Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Coping with Hair Loss

I expected to go fat, bloated and risk my body being shaped like a pear after giving birth but no one warned me that I would experience hair loss. Seriously, it came as a surprise to me when my mom told me that as soon as you hit your fourth month postpartum, you will start losing hair.

Naturally, I got worried but not from the thought of losing my hair since it was inevitable. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to treat it. Questions like “what hair loss products or lotion should I buy?”. Whenever I walk into a drug store, there would be different bottles of hair tonic or lotions to treat hair loss. What's worst was that none of the sales personnel could help me find something effective as they too weren’t familiar with the products.

While searching on the Internet, I found TrustSource. At TrustSource, various products in the market are selected and reviewed by people who have used them. There is even a rating system that TrustSource implements for all products in addition to the reviews being done.

Out of the four products on hair loss that were featured, provillus came out tops in terms of ranking and number of reviews. Even though provillus isn’t a hair tonic where you apply externally on your scalp, its actually pills that you consume which I found interesting as it gave me an alternative.


Weekend Updates (Part 1)

Though I have been blogging and blog-hopping, it does feel as though I haven’t been doing so. Offers are beginning to show up (which I am glad and relieved. Was beginning to think whether this new venture was a mistake) and I have signed up with other paid post companies to get more..heheh..well, not really just that I was waiting for my blog to turn 3 months before actively signing up. Even then, I can say I’ve signed up with less than 5 so that’s not a lot but that will do for now. I have to be realistic, I don’t have the luxury of time most of the time so I will have to set my priorities i.e my family, kid, etc…

Firstly, I must thank everyone who visits this blog cos with the recent google update on PR, this blog has a ranking of 2. Yay..From what I've gathered, I know it doesn’t accord me much offers from the PPP perspective but hey, I am happy and that’s all that matters. I never thought anyone would even read my blog save for a couple of friends and family members I mentioned to when I started blogging as a means for them to catch up on my daughter’s life. Of course, ours included. Then, I started this paid post thingy which everyone seems to be doing. One thing led to another, I started another blog on my own domain (yes, I am pimping my new blog :). Sorry lar have to no choice, need support abit).

Not that it’s a big secret. Its actually right there on the right sidebar. I didn’t mention it because it was heavily under construction (and it still is). Now it looks more decent which is why I am mentioning it only now. I did say earlier that I will blog more about my daughter and that’s exactly what I intend to do with this blog. Every other thing about me will be at the other blog.

Finally, my hubby got me a new notebook for my birthday in addition to the tennis tickets. Well, I thought the tickets were a 2-in-1 present i.e Anniversary and Birthday but it wasn’t so I am happy. Actually, the reason for him getting the notebook are two-folds. It would be much easier for me to move around with one especially now that Ashley is bigger. She won’t sit still. Also, my FIL’s desktop is giving him a lot of problems since its an old machine. So, my hubby figured to swap the current hardware that I am using with my FIL and we would still have a desktop just in case.

I will post the pictures up later and remember the possibility of a rant that I mentioned? Well, coming up tomorrow. It is related to my notebook and will be a big one and I will not spare names. Till then, have a pleasant night.

Diamonds are Forever

When we say a dog is a man’s best-friend, it is figuratively speaking. Both men and women love dogs equally. At least some do. When we say, diamonds are a woman’s best-friend, it is what it is, a woman’s best-friend. You won’t find a man fighting over a diamond with a woman, only the other woman would do that.

Diamonds have been traditionally known as an indicator of how wealthy your fiancĂ© is. The bigger the rock, the richer your husband-to-be is. I think it still holds true until today and frankly, I don’t foresee that ever changing.

Once, my husband and I had dinner with his friend who was back from the United States. His friend came back for a holiday to spend sometime with her family before her big wedding day. She arrived at the restaurant first. The first thing I noticed was the huge rock on her finger. It was HUGE and sparkled from a mile. Alright, I exaggerated slightly, it sparkled as we head towards the table where she was seated. I too had my diamond on but compared to hers, mine was (still is) a diamond speck.

Personally, it’s nice to have but if you ask me whether it looked nice, I have my reservations. Its too huge and aesthetically, it wasn’t exactly an image enhancer. For me, I would have much preferred a uniquely designed ring for my wedding jewellery collection. I’ll give you a sneak peek as to what I would’ve picked out if I had a choice.

If you found that a looker, there are more from where that came from at Astley Clarke, an online designer jewellery boutique where you can find a whole range of designer jewellery at your finger tips.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This is going to be another short post. I am running out soon to my aunt's place where my grandmother is. Well, do to the usual - GOSSIP. What to do? I am bona fide "si lai" (housewife) already as Helen calls me so it is only natural that I don't disappoint the members of the club. I shall go and do what I am supposed to do according to Code 125.7 subsection 1(a)(b)(c)..which says "Thou shall go out and talk about others".

So, I am going to do just that. Later I will come back with a re-cap of my weekend and possibly a major rant so please don't abandon me..thanks *muacks*

Friday, October 26, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts. Firstly, yesterday afternoon, I had a little bit of ‘me’ time which was great. Went for long overdue facial. This morning, I had appointment for pedicure but had to cancel because of something which I will tell you in the ensuing paragraphs.

I will most probably go out tonight for dinner again with my hubby cos tomorrow is my ‘sang yat’ :). Can’t go tomorrow cos I have Raya makan again (yum!!) for lunch and dinner with family so ‘yang thoy kiok” with hubby has to be tonight.

Why I had to cancel my ‘pan leng’ appointment because we found a dead rat in the store room!!! No pictures, it was just too gross, its black and ugly. Even thinking about it makes my hair all stand up. The little rascal tried to escape 2 nights ago from our crutches. That thing ran from underneath the kitchen fridge to the living room. Man!! I was so scared. I started using an umbrella and a very long stick to shoo it away, towards the living room window. But it didn’t. It went straight into the store room cos my hubby inadvertently left the door open *slaps forhead*. Then we thought nevermind, we put mouse trap inside. We did and for the past 2 days, every time my hubby checked (I didn’t dare), the trap was empty. Then, I told the hubs “Eh, I think it is dead la”. The hubs said “Don’t think so, let me change the bait. Maybe he don’t like roti”. *slaps forhead* again

So, last night my hubby came home very late. I told him that I heard something from the store room, I think it is trapped. Then he opened the door and checked. Nope nothing but got a bit stale air. I got worried. Couldn’t sleep but didn’t dare to open the door. Some more all the toilet rolls and tissue inside. Die. If want to pang sai how? Damn!!

This morning, hubby opened the door and whhoosshhh…DAMN SMELLY!!! Though I love to be CSI and all but man, I ain’t going in there to investigate where the dead body is. Luckily my hubby is on leave so I stepped aside for him to do the ‘man’ job. I only helped by taking things that he passed to me and passing broom, stick..etc..whatever he needs. He finally found it among some plastic bags. Probably suffocated. He asked me “Eh, want to see dead rat or not?”. I said “Ewww….no puhleeeeeezzzzzzz, get it out, get it out”. Once the room is cleared, mopped the room and spray and spray with insecticides and air freshener. Luckily, the maids are coming. So, I have to run as well since they will be here anytime now. Ta!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What if..

Been tagged by Ingeniousrose on this fun meme. I love make believe. OK, I can't help it I have more free space up there to dream nowadays..:)

The rules of the meme are:

Answer the questions as realistically or unrealistically as you want.

Copy the rules into your meme post or link to the rules here.

Link back to the person who tagged you. Tag 5 others.

So, here are my wishlist :

Q1. Where would you live?
Greece with a yacht. At the moment, the more realistic plan would be here in Petaling Jaya where I have been living for the most part of my life and for my retirement, a beach home in Pangkor Island would suffice.

Q2. What would your job be (or if unrealistic) what would you do all day?
I don’t really want a job if I am going to live in Greece with a yacht. I want to be in a relaxed mode, read a book and fish all day long. Again, realistically, this is what I will most likely be doing…doting on my lil Ashley and hopefully, another in the coming years.

Q3. Who would you spend your time with? Doing what…
Spend some quality time with my family and friends. Travel again, I would love to do that.

Q4. What kind of holidays/vacations would you take?
Quiet ones. I live close to the city. In fact, in recent years, where I live has become a ‘city’ on its own as its filled with all the hustle and bustle of city life except for the festive holidays. Yeah, doesn’t have to be abroad but somewhere relaxing would be good.

Q5. What luxury items would you own?
Dear God, that would be plenty! Did I mention my state-of-the-art yacht docked at the Mediterranean harbour? My endless supply of Ferragamo shoes and bags. Ashton (he would have dumped Demi for me) will be giving me a back rub.

Q6. What charities would you support or represent?
I have many but one that is quite dear and personal. I am not entirely sure if they constitute a charity but a place where I give thanks and give my donations to twice a year. I take for granted names and places. I honestly don’t know the name but I know where to go. They are actually a Buddhist temple but they also provide lodging for old folks. The reason why this place is special to us is because my husband’s aunt lived there for a couple of months before she passed away. Little was known about this aunt of his. My MIL never talked about her but just that this aunt was unwell for a long time and was staying with my MIL’s brother. My MIL would go over to her brother’s place every Saturday to offer the aunt some food and companionship. To see how her sister was doing. I don’t even know what she was suffering from. Something bad must’ve happened that my MIL refuses to speak about the aunt’s past even when my hubby asked. During the last stages of the aunt’s life, her health deteriorated and my uncle-in-law couldn’t take care of her anymore. They decided then to send her to this Buddhist temple. She stayed there for a while before she passed away. They took care of everything i.e the funeral and all. From then on, we visit the temple quite regularly and contribute whatever we can as they took care of the aunt till the very end.

Yay, I get to tag people now :

1. Barbara - filler post
2. Shireen - filler post for yer new blog
3. Helen - she tagged me before, so now ur it :P
4. Annissa - been a while, hope lil Nathan is doing well
5. liza - liza, dear liza is gettin married soon :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Just pictures

Day 1

Day 2

Full Moon

1st Month

2nd Month

3rd Month

4th Month

5th Month

6th Month

7 month

7 month

Monday, October 22, 2007

He's back

This is yet another impromptu post before the princess wakes up. Hey, if you haven’t read the news or heard it over the radio or watched yesterday’s coverage, our Angkasawan is BACK to earth after an 11-day stay in orbit. I really don’t know the full details of his accomplishments cos I only skimped through the online news (i.e only the headlines) and yesterday’s coverage was…nothing more than 2 people chatting in the studio. They didn’t even show our Angkasawan stepping out of the rocket waving the Malaysian flag or show the landing. Nothing. Zilch. Half-way through the ‘talking’ all I heard was “He has landed”…Huh?? Nevermind. Seeing is not important. We have faith in our Angkasawan that he landed safely and without any glitches.

OK, so since now we have our first Angkasawan in space, how do we choose the next one? Can we have those reality shows where we, the people get to vote? How about Angkasawan Idol? Or Who wants to be an Angkasawan? Can or not? I think its only fair. I say our next new Malaysian production reality show shall be to vote for Angkasawan 2008. Who is with me?


Been pretty busy the past few days. The new maids came on Friday. So, my house is spick and span finally after 2 weeks of accumulated mess. So far I am pleased but I will blog more about that after about a month of testing them out first because they are pretty expensive. For a single session, they cost RM70 and they don’t do washing and ironing. A bummer. That’s why I am in the testing stage. So, that was Friday and took up half the day.

We stayed in for the most part of Saturday cos Ashley didn’t nap in the morning so she wasn’t in the mood. By lunchtime, she zonked out in mere seconds. The parents were equally bushed and we too zonked out till 5 pm when Ashley woke us up. The weather didn’t help for a productive day either. Was too conducive for sleeping. So, all 3 of us fully energized in the evening like some hopping energizer bunny raring to go. The brilliant Momsie suggested we go ‘kai kai’ (outing) at the Curve. I wanted to have dinner at Marche’s. Just had a craving. We went with Ashley in tow. She was pretty excited cos she has never been to a restaurant with us. Yeah, we don’t bring her out when we go out to eat. We would leave her with the grandparents. But this time, we wanted to give it a try and see how fidgety she would get. Surprisingly, she was pretty ok. She sat quietly throughout our dinner. Of course, it did help that she was simply fascinated with this lady sitting at the table next to us so Ashley was entertaining herself by observing that lady. Don’t know why. Doesn’t matter la, as long as the parents ate in peace, any form of entertainment would do even at the expense of a stranger.

We hung around a bit cos we wanted to get Ashley some stuff and clothes. She’s outgrowing most of her gifts so its time the parents got her some. Gosh, they do grow real fast huh. By the time we were done around 9, we went home and by 9.30pm, she went to bed, zonked out again. There was just too much information for her in one night. The Momsie followed suit and went off to la la land shortly after, leaving the poor hubs watching his footie by himself.

Sunday? Well, Sunday don’t say la. I am virtually not at home as the little celebrity has to make her weekly appearance for her ‘fans’ (the grandparents and great grand ma). So, the parents, like 2 bodyguards cum driver cum PA, ferried her from one place to another on Sunday. While at the grandparents, the parents snuck out for some shopping to get weekly home supplies. We were seriously running out of tissue and toilet rolls. If we didn’t get any, I tell ya…I don’t even want to imagine.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Internet Marketing

Quite indefinitely when you are running or plan to run an online business, you can’t run away from the marketing aspect of your business. For your business to succeed, you need to be able to effectively market your services or products for sale. It’s not really a choice, it’s a must.

Sometimes, people go overboard with their marketing concepts in that they resort to unethical or illegal ways to solicit business. It doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, there is no denying that nowadays, there are plenty of people wanting to break away from employment and starting their own business. It can be frustrating times at the beginning.

However, there are equally many out there who are willing to share marketing information and tips for online businesses. is one of them and you may just find what you need to help you with their easy to understand and practical information about internet marketing. Information on SEO, brand management and even, something more relative to me, blog marketing are readily available for anyone wanting to know about internet marketing for their business and even for those who wants to monetize their blogs.

Unfortunately, there are no two ways about it. With everything, it boils down to hard work, perseverance and sound strategies. It will not be easy. There will be sweat and tears. If you succeed in the end, the joy can be an overwhelming feeling.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tired Thursday

Warning : A very short post

I am pretty beat today. Nothing much is basically working today. Ashley didn't feel too well today. Her teething woes aren't helping. Will post more tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Desktop

This is a way over due post. I got caught up with other stuff that I never got around to do this tag by this lovely mommy (sorry Chin Nee). I am actually quite shy to show you my desktop cos the picture is very boring hehhe...But I shall be a sport and show you what my desktop looks like.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Still want to see?

Sure? it is

Can't think of anyone to tag at the moment cos I've seen quite a number of bloggers doing this tag and seen their desktop. All I can say is, theirs is way better looking than mine.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Little Ashley went for her first Raya open house on Saturday. Though she had fun but I think her parents had even more fun enjoying some yummy-licious foodies. I told the Hubs that next year, I am bringing my tupperware to take home some of those delicious rending chicken home and slowly savour them for a few days. Then again, I think I better not. I may just give the host a reason not to extend us the invite. I want to maintain long- term open house relations.

Speaking of Ashley, she has grown leaps and bounds. In a few days, she will reach her 7th month milestone. No wonder people always say “Gosh, the kids grow up so fast”. Yeah, now I can actually feel it for myself and say that with authority. It feels like it was only yesterday that I checked into the hospital to get myself induced (my friend said “wah, like check into hotel”. She has absolutely no idea), the entire labour process, my obs came in looking like Tim the tool man and finally, Ashley came slipping out into the world.

I honestly need to blog more about her and her achievements and how our lives have changed so much because of her. Well, not in a bad way. I actually can’t find a single word to describe how we feel, how our lives have changed, how we have changed. Sometimes, the Hubs will say “Gosh, I can’t believe we have a daughter, its still so surreal”. I know why he said that cos it took us a long time before deciding to have kids after we got married. Gatherings and baby showers were usually quite awkward for us cos friends would ask about our plan to have kids. People are generally very curious when they know you have been married for a while and yet, you continue to arrive at parties as a twosome.

We basically didn’t feel that we were ready at that point in time, during the first few years of marriage. Not that we knew when we would be ready or at what circumstances for us to “be ready”. Its just we needed to feel the feeling of ‘readiness’ (if there is such a thing). The baby plan got pushed forward year after year until we decided we wanted to have a ‘doggie” baby (for us Chinese, each of our Chinese calendar year is represented by 12 animal signs and if I recall correctly, last year was the year of the dog). Actually, it was the Hubs’ idea to have our baby born in the year of the dog but then, you know how sometimes your plans don’t turn out as planned. Either that or we weren’t very accurate. J

A friend once told me before that when you have kids, your kids will be your priority and your mobile will have pictures of only your kids. So true, for both of us that is. Everything we do, Ashley comes first. She is our priority no matter what. I even got a new phone so I could take pictures of Ashley and use them as the phone’s wallpaper. you know, I have been carrying around those archaic black and white screen with no polyphonic ring tone ones.

Ashley has been very kind to us. Generally, she’s not a particularly fussy baby (apart from her teething woes now) and she sleeps through the night from very early on. She has no problems, most of the time, playing by herself as long as we are within eye contact with her. Perhaps this only lasts a while. Wait till she’s older, when she learns how to talk, walk, run etc.. It does seem like we have successfully crossed the first hurdle, are we ready for the next one? Lets just say, its in the pipeline *wink*.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Yikes!! I almost forgot about today! I am supposed to write something about the environment and how to save it. Luckily mother earth is not waiting for me to save her otherwise, she would be in flames by now..:) Ok, jokes aside. It's true, I totally forgot about it. I almost forgot about my dear friend's birthday too today but luckily I wished her a month in advance (I messed up the months) so I guess I am exempted now, today from wishing her..hehhe...ok, another joke. Alright! This is the last wise crack from me as I have something serious to say.

Blog Action Day, where every blogger unite to collectively talk about an issue and today, the single most talked about piece is our environment and to save it. You actually don't need to go on a hunger strike in protest against consuming endangered delicacies, parade naked in protest against wearing fur or join Greenpeace and sail around the world to save beached whales and dolphins to prove that you are contributing your fair share towards preserving the environment. If you can and happy to, well, by all means do it but if you are an ordinary folk like me, you can start your bid by doing something positive at your home.

For starters, you could use biodegradable garbage bags. Bring along your tupperware or tiffin-cans when you order take-out from your favourite "chap fan" shop(mixed rice and vegetables). Sure you will look funny but hey, people don't know you and no one really bothers.

You know how at Ikea they have separate bins for different rubbish? Well, I am not saying, go throw your rubbish at Ikea. I mean you too can follow suit by separating your rubbish at home i.e your glass, paper, plastic bottles. Stack those old newspaper up and sell it to the "Old newspaper collectors" for a couple of bucks. Sure its no paid post dollars but at least you have some form of returns.

The thing to remember is while the high level environmentalists are doing their bit, who is to say we, the ordinary folks can't? We just do what we can in our own way.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Weekend holidays

Check out my new maid!!

Haha..I wish. I think it must’ve been the stress I have been having lately of an un-clean and un-tidy house. I haven’t got around to do any housework for the past week. My kitchen is in a mess. My clothes are every where, unfolded. I have only been doing the laundry and an occasional sweep of the floor here and there. Generally its in a messy state. Luckily, the Hubs is back and he helped a little on Monday when he was off work.

I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I had a new maid. Guess who is my new maid? I know I could’ve dreamt of someone better, a lot more hunkier (if there’s such a word) but I don’t know, dreams can’t be controlled can they. Anyway, the final "scene" in my dream was that the new maid was cleaning the bathroom when my hubby called “eh, eh, I am going now and baby is going to wake up anytime soon”…Arrgghhh.

Anyways, Joaquin Cortes is a famous Spanish flamenco dancer who used to date Naomi Campbell. That is all I have for you from "Momsie's Desk : Cheesy Tabloid News for The Day" Or should I say, old news for the day..:)

Have a nice weekend and happy holidays to those who are on an extended weekend holiday.

P.S : Many many thanks for visiting my blog during the break I had *muaks*. I didn't go anywhere. Just that I hurt my back again last weekend. So, I was told to lay off sitting in front of the Computer for too long. I am ok now though.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blog Break

Hi guys, I will be on a blog break for a couple of days. May last a week. Sorry folks. Cherio..will be back in a jiffy..:) Thanks for reading, appreciate it..

Saturday, October 6, 2007

How addicted are you?

Found this from my daily refuels and couldn't resist taking the quiz for myself.

100% Free Personals from JustSayHi

Surprisingly I am only 58% addicted. I thought I would rate higher cos I really cannot go without my coffee. For the first 3 months of my pregnancy, I couldn't bear the smell of coffee. I would puke. Once that "stage" was over, I could withstand the smell but I didn't drink as much as I did before my pregnancy. I did have some coffee though, not the Nescafe or Starbucks ones but the Kopi you get at the coffee shop.

I really abstained from coffee during those 9 months. Even the kopi, I had it sparingly, once a week. Even then also depended on whether we went to the coffee shop for breakfast on Saturday mornings. I was a really a good girl :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

No Mood Friday

No mood today

Hope it doesn't rain

I don't think so, the sun is so hot

I think I will just rot

This poem will not rhyme

I don't give a f*** dime

This poem will not make sense

I have stopped receiving any cents

This is all my fault

Because I have no mood at all.

PS : You think Mawi want to record this for his next album ah? Maybe I should contact him and see if he wants to buy? :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Maid Rant

I don’t usually rant but since this is a blog and what’s the use if you don’t rant isn’t it? This is another maid story. I don’t have a live-in maid but I use an agent for someone to come clean the house and iron once a week. The reason why I use them is that they are cheap, only RM35 for 5 hour job. The only thing is I have to pick her up and drop her off but since she lives close by, I don’t mind.

I usually pick S up at 8. For the morning session, the half-day shift is from 8 am to 1 pm. I’m not particular so sometimes, actually all the time, I let her go by 12:30pm. I will even give an additional RM5 for her makan (lunch) cos the RM35 is pocketed whole by the agent. Aren’t I generous?

That’s the problem. When you are too generous, they tend to take your nicety for granted. I don’t usually watch her when she does her work. If I am downstairs, I will go up to check once in a while. Unfortunately for me, that isn’t enough. I learned lately, I have to LOOK at her 24/7 when she’s doing her work. Isn’t that just a waste of time? I might as well do it myself if I am going to spend the entire 5 hours having to stare at her to ensure she’s doing her work.

The reason why I insist on S every Friday is that for one, she has cleaned my house before and two, she’s an experienced cleaner. So, I made sure they reserve S for me. S used to be very thorough and I don’t have to do much supervising. I tell her where and what to do and she’s smart enough to make sure she gets it done and even do other stuff I don’t tell her.

Lately, her attitude changed. She wants to finish her work quickly. I am all for efficiency but come on? 30 minutes upstairs including the bathroom? Not that my house is very big, I only have one freaking bed in the whole house but I am very positive that it takes more than 10 minutes just to vacuum the entire upstairs. Needless to say when I checked, she never really vacuum, dust everywhere especially under the bed. She just turns on the vacuum supposedly for me to hear and leaves it on for 5 minutes or so, turn off again, I hear dragging and turn on again for another 5 minutes.

I have done housework. I know what “vacuuming” sounds like. I don’t have to actually see you NOT doing it to know you are NOT doing it. There’s actually more but if I were to go through every detail, I won’t finish this post.

This has happened a few times lately and I have told her, emphasized more like it that she has to do this and that properly. Then, she’s not my maid and even if she is my maid, what can I do really? Strike her? Starve her? I mean, we are dealing with another grown human being. There’s nothing much I can do seriously.

S’s lackadaisical attitude towards her job resulted from the fact that she found herself a boyfriend. Well, she told me about the boyfriend thingy and I just put 2 and 2 together. I did complain to the agent (by the way, the agent is a lady who is damn business savvy, she lets her own maid run the maid co-ordination. Fun ain’t it?) and I told her that I didn’t want to use S anymore but not like they can make things better. I’m sure my complaints will fall on deaf ears. Who am I kidding? For RM35 and a maid herself who is running the show, I seriously doubt they are going ISO-whatever to satisfy their ‘customers’. I am not too beat up over it since I don’t lose much as she is not a full-time maid plus, I can get a replacement almost immediately. I can’t say the same for people who have full-time maids living with them and having to go through these things.

I have decided and Hubby also agreed that we should try out Merry Maids. A more professional cleaning service co. Heard some positive stuffs about them. Well, me try first before I say anything further or if anyone has tried them, please feel free to let me know. They are slightly more expensive but sometimes, RM10 more is worth saving you the headache if they are as good as claimed.

Something great is happening here

Ok firstly, let me apologise if you did click on the Pink for October badge and find that its nothing but the badge itself. Due to my 'tech skills' or lack of it, you will not find the URL to the intended site at all. So, sorry for this and here it is, go Pink for October. Read all about it. After that, please spread the word, donate, support, dress in pink. Do whatever YOU CAN to create breast cancer awareness. I have an ex-colleague (now turned close friend) who lost her mom to breast cancer when she was 12. She couldn't talk about that for a long time until recent years and though I wasn't there to witness personally, I can just imagine. So, please visit the website and contribute. No, this is not a sponsored post. :)

Ok another good thing which I wanted to share is something about a contest. No not by me. You think I have so much moolah to give away meh? hehhe..Its actually from IMMomsDaughter's latest addition called My Lil Venture and there, you stand a chance to win One Set of Protect Your Sleep bed encasement which consist of 1 Queen size mattress and two pillow encasements from Clean Rest.

The rules are simply :

1.Blog about this contest, link it to this post and tell me (actually, its tell "her") why you deserve to win this month’s Giveaway.

2. You don’t need to do anything fancy, something along the line of “I want to win My Lil Venture’s October Giveaway because…..” will do.

3. You can either pingback to IMMomsDaughter or drop your post url in the comment box (not this box, at My Lil Venture October Contest Giveaway.

If you are keen, just drop by her blog by clicking on the links above and you may get yourself some clean sheets. Good luck!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

They are coming liao

Oooo...My in laws are coming shortly, to spot-check. So, I best be in my best of the best behaviour. No typing away on my computer, no neglecting of laundry and folding clothes, keep place clean and tidy. That means I have to off my computer. So if you are wondering why such a short post, wonder no more. I don't think they will stay for long cos they are going shopping after this visit.

Oh before I go, notice my profile picture has changed? Its in conjuction with Pink for October. Click on the badge at the side if you want to know more. I will be pink bunny for one whole month. Maybe I will start munching away on carrots now. Blek..Don't even know what I am saying. I am actually stressed by the forthcoming inspection than writing paid post. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back? Not Good

Arrgghh...I sprained my lower back (again) this morning. This is the second time it happened to me. The first was when I put Ashley onto her car seat and suddenly felt a sharp pain when I got up. It took a while before I recovered.

Today, it happened again. I was bathing Ashley. When I carried her up from the bath tub, sharp pain again. I remembered my mom told me it could be the nerve. I don't know. I guess I didn't position myself properly when I lifted her up. Haih, signs of old age.

Anyway, it still hurts and I can't be doing much today. On a lighter note, the courier man came today with my tickets (whoo hoo!!). Ok I better go take a rest now. Wonder what can help soothe my back? *sigh*
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