Friday, November 30, 2007

Fun Site for the Sports Enthusiast

I remembered when I was in the States, oh about 20 years ago (yes, I am quite the old lady), we were crazy over sports. Sporting events like the NFL and the NBA were (and still are) huge. I mean, these people pay big bucks to watch the game live. How else could star players like Michael Jordan be one of the most expensive sports person there ever was?

Trust the Americans to come up with ways to enjoy their sports. When there is a game, you name it? In the bar, restaurant, in the park...Now, there is even a fun social site for all sporting fanatics. Try if you love sharing and just 'talk shop' with your fellow Joe on the streets about the 5th innings. Also, a site for you to make your sports picks, set your target price and share the revenue generated by your picks (depending on the accuracy of your picks surely).

Make your favourite football or basketball picks with their easy to use handicapping tools which are incidentally available on all of the 6 major sports. Go ahead and give it a shot. You might just be the lucky winner of their monthly contest.

Security for My Travels

To all Canadian travelers, listen up and check out I am pretty sure you will find this site very useful. I did. Whether you are looking for information on how to plan your travels after you have picked out your destination or information on Travel Insurance, you have come to the right place.

This site offers a unique online service by providing, among others, free travel insurance quotes. You can call this your one-stop insurance market place. Simply fill up the required information and in return, you will get the insurance quotes that you desire absolutely free. Yup! You heard me, this is a free online service to you whether you buy or not.

Sounds fishy or there must be some hidden costs somewhere in the quotes? Frankly, if I were you, I would feel the same. However, the way Kanetix works is that while this service is provided free online, they do charge a marketing fee but the charges are only for their participating insurance companies and this marketing fee does not translate to higher insurance quotes. This ultimately means, no hidden costs to you if you decide to purchase. Furthermore, the quotes are impartial and sorted by price. In fact, the travel information you find on this site is practical and useful for first time travelers and avid travelers alike. With their travel kit and many featured travel articles, one can’t help but to feel that they’ve got all that a traveler needs to know “under one roof”.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ashley's Outing Expressions

This is my shoe

I want that iced blended!!

Ok, fine! I will settle for my bottle

What you lookin at?

I'm happy

Was taken at Coffee bean in 1U this afternoon. Went there to get Ashley's supplies.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This is what I call will power

Sigh..Ashley is in bed. She was so exhausted, she went to bed at 7.30pm. She is such a hyper kid. Even when the doctor could make out her moving hand when she was in my womb, he remarked that she is an active kid. Either she heard him or his prediction is damn accurate. I read somewhere that even if your child appears to be active while in the womb, she/he may not be when he/she is born. Oh well, in this case, inside and outside, she is terribly active lah.

Oh, so I get some ME time. Yeah but I am supper exhausted. Initially, my target was a maximum of 2 pp per day. Looks like I have to reduce that to 1 per day. I don't think I can stay up like how some of you do. Really REALLY take my hats off. I still have a pile of un-folded clothes. The 2nd batch of laundry that I put out to dry this afternoon is still hanging outside my porch. I have yet to take them in. Where is the hubs? Can't really rely on him to do much during the weekdays. Though he is home but he is still "working". It is still up to me.

I want to be supermom (not SUPERMAN) but I can't. I also want to be super-blogger but hahhaha...its "joke of the year". Anyway, supermom is not me. Its my mom and my grandmother. I don't even come to a close second. To those who are working mothers, my hats off to you too.

I don't know where this post is heading. Most likely no where cos I am beat. This post is supposed to be about a picture I took this morning.

Remember I told you about Ashley and her love for the Thomas and Friends song? It was on again this morning and I put the play-pan the wrong way. She manage to find that little opening where she can peep through to see the starting of the cartoon where they were singing her song. Well, this is what the post is about. Ashley and her will power. Wish I have half of that...sigh

My Gift

Ashley has given me many things. Intangible things. The one thing that I would be forever grateful is having a cleavage.

What? It doesn’t look like mine you say? You just have to take my word for it. I am forbidden to show you what’s beneath my clothes. On a serious note, I did experience boobs enhancement when I got pregnant. I remembered not being able to fit into any of my existing bras. So, ladies, remember, if you are planning on getting pregnant, don’t go on a bra-buying spree. Chances are you will need a different size. Leave the bra-buying till after you have confirmed your pregnancy.

Ok, where was I? Oh yes, so, I had to ditch my old bras which was also an excuse for me to go shopping and not at my expense of course. I did have one or two new ones which I had to give away to my sister cos I couldn’t wear them. That was a pity. I really liked them. Else I wouldn’t have bought them in the first place. So, I went out and got some new ones at La Senza. My friend would say “Oooohhh, expensive boobs” Not really. When they are on sale, they can be quite reasonable. Sale was when I got them in the first place.

After delivering Ashley, I wore maternity bras. You know the usual. Not so flattering. Soon after my confinement I decided to get some new ones. I had a hard time choosing the right ones and spent a good 2 hours shopping for bras!!! I have never shopped that long for anything, let alone for bras. I didn’t know the size I wore anymore. I tell you, if I were to walk into the store again now, I might have to spend another 2 hours again. Anyway, seeing as how I am these past few days, my hubby would insist I get some Prima Donna Lingerie

Why doesn't she take longer naps?

For those of you mothers whose child or children sleeps for a long period of time, I am green with envy.

This little girl of mine doesn't sleep long enough each day for me to satisfactorily say that she sleeps at all. A typical example would be, like today, I put her to bed at 10 am. Not before tossing and turning. She finally slept, I think around 10.30am. I thought I could have 2 hours of peace. Nope, she woke up at 11.30 am. I went up to check on her and quietly tipped toed out the room when I saw she was playing and admiring her pillow. I let her lie in bed while I finish watching her porridge. Remember last time when I burnt my porridge? Can't let that happen again this time.

After porridge, bath and she wanted to sleep. And sleep, she did. At 2.45pm. I hadn't had my lunch yet. I had to quickly take the second load of laundry out to dry, vaccuum and mop the floor. Oh and before all that, I had to change my clothes cos she pee-ed on me while I was bathing her. Ok, I thought lets check on her and that was 4pm. I was praying and hoping that she will still be asleep. Nope. Tough luck. She was again admiring her pillow and sucking her thumb. I had to carry her down cos she saw me this time. I gave her some milk while I went to cook my lunch.

My kid doesn't sleep, doesn't want to sit in the play-pan, doesn't want to sit in the walker. She just wants to crawl and play with things she's not supposed to. Can someone teach me how to make my kid sleep longer? If all else fails, I might just pop her a sleeping pill one of these days. Yeah, how I wish it would be that easy. If I am not blog hopping as much, I will try my best later tonight. Its just not my best week.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Got a Story to Tell?

If you have been dreaming of being the next John Grisham, have I got news for you! is a new site for every aspiring writers or for people who have nothing much to do but want to tell a story. Firstly, register yourself as a StoryMash writer/author. You can start by writing a fresh story or continue a chapter from existing stories.

Is that it? Actually, no. I will get to the best part, right about NOW. As a writer, once you publish your story, you start earning money. Yes, cold hard cash. How much you earn depends on a myriad of factors. You see, there will be readers who will vote on their favourite stories and chapters. The more popular your story or chapter, the more money you will earn.

Now, the finale. I told you that this is a new site. So, to encourage more readers and writers, StoryMash is currently running a free online writing contest that will end on 20 December 2007. All you have to do is register, write and publish a new story. The 3 best stories will with 3 prizes. The prizes up for grabs are $300 for first place, 2nd place gets $150 and for 3rd place, you get $60. Don't wait. Write now. Enter Mash for Cash. Who knows, you might just be the next Hollywood blockbuster writer.

A surprise call

I received a call from Citibank offering me some cash advance at a “special” interest rate and I was told that I can use that cash to pay off the outstanding money I owed on my credit card. She reasoned that the credit card interest is a lot higher than the small loan the bank is offering me and that I should grab the offer now.

She obviously has no clue. I don't have any outstanding sum on my credit card cos I don't work anymore. No work = no money = no spending. I told her that. I even asked her that since I won't be using my credit cards, would she be a dear and arrange for the cards to be canceled. She was surprised naturally and told me that this is not part of her job scope. She referred me to another officer and another phone number to dial. I haven't done that yet though. Will do so soon.

Frankly, I haven't used my credit cards ever since I stopped work. The only thing that gets credited is my insurance premium. Other than that, my bills are clean. Something I haven't had during the life of my credit cards. That's why I intend to let it stay that way until..oh, I don't know. Until I get bored of looking at the statements. Besides, its nice to see that I have a "NIL" outstanding for a change. Oh and my application was rejected by Bank of America. Thought I might let you know of some latest happenings.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Christmas Wish

I have a total of 3 diamond speck. I won’t call them diamond rings cos they are a little too tiny to be considered diamond rings but they are my prized ring jewelery. My first is a double stud in one ring and was my engagement ring. I remembered choosing the ring with my husband. It wasn’t even from the “wedding” collection that they have on display. Nevertheless, it was my very first jewelery gift.

The second was…I can’t even remember the occasion for it. I think it was for my birthday or our anniversary. This one is a single stud. I think it costs less than RM1.5K. My 3rd was a slightly bigger stud. I bought it during my pregnancy. It was, yup, you guessed it, my pregnancy present. I don’t know whether it was a huge mistake to buy rings during your pregnancy but it definitely was for me. Then again, it doesn't matter cos I can’t wear any of my rings!!! None. Not even my wedding band. I was hoping I could fit into them after my pregnancy. I thought once the water retention subsided, my fingers will go back to its usual “shape”. I guess not. Fat fingers are here to stay.

They totally don’t fit and the one I got during my pregnancy, its too big. It slides out when I put it on. I probably could get them fixed but what happens if the size of my fingers gets bigger if I am pregnant again? Well, I have a plan. I will leave the rings as they are and will keep it. I will, however, try to somehow coax my hubby to get me this!!!

A good luck charm Ferroni bracelet in sterling silver

Found it at one of the online jewelry stores specializing in women jewelery. Like it? That’s my christmas wish for Santa this year.

Ashley Naughty

Just now, Ashley poo-ed. Naturally, I had to change her. Wipe her down and then put her diaper on cos she had already taken her bath. Don't know why these days it is just so difficult to change her. The minute I put her down, she wants to turn. So, imagine, buttocks full of shit and she wants to flip over and her shit almost fell onto my bed!!! Arrgghhh...I kept trying to distract her with stuff but she doesn't want to lie down so....I gave her a smack on the thigh. Then, she cried and cried. That was the only time I manged to wipe everything clean and put on her diapers. She continue to cry and cry when I put her down on her cot. I ran down, almost tripping, as fast as I could to make milk for her cos she wanted to zzzzzzz...but I could hear her crying and crying.

I went upstairs, she was sucking her thumb and holding on to her meow meow. I gave her the milk and she fell asleep. Now, she is still sleeping. I feel like such a bad mama. Maybe my 'aunty' coming I don't know. I just lost my cool. Today is just not turning out too well for me. I hope it gets better later.

Ashley and her Por Por

The picture was taken yesterday at my mom's house. Look at my hyper active child.

Insurance for Ashley?

I need one, for Ashley that is. Both my hubby and I are insured. In fact, my hubby has been saying for ages that he needs to upgrade his term life now that he is the sole breadwinner of the family. Not just for the 2 of us but his parents who are his dependents as well but I think they are both adequately covered. So am I actually. Luckily, I bought mine early.

Ever since Ashley was born, friends and insurance agents (friends of friends) have been knocking on our doors asking us to purchase insurance for our kid. I have been contemplating on this for a while now. At the end of the day, I just have no clue. There are just too many to choose from. Not only the type of plans but from the many insurance companies. I have yet to ask for any insurance quotes but I think I should, at least have a look at them, seriously.

If it were up to me, I would prefer an all-in-one family insurance plan without the hassle of having different types for each of us. However, I've been told many times that for kids, there are specific plans drawn up for them. From what I understand, they are basically education savings plan. I'm only guessing here, don't take my word for it. I'd have to meet up with the experts for this. Yeah, I honestly do.

There is such a community

Have you heard of iContact? No? Ok, I didn't either but now I have. iContact is a leading email marketing company with hundreds of thousands of worldwide users. If you'd like you could check them out at However, I am here to talk about their newest feature, the iContact Community.

iContact Community is a forum where visitors get to openly discuss, rank and comment on email newsletters. Visitors will get to vote for and comment on their favourite content amongst the many categories that are found in the community. By participating, email marketeers are given the chance to create a public profile, publicly archive their newsletters and blog posts, tag and categorize their newsletters and blog posts, get their content indexed in Google, participate in discussions with subscribers, and easily grow their opt-in lists.

Let me reiterate, all community content as well as community profile will get indexed by Google and other top search engines. This simply means one thing – an increase in visitors and subscribers. What's more, all top ranked content of each category gets to appear on the iContact Community homepage. This again is another plus for the publishers who have worked hard on their blogs or newsletters.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Something...Ewwww (cont)

Yesterday, we stayed home for most part of the day and only went out briefly for last minute grocery shopping cos I needed to get some stuff for my spaghetti bolognese and tempura flour. The prawns and minced meat my mom got me has been sitting there in the freezer for almost a week now, untouched.

There were some Harvey Norman bedding stuff on sale at Ikano. I went to busybody before going to Cold Storage and I got myself or rather, ourselves a quilt cover set. Ours is really 'chan' (torn and tattered) already. We had it since we got married and that was 6 years ago. Now, the part where the buttons are, the cloth is stripped and the colour of our pillow cases have faded. We have another newer one but we need an extra when I put the used one to wash. The one I got came with a fitted sheet as well and costs RM120 for the whole set. Smacked down 50%. Not bad eh? There were only 2 left so I 'sapued' the nicer between the two. Frankly, they weren't at all nice but no choice, was quite a good bargain. Just take only.

We went home around 4 something in the evening, rested for a little bit and I began cooking while the hubs went out to do some work behind the house. Ashley was watching her Daddie. We fed Ashley first and then we had ours. She was incredibly cranky when we were having our dinner cos her sleep was interrupted during the outing. We quickly finished our dinner and as usual, I am a slow eater so the hubs had to wash her up and put her to bed which wasn't difficult cos she was already sleepy. Only problem was, after about 10 minutes of finishing my dinner, as I walked towards the stairs to go up to give hubby a hand, our 'visitor' came.


It came into our house. I saw it sliding into our home from the front gate and it went around our front door. I shouted for my hubby but by the time he came downstairs, it was gone.

I had to attend to Ashley while my hubby 'searched' for it. He found it underneath our shoe cabinet outside on the front porch. I came down after putting Ashley back to bed and he told me to go get the guard. The guard came and after that, I don't know what happened and all I saw was this picture as you are seeing now.

Apparently, the guards (there were 2 of them) were really pro at luring the snake out from our shoe cabinet. One of them held on to the snake's head with a stick while the other grabbed the mouse cage, ready for the snake. With a flick of the stick, the snake was swept into the cage, secured and ready for death row. Before that, my hubby took this picture. We thanked the guards and they took it away for a meal or what I don't know. All I know was, it was truly some night for us. We thought we could relax but ended up having to clean the "mess" and I was beat after that.


I have something to tell you...


Wait! I will tell you tomorrow cos I am really tired now and will be zzzzzzzz..soon...till then. Good Nite. Warning : Not for the faint hearted.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Complaint Centre

I am sure many of us have encountered disappointment after disappointment with regards to companies, businesses, service providers for instance, my local internet service provider has been giving us ordinary users quite a fair bit of problem lately. What they may not realise is that most of us rely on the internet nowadays to earn a living. Some do it on a part-time basis but most are on this full-time. We have tried, time and time again consulting their customer service with our problems but either our complaints would fall on deaf ears or we were given the run-around asking us to check this and that, this and that. is a unique website set up dedicated in providing a platform for a complaint or a praise. You can be unhappy or happy about a service or a product and get to voice them by writing a review which can be done free and will only take a few minutes. Your review will however be subject to approval by the staff of as profanities are not allowed. You will know when your review is approved when you receive an email telling you so.

Companies, businesses or sole proprietors who feel that they have been wronged by a negative review cannot request the relevant review to be taken off. What you can do though would be to direct your satisfied customers to explain the situation by writing a positive review. You can also post pictures up if you'd like.

While I find that this may promote better customer service, better customer satisfaction but in the long run is nothing more but another place for people to speak their mind which most companies already have in existence and they are called the customer service department. Most companies would not be deterred by the number of complaints for example because first of all, these are merely opinions of individuals, not verified. Secondly, companies who have been “wronged” are allowed to offer their chance to tell their part of the story through other customers. This again, are merely opinions and not verified. At the end of the day, it depends very much on the company itself and how important customers are to them.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Blogberg News

Everyone has been anticipating the dreaded announcement of their realrank with the prestigious PaPaPya Club. Senior Members and Junior Members alike were eagerly waiting the results of their rank. To see who is ranked 1 and who is ranked..oh, I don't know, infinity.

The results were finally out approximately 2 days ago. Due to lack of sleep and an excited mind, I can't remember when it came out. But out it came. I quickly checked to see what my rank was. To see what kind of opps I can take. I would be an absolute nut-case if I didn't.

So, without further ado, let me announce to you my realrank. It came in two-folds. First (probably due to insufficient information and my 'wrong address" I received a 2008. Then, after rectifying my 'problem', they gave me my REAL RANK which is 2409. I don't really know what that means but I get the feeling that its probably not very good. Since my rank, I have been staring at the same opps for the past 2 days and the future looks bleak on my radar.

It does look as if my rank is quite useless. However, on the contrary, it may not. I have found a new use for my rank. Something that can potentially earn me hundreds or even millions with a small investment. Yup, realrank has its use after all (I am talking about my rank la).

I will go buy 4-D with the two ranks I received. Then, I will recite another PaPaPya prayer for my 4-D and hopefully, it will work...muahahhaha...:P

P.S : Latest news. Momsie has gone bonkers!!

Federer and Sampras, My Friends...

Ok! I am back. It was FUN with a capital F.U.N!! Managed to take quite a fair bit of photos but these were the only good ones. Don't have those good camera so most were blurry. Hope you will enjoy these though. Oh by the way, I didn't wear red nor did I paint my face red. Mou si kan (No time) ah..:P

MC blablablabla...

Jaclyn Victor, M'sian Idol Nombor 1


Roger Serving

Pete Serving

Roger Lost a Point

Pete Doin' the "Jig"

Roger Won *grin*

Taking Picture with Agung

Tennis Ball autographed by Pete, yay!!

Happy, Satisfied and Tired Me

Sekian, Terima Kasih!! Danke!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My 3PaPaPya Prayer

Please make me type fast, faster than speed of light

Please make the damn Kaptchai easier to see

Please make my internet connection go super fast

Please make all the grey disappear and I can only see yellow or white

Please rank me properly but if the proper result is no good, please give me better results

Please solve my problem as it has been more than 1 week since I last submitted my ticket


Update : I just want to say that my "problem" is solved!!! I don't believe this. I am so happy *big grin*

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Baby Ashley is 8 months

Time just flew by and passed the top of our heads like “woosh!!”.

In four months, Ashley will reach her 1st birthday. I wonder if she knows the kind of achievements she has accomplished in all of the 8 months. Silly me. She probably doesn’t but I sure do.

Today, she tried to feed herself. Made a mess on her chair and luckily, the floor was spared as she swung her spoon left and right with a spoonful of porridge still stuck to it. I entertained her for a while but realized that she wasn’t interested in the eating part of it, I forced the spoon from her grasp. She cried and cried and then forgot all about it when she started to lean downwards to play with the straps on her chair.

Before acquiring this new ‘skill’, she has been crawling on all fours. Sometimes on her knees looking at us like someone looking out of a prison cell from her cot as if to say “Get up you sleepy heads. I want to eat my breakfast”.

She doesn’t like watching tv, not even advertisements. Either that she really IS NOT interested or there isn’t enough advertisements to keep her occupied. The only cartoon that will get her to turn her neck upside down inside out is none other than Thomas and Friends. She loves the introduction and ending song. It’s quite catchy and even now, as I am typing this, I am humming it. So, that will take her attention away oh for about 10 seconds at the beginning and the end of the show. That is the only ME time I get.

She loves it when we read to her and show her stuff from the books. We are getting more. I am not sure if its universal with children but Ashley loves it when we sing to her or when we play her the children CD. If this is her passion, I wish that she would be the next Madonna.

Her favourite pillow is called Meow Meow. Maybe later I will snap a picture of her with her Meow Meow. Now cannot cos she is sleeping and I don’t really fancy the idea of taking her Meow Meow away from her lest I don’t want to sleep tonight.

I think the most significant of Ashley’s development is what sounds like her first word. She said it last night when we were at the in-laws. “Yeh” as in Yeh Yeh (Grandfather). No, not Mama, the hand that feeds her or the Papa, whose wallet clothes her but Yeh Yeh (?). Like I said, it sounded like her first word so we’ll need to hear it once more to confirm. Lets hope it is Mama this time.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Fruitful Day

This morning we went to the paed for Ashley's general check up on her development. Also, she seemed to be gasping for breath sometimes especially after crying. I was worried if there may be something wrong hidden that could lead to long term damage. Luckily, according to the paed, its fairly normal since the capacity of her lungs is too small and sometimes, she may take big gulps of air when she breathes. Sure hope this is normal, we wouldn't want any surprises later on. Anyway, the last time we went to the paed was for her jab when she was 6 months and the paed told us that the next visit will be when she reaches her 1st birthday but we could bring her over sometime in between just to check on her overall development. So, we just followed her advice and went today. I'm happy to say that everything is A-OK!! *big grin*

After that, we dropped Ashley off at the in-laws for them to do some work heheh...Actually, we wanted to go shopping in peace so we left Ashley with her grandparents to keep them entertained. Its not everyday they get to see her so we thought, instead of lugging her all around the mall and plus, we hardly get some "couple" time, we just left her with them.

We chose the Curve. I wanted to get a blender thingy for Ashley's food but couldn't find what we were looking for. We were there before 12 noon and I must say that I like it there. No crowd unlike a neighbourhood mall where if you are not lining up for a parking spot at 9.30am, you can absolutely forget about shopping there.

Since the electrical shop didn't have what I wanted, the hubs suggested to check out MPH for some books for Ashley he was interested to get from the MPH flyer that we received. Nowadays, when he goes shopping, its always for only Ashley. I am jealous!! Oh well, I am guilty of the same thing cos just as the hubs entered MPH, I went into one of the kids shop to look for some lovely dresses for Ashley since everyone has been saying that she looks like a boy or asks us if she is a girl or a boy. I feel like putting a tattoo on her forehead that says "I am a girl, so bugger off!!!". I don't think I can. Not only the hubs will have my head, my in-laws will come along with a meat cleaver.

I didn't see anything for Ashley that was within budget. Either they were expensive or they were just plain over-the-roof EXPENSIVE!!! So, I joined the hubs at MPH. I went to the cookery section to check out the new releases from the flyer. They had one specially for infant and toddler recipes. I wanted a variation even though I have the mainstream family recipes. I bought it. I also bought two new release cookbooks mainly to fill up the cabinet that the hubs specially designated for my cookbooks and recipes. Now, I just wish that I have more time to whip up those mean dishes from those cookbooks. Sigh

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Dream Vehicle

My dream vehicle is the Volvo S40. Did you expect something a lot dreamier? Well, this is the most realistic dream I have of a dream car cos a Porsche is definitely out of the question.

In reality though, I have a Korean car. It functions well and the only one I can afford without having to maintain it through my nose. From my very first car (this is my second by the way), I paid for everything myself. From the hire-purchase re-payments to sourcing for insurance coverage for cars.

Not only I had to search for a finance institution who could give me a competitive hire-purchase rate but I had to search for an insurer who can give me better car insurance rates. Better yet, one who can give me the best. It is not easy as there are too many choices. With the help of my hubby, that was settled fairly quickly. It also helped when we have a friend who is in the insurance business. We practically have every insurance he recommended. If only I had known about insurance quotes online, I wouldn’t have to harass my poor friend. Oh well, a lesson learned.


The weekend is here

It is Friday.

But wait, I have my photos so yay me!! Lesson learned, always back up photos!!

Since its a wet and gloomy day, I will stay in today. Not like there has been much activities lately either. Although, I did get a chance to go out yesterday. Dropped Ashley off at the in laws and went out with a friend. She commented that I looked tired even though I don't work. Huh?? True enough I am not working as in earning $$ but I am "working". I still get up early and go to bed late. Of course I can choose to sleep earlier but then, who is going to feed Ashley? Certainly not my hubby cos he'd be zonked out by then.

To say that I was irked by her remark isn't entirely true, I wasn't really cos I know she didn't mean to be mean. She just don't get it. Once you become a mom, whether you are a FTWM or SAHM or WAHM, you are at "working" 24/7.

Not true? Wait. Take SAHM for example, that is the easiest for me to describe. Even if you have a maid or two, you will continue to fuss about the house, the kids, the plumber. Though you may not be getting your hands dirty but you sure will be supervising and giving out orders. The best part is, if your maid isn't carrying out your orders to your satisfaction, you may well end up having to do them yourself. What's more if you have school going kids? Piano lessons? Guitar lessons?

What about FTWM? Yeah, what about them? They are having it even harder. Why? I will tell you why? They wake up, earlier than most. To get ready themselves and to get the kids ready so they can fetch the kids to the nanny or in laws on time so they can get to work on time. At work, they go about doing their work but they are thinking of their kids. They try to rush out work so they can take their kids home. If they have to work late, they are overwhelmed with guilt. If they travel, its worst. Once they get home, they will again fuss about the kids, the house, the plumber and the entire world before they get to do anything for themselves. Don't even get me started on the WAHM. I totally salute them.

A mom is a job in itself. Unless you are one, its hard to explain or even get someone to understand that its a full and lifetime job. A job you can't quit nor retire from. As to which type of "mom" gets it better, I'd have to say none. They are all the same. Different designation for the same profession.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Lost All My Mobile Pictures

This is not really a post. Its just something I have to write down. I am kinda depressed. Yesterday, I dropped my phone. The memory card flew out and the casing is cracked in 1 thousand pieces (in 2 lar). The casing served to protect my phone so I am not too worried about the casing.

My hubby put the memory card back last night and I thought everything was ok until just now when I wanted to download some pictures of Ashley, I couldn't find the "Memory" folder. The memory card is still intact. Not damaged. How could it. it's such a small piece of mettalic type thingy. I thought maybe I put it back wrongly but nope, seems to be only one position (sounds gross doesn't it? Sorry, didn't mean to). I know I shouldn't use my mobile to take pictures but sometimes, when you are in a hurry, the mobile is the best. Anyhow, I think I will have to wait for my hubby to return first. There goes my pictures. There were a couple which I wanted to post. Now, its gone *boo hoo*

Update : All photos are back..Hooray!!! Otherwise, there will be a huge chunk of Ashley's in there..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some Peace at Last

I haven’t mentioned this before but Ashley has been rather cranky for the past 2 months or maybe I have. I can’t remember, effects of old age. Her sleeping schedule at night was all messed up. Normally, she would be knocked out by 8pm but for the past 2 months or so, she would be up till 10 pm. Luckily, the hubs is around to put her to bed cos he would be knocked out by then as well.

It could’ve been due to her teething woes but still no signs of teeth yet. The usual symptoms were there. You know, the poo many times in a day, cranky, tugging the ears, that kind of stuff. I’m not discounting the fact that now she’s older, she has less number of nap times during the day. True, she only naps twice in a day, once in the morning (after her brunch) and once in the afternoon (after her lunch). Seems like a routine doesn’t it? This only happened recently. Just a week ago to be exact. Before that, she would nap at odd hours during the day and sometimes, up to 3 times a day. Hence, the late nights and her aggravated crankiness.

Lately, things have settled, so to speak. More evidently the past few days when the hubs was sick. She behaved well. Slept early everyday, even as early as 7.15pm just 3 days ago. At least that gave us some well deserved rest. Lets hope this continues. On top of that, she stayed healthy throughout so that in itself was a huge relieve for me, don’t you think?

Clever girl Ashley, mommy loves you very much!! *muaks*

Monday, November 12, 2007

Caught On Tape

Ok not exactly on tape and, no I am not going to post a picture or video of some porn. That one, you can go download yourself, I ain't sharing :P

This is a mommy site remember so mommy stories here only. One day, I left the little one outside on her mat with her toys while I went to hang my laundry. I was only going to be for a while. She has just started to crawl and wasn't very steady so I thought she wouldn't venture far. I came back and found her here :

After that, I wanted a close up. Too late she caught me!! Darn it

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ashley was looking at THIS...

For the record, the bear is MINE!! It's true. His name is BEAR BEAR. I had it since I was 17. It is now dirty and smelly, thanks to Ashley dragging it on the floor, dropping it, rubbing her face on it and constantly trying (if we can help it) to eat poor Bear Bear's tail. My bear is so charm. Ashley has her own soft toys but for some reason she wants mine.

I think I should explain the picture. In my previous previous post (if you saw the one before this, then you would know why *wink*) Ashley was doing this. Bear Bear was on the arm rest and in her excitement, she accidentally knocked Bear Bear over. She quickly climbed over to look at poor Bear Bear on the floor. She is such a samseng!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

What is Ashley looking at?


Answer in the next *kuasa dua* post. Stay tuned.

P.S : I also welcome guesses. I'm just shy to ask in case there are no takers. So, if you want to take a guess, please feel free to do so. :-D

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Holidays

Today is our national public holiday. Only for today, all goods at the mall are 50% off and this will last till 12 midnight tonight. So, hurry down to your nearest supermarket and grab them before they disappear. One would actually think “that” when you see the number of cars lining up heading towards the mall this morning. I tell you, at 11 am, piles and heaps of vehicles of all sizes lining up from all directions to the traffic lights turning into the shopping complex today. It is as though they were giving things away for free.

Why didn't I join in then and what was I doing at 11 am this morning, just looking at the cars? I will tell a bit.

I mentioned that I didn't feel too well last night. Felt like a cold about to burst. Popped a panadol and hit the sack. This morning, felt much better, though still sleepy but better. After fussing about the baby, we left the house at 9.30am to send the kiddo to my MIL's place cos I needed to take my hubby to the doctors. He lost his voice. I drove all the way from MIL's place in PJ to Jalan Pudu opposite Puduraya, a clinic there called Poliklinik Perubatan (Puduraya) is quite good. The last time when my hubby caught the mighty flu virus which lasted for 2 weeks and our family doctor couldn't save him, we went to this KL clinic. Immediately after consuming the first dose of medicine, he felt better. When something works, you just have to go back.

I waited for him in the car where I parked outside the clinic cos if you are familiar with that area, there is just no parking space and you have no choice but to double park. Risking your life and your car's, as big express buses with F1 drivers will zoom past your car faster than you can say a prayer. Honest. When I was there, I counted, 5 buses zoomed passed me and I swear, each time it happened, I just closed my eyes. Not only did I have to contend with the buses, there were taxis. These taxis were not only fast but aggressive. They will not hesitate to squeeze in between you and another taxi on the same lane!! Lastly, the people. People crossing the road. Even though the traffic lights had turned green for us vehicles, they will cross at snail’s pace. I was even shown the "finger" by a little boy as he crossed the road with his mother even though they were not supposed to. I didn't do anything ok. I was merely trying to inch forward indicating to them that it is green and it is my right to go. If it were up to me and if there were no laws stating that I can't hit a human being, I would've just rammed into all those people who cannot see the STOP sign for them and the GO sign for us.

Since I am posting this up, I’m sure you know that I am back home. The hubs is asleep and I have put on another pile of dirty clothes for washing and hung the already finished laundry out to dry. It isn’t really what I had in mind for a perfect day out in the sun but as a consolation to myself, I feel, I had a far more exciting adventurous morning than those folks entering the malls as we speak.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Under The Weather

Dear All,

I was fine initially but just now, after I put Ashley to bed, I didn't feel well. Probably because the hubs has been sick at home since yesterday. If I didn't make it to your blog, I'll do so tomorrow. Luckily, I finished my over due paid post today, if not "chau kai"..:P

Ok, will be a short one and thanks to all who visited. Catch ya later. Good Nite.

Love Always,


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Even Grissom can't solve this

At the rate I am going, I will have interims to last me till Christmas. Anyone wants one? They are on sale for 5 bucks a piece, don’t matter the number of words :P. I had wanted to blog about something but something else came to mind and this happens quite a lot.

If you haven’t read this, go read it before continuing. You will be equally disgusted and angry and paranoid. Just when we are trying to put the recent brutal murder behind us, this has to happen. No wonder my aunt said during dinner on Sunday “that if the crime rate were lowered, people who have been living overseas would consider returning, for good especially the older folks”. She said this in response to my cousin’s comment about how plenty of incentives are in place to lure citizens back but on record, only a few takers.

And worst, the parents are always the ones to blame. Blamed for allowing the child to wander around alone, blamed for leaving the child alone for 2 hours, blamed for dressing up the child like a clown..oopps, that last bit was targeted at me cos I tend to do that with Ashley, dress her up in mis-matched clothes. So yeah, sue me!!

Question the parents, ask them repeatedly why they left her alone for 2 friggin hours, lock them up. Better still, haul them to the gas chamber why don’t you? After all, no one knows who the killer is. He is so smooth, no one can catch him. He is faceless with no finger prints, no records, nothing..zilch. He couldn’t even be found in space (I just had to add that). Even if we had Gil Grissom, he couldn’t identify him either. Man, this is hard work. How many times must we tell these people not to leave their child alone. It is their fault. Yes, that’s it. The parents should be charged. It is definitely easier than looking for a faceless and finger-less criminal? Ok, maybe not both parents cos at least one of them should bear the consequences of losing the daughter for going back to work. The mother should not have worked. Her duty is to stay at home and look after the kids at all cost. The conclusion is, IT IS her fault. Off with her head. Case closed. Next!

Seriously, if that is how these crimes are going to be determined, then I will also pack my bags and leave. I am pretty sure leaving their child alone at home was the very last resort. I seriously think they are not daft. Having said that, 9 year olds being at home alone is no big deal. In those days, children were left alone while their parents worked the field and yet, nothing happens. The only difference between then and now is that there are more and more sick people roaming the streets.

So, before we judge harshly on the parents or the poor mother who went back to work simply because to even eat bread, we have to pay more. I am sure if they could’ve afford a babysitter for her, they would have because babysitters do not charge based on “per family” but “per child”.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

It is too 'shuin'

Note : Feeding Ashley orange juice.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I was supposed to continue with my story last night but ended up watching my favourite CSI and this particular episode (it was actually a re-run) had none other than K-whatsisname, ex Mr Spears. I missed the last part of this episode the last time so I watched it again just to see whether the thugs were really deformed or not. I saw a deformity alright, the retard K-Fed. Sorry, I just can’t stand him. I shall sit now.

Then this morning was again uneventful. Not only did I almost cut my finger again but I burned my baby’s porridge! Yeah, this super mommy went and did everything, defrosted, chopped, made sure Ashley will have her yummylicious carrots and potato “choke” (porridge). I went and turn the fire on full blast and seeing as the baby was happily playing with her new rattle in the pan, I went online to read the star, email to see whether got money or not (it has become an obsession) and if got any offers. Totally forgot about the porridge until I smelled something burning.

I quickly dash out of the study and into the kitchen and found my baby’s choke all dried and brown at the bottom. The baby looked at me as I was running and she laughed. Well, she thought I was playing with her. Then I told her “Sei lor baby girl, mommy pou long lei ker choke lor. Lei mou tak sek jor” (Die! Baby girl your mommy burnt your porridge. You cannot eat). Then, she just laugh not knowing that she will have no lunch today. KKKKKIIIIIIIIDDDDDDINNNNNNGGGGG about the last sentence. I gave her the vegetable cereal instead.

Note for Momsie : When you want to make porridge, pay attention.
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