Saturday, June 23, 2012

Extended holiday

I feel like I've been on an extended holiday with the girls. It's been 4 weeks of no school for Ash. For most kids, that's like being in the North Pole with Santa and the gifting elves. Oh, she will like that. She's been talking about Christmas all day long yesterday and how long more do we have before it's Christmas. If she could have her way, it should be Christmas everyday.

The girls are ok being at home. When the have school, they'll want to be home. But, when they're home for an extended period of time, they get a little antsy. OK, alot antsy! I suppose it doesn't help that we're not allowed to go venture elsewhere either. Well, not that we are an adventurous lot, but going out even to the shops nearby is satisfactory enough for them.

Anyway, since I've been home, no one knows I am home except for family members and friends whom I moan to. But, other than that, am super glad my insurer doesn't know. Because he just called hubby and told him about this excellent new plan they've come up with and he'd like to share with us. I am so not in the mood to listen to term insurance quotes right now. I might just fall asleep. hubby said to use him to our advantage : get him to babysit our kids and then we'll listen to his jabberings. Hmm...I might just do that. I won't tell him we have the pox and I can go for a 2-hour massage. Win-win?! **evils**

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