Wednesday, December 30, 2009

then, now and beyond

Oh by golly gosh! I simply cannot believe that I have not blogged since Christmas! heheh...

I have been, well, err...I've been on other sites. I have (but in truth, it's not exactly my idea...*hihihihi*) and I have been thinking of my resolutions for next year. I don't believe I have met all of mine which I set for this year. But, I am determined to carry forward the remaining un-met resolutions to next year!! heheh..Now, that doesn't sound quite right now, does it? heheh...In 5 years, I'd probably accumulated enough to recycle as toilet paper...O_O.

One thing's for sure, something about my blogging here will change slightly. Well, sort of. No, don't get me wrong, this blog will continue, just that I won't be posting photos of Ash anymore on this site. It's just something I told myself to do when I started this blog. You will instead continue to read stories about her. Besides, both Ash and I will be going to her designated playgroup more regularly from next year on. Huh? Why isn't she in school proper? Simple - we don't have that kind of cash :-).

To sum up the year - interesting! For what it's worth, I learned many valuable lessons that will hopefully, carry me through the rest of my adult life. Not that I have that many more years left; I am already what they would call 'middle-age'. Yeah I know - sigh...but I'll never trade this for anything in the world. Sure, if I may, childbirth should be ALOT easier...naturally that is. And that the depleting ozone layer should urm...stop depleting(??!!).

I look forward to sharing more mommy stories with you and hearing about yours too. There's nothing more comforting than to know that all you're experiencing, someone out there is feeling the exact same thing. It's a wonderful calming feeling, that I hope, will continue on for as long as possible.

So, here's wishing you a blessed 2010! Be good and be safe..

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