Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The dark night

So...did you?

Switch your electricity off on that day?

Urm..I didn't! hehehhe...I actually forgot about the event. When, I did remember, it was already 9pm and I thought "what the heck...just let it slide" :-)

But, I'm glad I didn't either cos hubby was down with a massive viral attack and spent most of the weekend in bed. Wasn't what I had in mind for a perfect weekend but...you know, things happen.

Thank God he is better now.

Oh and another thing - I've been having this crazy craving for bread lately. The cravings changes so frequently this time. All I can say is that this whole pregnancy thing is driving me insane!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


This heavy mama went for some exercise this morning...at the mall..LOL

I was contemplating if I should do it (walking, that is...what were you thinking? *wink*) outside where I can get some fresh air or indoors, for some urm artificial air.

A mini debate was going on for a while before finally deciding on IUtama. Thank God Ash was pretty well behaved. I mean, she did entice me to a game of hide and seek at Esprit and Padini. Not exactly my kind of game but you know...Come to think of it, she got most of the sales people all worked up and ended up playing with her.

She did also try to grab everything that were on display at the optical shop I happened to stroll into. It was precisely that moment when I realised what a lousy idea it was walking in and I promptly went out from there before she actually took something. Luckily, she followed me without a fuss. I would've hated having to carry a screaming and kicking tot.

Apart from that, she did ok.

I think, I really should do this more often...you know, as my days are numbered and I definitely need all the movement I can get; if ya know what I mean...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Did you know...that my favourite color is green? I'm just sayin'...

So, the weekend went along without drama...thank GOD! Of course, it did help when hubby and I went on a short mini 3 hour excursion to Putrajaya for the hot air balloon fiesta. We decided at the very last minute not to bring Ash even though we had her in our plans initially. But, the weather was horrendous. Plus, we opted to go for the evening session and we didn't want her to miss her dinner etc...so, we left her with my in-laws.

It was...well, the event didn't wow us away, that much I can tell you. But the participating balloons were really something. My only regret was we were too close to them and I wished we had gone exploring for better photographing spots.

Oh yea, the food selection wasn't all that great either. Or maybe, we were there late and they had better choices during the day, I'm not sure. In the end, we opted for pizza for 2. I was so hungry, I could've eaten the whole damn thing.

We waited around for the night show which was supposedly scheduled to begin at 8pm but it didn't. So ,we left because we needed to pick Ash up and surprise her with a little gift – hubby bought her an over-priced helium balloon as compensation :-D. I'm telling you, that girl has got her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. It won't be long before she'll have herself a competition...hehehhe...when that happens, all I can say to hubby is “Good luck mate!” *evil laughter*

You can see more photos on the side. Keep refreshing the page for new pics until the rotation goes a full circle. This will have to do for now until I get myself a flickr account or something.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thoughts that don't make a whole lot of sense

the cupcake that Hubby bought

I was sharing with a sweet friend a couple of days ago about me having un-explained bouts of depressed feelings lately. I couldn't understand why I was happy one moment and the next, I find myself crying a river. I was so convinced that pnd shouldn't hit me now, should it? Perhaps, it's a sign, a sign that my actual pnd will be worst than the last. I certainly do hope that isn't the case but knowing what I went through the last time when I had Ash, I am not optimistic (that things will be better this round). Still, I'm hopeful (or set out on some retail therapy - Sale going on).

I'm feeling fine today though..so far – just like how I am normally. But, I won't know how I will be say, in another hour or in the next 5 hours. Lets hope I'll be in a much better shape for the weekend. I would really hate to spoil the weekend mood.

On a lighter note, it won't be long before Ash turns 3 and when she does, we'll get to start her off on the tennis lessons that we've planned for even before she was born. *gasp*...I know, I'm such a lunatic! But, you know, before that happens, I might just need to start having the courage to potty train her.

What? Yeah, you heard me – Ash isn't potty trained! A definite true mom confession time.

I admit, I'm guilty. Let me tell you that the only reason why I haven't even attempted to try is because I'm afraid of the spills and accidents. *gasp again*...I'm just not prepared for these kind of things -- mentally or otherwise. So, parents-at-large, I am truly evil and you shall not follow in my footsteps. I'm not sure when I'll begin but certainly, I will have to...pretty soon.

And for the final random silly thought, my favourite tennis player will be welcoming his child this summer. The gender of the baby is not known (probably, not yet) but if it's a boy, I am so going to marry my second kid off to him...LOL...Hubby and I are having another baby girl. Sorry for the late announcement but I do have a somewhat valid explanation : we wanted to surprise the folks initially and to keep everyone in the family guessing. So, if I were to reveal it here, on this blog, it wouldn't be appropriate if they found out this way. However, as you would have guessed, we weren't very successful at concealing our urm, little secret and eventually, the cat got out of the bag. Now, everyone knows...that includes you. :-D

My only major concern right now (so, maybe it's not real major), amongst others, is having to pick a name for her. A name that we both like and feel contended with. Actually, I've been mulling over this for the past couple of months ever since we knew but nothing struck the chord. I'm having zero inspiration. Perhaps, she shall be nameless until after she's born.

Gosh, this post, I believe, has gone on for far too long. I do hope you've had a much better week than I did and so, here's wishing you an even better weekend! Have a great one all...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

t w o

The 'babe' is two! Gosh..can't believe myself saying that.

Had a lil' gig for her last Sunday; largely thanks to my mom who insisted that we have one. Honestly, I wasn't up to it but mom and sis took care of everything to which I am grateful.

Sis and gang bought the lovely Barney cake for Ash. That made her squeal with delight and kept her going "Marney"..."Marney"...

Happy Birthday kiddo -- may you have many great years ahead and not forgetting, be good to mommy ya! *snigger*

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The girl who lost her head

She is one-third of our figurines from Vietnam.

It was one of those days where the tot refused to play with her tot-toys and wanted something err..more grown-up. The minute it broke, Ash ran into the kitchen and held the "head" in one hand and the "body" in another, gesturing to me "mom, I think something happened to this doll but I don't know what. Here, take it and fix it".

When I asked her what happened, Ash merely went "ohhhh....." O_o...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy day

With the rain pouring down on us the past couple of days, it was a definite welcoming sight to witness sunshine today. It was absolutely beautiful this morning - the sun, the breeze, the clear blue sky. The weather was just perfect and what a time to have it since tomorrow is a public holiday for us. I am sure, there are plenty out there really taking in the holiday weather and not waste a minute of it.

I know I did.

I took my camera out for a spin since I've not touched it for a while now. Besides, with the weather being so co-operative today, I decided take some shots of Ash this morning. Erm..actually, hubby wanted to take snap-shots of my car since we have sold it and will be handing over to the prospective buyer pretty soon. Since we were outside, Ash was as usual, delighting at the thought of being outdoors, I took a few photos of her.

I cannot believe that this kiddo will turn 2 in less than 2 weeks. Time sure flies. Hubby and I both agreed that this has got to be our favourite age. Of course, friends would tell us otherwise (read : terrible 2). But we're having fun with her as she is right now.

After that, we went over to my mom's place and had this for lunch : yummy home-made prawn mee. Believe me when I tell you that once you've tasted it, you'll never look at another quite the same way and possibly in need of some weight loss products (you'll definitely be helping yourself with seconds).

Perhaps someday, I'd be able to cook this the way my mom does...s o m e d a y..:-D

Friday, March 6, 2009

My comfy spot

When I am done for the day and provided Ash is asleep early (she's been rather persistent these days in staying up with us), I'll snuggle up at my favourite spot in the living room (without any sexy lingerie - just my old big T..LOL). I usually do that with a hot cup of milo (no coffee for me at night) in one hand and a magazine or a book in the other.

I'm telling you and I know how this will make me sound completely evil but I absolutely look forward to this time of the day most. Nothing like enjoying that solitary moment...even if for an hour or two. It lifts your spirit and without a doubt, gets you going for another day - for me at least.

With that in mind, I hope that you will also, get to enjoy with your family at your chosen comfy spot(s) this weekend.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bonus shot : Goofy me

This was a couple of days ago..we had just finished dinner, Ash was in bed and I plonked my heavy bottom on the couch in the study when hubby took this.

See..now, this is what happens when you weigh a ton, have a clingy toddler (Ash has been my super-glue these past few days), been cooking lunch and dinner everyday (ok, I cheat : it's only from Mondays to Thursdays cos from Fridays, we either eat out or at our parents' place).

So far, thank goodness, I've had a pretty smooth pregnancy. Well, apart from the first 3 months. Other than that, it's been good. But, irregardless, I always dread this part of the pregnancy. This part being the last trimester. I get all heavy, my legs will begin to swell (it's showing signs) and all I feel to do is lie down and not move a muscle. Not even free New York Yankees tickets will induce a butt-moving incident.

I dread the months ahead. I really do. I can't imagine what a relief it'll be when I'm no longer this clumsy-belly-protruding lady. Then again, when that happens, there will be something else for me to think about O_o.
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