Friday, March 23, 2012


Recently, Ash's friend returned from Disneyland. She told me he went to Disneyland, hence his absence from school the first couple of days. Then, she asked me what Disneyland was.

OOOOO....Wouldn't she love it at Disney??!! So, I told her what a normal mother to a princess loving child would say. I told her that Disneyland is where ALL the princesses live. To which I got dagger stares from the hubby. Why? Because he will have a hard time answering her next question : Can I go to Disneyland?

Well well well...nearest would be HongKong. I am not sure which one her friend went to. But, presumably hubby says yes, and we could go to the home of all princesses, it will have to be Disneyland Hong Kong. It's the closest. It's the cheapest (can take AirAsia). It's also the smallest in size. And they have all princesses under one roof. Including the big giant castle. Actually, castle we can always go to Bukit Tinggi. Even closer.

Getting to Disneyland is one thing. The packing is another. We have to pack light (very light) using weighingscales to be absolutely accurate. Because who knows? ASh might decide to bring one of them princesses home. I sure am not going to pay for her air ticket so princess whatever will have to go in the luggage. 

So, you see why I was given dagger stares from the hubby? I don't blame him.

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Ann said..., have to plan a trip there soon! :) Or maybe when your littlest one comes of the princess age too. Then can satisfy BOTH their desires with one trip.

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