Wednesday, October 26, 2011

how do you teach your toddler to read?

At this stage, Ash only knows her ABCs. She knows them inside out, and even the sound each one makes. Super achievement right for a 4 and half year old?

The next part is a little tricky because she's supposed to blend those letters together to form a word. For instance, BUM. B-U-M. She knows :

B = Buhhh

U = uuhhh

M = mmm

Ok, something like that la.  She knows the sounds invidividually, but she has problems blending the sounds together to make BUM. She gets it sometimes, and she doesn't get it sometimes.

So, what does she do? Is it because she doesn't get enough practice? If I get to to repeat, she almost looks at the words from memory rather than understand the proper way to read. Because, if she has mastered the art of blending, she can read almost any word right? Including something as obscure as Omnia or BUTT.

Perhaps, it hasn't come together for her yet? Gosh, I wonder how she's gong to survive in Primary 1. From what I heard, it's alot tougher than in our days where in Std I, we were still doing the ABCs.

Oh and another thing - she doesn't know simple additions like 1 + 1. I am so dead!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The new Iphone 4s

Anyone getting the Iphone 4s? I know -- no Iphone 5. What a bummer!!

Did you read about the crazy people doing some ritual with the hope of bringing Steve Jobs back to life? 

Are you kidding me?

I am telling you, there are really weird people living on the same planet as you and I, even though, clearly, they belong somewhere else. Seriously...SERIOUSLY?? Is that even necessary?

While they are at it -- do you think they could get some numbers so I can buy myself TOTO tomorrow. If I strike a million bucks, I promise I won't ever make fun of you. I will even get you mega cuteness Made in Korea iphone case. lie.

My dream house

Everyone has a dream house. Mine is one that would over-look the vast ocean. Made of rock solid oak wood with white full length windows. Lots of natural light.

I don't even know how to swim and I want a house by the sea. Am I nuts or what?? Yeah, the novelty of, when you watch too much re-runs like Lethal Weapon, you are bound to have crazy dreams.

Come to think of it -- if I watched too much Men in Black, my dream home would comprised of stone cold alien-like metal building situated in the desert somewhere in Nevada.

Nah. I prefer the warm fuzzy feeling or the sound of waves. Then again, I just watched the Day After Tomorrow. I shouldn't be wishing I was living near the sea, now should I?? **gulp**.

ps : Tomorrow's movie - 2012. I must be in my morbid mode.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cinderella forever

If my girl had it her way, she'd want to be Cinderella...F.O.R.E.V.E.R and ever and will truly be a never ending story. It has got to a point where she'd get really pissed if she's not addressed as Cinderella. If she could drive, she'd drive herself all the way to the JPN office to get her name changed on her MYKID and birth cert. She has denounce all that is her state, culture, religion, be the girl with the glass slipper. Oh, yes, she wants 'yellow' hair. Not satisfied that her skin is quite da yellow but no, she wants the yellow canary on her head.

But, when I told her that Cinderella had to do the washing, cleaning, make coffee for the parents in the morning, feed the animals, feed the birds and sing whilst doing all that. She retorted by saying "Oh, but I am SMALL Cinderella". My best guess is that SMALL Cinderella is exempted from doing all the house chores. "Tough luck lil one, cos however "small or big", Cinderella will have to clock in the qualify as Cinderella"

She's still pretty hard-headed about wanting to be Cinderella; a phase which I hope it will pass...quickly. I mean, all the boys are scared of her because all she wants to do is make them dance the waltz with her. Can you imagine the look on all the scared lil Ben10 faces?

Anyway, better than being anything else. I mean, at age 8, my sister thought she was a dog. Yeah, no kidding. Besides, if she practice good, Ash may get hired by Disneyland. It certainly beats Coroner Jobs she may have contemplating on undertaking in the future. So, if it is Disney and their Fairy Tales, I am all up for it. Oh, and they must pay well too. Otherwise, no point la

ps : A heavy weekend awaits us : a charity event, a wedding, Big Bad Wolf sale (hubby went "what on earth is BBW? No, he's not a avid reader. Neither am I but 70% to 90% discount on books - not reader also must kepoh. Apart from that, good time to get workbooks for nephew and the girls). 

pss : So have a good weekend all!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

an easy meal for busy moms

I am a hardcore advocate for easy meals. Don't ask me to slave in the kitchen. Of course, that is, if I had it my way -- everyday will consist of bread, butter and jam. Or if I could, just pop pills. If only...

Again, today, I was on the road a lot. What's new? I dropped Mini off with my in laws immediately after picking Ash up from school. The weather turned nasty. Not to mentioned I was late reaching Ash's school much thanks to...oh, I don't know...endless roadworks. Give the tar a rest will ya!! OK, I digress.

I had originally planned on having lunch at 1U and to go home after for some zzzz. But, like I said, bad weather and as I was approaching SS2, it poured cats and dogs. Can you believe it? I asked Ash if she was hungry and she gave me her usual reply of "NO". (this girl don't know how to be hungry one).
So, I thought, just ditch the 1U idea, go home and whip up something simple.

Thoughts of "what's in the freezer" ran through my mind as I try to maneuver my car out of the freaking traffic. Then, I narrowed it down to minced pork and the mah yau fillets which my mom got for me last Sunday. I finally decided on the fish and came up with an entirely new recipe (for me that is).

Here goes :..oh, before this, no pics cos too hungry and more accurately, not very photo-worthy...hehhe..but who long as it was gastronomically-worthy. 

Ok, and I am not particularly good at writing out recipes but, here goes :

What you need :

1. garlic (slice or diced, entirely up to you)
2. tomatoes (diced) or if you prefer chunky ones, get cherry tomatoes
3. baby spinach (optional - only if you have them)
4. olive oil
5. fillet o' fish. any type will do, just remove bones and keep skin (for the heong-ness)
6. pasta, preferably spaghetti 
7. Tean's crispy prawn chili (I usually keep a bottle in the fridge for..for..just in case)
8. Salt and Pepper

Cooking time:

1. For the adults, rub salt and the crispy prawn chili all over the fish. For the kids, you just do the usual salt and pepper rub..slightly. Set aside.

2. You would've spaghetti in boiling water by now.

3. Heat up pan. Pour olive oil. Sautee fish, skin side first. For I guess a couple of minutes in total for both sides. Not too long as you don't want your fish to burn.

4. Take fish out. With remaining oil (or add more if you like your pasta dripping with oil), sautee the garlic and tomatoes for a wee bit to get the flavour. Then, toss the noodles in. After stir-frying for a bit, throw in the fish. Breaking the fish into pieces as you mix them together on low heat. 

5. Lastly, put in your baby spinach. Be careful not to over-cook the vege. A dash of fish sauce and lemon juice. A mix and a stir and you are done. 

It won't take you more than 15 minutes tops. That is considering you prepare everything from scratch. You can save even more time if you had marinate the fish as well as prepared the other stuff before leaving the house. Of which I did not do. 

So, no fuss, no need to cook in advance. Kind of like an Aglio Olio meets fish-spinach-tomato dish. Simple and easy - that's my motto!. 
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