Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The dark night

So...did you?

Switch your electricity off on that day?

Urm..I didn't! hehehhe...I actually forgot about the event. When, I did remember, it was already 9pm and I thought "what the heck...just let it slide" :-)

But, I'm glad I didn't either cos hubby was down with a massive viral attack and spent most of the weekend in bed. Wasn't what I had in mind for a perfect weekend but...you know, things happen.

Thank God he is better now.

Oh and another thing - I've been having this crazy craving for bread lately. The cravings changes so frequently this time. All I can say is that this whole pregnancy thing is driving me insane!


mommy to chumsy said...

oh i forgot abt it too..hehehh. anyway, i was a friend's house around that time and i guess she forgot about it too :) hey, bread is good. eat while you can. this is the only time you can go crazy and stuff yourself ;)

mott said...

Hee hee..Me too..completely forgot abt it! And they say Australia has the highest reduced energy consumption in the world for that hour! Bet it cud've gotten lower if I remembered!


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