Friday, January 29, 2010

the 2 girls

Aren't they just adorable? hahah...of course they are...they are mine!

Do you ever get this I-can't-believe-I-have-kids feeling? I have. I still do as a matter of fact. I have never in my life thought I'd ever have kids. I was too afraid of childbirth. I am serious. I was so afraid of the pain that I actually thought that if ever I go through childbirth, it'll be the end of me! The silliest thing on earth I tell you.

But, how I contradict myself. I had not only gone through once but TWICE insanely mortifying birth. Both I will never forget. Because well, firstly, it's one of the craziest thing I've ever done and secondly, I wrote down my birth stories on this blog heheh...So, it's virtually impossible for me to forget the details.

Despite all of that, I made it through. Both times. And now, I have two kids. Twice the happiness, twice the pain. Everything we do, everything we buy, we have to do twice and buy twice. One is never enough. Just like online life insurances, we have one for each because some things' are not meant to be shared.

I'd like to think also that now I have kids, there isn't anything I won't do for them. At least I'd try to. Possibly even eating a frog if I have to. Of course, I don't have to do anything of that sort...yet...but I suppose, if I have to, I will just hold my breath and swallow!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what's up with Ash?

I can't believe how time flies. My little girl is no longer so little anymore; especially when I give Em a shower or when I'm changing her diaper, I'd start to compare how little Em is and how big Ash has become. They grow up mighty fast don't they?

Ash will be 3 in oh..about 2 months'. I don't think we will be having a big celebration for her but we will definitely have a small gathering amongst family. Just the usual makan and the birthday cake for documenting purposes. We'll probably do the whole enchilada when she turns 16. Provided of course, she's not a circuit city customer and still calls home home.

I'll probably get her a gimme mouse cake. Her favourite cartoon figure of all time. She breathes, eats and sleep that mouse. Rest assured I'll be posting up photos of her cake when that happens!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

eating like a pig...and loving it!

Since the tennis season has started, I've been eating like a pig. Ok, well maybe not so much of eating but munching away on mostly junk food! I know!!! **gasp**. I am so not a healthy person. At my age, I should start thinking about my health and all but I just cant resist them. Who can resist a packet of Nachos? or Mamee or Muruku? Who can resist a large iced cold glass of Kikapoo? or a Cornetto ice-cream cone? They are foods made from heaven!

After all these munching and nibbling, we have yet another feast-y occasion - CNY!! The only reason why this time of the year is so so SO important to me is because of all the glorious food my MIL and grandma makes. It's to die for I am telling you. One round of eating is never enough. I am telling you, I simply cannot wait.

So, what am I gonna do after all these eating fest is over? I have a plan. Yup, folks, our very own "after shock diets that work"!.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grumpy ol' man

I checked my calendar and I knew it!! I am due for my yearly pap smear very soon. I cannot believe that it's been almost a year since my last check-up. I don't really like it but I have to anyway. For my health and you know, just to make sure that everything is A-ok.

Another reason why I always dread is going to see my gynea. He is like a woman- always pms-ing. We just don't know when he'll be in a good mood. But funnily enough, he's one of the more famous doctors in the hospital. No doubt he's Mr Grumpy all the time, but he's a good doc.

The worst thing is, walking in there, reminds me of my pregnant days. Oh, the check-ups, the endless tests, the bottles of prenatal vitamins. I am so glad that it's all over. And no more Mr Grumpy!! Well, at least not on a monthly basis...bbbrrrr

a gift of happiness

and a whole lotta lurrrving!!

Barb has graciously sent me a gift box of a yummylicious brownie and honey roasted nuts from Delectable.

Have I tried them? You must be nuts (haah...pun intended) to think I've left some to share...muahahha...**evil laughter**

I was watching my usual tennis yesterday morning and the guy from PosLaju rang my doorbell. I was wondering why he had come again cos I already collected my parcel (my online shopping you know, this shopping online thingy can be highly addictive).

Anyway, I grabbed my packet and on the outside it said "from "Delectable". And I was more and more baffled and I don't remembering ordering anything from there. Actually, I was thinking of ordering a mickey mouse cake for Ash's 3rd birthday but not yet.

So, curiouser and curiouser. I quickly grabbed my scissors and cut open the pos laju paper-bag. and there it was - "love Barb".

So very thoughtful and sweet of this shopping-crazy woman!!! My maid must've thought I was going senile smiling to myself walking to the kitchen with the gift. I think she got worried for abit until I explained to her that a friend sent them to me for my tv snack.

Thank you so much Barb. A very lovely gesture that you didn't have to but one that I appreciate very very much. Oh and btw, the brownie is really nice and the nuts - heavenly...mmm...

are u ready for CNY?

I am quite ready for it actually. I've bought some clothes for Em and one for myself. Just need to find some for Ash and well, the hubby can take care of his own..hehehe...*evil mom*.

Again, I am pretty lucky cos the celebration end is at my PIL, moms and grandma's. So, all we need to do is congregate at my PIL for the eve dinner. I think this year my MIL will have extra motivation to whip up more than her usual festive dinner simply because BIL and family will be around. This inevitably also means that I don't have to do much, you know, with SO.MANY.PEOPLE.AT.HAND muahahaha...**evil mom again**..

This year will be interesting. More so for the kids because we tend to get excited for them. Before it was, all about us. But, it's different now. Seeing the happy expressions on their faces is worth a million bucks; all of a sudden, the blues are swept away...a quick trim review isn't that hard to do afterall. Things just gets miraculously better. Funny ain't it?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I don't know if everyone who's given birth experiences hair loss. I do and I also know that some don't. That's why I am asking.

Anyway, on both occasions, I have had some bad balding samba going on. But, this time, I decided to put a stop to it. I've been applying this Redken hair-thinning tonic after every hair wash; which is everyday in my case. Plus, my hairdresser told me that the shampoo I was using didn't help reduce the hair loss that much.

So, I switched. A month back, I bought a non-greasy ginger extract shampoo from BodyShop for sensitive scalp. Thus far, I am extremely happy with this shampoo even though I don't get that "mmm...fragrant smelling hair" after every wash. The shampoo really did (and still does) wonders. I find myself shedding less even when sometimes I forget to apply the tonic. So, yay me, I have hair!! heheh....

It's times like these that I envy men. They don't get these experiences. No worries, no looking for hair loss treatment for men. Or maybe they do since some men are bald. But, 7 out of 10, they choose to be bald anyway.

Monday, January 18, 2010

gimme mouse burger anyone?

I had a massive craving for ramly but because i live quite a distance from our favourite ramly joint, I decided to make them at home instead.

So, when we went grocery shopping, I bought a packet of beefy burger and some burger bun and couldn't wait to fire up the stove.

You know how, whenever you see a ramly push-cart, there's never a burger-woman, always a burger-man? I mean, phrases like "that's our burger-man", or "go give the burger-man 10 bucks", is so common. You don't hear "that's our burger-woman" being uttered have you?

And so, I attempted to be the first "burger-woman" on Saturday. But, unfortunately, what they also say about "never let a woman do a man's job" is also pretty accurate. I didn't make a very good burger-woman. In the end, hubby took over and he whipped out some nasty ramly-ies...hehehe...

Oh but the one on top for Ash, was done by this "almost-burger-woman" :-)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

when one ages, it's time to hit the sack..

Heck, I don't even know what I am talking about.

Just this afternoon, hubby and I had a rare quiet afternoon, with both girls sleeping. So, we had our coffee and was chatting away. The thing about hubby and I is that we can talk and talk and talk but if you see the both of us, we have absolutely NOTHING in common. You wouldn't believe it if I told you but it's the truth. Nothing but the truth.

So, anyway, one of the gossips we were gossiping about was his ex-boss who's now based in Argentina. Being me, I suggested that we must make a trip there one day before he retires. And he was as Then, we started talking about how fit this guy if even though he is 60++, smokes and drinks coffee like a fish. Doesn't do much exercise and is an obsessive workaholic (haha...I don't even know if there is such a term). Seriously, he's think that these are what will keep him alive for another decade! You don't need to talk to him about the best best joint supplements and all because frankly, he doesn't need any!

Plus, he gets up real early in the morning - like 4!! I have heard about old folks not needing much sleep but this sure takes the cake.

It would be nice to take the trip. He and his wife are such wonderful people. And most of all, they have adorable pets!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

new beginning in our household!

Now, it's not only that this is the beginning of the year but also, some other new developments involving the family. And when I say 'developments', it has everything to do with the kids.

Firstly, we are no longer a family of 4 but 5!! hahah...before you get so excited and wonder if I am pregnant (again!), no I am not.

Did we get a new pet? Nope...not quite.

So, what the heck is it??!!

We have a new maid. Yep, we have succumb and now we are scum lol...just kidding. Don't pelt rotten eggs at my direction.

I didn't mention it earlier because when she came, I was this close to sending her back. No, it wasn't because of something she did or that she was un-handle-able. It was actually me, I wasn't comfortable with a stranger in my house. And I would always look forward to the day when she has her day off (yes, she is a Filipino) so I could have my house back. I know, strange!

But, she's been a big help. I won't say she's the best worker in the world because lets face it, we all have our flaws. No one is perfect. So, from the onset, I told myself to expect less so I won't be disappointed. Luckily, she deosn't have any quirky habits and is nice to my girls.

When we decided to hire one, Hubby and I agreed that the maid will help us with our house chores, not the kids. We will continue to feed and shower the kids, cook and do whatever when it comes to them; even making their milk. We don't want the kids to be attached to the maid and we don't want to be dependent on her because in our minds, this is only a temporary arrangement. We plan on doing away with helpers (except for part-timers) after about a year.

Plus, she helps out at my PIL's whenever I drop Em off in the mornings when Ash and I attend our playgroup sessions. The other reason why we finally caved in on getting hired help.

But, yes, hubby and I are less exhausted with our new helper around. It's less demanding on us basically because if you have a toddler and an active baby, you will know what I mean!! Oh and so, she's been with us for close to 4 months now. So far, things are going well. Lets hope I don't end up having problems *touch wood*.

So, that's the maid thingy. About Ash and I. Well, we started our first class/session for the year on Monday. It's a twice weekly affair for 2 hours each time. I am happy with the programme so far. It's structured so it feels more like a play-school rather than a play-group. The only difference is that this "play-school" has mommies in attendance and very minimal snacks..heheh...Ah and the monthly fees are TO.DIE.FOR!!! lol

The class time-table is as follows :

1. 9.30 to 10 - independent play (with mommy to guide). The walls of the class are aligned with shelves. The toys are neatly placed in baskets/boxes on these shelves. The kids will take one toy at a time, and they are done, they identify the place where they've taken the toy from by looking for corresponding stickers stuck in front of the box and on the shelf space. They are not encouraged to share or play with others. These toys are assembled from everyday things such as pebbles, tea set with water..etc...

2. 10 to 10.20 - circle time. Where everyone sits in a circle with their mommies behind the child. They will sing a good morning song and greet each other. Then, the volunteer teacher with lead them in various children's songs such as the ones from Barney etc...complete with actions and stuff. Talk about exercise for this exercise-deficient momsie!! heheh

3. 10.20 to 10.35 - after circle time, the kids will line up to wash their hands for some snacks. Last year when we attended the class, there was a birthday celebration. We had cakes.

4. 1035 to 11 - free play. Ranges from indoor activities to outdoor slides, gym, inflatable pool...etc...this is the time that the mommies look forward to cos they gather around for coffee and cookies and gossip about the latest Desperate Housewives episode. hhehehe...This activity apparently, is to help de-cling the kids from their mommies and play with each other.

5. 11 to11.30 - craft, writing, nursery rhymes, reading time. This part varies throughout the year. For the first 3 months, I was told, they will learn nursery rhymes. And the session ends with another round of circle time where the kids sing a goodbye song to each other.

Well, that's it. That's a wrap. It's mostly play. I really do envy these kids..

As for Ash, she loves her class. She even remembers some of the songs and actions too. She wants me to sing for her at home...O_O..hehehe...Guess this mama will have to brush up on her vocals eh, I mean, I don't want to be the only one singing out of tune, if ya know what I mean ;-).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

oh my God...yuck!!

When I introduced to Ash her first junk food, she went "mmmm....nice!!"

When I re-introduced (she used to love it) broccoli to her, she went

Oh my God.....YUCKS!!!

the nerve!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

starting young

Mommy...Emini push Ashy gurl...

Starting young my friends...starting young!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ash got a haircut..'s been a long time coming. As usual, I've been procrastinating because I actually didn't want her hair cut. I always love girls with long hair. I always loved long hair. The sole reason why having daughters was so important to me. I'd die standing if any one of them were boys!! thats' not true; at least not the last part. Boys or girls are equally important; just that God chose for me to have 2 more, no less...

So, anyway, before we get distracted and end up talking about all that is NOT related to hair, lets get back to the hair issue, shall we? Ok, so she got her hair cut. Just in time for her little activity next week. WHats' that?

OK, so here's the thing. Ash'll be attending a playgroup more regularly now. She attended just one session last year because it was already close to the school holidays and the group was about to wrap up their year end classes. We would've joined sooner if I wasn't pregnant and been busy taking care of Em. But, it's still not too late. Ash loved the session that we went to so I am guessing that she'll love it even more when it's on more consistently. It'll be a 2 hour affair, twice weekly.

I think for starters, it's better for her this way -- to ease into nursery and not just drop her off so abruptly. I'll give her about 6 months and see how she feels. If she's bored to tears then I will probably consider more 'real' classes for her. Frankly, I am not too keen on going to 'school' proper just yet. She's way too young and she'll have a lifetime of 'school'. Besides, it's also easier on the purse. So, either way, I feel that this is the best way forward for my little one.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

into the new year

3 days into the new year and already I am feeling the heat! Despite it raining the past couple of days? Yep, the heat is on!

I am just glad I do not have school going children. I feel for these parents. I know soon I will be in their shoes but it's ok, I'll enjoy my toddler-hood and baby-hood for now even if in some ways more than others, this is the toughest age. I'll deal with the other milestone later.

In other news, I am particularly looking forward to this CNY simply because my BIL and family will be making their way home for 2 weeks to celebrate the festivity with us. I am glad for the girls cos they'll be meeting their cousins in the flesh for the first time. They have not been back for so so long. The last time they were home was way before Ash was born. So, it's sort of a historical moment for our family..kinda..

It would've been better if they were home last Dec since there were sales all over the place. If I get every dollar for counter displays that read "SALE", I'd be a millionaire by now! Seriously, the whole nation went crazy and the sales are still going on as I type. Like I said...millionaire!! heheheh...

So, anyway, it's getting late. I don't have school tomorrow but I have kids who wake at an ungodly hour!. So, hang tough, stalk your prey (the traffic) and remember "you can do it"!..
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