Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You can run, but you can't hide..

The day I dread has arrived. Mini got the chicken pox.

She escaped HFMD but couldn't quite run away from the chicken. It had to happen sooner or later. I was only hoping against hope but it didn't do me any good. Fortunately, I got Mini vaccinated immediately after we discovered it on Ash. So, hopefully, it won't be a full-blown thing on Mini unlike Ash.

Speaking of Ash, she's at the tail-end of this dreaded thing. All blisters have popped and she is all cleared to go back to school on Monday. I took her to the dr yesterday to just see if she could go back to school sooner because they're having a school trip coming up this week. The teachers prepped the kids before the holidays so Ash knew about the trip. And she was all excited about it. I was all ready to let her go too but..well..you know what happened. 

So, anyway, to cut the long story short - she will have to skip it this time. She was pretty disappointed but, I did my best. The teacher even held on booking the ticket for her till after we got the doctor's clearance. As it is, she's totally bored at home. Exhausted all her toys. Of course, I will not just go and buy her or them more toys la. Siow! I will just bring them to people's house to play with other people's toys. **evil**. Easier on the pocket and I get my ME time. Win-win I say. 

Oh..where was I? Yeah...so she has to skip school, totally miss out on a potentially exciting field trip...Yadda...yadda...but, all will come to an end by this week. I think I am more excited at the prospect of her going back to school. I would have liked Mini to do the same but as it is, she skipped school today and depending on the outbreak, I will be home bound for another 2 weeks! *kicking legs and thumping hands* Life's not fair!! 

OK, now that I have the 3 year-old out of my system, time to make dinner. Cherio!

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