Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Christmas shopping?

Trying to be super efficient this year. Why? Because for starters, we may have lots more gifts to buy this year. *gulp*. And because my daughter is already planning her Christmas party with her friends. She wants to invite this and that...and this and that. She is living every moment for Christmas. In fact, if she could, she would fast forward time and...poof! It's Christmas time! 

I on the other hand, thinks that she is nuts beyond words and I am definitely not having the Christmas party she so desires. Just don't tell her that! OK, I may and may not. I haven't exactly decided yet. All I know is, I have my Christmas list all ready and all I wanna do is shoot myself! 

Holidays are coming!!!

Ah..the sure sound of the word holiday makes me wanna jump up, do the twist, hug our Malaysian/Bangla gardener outside and oh...I don't know - sing?

Well, whatever it is, there will be no school for 2 whole weeks. 2 freaking weeks!! Can you believe it? I can't. Hahahaha...

So..what do we have plans for the hols? Actually...the immediate plan is to sleep in. I was told that sleep is for the weak. So yes, I admit it, I am weak and I need my beauty sleep. Besides, it revives the soul and urm...everything else? :-).

Ok, so, no significant plans at the moment. Well, there is one next week to meet at someone's house for a playdate. Gosh! I haven't had a playdate in months. Don't even know what that feels like anymore. I will confess to you that I am not fond of getting dressed, going out, be nice, or worst - be pretentious! But, thankfully, my kids are good friends with kids whose parents are people who hubby and I also adore so...that's cool. I can basically dress up in my ol tee, smell like fried fish and I will still be accepted to the group. Great feeling, huh?! You betcha!

I am not sure if it's too late to make any concrete plans now seeing how we might be a little late where all the hotels and all are concerned. We might just take a 5 hour drive to Terengganu? We know a resort mansion is being built over there. Just that, we don't know if it's ready for occupancy or not. Duh!

Or, we could do the Deuter Act Lite 50 + 10 and hope no creepy crawlies end up in our backside. 

Or, maybe not. 

I am sure we'll think of something...someday...sometime. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sisters Act

Those two are really something. They can be fighting and disagreeing with each other one day; and be all best bud the next. Intrigued? No need because it's all a natural phenomenon of sisterhood.

So, what is all this 'sisterhood' about anyway? I can't say what it compared to say - a brotherhood- because, I don't have brothers. But, I do have to say that being sisters can be great fun.

Despite all the fights my girls have, they simply cannot live without each other. They have to be in the same room, they have to know where each other is, they are each other's playmates...and I guess you could say also, they are each other's soul mate. They understand each other, they tolerate each other and they love each other to bits. Like, whenever I go shopping with either one of the girls, they will pick up something and "Oh, I think EMily will love this"...or "this is Ashley's favourite". So endearing.

One thing though : they are totally opposites in character and personality. Even their taste in everything is different. One is so so girly and the other is really like a boy. Mini will not wear skirts. OK, maybe not never ever wear dresses or skirts but she prefers T-Shirts and shorts/pants. Ash is all jewelery and Mini is hard ball. I can imagine Mini roughing out with the boys and being fascinated with baseball; whereas her sister spends hours at the Princess shop and will immerse herself on No kidding!

Well, whatever it is, they only have each other and they best keep each other for life!

Still a Baby

At 6 years, Ash can still be quite the baby of the household. Sometimes, she'd whine like a baby. Or, she'd want to be carried...yep, like a baby. She wants me to sleep beside her, snuggle up to a baby. 

ALso, many would gasp at her because she still takes the bottle!!! Although she takes less milk these days, she still insist on the bottle at night before bedtime. She still has her beloved comfort pillow - the one she had when she was born. 

In fact, I only just teased her yesterday for still taking the bottle and having her 'meow meow' (her comfort pillow). She giggled and cheekily retorted that she'll continue to indulge herself "even when I am 10 years old". Yea right! When boys come into the picture, she'd throw out her bottle (and her comfort pillow) in no time. 

She still gets to keep her baby stuff while she's still able to :-).

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ash's life ambition

So...yesterday, Ash came home to tell me they learnt about wedding practices of other cultures. As she told me, her face lit up, grinning from ear to ear, eyes sparkled like diamonds...I was like "eh, your favourite subject right?". She nodded ecstatically "uh huh...." I just shook my head.

It is no secret that all Ash wants to be when she grows up is a SAHM. She wants to have 3 kids. She wants us to live with her together with her and her 3 kids and with Mini and her 3 kids. She even suggested that we get our neighbours to "move away" so we could build a bigger house. Also, I am instructed to help babysit while she cooks. If and for any reason that while she's cooking, and the baby cries, I would let her know immediately so she can stop cooking and take the baby out for a walk (her 3 kids will be girls).

Naturally, all these talk about having kids, getting married and cooking, is making hubby sweat buckets. "She has so much going for her", he'll moan. Oh well, you can't stop a girl from having a clear vision of what she wants to do with her life. Just make sure you screen the men later on and their bank balance. If no money also, make sure father got money. ^_^

Mini, on the other hand, will have none of those. She's into Spiderman, Ben 10, ugly monsters and busy chasing Luqman....hahahha...It's a favourite game of her friends and her. Poor boy. Well, at least there's still hope in Mini for my hubby. They can talk four-arm control hand wheels and politics all day...all night!
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