Friday, March 23, 2012


Recently, Ash's friend returned from Disneyland. She told me he went to Disneyland, hence his absence from school the first couple of days. Then, she asked me what Disneyland was.

OOOOO....Wouldn't she love it at Disney??!! So, I told her what a normal mother to a princess loving child would say. I told her that Disneyland is where ALL the princesses live. To which I got dagger stares from the hubby. Why? Because he will have a hard time answering her next question : Can I go to Disneyland?

Well well well...nearest would be HongKong. I am not sure which one her friend went to. But, presumably hubby says yes, and we could go to the home of all princesses, it will have to be Disneyland Hong Kong. It's the closest. It's the cheapest (can take AirAsia). It's also the smallest in size. And they have all princesses under one roof. Including the big giant castle. Actually, castle we can always go to Bukit Tinggi. Even closer.

Getting to Disneyland is one thing. The packing is another. We have to pack light (very light) using weighingscales to be absolutely accurate. Because who knows? ASh might decide to bring one of them princesses home. I sure am not going to pay for her air ticket so princess whatever will have to go in the luggage. 

So, you see why I was given dagger stares from the hubby? I don't blame him.


The only pet we have are the girls. Or should I say, pets. We don't have a fish or a turtle nothing. Of course if you count the lizards, roaches and pesky mozzies as pets, yeah we have plenty of those. Too many to be desired as a matter of fact. But, no adorable kittens or puppies or dogs even. It suits us fine. It suits me fine.

But, MIL has a dog. The dog I 'rescued' from the pound some 10 years ago. See, hubby's previous dog died and for his birthday, I thought I'd get him another for his birthday. And I did. His name is Happy2 (Happy1 has gone to doggie heaven). So, Happy2 lives with MIL. Why? Well because it's his home for starters. He's got all his paraphernalias there i.e his pillow, blanket,his makeshift tent..but no large dog crates I'm afraid. Don't have that kind of cash. No matter, he loves it there. It's been his home ever since I brought him back.

Secondly, he's got a huge responsibility of taking care of the folks. Alert them of strangers. Deter strangers away with his fangs. I mean, he can be one fierce dog when it comes to protecting his loved ones. But, coos like a puppy around us. 

He's getting old. He's not been as jumpy as he used to be. It will be any time soon, you know. As much as we want them to live forever, no being is immortal. Not even animals. Anyway, just remembering, and recording.   

At the movies with the girls

Sometime last year, ( I know! Horribly late posting) we took the girls for their 1st movie outing. It wasn't planned or anything. I had 4 free tickets courtesy of Nuffnang and if I didn't use it, they'll get burned. And, hubby was already grumbling about all those burned movie tickets my cousin gave me. I had to tell him to stop giving them to me because we just don't have the time to go for movies, or find a suitable movie that all 4 of us could go. 

So, anyway, hubby was on leave that weekday and I can't remember why he was off but he was off work. We had some time in the pm and although, we wanted to spend the rest of the day at home, we bundled the girls in the car, drove to Sunway Pyramid to watch Adventures of Tin tin. 

What's the verdict? - I mean the girls, not the movie. To tell you the truth, I was really freaking out inside as in was totally worried Mini will kick up a fuss and I had to leave in the middle of the movie. To out surprise, she was actually the steady one in there. A little loud for them so they had their hands covering them ears. But Mini was pretty cool. Ash was the whinny one. She wouldn't stop whinning and complaining it was dark and loud. *rolls eyes*.

The girls finished watching the movie and Ash said she didn't like going to the movies because it's dark and very loud. She's like an 80 year old woman. 

Friday, March 2, 2012


"For decoration my face" says my 5 year old. Not grammatically correct but I know what she said. She was referring to her make-up kit (play, of course) in her handbag when she showed them to me. I was "ok".

I don't know but she's at this stage where she's all princessy (she's been like this for a while now), she likes to dress-up, she likes very girly things. But, strangely, inspite of all her feminine-ness, she can kick a soccer ball. SHe is what you'd call a princess-soccer person. Soccer-Princess if you will. I can only imagine her with her tiara and tu-tu out on the field playing little league. She'll be the most elegant player out there..hehe..I should really record her antics, and download them to let her watch on a vlc player..heheh :-).

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