Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Last week of School

This is the last week of school for my girls. Initially, Mini has 1 more week to go..simply because..and with a picnic and fun activities lined up. But, because next week will be filled with holidays on most days, they decided to follow the cabinet's ruling to close by the end of this week. That means, I can begin my holiday hibernation early. I plan to eat, sleep and crap...ALL.DAY! Regressing towards infantilism. 

So, last week was a busy week for us. Busy weekend. Usually not the case because we prefer to chill and have unimaginable siestas. Besides, the house looked like Sandy just knocked on our doorstep. No, not joking...I quite mean it because everywhere there are toys, little toys and big toys, small pencils, big pencils, colour pencils, strange name, we have it! The best part of all, both hubby and I are so so not bothered. They took everything out from the store-room and left everything in the living, dinning, etc...all except their bedroom. I suppose that is a good thing. 1 less room to clean.

The girls had a blast at each other's concert last weekend. They did well on stage (albeit a mini one). And, both didn't want to leave after. We had some small makan after each concert and was praying and hoping they'd want to leave but...nope. Mini was happily making new friends at her cheh-cheh's school. Her cheh-cheh was busy introducing Mini off to her friends. On Mini's day, Ash was busy reconnecting with her old friends. Kids whom she hasn't seen in over a year. They practically grew up together since their playgroup days. How time flies! And how time don't necessarily go by that quickly when you just want to leave early. Say our hellos, small chit-chat, and off! We do love our home.

That was that. Just looking forward to my rest (and sleep). I am sure my car wants a rest as well. Did I tell you about my sleep sesssion? Yeah. You can tell can't you how I love my sleep. Do not ask me to go to the malls or whatever. I am sure they will be packed to the brim. ALso, Ash will not be attending any holiday programs this time around. Why? Because this mommy wants her sleep. Hahahahaha...She is just happy to spend time with her grandparents. She surprised us one day when she announced that she wanted to sleep over at her grandparents but retracted her request at the last minute when we said our goodbyes. She didn't want to be left out. I am sure that day will come. WHen it happens, I will cry buckets. My baby girl is truly growing up. Gosh! Do you know she will turn 6 next year? 6?? Why? I will miss her. I miss her already. 


Cynful Pleasure said...

enjoy the 'holiday'!! me too looking forward so there be less traffic to work.. hehehe.. :D

Shireen Loh said...

Hahahah...yes, less traffic is always a welcome! YOu enjoy the school holidays too. :-)

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