Saturday, November 10, 2012

WHat is this?

So, last night, the girls grabbed hubby and made him read those picture books with them. One by one, they'd take purposely annoying the heck out of the father. heheheh..

WHen it came to Mini's turn (she had the book on insects), hubby pointed to a picture of a black ant. Hubby asked her "What is this?". She replied "spider?". Then hubby said "no..what is it?". Then, she replied "spiderman?". LOL..She fell backwards and laughed her head off! Actually, we all did the same. So, came Ash to the rescue because this girl cannot stand any spot being at the wrong end, she corrected Mini and said "Ant". Had to spoil the fun.

Anyway, my cheeky Mini will always be...the cheeky Mini. 

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