Monday, April 2, 2012

Ponytail for Ash

This morning Ash and I created a family history. OK, as embarrassing as it sounds, I will tell you about the little historical event that happened just before school. 

Ash wore a ponytail to school.

How? how how can this even be anything significant at all? Well, my dear friends, Ash has never wanted anything on her hair for the 5 years of her life. Ok, so, maybe that hairpin or 2 occasionally. Or even that hairband but they didn't last very long on her head. She'd take it off after 15 minutes of having/wearing them (if them pins are lucky cos usually it's like 5 mins!). 

So, to have her asked me this morning to tie her hair ponytail style, my hands and fingers thought for a moment. Because, I haven't done anyone's hair since Std 5 when I not only had to do my hair but my cousin's hair as well. She had hair like the thickest bush in Kalahari. It was so difficult doing her hair and I dread it every time before school. EVERYTIME. It was such a pain. 

Ok nevermind. Back to Ash. So she wanted a simple ponnytail and my fingers sort of stopped functioning momentarily. Coupled with the fact she was late and the dad was again shooting me his dagger stare. I quickly did it. Stray hairs everywhere because she has short hair and when you have short hair, it's a little tricky. Esp for us Asians. Not as fluffy as those Ang mo.

Oh and the other very logical reason why Ash has never had her hair put up is because we always kept her hair short. Always. Never once the length fell below the shoulders, it's always been above. Why? I don't know why. I mean, aesthetically, having her hair long just will not go with her skinny frame. It will only make her looking gaunt and even skinnier. Some looks just great with long lushes flowy hair that goes right to the bum. But, not my Ash, she looks great with her short locks.

Of course, if you know me, I am truly a lazy bum true and true. I cannot be arsed getting the right hairpins, the fashionable bands, and to mix n match the 2 or worst, match the outfits. Oh no no no...never. Honestly, it's just too much work for me to looking good. I just about had it looking neat and clean but throw the looking good out the window, I just can't hack it. 

But...all that's changed this morning. Even then, it was only because she snitched a gorgeously sweet scrunchie off from her aunt yesterday...hehehe..So, it wasn't truly my effort 100%. 

I truly wonder how long she'd wear her hair today. Getting abit anxious. I hope she remembers to put the scrunchie in her bag if she decides she'd had enough of it. Otherwise, her aunt will not let her snitch anymore and that only means more pain for mommy O_O. We'll see...keep you posted..on the sequel.

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Ann said...

Oooohhh.....hoping you still see her hair up when you pick her up from school! :)

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