for those who are 8 and above. So much for making Oreos.

Painting School..

assembling her bracelet...

It was pretty fun...for a kid. I was truly tired and kinda bored. Having to queue reminded me of Disneyland. Of course, it's nothing compared to having to wait 45 mins to an hour for a ride but still...had to wait lo.

I saw some kids running around on their own. I reckon it's ok to leave your kids there whilst you go shop or do whatever. But, only when they are 12 at least. Won't recommend it for any kid ages 12 and under to be on their own even though, it's supposed to be safe and all. Don't know why but I still do not completely trust the security. That guy right there in the Jewellery-Making class...he left the 'class' mid-way. Left to do what I don't know cos he just walked up and down the 'street'. Possibly looking for someone or something. I don't suppose the supervisors/instructors can leave the area un-attended, can they? Even if they left for, like a wee minute? If he was gone for more than 2 minutes, I would've complained because he had young kids with older kids in there. Shouldn't leave the place un-attended at all cost, that's what I feel. Even then, they shouldn't leave the place at all.

So far, Ash is a satisfied kiddo. No more asking for her bottle. In fact, the bottle has replaced her school water-bottle since. I, on the other hand, definitely wish for no more Kidzania. But, I doubt it. She missed the Supermarket section!!! =O

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flowers for the Dead

Recently hubby's distant uncle passed away...quite suddenly also. Had cancer that spread to his heart. In a span of a few weeks he was gone.

Really scary how life is truly precious and how we have to truly treasure every waking moment that we have.

Anyway, we were deciding whether to send the family green wreath but then MIL said since we were already going to the funeral and they probably would appreciate a pak kam so we scrapped the idea altogether. So, we chipped in and gave pak kam instead. 

Rest in Peace uncle. 


Ash has been asking for a cat. A real cat. The one that meows and shits all over the place. Also, the one that hubby detests. Yep, the CAT.

We were like...OK. To convince us, she even volunteered to clean the cat, walk the cat (?) and shower the cat (??). 

Honestly, both hubby and I are not too fond of having cats as pets. OK, that's a lie. We do not want any animals as pets period. Not even that cute donkey. The reason being that we already have our hands full managing our lives and the kids'. The last thing we want to do is to manage a pet. Maybe when they are a little older and will not cringe at cleaning up after them, perhaps...we may consider. Consider. 

At the moment, pets are a no no. Besides, we do not have a large compound for them to run around anyway. I really pity dogs that are cooped up in a terrace house or worst, an apartment the whole day. They need space to roam free and it will be unfair to have them, yet not give them the kind of "pet-life
 that they deserve. Just like kids. People want to have kids but don't know how to treat them. Why have kids right? Some dogs have better life than those kids. 

Anyway, back to Ash and her cat. I have no doubt she will treat her cat well if she has one because she is a very loving and caring girl. Also, I will update this post with a picture later on what she has done to her little stuffed toy cat (bought from Princess Shop for RM5.99!). She will be great with animals. Mini, on the other hand, is still afraid of cats and dogs and anything that moves. So much for Ms. Chilli Padi O_o

Princess Shop

There's a shop for Princesses in KL. Yup, that's right folks because according to my 5 year old, the shop she frequents quite a bit for her little princess knick knacks is right here in our neighbourhood. Cool eh?

OK la. It's not "truly" a Princess Shop but it's a shop where you can find loads of things. I mean, seriously, loads of things. Loads of Made in China things. Furthermore, the shop is called Fun n Cheer. "Fun" AND "Cheer" because Ash always has fun and cheers loudly whenever we are heading that direction.

I kinda love it too because I don't have to pay back-breaking prices at Toys R Us, and the girls get the heck out of shopping for princessy things. Anything! You name it : hairbands, books, notebooks, lipstick pens, handle grips..Anything. It's her shopping paradise. And I don't mind it one bit. Like, once, she wanted us to get her a magnifying glass. I know, it isn't exactly very Princess cos' it's ugly and black in colour. But, she was obsessed with being Tin Tin and hunting for clues, she wanted one. As it turns out, Princess Shop has one exactly her size. What luck! Plus the damage to my pocket (which isn't really damaged) was only RM0.90. In total, I paid RM1.80 for 2 miniature sized magnifying glasses.

I tell you...a happy kid, makes a happy mom (and dad's pocket) :-D.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

New 2013 Ikea Catalogue

I was at Ikea and managed to snagged the new Ikea Catalogue. I always thought you can just grab a copy from the stands or customer service desk. You ask for one, and they'd just give you one. This time though, I was asked to "register" for my copy. Register as in write my name, address, marital status and what I'd like for breakfast. OK..I made the last one up. Still? Why do they need us to write down our names and stuff. Of course, me being the all complying one, wrote my real name and real address. See! So next time you're at Ikea, don't put down your 'real' name and address. Unless they are giving away free sofa bed or couch with every copy registered, then you might wanna give them your real address...and your real name. I love Ikea. Ikea is everything. They have everything. The only thing they do not have are fresh foods and catering equipment suppliers. Might wanna work on that, Ikea! :-).

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Book Review : Mommy Mixology

When I was asked if I wanted to review Janet Frongillo's recipe book, Mommy Mixology, I was intrigued. A recipe book specially for mommies to savour? I thought "what is the big deal? All recipe books are meant for mommies anyway because the naively, me, assumes that mommies does all the cooking in the house. I believe it's true for most households. It is kinda true for mine. 

But then, when I read the brief excerpt of what the book entails, I couldn't resist. I agreed almost instantaneously to have a copy for review. 

And boy! Did I make the right choice or what?

Firstly, the book is cute. It is super duper cute. They were not joking when they came up with "all good things come in small packages". This one definitely is! 

The book is a cute little handy thing. It comes in a 6x6 pocket sized read and about the depth of an Iphone 4. This means, you can bring it where ever you go. You can keep it by your bedside, in your purse...anywhere. It will not take up much of any space in the house.

Secondly, it's filled with colour. Remember, this book is meant for mommies. We have bad days. Some days are better than others but at times, the bad outweighs the good. And, nothing will cheer us up more than seeing wonderful bright colours. This book has all of that. Plus, it makes a very good decorative piece to your shelves too, thanks to the fun layout. 

Thirdly - I would say this is the most important - the book is actually a recipe book of cocktails fit for moms. Janet is a mom herself and she knows that the only way to get through motherhood is by laughter and some strong drinks. These are no ordinary mix either : 

When your little darling starts to pick up on - and repeat! - every word you say, clean up your language with a Son of a Beach

or how about...WHen your toddler digs in his heels and comes back with "NO!" 367 times, shake it off with a refreshing NO!Jito.

What did I tell you? These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more to that from where they come from. Believe me. 

Mommy Mixology is laced and coated with a pungent taste of humorism. It's more than a recipe book, it's comedy in paperback. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

On being happy and nail polish

I have zero expectation on what I want my kids to be when they grow up. Well, I may have some expectations, but definitely not the what-you-want-to-be-when-you-grow-up kind. Parents all have this dream for their kids when they are all grown-up. "You will be a doctor". "You will be a football player". That is sooooo 1970s. Even the Ah Pek in me will disagree.

But, having said all that, I do have my set of wants. Like, for instance, I would like them to be moving out of the house and be free. I'm not joking. They can visit but I'd rather not have to share my shoe cabinet with them. 

They will need to study and earn their basic university degree. Here's where the Ah Pek in me re-surfaces. No dropping out nonsense like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs and all. No no. Never. 

After that, they can then pursue whatever the hell they want. As long as they don't come to ask for money because I will have none left by the time this tide blows over. That they stay out of trouble. You can do what you want, just stay out of trouble. 

Underneath all of that, deep down in me, my only wish is to see my kids being happy. Not just when they are young so they can be better learners but, be happy all through their adult lives, their grand-adult lives. I want nothing more than to watch my kids be the person that they are meant to be. 

So, when my 5 year old came to ask me if she could have nail polish on her nails, I was a little lost for words. I know, what's the big deal about them nail polish. What surprised me was she knew what the polishes were called..nail polish. She pleaded. I knew one day it will come. Just didn't think that day will come so soon. It would've been easier to answer her if she wanted a pony; not get her nail polish.

Anyway, I told her she can have it...when she turns 21. Then, she started to huff and grumbled - "kids can have too...not when old". Poor girl doesn't know that everyone wants to be 21 and being 21 is certainly NOT old. I stood my ground. SHe continued to huff and argued her case - "Isabelle is a kid and she has...". I explained that "you're not Isabelle and your nails look great! They do not need to be polished. Of course, she huffed and puffed some more and let out a oooohhhhh...before she got distracted by her sister doing the monkey on the couch and joined her sister on the couch and forgot about the whole nail polish thingy. Or so I think it is forgotten. She hasn't asked for it since. 

I realised then that my wish (of wanting them to be eternally happy) may not necessarily come true because I will be denying them of plenty more things to come. Ice-cream being one of them. I mean, I don't deny them ice-cream completely, but we kind of limit their intake. Now, it's nail polish. What's next? Tattoo..performing in the circus...become a Bursleque dancer....and 1 million other taboos.

Oh! For crying out loud, it's just nail polish!

The Bag Story

Let me just tell you right this moment that it's not a completely long and complicated story. I am not exactly a storyteller. I tell it as it is. And, the story is : I have a bag that is too big!

I have this this overnight-er bag that I love. I bought it when I went holidaying to Australia last year. It's a fantastic overnight-er bag. It does it's job well. Big and you can stuff in lots. But, I may have made the purchase on an impulse. When I saw it, I totally fell in love with it. Plus, the salesperson did a really good job at convincing me how great the bag was. I totally fell for it. SHe probably got a big commission out of it too. No, ok, the bag ain't that expensive but it's goodlooking?

Anyway, I am an impulsive shopper. But I am not a compulsive shopper. I do not need to shop ALL THE TIME. Just that when I do shop, I tend to get carried away. Even when the item cost alot and frivolous, I'd just get it. OK, costing alot for my standard la. I mean, I won't go out on a whim and buy a Ferrari which does cost ALOT (alot x100) and IS frivolous. know...random reasonable purchasable but a little cost more stuff. The case with said bag.

Besides, I thought the bag will be handy with me bringing all the baby (Mini was a baby then) things to playgroup and where ever. The bag was just the perfect mom-with-baby sized. Anything to just keep pushing the 'green' button.

WHen I came back, I found that it was a little too huge for a diaper bag. After getting all the baby stuff in, I still had room to shove the microwave in there if I wanted to. Sure, it will be good especially when I am out but honestly, will I have the strength to cart everything from China to Thailand? No.

So, the bag has been in the closet since. I also bought another more reasonable sized mommy bag after.

Now that Mini is no longer a baby and I usually have close to nothing in my bag except for a spare diaper, small packet of wet wipes and 1 set of spare change of clothes. That's all. Oh, and possibly a sanitizer. If she remembers, a random book. Plus, I don't go out that often. See my dilemma?

A mom with a bag issue. Surely there must be bigger issues like for reseller hosting to talk about. But, no, the only issue here is one that deals with my bag. I still love it, don't get me wrong. Just, need to find other ways to continue loving it that's all. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Synchronized Swimming

My latest Olympics crave : Synchronized Swimming. I think that this sport is one (if not, the hardest) of the hardest sport to perform. I mean, the rules itself can kill you. You have to "dance" in the water, often times upside down. Your legs cannot touch the pool floor. You have to have to make the routine look flawless and effortless. In other words, even if you're tired, you cannot hold your legs. You have to open your eyes while under water without goggles. You need to have perfect coordination with your partner. I mean, the list goes on. It's no wonder there are NO men in this competition. YOu have men gymnasts but you don't have men doing synchronized swimming. 

I marvel at these girls. How do you even catch your breath with the mere seconds that you are actually allowed to stay above water? Besides, it's not as though you can catch your breath, take a break and all. YOu have to catch your breath while performing some ridiculous stunt like you see above. And what about those who remain under to propel those to the top? They will obviously have miss this chance to get some much needed oxygen into their lungs because the next step cues fairly quickly. 

So excited I am watching the event that I will pretend that I am a synchronized swimmer doing my routine. I lie flat on my couch, facing upwards. Then, I will hoist my butt up and try to mimic some synchronize moves with my legs. I try. Each time I do it, hubby looks at me like I'm some mental patient from the asylum. He probably thinks of sending me back there someday soon..

Anyway, tonight is the team event. My top 3 teams are the Russians, Spaniards and the Chinese. Technically the Chinese are pretty good; they just need to work on the artistic side cos they look very kaku and no inspiring moves ( I know!). But, wait...the artistic one is tonight. SO we shall see. But, if I may make a prediction : the Russians will win the gold hands down....yet again. They are simply too good!

My wish now is for the men to have a go at this event. Come on men! Show us some legs! heheh :-D.

The yearly check-up

I dread the time of the year. The pap smear is not my favourite term...ever. It's geli la. Hey, what am I talking about when I gave birth to 2 kids....naturally some more. hahha...gloat or just plain stewpig? 

When I think about people giving birth, the hospital, the medical carts..when I think about MY giving doc in space suit and construction helmet, the midwives, the nurses, the very cold room. And, oh the pain..the excruciating unbelievable wanting to poo-like/menstrual cramps (x100 times) pain. I don't know how I did it but I did. When you have to push, you just push the buggar out! 

My ObGy is an in-house hospital  doc so he doesn't have a clinic or shop elsewhere. To see him, I have to go to the hospital. Get my number, wait with other pregnant ladies. If he has to go up to the maternity ward mid-way, the wait will just stretch for another hour or so. If he's at the operation room, the wait could mean forever. Oh the waiting. It's the wait that gets to me. 

Oh must do what one should do. 

How safe is Malaysia?

Lately, we've been plagued by all kinds of safety and security issues. AT most, we only hear of people getting randomly robbed, murdered, far away places when we read the news. These days however, it's happening everywhere : prominent shopping malls, the neighbourhood where we grew up, neighbourhood where we now live. The list is endless. What is happening Malaysia?

Then I started thinking of the time my aunt encountered a snatch thief while walking to the train station early one morning. SHe takes the train to work and you know, my aunt, she's been doing this for years. I think she was barely a yard away from her home when she struggled with the guy. Thank God she wasn't held at gunpoint or in our case, parang-point. The guy just jumped at her, grabbed her purse and off he went. She ran home to my grandmother who was obviously in shock to see her face that has turned green with fright. That was many years ago and I never forgot that incident. 

Also, my parents were victims of these blade-happy people. Once my dad got a surprise at the ATM. It was real early in the morning when he went in to make a deposit. Obviously, there was no other person in there except him because it was like, 0630. I think he wasn't really paying attention when this guy, with a full-face motorcycle helmet opened the door and just casually walked in. I mean, I wouldn't too because I would be busy concentrating to make payment to the right account. Anyway, as soon as he completed his transaction, took the receipt, turned around....and there he was -- faced with the hooded man with his parang raised and ready to strike.

Now, my dad - if you don't know him, he used to be a teacher. So teachers have a way of throwing their voice and have this ability to speak really loud in front of a classroom packed with noisy kids. They must definitely get voice lessons in addition to their teaching education. So, when my dad saw his  potential attacker, he took a few steps back in shock (naturally) and he just screamed. Imagine a banshee screaming but with a really deep manly voice and in an enclosed area. Sounds cannot escape and neither can you. He was screaming and screaming and the guy, I think he popped his ear-drums because he stumbled backwards instead..possibly in shock as well. Seeing the opportunity, my dad made a dash for the door, flew open and continued screaming as he ran. The workers at the dim sum shop next door all came out to see what the commotion was and saw my dad running towards the shop..screaming. The parang fella got out of there and onto the kapchai that was waiting for him outside and sped off. My dad got a hot drink courtesy of the dim sum shop and was told to stay in there until the coast was clear.. 

All of these happened many years ago and don't think my family's incidences were the only ones during those times. I remember also about my MIL telling me her neighbours' houses were broken into in the middle of the night. They happened many years ago as well. I just think that the news we get these days are alot more instantaneous and faster than what gets reported in the mainstream media. Thanks to social media sites such as twitter and facebook and blogging sites. They are everywhere. Just possibly a lot more rampant and alot more daring lately. I mean, even kidnapping an expat kid. That sure brought us to a global level. 

Anyway, crimes are highly prevalent lately. A simple outing to the mall can be quite harrowing. So much so that when I went out on a ladies night last week (it was only to a shopping mall), I wasn't at ease walking about. I even went to get a huge bag of diapers in case I needed it to swing at some punk. Of course, I also needed to get a bag of diapers. Even when entering the ladies, I made sure my bag was with me as I peed. And making sure I only needed to use the ladies once or at least go ber-ramai-ramai. As soon as we had finished our dinner, I even declined yum cha and sent everyone home instead. Sped home and while it was a lovely night out, I was on my toes the whole time. I wished it didn't have to be like that at a time when it was my chance to have a great time. The last thing I wanted to do was to constantly look over my shoulders. 

Say all we want but being vigilant is an understatement these days. I think, it's not enough to be vigilant and careful but we civilians need to be carrying a weapon too. Like a gun or something. Kind of sad isn't it about what's been happening and possibly, is happening.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ballet should be an Olympic sporting event

The only way to get the girls remotely interested in the Olympics is if Ballet was in it. I mean, gymnastics comes a close 2nd and Ash has some inclination of what gym is since she does it in school. Still, I believe, ballet will completely seal the deal.

We already have girls in leo's and tights; we just need to add a tu-tu to complete the look. I mean, why not? The girls' look absolutely gorgeous! It might even get the girls excited about the Olympics. Excited enough to want to compete in one far into the future.

OK. How about this look : pink neon leo, pink tights and topped off with a cool Arnette? Huuh? What did I tell you? Cool? Alright..hubby's shooting me his dagger stare once again. I will quit fighting like a 3-year old with the girls over the silly tv...I will quit fighting...I will...  

The Olympics 2012

While the adults go crazy over the Olympics, the kids are...understandably, NOT. Ash would complain if we switch over to watch the Olympics. "It's not nice mommy", she would grumble. But, it's only once in 4 years!! By the next Olympics, Phelps would've developed arthritis and Federer in a wheelchair (or would it be Nadal? hehhe...OK, I am bad!).

This time, we get to watch most games at a decent hour. As long as the kids are asleep early, the tv is all ours for the rest of the night. There's nothing like sipping hot coffee with yummy pastry lying on the kids bean bags watching the guys perform ridiculous acrobatic moves off the 10m platform before plummeting into water. I don't know how they do it but they just did and will be doing for the next couple of days. 

Athletics have just begun. The M's and W's 100m are always my favourite ever since Flo Jo flashed her oh-so lovely smile and funky nails. I remembered my aunt used to tell me that US always had to have the most interesting of all "athletes' uniform". I don't know la. Maybe in those days, but no longer these days. Then again, have you seen Lleyton Hewitt and Sam Stosur with their green and yella'...still don't appeal much to me. What happened to Ian Thorpe? 

Anyway, still plenty of the Olympics left and shall keep me busy for the next couple of weeks. I can't leave now; I am hooked. They had me at Mr. Bean. :-).

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Understanding the British monarchy

So, who isn't watching the Olympics? Was watching the Opening Ceremony with the girls. Hubby was fast asleep. You know, watching anything on tv with the Ash means having to answer her queries every 5 seconds : what are they doing mommy? why are they standing like that? wah, the man go up so high, on and so forth. Never a peaceful journey through the screening. 

Anyway, when we got to the part with Daniel Craig accompanying the Queen for her ride, I told her :

Me : That's the Queen, Ash. 

Ash : la...she's just an old lady. 

Me : It's true. She's the Queen of England. 

Ash : **shooting me with suspicious look** But, she's kind of old uh. I told you she's old. 

Me : She's a very old Queen

Ash : ~silence~ **ignore-Mommy-and-Mommy-must-have-some-loose-screws-up-her-head mode**

Well. So much for international school. O_o. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pink Friends

Is it only us or do you guys also have this I-wanna-be-the-first situation goin' on in your household? Especially if you have more than 1 kid? I don't know but this has plagued us since sushi. The girls are constantly fighting to be first in everything : first to brush teeth, first to get their bowl of soup or rice, first to poo. The only time I remember them not ever fighting for the spotlight is if either are busy watching their favourite show/movie on tv. They'd gladly give up their spot for whoever in case they miss the part where JR gets shot. When that happens, my grandmother can be the first for all is cared for in the world. 

Last night was just like any other night. But, for some reason, I was actually listening to their conversation - usually, I'd be cleaning up in the kitchen - and last night's amusing "fight" took place (this is only just an extract) :

Ash and Em : Yadda...yadda...yadda

Ash : No!!! Me first!!

Em : No..I (go) first!!

Ash : Daddy said I go first!!!

Em : NO!! Your friends (are) ugly; my friends (are) PINK!! **shows finger face**

p.s : for the life of me, I have absolutely no idea why or what prompted Em to hit back with the friends thing. Maybe she spoke too fast? Or, just wanted to confuse Ash? Whatever is it (or was), I burst out laughing...silently in the kitchen. I don't know how hubby can stand there with a poker..waiting for them to finish their duel. He must've been really really tired

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ikea Sale

I was at Ikea last Friday. Had some time off so I went. It's always an advantage going to the stores on a weekday : less traffic (human and otherwise). I had wanted to get an extension to our existing wardrobe. It has been on our to-do list like...forever! We were always procrastinating because we haven't found the the right one. At times we toyed with the idea of getting a whole new wardrobe altogether and throw out the old one. But then, we'd get sentimental because the existing wardrobe in our home has been with us ever since we got married. It still works so, not exactly any reason to throw it out unless we have a real reason to. Saving money that's what we're aiming with this.

The other matter we have to constantly battle with is the incessant questions coming from a 5-year old's mouth. I don't know about other kids (but, I have been told they are all the same), but, I am always hurled these difficult questions. Difficult ones like : hey, that uncle's hair is grey; like yeh yeh. Why his hair is grey? or Why is the boy crying? or What is that one the girl's arm shoulder braces). It is not that bad if she whispered sweet questions to my ear but no, she will point whilst asking..very loudly at that. I don't want her to be rude. On the other hand, I also don't want her to stop inquiring because they are after all fair questions. She's just curious. Looks like the best way around it would be to 'train' her to ask  all she wants behind people's back. Oh My!! Am I raising my daughter how to be a gossiper? 0_0.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sore loser

A couple evenings ago, I played cards with the girls. No, not your Black Jack or Poker, just plain ol' Princess card game.

You see, Ash has this..I think a 24-pair of cards with various Princess pictures on them. They are big cards made out of sturdy cardboards and they come in pairs. Like, you'd have a pair of Snow Whites or a bunch of all of them Princess together, or a pair of Princess Jasmine in her midriffs. So, I figured why not play a certain matching game with the girls. We'd all have jumbled - up cards in equal numbers. Each to take turns taking out a card and if you have the other pair, you bring it out to match it. The pair then goes to the side. Whoever gets their cards finished first - wins. Simple?

It was first. Then, Ash decided she wanted to win - ALL.THE.TIME! OMG, imagine my eyeballs went rolling several rounds, threatening to burst from the socket. We have to keep reminding her that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Or, let someone else win. This reasoning did not go well with her apparently because she burst into tears and ran into the room, in tears, as if her whole world had come crashing down on her. I mean, seriously, dude..there other more tragic happenings than losing a princess card game that I MADE up. A mental malfunction happening here people.

So, anyway, the hubs, decided to join us (?) after cutting up a huge papaya. He gave us a plate each, and promptly sat on the floor with us. Ash was still in the room. Hubby had to get up, cajoled her to rejoin the group. She did eventually, but not before announcing that SHE would be the one to distribute the cards. OK, fine, whatever. She did her magic and strangely, she ended up having all the pairs! We all had odd number of cards, resulting in some of us having less.

No prize for guessing who won. Ash took out all her pairs and ta-da -- she's the winner!

Truly, I have no more words. Not that I had any to begin with. Perhaps for our next session, I should change the rules again. After all, I made the game up, remember? I best get compost bins ready in case she throws another hissy fit the next time around so I can just throw her inside. Girls! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Having fun with the mozzie zapper

Continuing with the effects of our crazy weather. July makes me think of 3 years ago where I was away on my 2nd honeymoon to Swiss with hubby. There were a couple of posts about it but since I am kind of lazy to look for it, you'll just have to search for it yourself. But yes, it was a nice getaway, lovely weather during the summer. I love it when the sun sets at 9pm. Makes you feel like you can accomplish a whole lot more. You can just go on and on and...on. Did I mention I was basking in glorious weather for 10 days? 

The crazy weather. We had been having problems with mozzies. Nothing worked. Not the mun heong, not the light bulb that traps the mozzies, not the window netting, not the shut windows, not the closed doors. Nothing. Zilch. HUbby was pissed. If anything, he has a thing for the mozzies : he hates them!

He was getting desperate and went out on a mission to get the racquet-like mozzie zapper. He got 2. RM15 each. He felt like Thor of the house, zapping those buggers dead. He figured he'd made the best purchase of his life until I showed him the ones they were selling in Summit for RM9.90 each. hehhee...

But I must say, nothing works better than the mozzie zapper. It's handy. It can also be used as a weapon against intruders. Having it placed under your bed will invariably provide you with the sense of security you need in the wake of increased crime rate lately. Another tip someone sent me via email was to have your car keys with you when you sleep. I mean, not with you but having it on the bedside table or something. If you hear anything untoward, press the alarm. That'll get the whole neighbourhood up at 3am in the morning. See -- plenty of useful tips. 

Crazy weather

It has been crazy hot the past month or so. If you were on confinement, I hope it wasn't bad. Anyway, because of the weather (I kind of blame it on the weather), the kids were just falling in and out of illness. The last being Mini getting the pox. I hope that is it for us. Can't say the same for a friend's kid who was hospitalised 2 weekends ago due to a mysterious viral infection. It caused her fever to spike and last for several days, plus enlarged kidneys. Just then, hubby's friend's daughter was also hospitalised for similar illness. As it turned out, this strange Mycoplasma virus (just google) is on the loose. Kidney and blood infected due to the virus. Had to take 2 types of antibiotics to clear it. I wish it's just a fancy name for rustic bedroom furniture but it's not! So, just keep vigilant, keep your bags to yourself and stay alert when walking. Make sure your kids are hydrated and pump up their immune system. It's crazy times we're living these days. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Extended holiday

I feel like I've been on an extended holiday with the girls. It's been 4 weeks of no school for Ash. For most kids, that's like being in the North Pole with Santa and the gifting elves. Oh, she will like that. She's been talking about Christmas all day long yesterday and how long more do we have before it's Christmas. If she could have her way, it should be Christmas everyday.

The girls are ok being at home. When the have school, they'll want to be home. But, when they're home for an extended period of time, they get a little antsy. OK, alot antsy! I suppose it doesn't help that we're not allowed to go venture elsewhere either. Well, not that we are an adventurous lot, but going out even to the shops nearby is satisfactory enough for them.

Anyway, since I've been home, no one knows I am home except for family members and friends whom I moan to. But, other than that, am super glad my insurer doesn't know. Because he just called hubby and told him about this excellent new plan they've come up with and he'd like to share with us. I am so not in the mood to listen to term insurance quotes right now. I might just fall asleep. hubby said to use him to our advantage : get him to babysit our kids and then we'll listen to his jabberings. Hmm...I might just do that. I won't tell him we have the pox and I can go for a 2-hour massage. Win-win?! **evils**

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You can run, but you can't hide..

The day I dread has arrived. Mini got the chicken pox.

She escaped HFMD but couldn't quite run away from the chicken. It had to happen sooner or later. I was only hoping against hope but it didn't do me any good. Fortunately, I got Mini vaccinated immediately after we discovered it on Ash. So, hopefully, it won't be a full-blown thing on Mini unlike Ash.

Speaking of Ash, she's at the tail-end of this dreaded thing. All blisters have popped and she is all cleared to go back to school on Monday. I took her to the dr yesterday to just see if she could go back to school sooner because they're having a school trip coming up this week. The teachers prepped the kids before the holidays so Ash knew about the trip. And she was all excited about it. I was all ready to let her go too know what happened. 

So, anyway, to cut the long story short - she will have to skip it this time. She was pretty disappointed but, I did my best. The teacher even held on booking the ticket for her till after we got the doctor's clearance. As it is, she's totally bored at home. Exhausted all her toys. Of course, I will not just go and buy her or them more toys la. Siow! I will just bring them to people's house to play with other people's toys. **evil**. Easier on the pocket and I get my ME time. Win-win I say. 

Oh..where was I? she has to skip school, totally miss out on a potentially exciting field trip...Yadda...yadda...but, all will come to an end by this week. I think I am more excited at the prospect of her going back to school. I would have liked Mini to do the same but as it is, she skipped school today and depending on the outbreak, I will be home bound for another 2 weeks! *kicking legs and thumping hands* Life's not fair!! 

OK, now that I have the 3 year-old out of my system, time to make dinner. Cherio!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

3 weeks...1 more week to go

I don't know about you but having kids at home 24/7 for so long is tough. I can't have them separated, I can't get them to sleep, I can't do anything. It's literally impossible to fully function when you have to be referee constantly or answer their never ending questions about the universe. I really don't know why Snow-White's hair is black and not blonde (yellow). I really don't. And honestly, I don't really care. Maybe she needed her own identity. Or maybe her mom decided "enough with them blondies, you're gonna be black"..I haven't a clue.

Anyway, these are the things I have to deal with. Clearly, having the pox has not affected them too much. As much as I'd like to isolate the 2, it's not possible. I sent Mini to MIL's for 2 days and she was homesick. Ash kept asking what she was up to and how she was and when she's coming back. So I said "stuff it! If Mini's gonna get it, she's gonna get it..No 2 ways about it".

So far, there's been nothing on Mini (*touch wood*). At least she's gone to school as scheduled. Ash on the other hand has missed school for 3 weeks now and will come a full circle next week. I wonder if she remembers her ABC. Opps...have I been too lazy to do any work with her? Well, yeah, I kinda have been. My friend said "haih...anak sakit, kita sibuk". My reply was "yeah...sibuk tengok TV"...then we burst out laughing. Seriously, what do you expect me to do? It's tough as it is being stuck at home. Going to grandma's house feels like vacation for them LOL...

Yeah we have plenty of quiet moments....on the royal dung throne. That's my secret hide-out. I will take whatever extra minute I can get - even if it's just sitting. At least I can concentrate, gather my train of thoughts and sent them on their rightful path. It's there that I think of things to do; things like on my next visit to the hospital, I am going to go up to my ObGyn and attempt to poke fun : "wah...dr...kam hou sang yi ah kam leen?" (so good business ah this year?). And then, smile to myself thinking of what he might say, what his reaction'll be. Oh, if you don't know, my gynea is a no nonsense fella. He's like Chairman Mao of Malaysia. He might call security on me. ekkk..

Or, I could read my camera how-to manual. It's an ongoing process since yonks ago. I could think about what I wanna do when the kids turn 21, when I get my life back. A professional photographer perhaps? A photographer with photographer liability insurance. See? Lots of things can flow through your mind for that millisecond you're in there. 

I will emerge from my rabbit hole of course. It's not forever. But, it's nice to have that little reprieve albeit in a very strange place to have it. Being a mom, you'd just take anything. You'll end up eating anything and doing everything. So..hooray for mommies out there..Even father's day is your day..heheh :-). 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here we go again..

I am not which is worse : getting chicken pox during the school holidays or as school starts? It totally sucks either way.

Ash, for some reason, got the pox just last weekend; the weekend before starting school. She'll be out for at least 2 weeks. It's a bummer really because she's totally bummed out staying home. As it is, we totally didn't do anything during the second week of the holidays except to a friend's place for a swim. Even then, it is not as though we did anything significant during the first week either.

Our school holidays for the past 2 weeks have been extremely subdued. The only major event was hopping by Pavilion to watch the Penguin show on a Saturday. That was it. No traveling, no adventure-type outing, zilch. So where and how did she get it? I was told not to ponder, wonder..because, we all have to get it at least once in our lifetime. So, ok, I shall stop the wondering process this instant.

After the bout of HFMD tragedy, I'm just taking it easy. Well, 'easy' as in after the initial shock that is because apart from the spotty look on her now, she seems pretty chirpy. Perhaps the itchy feeling hasn't settle in yet, i am not sure. But, as of right now, she's bored out of her mind. I've sent Mini over to the inlaws. I am not sure how much that'll spare Mini from getting the chicken pox since they were inseparable. But...whatever, lets hope she will be (spared).

Ash totally misses her sister whenever they are apart. She even got me to call Mini just to check on her. Mini also got her grandma to call us. They just can't stand being apart. It's truly heartwarming to see them together and to have that sisterly connection between them. It's nice...when they are not trying to chop each other's head off...:-D.

Honestly, what on earth am I going to do for 2 weeks? I can already see cobwebs on her head and on mine. I should start counting sheeps or look for backyard cabanas. May God help us!! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

HFMD update

Since my previous post, Ash and hubby have recovered. Thankfully, for Ash, it was a mild HFMD. Inspite of it all, we kept her home the whole time. Well, not exactly the whole time because we made trips to the doctors and to grandparent's house. Although I was very tempted to bring her to Kidzania so she could use up her Kidzzos (do they earn money or you have to spend them? I have no idea cos she went there with her friends on a school field trip) and to calm my nerves. I kept Mini home too in anticipation of her getting HFMD as well but thankfully (really really thankful) she was spared.

Also, even though I had hubby home with me, I was busier than ever. He couldn't do much with them blisters on him. He had it a little worst than Ash. His throat was sore, more blisters and he also threw up with fever and all. Just so you know, adults have every bit of a chance of getting HFMD too so it's a myth if someone tells you that big people don't get it at all (according to the doc).

They were all better by the weekend. Our first trip out was to the grocery store! LOL...what fun! In addition to some meat, I also replenished my body scrubs. If only I had a nice and huge bath-tub to soak my tired body in. Now that would be heavenly! 

Anyway, glad the episode is over. Plus, the school holidays are approaching - 2 weeks y'all! We had every intention of going down south. But, will have to see how hubby's schedule at work goes and how our finances pans out. Other than that, am kinda looking forward to the holidays. We've got a couple of play-dates lined up, and my friend is still in town so yippee!!! We'll see...

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