Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Won't you agree with me that kids are the best thing in life that you can ever have the privilege of having or being a parent is a complete gift from God? Not everyone who wants to be a parent, can be parents or some kids just don't have the luxury of having good parents? Did I make any sense at all?

I am supposed to go marinade some chicken wings to bake later tonight. But, I just had to write this down, to clear my head of thoughts swimming around in there. 

Just yesterday evening, I found out one of my friends been going through some sort of family crisis since the last Friday. We had no clue. I didn't have any clue. Because we would keep each other updated with our lives and all of a sudden, no news from her. So we were just wondering what happened. So, yesterday we found out. 

Certainly not the best news that greet us yesterday late in the night while I was fast asleep. She probably just got home from the hospital, police station...etc..I cannot imagine what she's going through. Honestly? I don't want to have to go through what she's going through. Life is like that la. You win some you lose some.

My point is actually not about life; it's about them kids. I offered to pick her kids up (her girl and Mini goes to the same playschool) if she needed help or just let her kids spend the afternoon with us or even for the night if she needed help. But, she declined (aiya, pai seh la what else??) and said it was ok, they can manage, the kids have behaved well through the whole ordeal, and understand that they are in a trying situation at the moment.  Kids only 6 and 4. I believe her because I know them since they were little ones. I am not surprised at their independence and mannerism..perhaps even a little envious?

I always believed kids are good people. With proper guidance and with lots of love, kids are good people and will eventually be good people. When I say "love", I do not mean spoil them, shower them with material things to make up for lack of attention or after you have given them a good whacking. That is not something I define as 'love'. Love is really not an easy thing to give. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, discipline of course and most importantly, time because in today's world, time is something we don't get enough and time is something everyone wishes they had more of. But, realistically, we only have 24 hours in a that is all you gonna get. 

What is my point again? My point is : love your kids, don't neglect them, don't spoil them, don't disrespect them, don't treat them like dogs, don't abuse them (mental or physical...many people do not take into account mental abuse is just as 'good' as being physical abuse). Do love them, nurture them, guide them, cherish them with all your hearts because, you will truly see the rewards. It will not be immediate, I can tell you that but you will see it and you will be eternally grateful for the effort that you have put into your kids. Remember : you only have 1 chance with your kids. Once that chance is gone, it will be gone forever. Just be the best parent you can be, follow your instincts not your emotions or your convenience. Your kid do not owe you their lives; you owe them one. 

p.s : ok, this post may be a little muddled up or make any sense with spelling and grammatical errors (me no English teacher). Just spewing whatever that is on my mind. 

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