Sunday, January 3, 2010

into the new year

3 days into the new year and already I am feeling the heat! Despite it raining the past couple of days? Yep, the heat is on!

I am just glad I do not have school going children. I feel for these parents. I know soon I will be in their shoes but it's ok, I'll enjoy my toddler-hood and baby-hood for now even if in some ways more than others, this is the toughest age. I'll deal with the other milestone later.

In other news, I am particularly looking forward to this CNY simply because my BIL and family will be making their way home for 2 weeks to celebrate the festivity with us. I am glad for the girls cos they'll be meeting their cousins in the flesh for the first time. They have not been back for so so long. The last time they were home was way before Ash was born. So, it's sort of a historical moment for our family..kinda..

It would've been better if they were home last Dec since there were sales all over the place. If I get every dollar for counter displays that read "SALE", I'd be a millionaire by now! Seriously, the whole nation went crazy and the sales are still going on as I type. Like I said...millionaire!! heheheh...

So, anyway, it's getting late. I don't have school tomorrow but I have kids who wake at an ungodly hour!. So, hang tough, stalk your prey (the traffic) and remember "you can do it"!..

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