Friday, July 13, 2012

Crazy weather

It has been crazy hot the past month or so. If you were on confinement, I hope it wasn't bad. Anyway, because of the weather (I kind of blame it on the weather), the kids were just falling in and out of illness. The last being Mini getting the pox. I hope that is it for us. Can't say the same for a friend's kid who was hospitalised 2 weekends ago due to a mysterious viral infection. It caused her fever to spike and last for several days, plus enlarged kidneys. Just then, hubby's friend's daughter was also hospitalised for similar illness. As it turned out, this strange Mycoplasma virus (just google) is on the loose. Kidney and blood infected due to the virus. Had to take 2 types of antibiotics to clear it. I wish it's just a fancy name for rustic bedroom furniture but it's not! So, just keep vigilant, keep your bags to yourself and stay alert when walking. Make sure your kids are hydrated and pump up their immune system. It's crazy times we're living these days. 

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