Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas presents

Christmas is less than a month away. In fact, it will be December tomorrow. Shiats! I won't be around for a friend's birthday in December also. Double whammy.

Anyway, I thought I had all presents figured out. I felt pretty efficient having sorted out who is going to get what this year. But, damn! I don't have presents for the girls. I don't have any for hubby either. I mean, hubby and I, we will be ok if we didn't have any. The girls? Oh, they will be so disappointed.

The way I see it..they will be getting pressies in any case. They will have more than we will. I am just wondering - do we need to get them presents at all? I am inclined not to. Also, we won't be having Christmas at our home this year. The thought of lugging boxes after boxes of stuffs...I don't even want to think.

If you ask me what I want for Christmas this year, the answer is quite simple really. An Ipad Mini or bvlgari perfume. Is it too much to ask? Everyone has an Ipad. Can I have one too? You know, just so I can fit in. ehhehe..

Ah...stuff it! Rather save for a vacation to Greece. Ola! Or whatever Greek word equivalent :-D.

Santa IS real!

So, my kids actually believe in Santa Clause. They do not think it is some guy in disguise. They actually believe that the some guy in disguise IS the Santa from the North Pole. 

I am not about to burst their make-believe bubble and tell them that Santa isn't real. That there is no such thing as Santa Clause and no human person can really deliver all those gifts to all the children of the world. Nope. Plus, there are no 'flying' reindeers. If anything, reindeers are possibly smelly and without wings. 

But, you know, it is Christmas. The season of dreams, tales, songs, wine, and Colin Firth in his reindeer jumper (LOL). Well, we won't get all snowy this Christmas that is for sure. It is bloody hot over here.

 I will let the Santa thing slide for now. I mean, I am pretty sure that eventually, they will realise that Santa is another sui yee in a suit, out to rip kids (and parents) off. Soon they will know that anyone can be Santa..including mommy. I just need the right outfit..and the nice beer to get me to sleep.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Music to save the day

A couple of months ago, we visited hubby's ex-colleague who was seriously ill. He had everything imaginable : failing liver, stroke, diabetes...and, I can't remember anymore but he must have had it. It took forever to persuade him to go check himself into the hospital. He doesn't believe in seeing doctors. To him, all doctors are crapzzz!! hahaha...

So came my hubby, the tough negotiator (actually, no la, just used some reverse and perverse psychology), he finally convinced (and sent) the sick man to the hospital. To cut the story short, he finally agreed to the dialysis treatment and is still on it. Plus, whatever speech therapy that he was recommended.

Anyway, while we visited them during Raya, we met his 2 sons. Very good boys. One is doing his final year in school and will be off to college soon. Oh, they are Indonesians by the way. So, we got to chatting, the girls loved playing with new kor-kors. The boys attend the International Indonesian School here in KL. Apparently, some Malaysians attend there as well. Shocking!

One interesting fact I sort of gathered from them is that music was somewhat a compulsory subject in their school. If I am not wrong, it is the high school kids who has to learn a musical instrument. So, the bigger boy, he chose the guitar. He brought it out and played a couple of tunes for us. And then, it hit a bolt of lightening. No wonder the Indonesians have better quality songs than we do. I am serious! Have you compared their hits with ours?

And, as if I know a great deal about guitars, I asked him what he thought of the kawaii. Was it worth the money? Hubby looked at me like 'wait, is that my wife talking?'. To the hubby's surprise, I do know a couple of things..other than what's in the kitchen. Yes, I do kind of know a thing or two about the world ;-).

Saturday, November 10, 2012

WHat is this?

So, last night, the girls grabbed hubby and made him read those picture books with them. One by one, they'd take purposely annoying the heck out of the father. heheheh..

WHen it came to Mini's turn (she had the book on insects), hubby pointed to a picture of a black ant. Hubby asked her "What is this?". She replied "spider?". Then hubby said "no..what is it?". Then, she replied "spiderman?". LOL..She fell backwards and laughed her head off! Actually, we all did the same. So, came Ash to the rescue because this girl cannot stand any spot being at the wrong end, she corrected Mini and said "Ant". Had to spoil the fun.

Anyway, my cheeky Mini will always be...the cheeky Mini. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Last week of School

This is the last week of school for my girls. Initially, Mini has 1 more week to go..simply because..and with a picnic and fun activities lined up. But, because next week will be filled with holidays on most days, they decided to follow the cabinet's ruling to close by the end of this week. That means, I can begin my holiday hibernation early. I plan to eat, sleep and crap...ALL.DAY! Regressing towards infantilism. 

So, last week was a busy week for us. Busy weekend. Usually not the case because we prefer to chill and have unimaginable siestas. Besides, the house looked like Sandy just knocked on our doorstep. No, not joking...I quite mean it because everywhere there are toys, little toys and big toys, small pencils, big pencils, colour pencils, strange name, we have it! The best part of all, both hubby and I are so so not bothered. They took everything out from the store-room and left everything in the living, dinning, etc...all except their bedroom. I suppose that is a good thing. 1 less room to clean.

The girls had a blast at each other's concert last weekend. They did well on stage (albeit a mini one). And, both didn't want to leave after. We had some small makan after each concert and was praying and hoping they'd want to leave but...nope. Mini was happily making new friends at her cheh-cheh's school. Her cheh-cheh was busy introducing Mini off to her friends. On Mini's day, Ash was busy reconnecting with her old friends. Kids whom she hasn't seen in over a year. They practically grew up together since their playgroup days. How time flies! And how time don't necessarily go by that quickly when you just want to leave early. Say our hellos, small chit-chat, and off! We do love our home.

That was that. Just looking forward to my rest (and sleep). I am sure my car wants a rest as well. Did I tell you about my sleep sesssion? Yeah. You can tell can't you how I love my sleep. Do not ask me to go to the malls or whatever. I am sure they will be packed to the brim. ALso, Ash will not be attending any holiday programs this time around. Why? Because this mommy wants her sleep. Hahahahaha...She is just happy to spend time with her grandparents. She surprised us one day when she announced that she wanted to sleep over at her grandparents but retracted her request at the last minute when we said our goodbyes. She didn't want to be left out. I am sure that day will come. WHen it happens, I will cry buckets. My baby girl is truly growing up. Gosh! Do you know she will turn 6 next year? 6?? Why? I will miss her. I miss her already. 
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