Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Holidays are coming!!!

Ah..the sure sound of the word holiday makes me wanna jump up, do the twist, hug our Malaysian/Bangla gardener outside and oh...I don't know - sing?

Well, whatever it is, there will be no school for 2 whole weeks. 2 freaking weeks!! Can you believe it? I can't. Hahahaha...

So..what do we have plans for the hols? Actually...the immediate plan is to sleep in. I was told that sleep is for the weak. So yes, I admit it, I am weak and I need my beauty sleep. Besides, it revives the soul and urm...everything else? :-).

Ok, so, no significant plans at the moment. Well, there is one next week to meet at someone's house for a playdate. Gosh! I haven't had a playdate in months. Don't even know what that feels like anymore. I will confess to you that I am not fond of getting dressed, going out, be nice, or worst - be pretentious! But, thankfully, my kids are good friends with kids whose parents are people who hubby and I also adore so...that's cool. I can basically dress up in my ol tee, smell like fried fish and I will still be accepted to the group. Great feeling, huh?! You betcha!

I am not sure if it's too late to make any concrete plans now seeing how we might be a little late where all the hotels and all are concerned. We might just take a 5 hour drive to Terengganu? We know a resort mansion is being built over there. Just that, we don't know if it's ready for occupancy or not. Duh!

Or, we could do the Deuter Act Lite 50 + 10 and hope no creepy crawlies end up in our backside. 

Or, maybe not. 

I am sure we'll think of something...someday...sometime. 

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