Wednesday, October 31, 2012

School hols are a-coming

I love the school hols. Can't wait. Can't take the school runs anymore. What am I talking about? There will be more coming up for what will seem like the rest of my life!! Maybe I should get a job, hire a driver eh? OK, I am awake!

Anyway, lots of things happening from now till the actual holidays. And after as well. We are going for a long holiday. Holiday cum work (for me), but not the office kind. Just checking out things, take notes, buy a new fridge, washing machine, repair the house. get rid of lizards and how to get rid of ants. That sort of work.

But, still, now preparing for girls' concert. I know, it doesn't involve me and luckily no elaborate costumes. Just I plan to take pics of girls with teachers because I want to compile them and give them as gifts to the teachers. And, I haven't been using my camera so a bit nervous. Plus my DSLR is dying (kena sea water and sand...don't ask!) so I am praying hard that the colour will come out fine and that they don't look like green monsters. Oh well, I am only hoping for that.

Then, after that, we will be off. I will be off with the kids and MIL for an entire month before the hubby joins us. I have been without hubby and have handled the girls on my own during the times when hubby had to go for overseas assignments. But usually, not for a month and not having to also 'handle' MIL. Ekkk...better be in my best behaviour and keep my hormones in balanced. I have plans to either assault the pillow or go for a long walk. If I survive walking, I might just do some running. I swear, this sedentary lifestyle is not helping me whatsoever.

Oh, I don't know. So little time. So much to be doing. Maybe it's not so much. Just thinking about it is probably what's making me nervous. Besides, I am fast approaching the big 4-0. Can't believe it either. Many people have said I look no more than a 25 year old..hahaha...ok, just being me. I am a little nervous in that department because many many moons ago, just as I turned 25 exactly, some gypsy fortune teller person told me i will meet with a horrible accident when i am 40-ish. Of all things! Can't he just tell me I will win the lottery, or live a peaceful uninterrupted life with my family. Nope. And, I still remember it because well, it is not something you forget so easily right? Plus, I still have that paper he'd written my fate on. Again, people, do not do this to your kids. Don't bring them to some gypsy-i-can-tell-your-future person. Haunt them forever! So, what am I going to do? Stay at home not drive, not go anywhere? What a life to be living. I can claim it's hoax. But, can I really? Won't it be at the back of my head (or in front?). I mean whatever. All I know, it's a scary thought. I don't know which one is worst - to die from a car (or bus...I could be crossing the road) accident or die from lung cancer? OK, I don't know why I am talking about death in the dead of the morning. I should just go marinade my chicken, and have a djarum.

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