Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, 2012!!

Happy New Year guys! 

What shall I be watching? Well, 2012 of course! heh..How cheezy!

The year has come and gone (yet again!). Time really flies. It seemed like just yesterday we celebrated and ushered in 2011 and now, we embrace 2012. 

New Years for us is and has always been the same -- in that we spend the time at home, mainly in dreamland. Except for that one time, when I was pregnant with Mini, we spent the night at the hotel in KL to catch the fireworks. Of course, Ash was fast asleep by the time the fireworks came on and I was close to calling it a day/night. Hubby? I can't remember what he was doing. Probably, was busy watching the telly.

We'll be doing the same this year which is to sleep off the fireworks, if at all possible considering the noise and such. But, I believe we will or at least I will because we spent the day de-cluttering the house. We gave much of their toys away and clothes too. On top of that, we also threw away things we don't need, empty boxes etc...Now we have more space for more..err..junk?? 

I cannot believe cleaning was what we did to prepare for the New Year. LOL. Hope your day was much more well spent, like shopping for instance. Oh how I wanted to hit the stores but well, since we procrastinated on cleaning, we best get it done. Especially so when school begins in a couple of days. 

Also, I have decided to do away with New Year's resolutions because I can never keep at it. The most, I'll be all excited about ticking off the 1st or 2nd, but the next 20 will just be carried forward. By year 2015, I would have about 300 unresolved resolutions! No...child, I shall not go down that road. Not this year. Possibly, not ever! 

So, anyway, before I ramble on and on -- Here's wishing you the happiest of moments and an amazing adventure in 2012.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Weaning off the pacifier

at my sister's place for Xmas dinner, and playing on sis' Iphone

Mini is addicted to her pacifier. Or should I say, she used to be until 2 weeks ago. All of a sudden, I just stopped giving her the pacifier whenever she asks for it. We just told her it's broken and there's no more.

She whined of course. She whinged. She screamed and shouted "GOT!!". But, we calmly told her there's no more pacifier and that she's a big girl now, no need for the pacifier. She whinged and whined some more. 

Ash is still on her thumb. SHe has been since she was a baby. The reason why we decided to stop Mini from the pacifier and not Ash is because Ash only sucks her thumb when she's about to sleep. And the 'thumb' doesn't stay in her mouth throughout. Whereas for Mini, she wants her pacifier ALL THE TIME. And she would want it when she's sleeping too. Not so good, right? 

So, we decided to try to get her off the pacifier. Besides, she'll be going off to play-school next year; we don't really need her to be asking for her pacifier in school.

WHenever she asked for it and when we tell her no, she'd whinged for a bit and accepted it. She'd go about doing her thing. Of course, we tried also to distract her and not leave her out cold and dry. I was pretty nervous especially at night or when she's tired during the day and needed her pacifier to snooze. But, thankfully, it wasn't as difficult as I expected her to get. 

The only time when we felt really bad for her was when she didn't get a good night's sleep during the first couple of nights. At times, she would sob in bed with her eyes closed. Like the Malay saying "mandi tak basah, makan tak kenyang, tidur tak lena". As of now, she's slowly getting the hang of it and so far, she's stopped asking for it. We have been doing our part too (and warned everyone to do the same ) by not mentioning the word tee-tah (as she calls itto her. 

After all the stressful anticipation, it wasn't terribly difficult weaning Mini off her pacifier. You might have heard stories of  kids giving parents a hard time when they were similarly weaned off. Or at least, that's what I heard. And which was why I was completely nervous at the start. It took me a while to pull the plug. Now that I've done it, I feel relieved that it went down relatively easy for Mini, which naturally, is a good thing. Plus, for me, I feel it's the right age too because at this age, she's still a little..err..blur so she'll buy anything you sell to her..hehe.

That's it. One down, one more to go : her diapers. Potty training hasn't been completely successful..*sigh*

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Have a Blessed Christmas everyone!

So the tree is up.

Decked with nice aging (since the 70s) angels.


and with some, that under normal circumstances, would not have made it on the tree. Like Cinderella for instance;


or, creepy girl who looks like she's hung herself and alien-shaped craft


Lastly, some presents. Most need to be distributed by tonight in any case. 


Looks like we are set aren't we? This year we will have our Christmas at my sister's new pad. Will be exciting!! And not to mention, I don't have as much cleaning up to do, so, it's a celebration I am most looking forward to..heheh..

That's it folks. Enjoy your Christmas, enjoy your time with loved ones, or simply just enjoy the holidays (and the rain..). Have a good one!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

dressing up for a night out

I am sure some of you will be looking forward to this weekend. More so, the following weekend. Both weekends are long weekends. What with the season ending celebrations and the ushering of the New Year. I cannot believe 2011 is coming to a close and we're moving on to a new digit.

I always look forward to new years. I still do but somehow, the years have zoomed past so quickly lately that I feel there wasn't enough time for me to really savour every minute, every day. It's been go-go-go from the start. And, somehow, with Mini on board, the days went by even faster. I don't know..maybe it's just me but really, this year has passed me by so fast I didn't really have time to blink even.

But, I shall enjoy the rest of the year. Firstly, with the Christmas celebration and then, for the new year's. Now, all I need is 2 new dresses to go with the special occasions. Being the kiam-siap that I am, I'll probably look for past season dresses, like those clearance from the recently concluded prom nights. I am sure they come in all sizes like even plus size prom dress. So even if you're plus sized, you needn't have to worry. There's always something for everybody. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

When do you start shopping for Christmas?

With Christmas approaching in, oh..about a weeks' time, you don't really have much window space to do your shopping or get your Christmas party supplies. Or, maybe you do, but the myrid of things that one goes through for Christmas can be pretty overwhelming. Trust me -- there will never be enough time. 

The strange thing is, people always tend to do the last minute shopping. I don't believe this as an Asian phenomenon or more specifically, a Malaysian phenomenon. It's quite universal, I would think. Haven't I heard or read somewhere or told by some people that stores usually are packed to the brim with people as the date draws closer? 

We always tell ourselves to shop early or space out your shopping because you get a couple of big sales event happening in the course of a year anyways. Getting your gifts early, they say, will invariably prevent from disappointment and you get them at a discount. Win-win. 

I'd subscribe to that if not for one thing : workability. I mean, who shops for Christmas during Chinese New Year or Raya? As it is, as a mom, I already have my hands and minds filled with the weekly shopping list that I must fulfill every single week - I doubt I will have any room to think about shopping for that bra my sister wanted so badly and to only give it to her on Christmas. Do you? 

You know, apart from my buzy-ness, I think buying something so early (even if it looked great at the material time), and having to keep it in a box, stored somewhere collecting dusts, not so urm, eye catching. Especially when it will look pretty aged after 6 months sitting at a corner, unattended. I mean, if you really wanted to give someone something you bought 6 months ago, you might as well just give it to that person straight away. No need to keep and wait till Christmas or New Year or whatever. Buy something else then.

Of course, the flip side to getting presents in advance is that that particular something might out of stock and if you didn't get it then, you might not see it in the stores in months to come. I mean, yeah, if that's the case, by all means - get it. Only if you have the time or if you knew someone really wanted it. Otherwise, why bother?

Perhaps, I am not the most hardworking shopper in the world. Neither am I a prudent one. Well, it has only been the last year or so that this tradition started in our household. I am still feeling the ropes. While I wouldn't recommend actually shopping for Christmas too early in advance, maybe a month or 2 earlier is an acceptable time-frame.

Another thing I discovered is having a mock Christmas celebration is quite time consuming and a costly affair. But, truly, I am having the best of times. Nothing like getting gifts for the people you love. The upside for me, with this new ritual, is the fact that I have resorted to not getting anything for people's birthdays..Save cost ma..heheh

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas wish for 2011

The thing about Christmas this year is that the excitement has gotten to Mini too. You know - the tree decoration and..and..more tree decoration. Ash, on the other hand, can't wait for the grandparents to return so she could celebrate Christmas with them. But, unfortunately, her wish will not happen because the grandparents will be celebrating Christmas away from home this year instead. Of course we told her but, either due to her stubborn nature or she just cannot comprehend the reality of it. Either way, she will definitely get a rude awakening Christmas morning!

What's interesting is that the above wasn't what I wanted to talk about; I wanted to talk about my Christmas gift for this year and that would be getting the best ebook reader (apart from that Lamborghini and the Santorini vaca of course). I mean, the best thing since frosty chocolate cake, would be to be able to read free books off the internet. 

Now, to make my dream come true, the hubby needs to read this post right? Hubby, read this post!!  

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the best of 2 evils

I don't know..chatterbox 4s or terrible-twos? Honestly, I cannot choose because both are equally bad..hahha.

At the moment, that is what I am and have had to deal with. Although Mini's terrible-two is still kinda bearable to a point where it's not even fair to call it a 'terrible two'. But, she does have her moments.

Let me break for a snap shot of her right now :


This was taken at Desa Parkcity the weekend evening that Mini got better from her cold/cough/fever. I am telling you, the worst thing since Kim K is a sick child. It's not ever fun when your child is sick. Especially if your child isn't competent in speaking much...yet. But, thank God she's better now. Have been for a while. She even missed her mini concert that weekend. Oh well - there's always next year, which isn't very far away, only 3 more weeks.

waiting eagerly for father to light up birthday candle. It was hubby's bday.

Ash on the other hand is...growing up. Can't believe it but it's definitely happening. This also means more freedom for me. More ME time for me. More headache I am sure. A different kind of headache, but a headache nevertheless.

You know, before I even talk about next year, I shall savour every bit of what's left this year. Plenty to be proud of, plenty to be sad about and definitely, plenty to have nothing but a good laugh at. Even though, i am simply a stay-at-home mom without the excess office baggage to carry with me, the year has not been without it's drama and significance. Oh yea, we still get those....just packaged slightly different.

So, with all the sugar n spice, will I be ready for "them" another year? I'll say - Bring it on!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping

Just yesterday, a Facebook friend gave thanks to those around her i.e her family and dear friends. And then, she wished everyone Happy Thanksgiving. Then, I remembered : Black Friday!!'s not that I think that Thanksgiving should be disregarded or labeled "unimportant" but you shouldn't be thankful only on that day. You should be grateful everyday of our lives. I am truly. And that is why (and how) Black Friday shopping is the ultimate thing to do starting NOW.

I can't wait for the virtual doors to open for me to spend my hard earned money from Paypal. heheh...Give me a break la, I have been diligently saving and since I have not a chance to venture to the US, I'll do some virtual shopping for now. Besides, there are plenty of things that I need in my life right now. For instance, a new video camera would be nice esp for recording the girls' daily antics. One that allows me to plug it straight onto my tv instead of us having to download videos onto my computer. 

Apart from that, plenty to do during the hols. Get my home spruced up for Christmas. Put the tree up for instance. We were advised to put it up as ASAP (like right now) because 1 month goes by very quickly. So, yes, we will do it this weekend. The next thing, is to get the presents. I plan on "making" the female adult presents and buy the rest..hehe. Oh, don't ask. I'll give you a hint though : not enough time. 

So you see, time is of the essence here. Seriously lacking in that department and I seriously need to get my butt moving. Ciao time!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

all dressed up

Ever since being a SAHM, which is coming close to 6 years now, I have been slacking on myself. I mean, I hardly dress up. Don't talk about putting on make-up or even accessorize. First of all, it does save me some $$ for not having to buy these extras. Secondly, even if I didn't want to save and I still end up buying, where am I going to wear them to? Not as if I get to go out on a daily basis or at nights. By 9pm, I am usually exhausted to the bone.

But, it's nice to dress up once in a while, ain't it? It's nice to have that pair of heels, get eyelash extensions from and not forgetting, that little black dress. Ah...nothing like a perk-me-up to liven up an otherwise boring day. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Praying for others

Just a lil update : We have been sick the past couple of weeks. More specifically, Mini and I. It started off with Mini having fever, then spiraled into a full blown cough and cold. Needless to say, I also got the whole enchilada. 

But, we are better now. THANK GOD! I hate being sick simply because I cannot afford to be sick. Even though Ash volunteered to take care of us (bless her little soul)...nah, I still cannot get sick. It's not even an option, it's mandatory. No fun being a mom, ya!!

So, anyway, speaking of Ash, before chowing down her lunch, she said a little prayer for her friend at school today. It's something they do at her school and because her class is a really small class (all 10 of them in total), they are pretty close. And the teacher always tells them whenever any of their classmate is sick or unwell, and she'll get the class to pray for him/her. Nice right?! 

I'm not if she understands what praying means, what prayer means...or for her, this is just novelty because we don't go to church. Ash is the only kid whose parents aren't church-goers. And, no, we don't have a problem with her doing the praying thing, saying grace before meals (she does that sometimes). We don't stop her. Whatever it is, it's good for her spiritually, if you think about it. It's always good to have faith or believe in spirituality. 

All that will change next year for Ash. She will be going to a different school, have new friends, new environment, new teacher(s). I really like where she's going to right now but you know, it's time to move on. She knows she'll be going to a new school (and she's pretty excited about it!) but I don't think it has dawned upon her that her friends will not be coming along and that she'll be doing this all on her own. I am nervous for her. I need a prayer.  

Whatever the year holds for her, the only thing that will remain constant is that she can always count on her prayers. Even now, I always tell her that whenever she's unhappy or scared, she should pray and she does. It's the one thing that no one can take away from her. I am happy she's doing it too. 

p.s : Me blabbering on and on. Lots to update but I have forgotten half of what I had initially want to say. That's the problem when you hold off for far too long and when you try to backtrack, it's not an easy task. 

Besides, I am still not used to the school run. I am hoping for more time during the school hols even if the kids are with me 24/7. Still, I get to save so much time from being on the road. Road kills I tell ya! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

how do you teach your toddler to read?

At this stage, Ash only knows her ABCs. She knows them inside out, and even the sound each one makes. Super achievement right for a 4 and half year old?

The next part is a little tricky because she's supposed to blend those letters together to form a word. For instance, BUM. B-U-M. She knows :

B = Buhhh

U = uuhhh

M = mmm

Ok, something like that la.  She knows the sounds invidividually, but she has problems blending the sounds together to make BUM. She gets it sometimes, and she doesn't get it sometimes.

So, what does she do? Is it because she doesn't get enough practice? If I get to to repeat, she almost looks at the words from memory rather than understand the proper way to read. Because, if she has mastered the art of blending, she can read almost any word right? Including something as obscure as Omnia or BUTT.

Perhaps, it hasn't come together for her yet? Gosh, I wonder how she's gong to survive in Primary 1. From what I heard, it's alot tougher than in our days where in Std I, we were still doing the ABCs.

Oh and another thing - she doesn't know simple additions like 1 + 1. I am so dead!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The new Iphone 4s

Anyone getting the Iphone 4s? I know -- no Iphone 5. What a bummer!!

Did you read about the crazy people doing some ritual with the hope of bringing Steve Jobs back to life? 

Are you kidding me?

I am telling you, there are really weird people living on the same planet as you and I, even though, clearly, they belong somewhere else. Seriously...SERIOUSLY?? Is that even necessary?

While they are at it -- do you think they could get some numbers so I can buy myself TOTO tomorrow. If I strike a million bucks, I promise I won't ever make fun of you. I will even get you mega cuteness Made in Korea iphone case. lie.

My dream house

Everyone has a dream house. Mine is one that would over-look the vast ocean. Made of rock solid oak wood with white full length windows. Lots of natural light.

I don't even know how to swim and I want a house by the sea. Am I nuts or what?? Yeah, the novelty of, when you watch too much re-runs like Lethal Weapon, you are bound to have crazy dreams.

Come to think of it -- if I watched too much Men in Black, my dream home would comprised of stone cold alien-like metal building situated in the desert somewhere in Nevada.

Nah. I prefer the warm fuzzy feeling or the sound of waves. Then again, I just watched the Day After Tomorrow. I shouldn't be wishing I was living near the sea, now should I?? **gulp**.

ps : Tomorrow's movie - 2012. I must be in my morbid mode.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cinderella forever

If my girl had it her way, she'd want to be Cinderella...F.O.R.E.V.E.R and ever and will truly be a never ending story. It has got to a point where she'd get really pissed if she's not addressed as Cinderella. If she could drive, she'd drive herself all the way to the JPN office to get her name changed on her MYKID and birth cert. She has denounce all that is her state, culture, religion, be the girl with the glass slipper. Oh, yes, she wants 'yellow' hair. Not satisfied that her skin is quite da yellow but no, she wants the yellow canary on her head.

But, when I told her that Cinderella had to do the washing, cleaning, make coffee for the parents in the morning, feed the animals, feed the birds and sing whilst doing all that. She retorted by saying "Oh, but I am SMALL Cinderella". My best guess is that SMALL Cinderella is exempted from doing all the house chores. "Tough luck lil one, cos however "small or big", Cinderella will have to clock in the qualify as Cinderella"

She's still pretty hard-headed about wanting to be Cinderella; a phase which I hope it will pass...quickly. I mean, all the boys are scared of her because all she wants to do is make them dance the waltz with her. Can you imagine the look on all the scared lil Ben10 faces?

Anyway, better than being anything else. I mean, at age 8, my sister thought she was a dog. Yeah, no kidding. Besides, if she practice good, Ash may get hired by Disneyland. It certainly beats Coroner Jobs she may have contemplating on undertaking in the future. So, if it is Disney and their Fairy Tales, I am all up for it. Oh, and they must pay well too. Otherwise, no point la

ps : A heavy weekend awaits us : a charity event, a wedding, Big Bad Wolf sale (hubby went "what on earth is BBW? No, he's not a avid reader. Neither am I but 70% to 90% discount on books - not reader also must kepoh. Apart from that, good time to get workbooks for nephew and the girls). 

pss : So have a good weekend all!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

an easy meal for busy moms

I am a hardcore advocate for easy meals. Don't ask me to slave in the kitchen. Of course, that is, if I had it my way -- everyday will consist of bread, butter and jam. Or if I could, just pop pills. If only...

Again, today, I was on the road a lot. What's new? I dropped Mini off with my in laws immediately after picking Ash up from school. The weather turned nasty. Not to mentioned I was late reaching Ash's school much thanks to...oh, I don't know...endless roadworks. Give the tar a rest will ya!! OK, I digress.

I had originally planned on having lunch at 1U and to go home after for some zzzz. But, like I said, bad weather and as I was approaching SS2, it poured cats and dogs. Can you believe it? I asked Ash if she was hungry and she gave me her usual reply of "NO". (this girl don't know how to be hungry one).
So, I thought, just ditch the 1U idea, go home and whip up something simple.

Thoughts of "what's in the freezer" ran through my mind as I try to maneuver my car out of the freaking traffic. Then, I narrowed it down to minced pork and the mah yau fillets which my mom got for me last Sunday. I finally decided on the fish and came up with an entirely new recipe (for me that is).

Here goes :..oh, before this, no pics cos too hungry and more accurately, not very photo-worthy...hehhe..but who long as it was gastronomically-worthy. 

Ok, and I am not particularly good at writing out recipes but, here goes :

What you need :

1. garlic (slice or diced, entirely up to you)
2. tomatoes (diced) or if you prefer chunky ones, get cherry tomatoes
3. baby spinach (optional - only if you have them)
4. olive oil
5. fillet o' fish. any type will do, just remove bones and keep skin (for the heong-ness)
6. pasta, preferably spaghetti 
7. Tean's crispy prawn chili (I usually keep a bottle in the fridge for..for..just in case)
8. Salt and Pepper

Cooking time:

1. For the adults, rub salt and the crispy prawn chili all over the fish. For the kids, you just do the usual salt and pepper rub..slightly. Set aside.

2. You would've spaghetti in boiling water by now.

3. Heat up pan. Pour olive oil. Sautee fish, skin side first. For I guess a couple of minutes in total for both sides. Not too long as you don't want your fish to burn.

4. Take fish out. With remaining oil (or add more if you like your pasta dripping with oil), sautee the garlic and tomatoes for a wee bit to get the flavour. Then, toss the noodles in. After stir-frying for a bit, throw in the fish. Breaking the fish into pieces as you mix them together on low heat. 

5. Lastly, put in your baby spinach. Be careful not to over-cook the vege. A dash of fish sauce and lemon juice. A mix and a stir and you are done. 

It won't take you more than 15 minutes tops. That is considering you prepare everything from scratch. You can save even more time if you had marinate the fish as well as prepared the other stuff before leaving the house. Of which I did not do. 

So, no fuss, no need to cook in advance. Kind of like an Aglio Olio meets fish-spinach-tomato dish. Simple and easy - that's my motto!. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

the girl with a golden heart

Last Saturday night, I went to grab Ramlee burger. If you know the best Ramlee in town, it would have to be the one at Seapark. It is truly and amazingly delicious. Not sure if the 2 whom I also bought for had the same sentiments because by the time we ate our burgers, it was soggy, wet, cold...just not the same when having it just out of the pan. I am chinese like that. Nevertheless, we ended up with cold burgers, chatime (who does not love Chatime?) and cigars

So, anyway, what happened was, if you know Seapark, it's quite an old PJ town. The shophouses, the homes all have a distinct 70's look to them. But, I love Seapark more for the food. How can you not love the food? The old uncles and aunties who continue to feed us with their secret recipes..they are to die for. I mean, TO.DIE.FOR. OK la, I've been told I am such an old china-apek. Can't blame me when it's a place I grew in, a place I used to frequent and wait endlessly for my mom to finish her marketing every SUnday. How I hate the wet market. I still do actually. 

Oh dear, but I digress.

Hubby parked his car in the opposite direction of where the Ramlee station was because we were on our way home from the in-laws place. He got out to grab 3 Ramlee Daging Special for me whilst I stayed in the car with the girls. Mini slept cos she was super tired but not Ash, she was as chatty as ever, asking me a thousand whys. I am telling you, I feel like being on the phone with a Japanese customer -- by the 5th WHY, you'll start peeing in your pants (or panties).

After about..oh, I don't know, the 50th why, Ash spotted a man rummaging through garbage right in front of our car. He was about 50-ish, had a torn but pretty clean white shirt and black knee-length shorts. He held a plastic bag in one hand while the other was free to search for more...err..rubbish?. He went through one trash can after another and another and eventually, pushed opened the glass door into public bank..hahah...sanitize your hand if u are a customer/employee at that branch. 

The whole scene must've gotten the curious side of Ash and she started to ask me why. Here's how our conversation went :

Ash : Mommy, why the uncle (see..she's even polite to call him uncle when society deems such people as trash) doing with the rubbish. 

Me : Oh, because the uncle is searching for food. He's hungry.

Ash : Rubbish got no food. Just rubbish.

Me : Because uncle have no money to buy food. Those people cannot finish their food, throw in the rubbish then the uncle pick it up to eat lor.

Ash : Oh...but but..I will help uncle. 

Me : How can you help the uncle?

Ash : I will give the moneys. 

Me : Where are you going to find all the moneys?

Ash : There...the coins. I will give all the coins to the uncle. Then uncle will love me (she associates love with gratitude, thankful, acknowledgement of good deeds..not love, love kind of love). Because I am a brave girl Mommy.

Me : That's very sweet of you honey. Yes, uncle will be very grateful (I didn't say love because well, he is after all very much older than her and he just went through trash) and you are really a brave girl.

And that was the end of it because the father came back to the car and I quickly asked her to tell her father what she saw in case she seriously wanted to get down to pass the uncle some cash. We drove off and that was that.

But, it was really really thoughtful of her. She's really sweet my girl. Can be annoying but sweet, kind and compassionate. So proud of her we are...and blessed that she's got such a good head on her shoulders and a truly a golden heart.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a post with no title

I've just had one of "those" days. You know, those days where you feel absolute crappy and trapped and trying to get out of the hell-hole you're in. You know, one of those days. 

Oh, you've never had those days before? Well..good for you. I sure have them plenty lot. Not everyday, just possibly if you want to quantify it -- once a month. Especially during/after/before aunt flo drops by for a visit. I don't know, I mean, ever since having kids, my hormones have gone mad!

I try to be positive, think positive and smell the roses..what roses? Those in my house are either fake plastic or possibly dying from mal-nurtition. Many already died. So, no more flowery plants. God knows I don't have green fingers. The only one who pots away is dear hubby, and to a certain extent, my lovely neighbour who cares too much to let living things just rot away. She's taken over as our plants' care provider. Bless her indeed. 

OK..where was I? Yeah, so, positive..positive chants. Frankly, they don't work. Really. But, what does it for me mostly is my 6 year old niece. When I think of her, I will slap myself silly (not in an erotic way, you guys), and wake up in an instant because other people have 'real' problems. I am just whinning away. Real people with real problems. 

My niece, she's autistic. You won't know it if you look at her but she is. The sad truth is, she may remain this way for a very very long time. It's hard as it is raising normal kids. I mean, we all parents can testify to that. How many of us threatened to throw our kids to the bin when they were naughty? We don't mean it of course, but you know, we have that thought. So, imagine having to deal with a special child, day in- day out, not having any help i.e a maid, and feeling so drained out mentally and physically because she will never understand. It's tough x 1000-times. It's really hard on the parents who not only has to deal with her but her brother who is a 100% normal. How do you balance that?

They are not alone, I am certain. If you read the newspaper, or have a colleague, you will realise that many are actually having to carry this gigantum weight on their shoulders. And, boy, 

Whenever I think about them, I snap out of my childish thoughts immediately. Pronto. It's enough to make me wake -up and clean the house (not with glee...but just less resentment). Then, when I am actively doing something, my mind usually stay focus and most unhealthy thoughts will slowly disappear. And then, it's another day. 

This post isn't going anywhere. It's easy to complain when we don't have to deal with difficulties. But, it's certainly another when we are burdened with them. Am I making any sense? Apologies if I am not. I am merely spewing out random incoherent meaningless thoughts. I will return with more...err...normal posts I guess..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

exercise for moms

Apart from housework, moms need some form of exercise to keep fit and healthy. We need all the energy that we can muster especially dealing with children and the house. Believe me, it's far more exhausting than sitting in an office and staring at the computer.

One of the more effective and easier form of exercise is taking a nice morning stroll. Or if you're younger and have more energy to burn, running may be more suitable for you. Or if you have energy and money to burn, join a gym or yoga classes. Much more fun to exercise with nice funky yoga outfits, and apparatus such as yoga blocks. It's definitely a reason to work up a sweat if you ask me. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

5 year plan

So..have you ever planned anything to happen way way waaaayyyy in the future? Even my wedding I only planned it within 6 months. The only thing that took more than 6 months was having kids. Other than that, a 5 year or more plan has never happened to me. Maybe except when I was in Std 5.

You know, how in those days, pre-UPSR days, we had the Penilaian (Assessment) exam in Std 5. I never really wondered why STd 5 and not Std 6. If it was in Std 6, I would've skipped it all together cos my family went away to the US for a year++. What's your point? I have one - just bear with me. After the Penilaian exams, it was literally honeymoon. I mean, teachers weren't teaching. They were in class, but just allowed us to do what we wanted, which was essentially to play. We would bring games to school. I remembered a couple of kids in my class on an impromptu basis, acted out a scene from Mind Your Language. Take a wild guess which character I took on? hahahha. It was hilarious. People from other classes started peering into our classrooms from the outside, wondering what the heck we were up to. They stood to watch.

Believe me, I DO have a point. I will come to it shortly.

You get the idea of how 'free' we were after those exams. Free but still had to compulsorily attend school. More like forced to attend. My friends and I, the 3 of us - possibly bored out of our minds - made a pact that when we grow up, we would live together in an apartment like Three's A Company. And I was to become a kindergarten teacher (oh, how thankful I am it was only a short term fantasy), another would be in the police force and..I can't remember what my other friend wanted to do. But, oh, we had these dreams. We were so serious that to avoid any sort of conflict, we divided house-chores amongst us. I wonder who's been keeping that chore list. We definitely had plans.

So, that was the longest I have ever planned for anything. As you know, none of anything materialised. As a matter of fact, after I returned from the US, all of us went separate ways, had different set of friends, were in different classes. Until now, I have no idea where and what they are doing. Perhaps I should start searching.

Told you I had a point.

Now, back to the 5-year plan. In 5 years, there's this plan to take a trip to Italy. Yea, we want to do the whole "Eat"-thing. Do what the Italians do, or at least try to. Rome would be stunning, Milan would be fashionable, Venice would be magical and Florence....Florence is my old neighbour from my mom's house. Sounds like a P.L.A.N, don't it?

But, before this P.L.A.N comes to life, I need to save every penny I have. Eat bread everyday (I can always have good food later in Italy), stop splurging on RM200 pair of shoes, scour religiously for free online know, just about ANYTHING to be able to get myself on that plane. 5 years is a long time to save.

Yep, sounds like a Plan...

ps : it's 2 in the AM. Serena's on court and I can't sleep with Wilson Philips' Hold On constantly ringing in my head. Lovely song :-).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blogger's new interface

I am still not used to this new interface on Blogger. It feels strange typing out my blog posts. But, I am sure - as with all things - I will get used to it eventually. Just hoping that I do not lose any of my blog posts or information.

On to something else : Mini's been yakking quite a bit. She has now gone to the extent of saying "Go away..". Oh dear..did she pick it up from us when we tell her to go away when we don't want to be disturbed? Bad bad influence!!

It's thursday and it's the last day of our long holidays. Hubby's going back to work tomorrow even if it's only just for 1 day. Since he's been home, we have done quite a few things around the house. We've changed our filter water cartridge for one. We threw away old bottles and junk. According to he, our mini backyard is cluttered with too much junk. Then, just a couple of things here and there...basically spring clean and repaired the outdoor thermometer. Am I happy with the results? yes yes...of course..hehhe.

Back to the grind next week. Back to cooking. Back to the school run. Back to the kids' activities. It's a good thing I am still standing. 

the kid who can't wait to grow up...

Ash is 4. In fact, according to my "Indian calculation", she's actually 4 and a half. That's what we think or assume to be the case. But, not her. She claims that she's not 4, but 7. Huh?

As much as I like her to be 7 because that could mean that hubby and I can retire earlier than scheduled. She can start doing heavy-duty house chores like fixing the water pumps for instance. But, in truth, we don't really want her to grow up too quickly. HUbby and I were just saying how big she's grown and how much of her baby-hood that we've forgotten or slowly forgetting. You know, things like when did she start walking, when she said her first word. I have been a lazy mom and did not journal her milestones as diligently as I should have. I have photos but not enough taken.

And, I feel I am starting to slack off with Mini in terms of taking photos of her too. I am usually so so zoned out everyday that the only thing I want to do is plop myself on the couch and stare blindly at the tv. Or read my chic lit. I don't could be the age thing. Or...pure laziness..I think it's more of the latter.

on being sick

Ash has not been well for the past 2 weeks. She had the sniffles first. Then, because she's such a light sleeper, her sleep was interrupted by stuffy nose and such. After that, sniffles turned into cough. Cough and cough, and cough. The worst is during the night-time. Sooo...what to do?

She definitely got it from school. And the cough is/was from her runny nose. In that 2 weeks, she saw the paed twice. The most recent was just this Monday. I told her doc that her cough has definitely worsened. Plus, she refused to eat. She's been off food for the past 2 weeks, and possibly the weeks before ever since her vomit episode. She hasn't been the same since. It didn't help that as soon as she recovered from her bout of bug infection, she welcomed another.

Anyway, her paed prescribed antibiotics as a last resort and no matter how much I try to avoid giving her antibiotics, this time, I gave in. I told the doc "please...anything". As soon as she took 1 dose, immediately her cough lessened. Immediately. Even though after the 2nd day, she was visibly better, she has to complete the course. 5 days that she has to take it.

School's about to start. I definitely want her to get well and go back to school on a regular basis (she's been skipping classes alot lately). Besides, this classmate of hers cannot sleep, eat nor function without her (OK..I may seem to be exaggerating here but trust me, this girl sticks to Ash like bee to honey).

Friday, August 19, 2011



Mini : **pushing her sister's 3-wheeler scooter**

Me : Hey mimi, where are you going?

Mini : Shopping **matter-of-factly**

Happy Weekend!!

ps : not the most appropriate photo but, just she looks really cheeky here..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

the new Mini


At 2 years and 3 months, don't you think she looks uber cool??

Remember she had the cut-your-own-hair event happening a while back? This is the result of that. We had to chop off the sides, and hence, the pixie look. I was crying when her hair was cut. I mean, I was definitely not used to her looking like a 'boy'. But, oh, MIL was happiest. She was never fond of me keeping the girls' hair long anyways. And her version of "long" goes as far as a bob cut. I know!! She has no idea exactly what "long hair" means and looks like. But, Mini's new do certainly made her dance the tango.

Anyways, this shot was taken on the boat ride to begin our unforgettable time at Pangkor Laut. The last time Mini went on this boat ride was when I carried her in my belly. This time, she experienced it live with the wind in her hair, the bumpy ride, the sea water beneath our feet and her cheap sunglasses. Lovely, ain't it??!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

latest - Part 2

A continuation from earlier posting...

So, hubby got better. No more throwing up. But, aches and pain from internal muscles aggravation. And, tired and weak from not having enough food and lack of sleep/rest. He took 2 days to recover and the weekend was approaching. Hurrah!!

NOT! That Saturday morning (make that 3am!!), mini decided to do a little throwing up of her own. She got up, with vomit all over her, the was disgusting. The last thing hubby ever thought he'd be doing after cleaning up his own vomit, was to clean up someone else's (vomit).

We cleaned her, threw her pjs away and the bed-sheet as well. Surprisingly, Ash slept right through the commotion. Most would call pig. She was, just oblivious to all and in deep slumber. She would've been the last person on earth to have such deep sleep because unlike me, she and hubby have similar sleeping patterns in that they are both very light sleeper. So, her not waking up with Mini crying and us going in and out of the room, room lights all switched on, windows also opened - was indeed a revelation. But, in the next couple of days, we found out why...

So, anyway, Mini not only threw up once, she threw up again after her milk. **oh-oh!!** This time, her vomit found my shirt. **double oh-oh!!**. I must say that through the years I've been a mom, this was the worst throwing up session...EVER. Guess it had to happen someday, right? We had hardly any sleep before the break of dawn and before you know it, we scooted everyone off to the paed.

The doc concluded Mini's condition to be a bug infection, possibly from hubby. She gave Mini tons of meds. And we scooted home. Mini stopped vomiting. COndition better? - or so we thought.

That night, it was Ash started; she threw up her dinner. Every bite she took, she threw up. Oh man, don't they give you a break? I guess not. It was her turn. Then, we gave her Mini's meds. Then, she refused to eat or go to the toilet. Then, Mini started her "lau sai"..many many times. I tell you, strike lottery also not so ngam!

It was truly round the clock washing, cleaning...more washing and cleaning...endless meds feeding....extremely clingy, whinny and cranky toddler and kid. It was only after the 3rd day that all of this stopped. Hubby had no time to recover, even if he did feel remotely unwell, I wouldn't have the energy nor the mental capacity to deal with it.

No worries, that was about a week and a half ago, and thank God everyone's all better now. I am glad I didn't have to go through it for if I had, I probably would have just slept in the toilet because I was so exhausted from simply cleaning and washing. Not to mention the cooking. Speaking about cooking, when the kids got better, I told them I was still gonna make porridge for them and both of them, in unison, yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!". Poor things had no real food to eat for at least 5 days. If it wasn't porridge, it was bland soupy noodles. Even the soy milk we bought for them (because they couldn't take their usual milk), they only took 2 oz despite being super duper hungry.

It was really sad seeing them not in their best of health. I mean, the day they got better, we decided to take them out to the bookstore. Although happy at the prospect of going out, they didn't fare very well. They were weak from the ordeal and Ash kept wanting us to push her on the stroller as every 5 minutes walk tired her out. Mini was also super cranky, kept wanting to be carried.

It took a couple of days before they regained their strength. The day they both started their monkey climb on the front door grill (to greet their father), was the day I knew they were back...100% :-).

Sunday, July 17, 2011

new cupboard

We got the girls a new clothes cupboard for them a couple of weeks ago. Finally. Their dresser threatened to give way a few times. So we figured that we should get them something else to house all of Ash's princess dresses.

We got the standard issue white colour from Ikea. The cheapest possible. The girls won't know the difference. Besides, it compliments the dresser. I have contemplated painting it over with...oh, I don't know, pink or light lavender for example. I haven't got around to do it yet though. Naturally, hubby rolled his eyes when the painting idea was suggested. I can understand his predicament - he'd have to do the painting! hehhehe. I know he'd much rather be spending his time looking at tech related items such as handphones, stereo systems, or even just looking for toshiba laptops batteries. I can never understand men, but just as how men can never understand why our nail polish needs the colour of our shoes. touché

We'll see how I go in the next few days. I might just ditch the idea altogether. Who knows?!

spring cleaning

The first half of the year has gone. It's time now to start sorting out the files at home. Chuck away unwanted papers or documents. Collate them and file them away. Yeah, I tend to do that only half yearly. I don't do it as often as I should in fact. I'm not sure why but it's been a habit. Possibly a bad habit because I'm not as efficient as I should be. But, nevertheless, the job gets done and by the year end, we throw everything out. hehehhe...

I don't know about you, but there are tons and tons of papers around the house. SOme important, while most are plain nuisance. That is why I love They make everything so easily accessible and so convenient for the masses. What will I do without them?

at the tyre shop

We spent a good part of the afternoon at the tyre shop. We had to change all 4 of my car tyres since all were worn out. If we waited any longer to get new ones, I might just skid off the road one fine rainy day. That can't possibly be good news seeing how I ferry the girls daily up and down PJ.

Guess where we ended up going just to have my tyre fix? KLANG!!! Would you believe it? Apparently, there's this tyre shop in Klang selling cheap tyres. Well, according to hubby, cheaper than the KL or PJ rates. When we finally got there, I don't think it was really significantly cheaper. I think hubby got conned! WHat's worst is, after removing all but the final tyre, they discovered the rims were damaged. Geez!! Then, we had to change the rims as well. All our budget for the car were blown on one single afternoon. Plus we had to wait an extra 45 mins just to get everything done. And, not to mention all the driving home afterwards.

People always asks me what I do on a Saturday afternoon when the girls go to their granny's house. Well, wonder no more, errands such as this really eats up every hour of our free time. If it isn't the tyres, it must be getting something fixed in the house or get something for the house. Before you know it, it's time to head back to granny's house. You know, I am just glad it wasn't a motorhome repair that we had to get done today. *phew*

Thursday, July 14, 2011

a house full of cats

I will tell you now, cats aren't my thing. They can be cute and all but a little scary at times. In fact, most of the times. The way they stare at you. It must be the eyes, I tell you. Gives me the chill down my spine overtime I come face to face with a cat. Kittens are fine though - less scary.

Anyway, yesterday, I had the privilege of visiting a home filled with cats. 15 to be exact. They are...were..all over the place. On the couch, under the bed, on the every nook and corner. Even some strays came in to join in the feeding times. It was the most bizarre experience I've ever had. For a moment there, I imagined being knocked unconscious, smothered by them cats and wake up wearing a cat suit ala Michelle Pfeiffer. Of course, seeing as how I didn't have with me Diet pills that work fast, Catwoman will be slightly different from the movies with bulges here and there. Still, I couldn't help picturing myself with all the cats and just the thought of it made my skin itch and goose-bumped.

I'll never forget the experience...EVER!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

buying for two

We were at 1U yesterday evening to have dinner and because hubby needed to get some new work pants. You know, it was unusually quiet around there. Perhaps it was late in the evening where most day shoppers would've gone home for dinner or the cinema-goers were still chomping down their dinner. Either way, it was a good thing for us too because we had 2 extremely cranky kiddos who threatened to send us to the loonies as soon we got into the car. Thank heavens it was a short ride to our destination.

As soon as we reached, I was hungry but I asked the girls if they wanted to have dinner but Ash said 'no' and Mini was fine as long as hubby carried her. So, we had a walk-about first. The yoga people had their thing going on at the centre of the mall. Ash wanted to walk, so I took Mini with me to M&S. I don't usually shop at M&S because of how expensive their clothes can be but seeing as how they were having sales, I decided to browse. Besides, Ash was busy.

After that, hubby and ASh came in and it was hubby's turn to shop. He found what he wanted right there, of all places, M&S. We didn't even have to venture far at all. We only covered the ground floor and that was it. Super right??!! hehhe..of course, since I am such a lousy shopper. All I could think about was my growling tummy and hurried hubby to finish paying and getting the heck out of there.

Whilst there, the girls wanted me to buy them toys, socks...whatever they could get their hands on. And, they were holding identical pieces. Why? Because what Ash took, Mini took the same. I am telling you, the signs of having to buy-for-2 has started...whether I like it or not. There is no way I can convince Mini to share with her sister because she now wants her own stuff. Only 26 months and she's beginning to demand! In the end, we didn't get them anything. We were not there to shop for them in the first place. We said no, asked them to wave goodbye to whatever they were holding and scooted them off to dinner. You know, if anyone are to be giving us birthday party invites, or Halloween party invitations, they better be giving us 2 separate cards. Also, if you're considering buying them anything, you now have to's 2 or none.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

sweaty and sticky

Let me tell you what happened over the weekend : Ash wants to get married!

She told her parents to get a pumpkin carriage and she wants to go to little boy 1 (next door neighbour's kid) house and get him to be her prince.

So, I asked her what about little boy 2? (another neighbour's kid). She said "no. little boy 2 is sweaty and sticky. Little boy 1 is SHINY.." Couldn't help by laughed out loud. Obviously, my little princess wasn't too pleased with me laughing at her. But seriously...Shiny? How did she come up with him being shiny in the first place? Did he put wax all over his body? Whatever it is, I guess she digs shiny boys.

Oh my dear Princess Ash, all boys are sweaty and sticky!!!

p.s : This is all hubby's fault. He read her the Princess and the Frog story about marriage and all. I am ok with Ash marrying or wanting to get married, it's just worrying him that's all. Great job hubby, just great..heheheh.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

children's game

I wouldn't say Ash is tech savvy. Well, not as savvy as some kids I know. I was told that even a 2 year old knows how to play games on the Ipad. Huh? Seriously? Maybe la.

Anyway, the only computer games or technology related games that Ash knows are the ones on the Iphone and her 'children's game'. She tried the wii at her aunt's place but gave up. Too confusing for her.

You're probably wondering what's this children's game I'm talking about here. It's actually the mickey mouse site and it's interactive games. heheheh..She calls them Children's Game. At one stage, she was really hooked on them. But, these days, she's asking for it less. Oh, I don't know, got bored perhaps.

However, she still love her Iphone games though, much thanks to her aunties. Thank God she only gets to play with the Iphone once a week and that is also, provided, she sees her aunt. Mommy (and Daddy) don't own one you see..:-). Nope, and no intention of getting one for this very reason. I'd much rather get the Xbox together with the xbox kinect. Cool stuffs huh?

Ah well...who am I kidding? The PS2 is now sitting there collecting dust and the hubby has only ever played ONE game. We still have the redemption voucher for the remaining games we have yet to..err...redeem. From the looks of it, I think the redemption expired eons ago..geezzz.

Now you can see why Ash will have to be contented with her "children's game" and her once-a-week froggy game on the Iphone.

btw, I can't hack the sharks attack, P!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mini - the grown up


She wants to be just like her sister. She wants to have what her sister has. She does what her sister does. She's a walking mini-Ash. Just yesterday evening, she took a photo of her sister, pointed to it and said "Mimi!!" (she calls herself Mimi).

On turning 24 months, she's started calling me "mommy". Sweet but not so at the same time. And she's beginning to pick out her own clothes. She can't wear them herself but she sure knows what she wants. But, ultimately, this mom's managed to con her daughter into wearing what the mom wants. hehhe.

Also, she gave herself a haircut -- TWICE!!! The first time it happened, thankfully, the cut wasn't obvious. But, the 2nd time was a whole different ballgame altogether. I was (am) surprised at how calm I was seeing all the hair on the floor. I was only concerned about her cutting her ears off!! What possessed her to do such a thing? I mean, Ash had no desire whatsoever to cut her own hair. Perhaps Mini wasn't happy with what her hair-dresser did. Or, was it because a haircut for her is long overdue and she couldn't wait any longer. Sometimes, I just have to do it myself. Nothing moves around here!!

So, anyway, whatever it is, no more scissors from now onwards even if she promised not to do it again. Consequently, she got the naughty corner..for being urm...naughty. Cruella? Well, she had it coming.

Mini's one heck of a chili padi. And, her personality is so true to the zodiac year she's born in - a real bull. I better start 'taming of the bull" before the bull gets into trouble. I mean, what's worst than people start calling you and tell you your daughter's a big bully? I don't know, I would break out into cold sweat if that ever happens. Or what if detention at school means chilling with her boyfriend? EEkkkkk!!!

OK..this mommy's getting carried away. But, believe me when I tell you I have my hands full!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day weekend

Apparently, Father's Day was last Sunday. Did you know? Gosh, I must have been living under a rock or something. Even the uncle at the shop wished hubby Happy Father's Day, only then, I knew what day it was.

Father's Day...Mother's's so commercialized. Everyday is or should be Father's Day or Mother's Day. And, if I am not wrong, I celebrated the eve (or was it on the actual day?) of Mother's Day at the hospital 2 years ago after delivering Mini. Ohhhh...those were killer days. Not nearly as bad as when I had to deliver Ash but still...killer. I remembered calling my sis after midnight telling her I had delivered Mini and she didn't believe me. She asked me if I as still having contractions. I said "NO!!! She's OUT!!" (in my groggy self..from the gas and that...that...injection-thingy. What is it called?). So, yeah, killer days.

Since it was a special weekend, how did you spend it? We went about doing our usual, but never enough. The weekend's just too short. Especially trying to fulfill ALL of Ash's special orders. We've done the swimming, kai-kai, 2 down and 2 more to go. The other 2 being a train ride and a bus ride. Do we have to? Going on the free Ikea bus ride isn't the same as being on a Mini Bus. Oh man!! If you haven't been on one of those, you seriously don't know what you're missing. Hanging on to dear life (literally if you were me once when I had to stand at the bottomest steps cos the bus was packed) when the bus makes a sharp corner..if you live to see another day, consider yourself very very lucky.

Oh yes, and we visited my sister at her new place. She and her man got themselves a swanking new no-kids-chelor pad. Very spacious, very modern, very chic and a whole load of floors to clean..heheh..Perhaps I should've gotten them endless supply of floor cleaners as housewarming gifts..or possibly the less popular mrs fields gifts? In the end, we got them a blender/juicer instead.

"I want my Pina Colada, K!!!"

Monday, June 20, 2011

board games for father and daughter


Snakes and Ladders.

Strawberry shortcakes figurines as pawns. You can't see it here so clearly but, believe me when I tell you that they're playing on a Barbie-inspired board (with the works!). Only the dice is decent-looking.

No wonder the hubby yearns for a boy...;-).

Friday, June 17, 2011

why I love the school holidays?


It's back to school folks.'s been a week already since they're back. You know what I've discovered? I really love the school holidays!!! I'd imagined all the havoc that was going to greet me for 2 whole weeks, I started getting cold sweat and began to feel the stress.

But, I must say, the holidays actually gave me much a much needed break. Especially from all the driving. I am on the road for an hour at least just to bring Ash home. Then, there's playgroup with Mini. And, not to mention the cooking. I cook twice a day at least because there isn't just enough time to cook everything in the morning. I wished I had but I just don't. No, I don't cook in batches and freeze my food; just not used to the 'ang mo' way of freezing food and taking them out as and when needed.

I am also lucky Ash only has 1 extra curricular activity because when she has more when she's older, and when Mini starts going to nursery, I think I'll just disappear into thin air (physically and metaphorically). Maybe I should look into the possibility of freezing batches of food to save time. I am ok with it...because well, we moms, we just wallop whatever that's left over anyways. Well, at least I've learned to ever since the kids came along. But, I'm not too sure about the hubs though. He's really chinese through and through -- loves his freshly prepared warm food and soups. As for the girls, they won't know the difference between the frozen ones and the fresh ones isn't it? Mini eats anything and as long as Ash as her dose of chinese dishes, she's a happy camper. Ash will have no problems whatsoever at the Chinese Open.

See how much I absolutely relished the school holidays despite both kids being at home 24/7. I think the girls had fun on the days they were actually home although Ash did ask about school and when she was going to see her teacher again. I guess those were when she was stuck at home...with me...hehhe.

But, I would say the girls had their equal dose of fun during the hols. Not that we went anywhere during the hols because the hubby's been busy at work. We hung around with friends, had a couple of playdates, went for a picnic, to the Club (my first time...). Indeed, it turned out to be a pretty fun 2 weeks and look how fast it went and now, we're back to the regimented routine of sending, dropping, cooking, cleaning, washing etc.. I simply can't wait for the next (school hols).

Sunday, June 5, 2011

what is wholesale insurance?

I've been told that, if you want to know prices of types of insurances, search them on Wholesale Insurance. I was like "huh?". Then, I got curious and since I knew I'd meet an aunty who's an insurance agent at a wedding luncheon yesterday, I made a mental note to ask her all about this wholesale insurance thingy.

So, apparently what this wholesale insurance does is it's merely a term life insurance database. Their website quote engine instantly compares pricing from all of the best insurance companies on one screen. This in turn, makes it easy for you to search the entire market for the best life insurance quotes and rates available today. Cool eh? The only downside is, these quotes are estimates and you'd still have to get hold of your insurance agents to get you accurate rates. Bummer eh? And I thought, it was really an "all-in-one" solution to all my insurance queries.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Ash : Mommy, look (down) on the floor? All the mess..(bits and pieces of play-dough under their writing table)

Me : Yeah. Who made all the mess?

Ash : Emily and Ashley ah.

Me : So, who is going to clean it up?

Ash : Erm...mommy ah.

Me : Why mommy need to clean? Mommy didn't make a mess also.

Ash : Erm...because mommy can clean faster..faster (along with action)..with a broom. Use the broom and clean fast fast.

Me : Oh. but Ashley can take the broom and clean faster faster also.

Ash : *smiling*

Me : Why not?

Ash : Erm...because Ashley is so small. It's too hard. Ashley can't do it *smiling again*

Me : Are you sure you are too small? It's not hard. You can do it..

Ash :, the broom is too tall(er). It's too hard. Ashley can't do it..

Me : we shall see..(**walks out to watch tv** because this mommy knows she's not going anywhere with this conversation).

Ash : *continues with her drawing*

So...who taught her that huh?.

ps : I was just telling a mummy friend that it will be so nice if we can all fast track the kids but stop time when they are 5 or 6, that'll be just perfect..heheh. But, looks like I better stop time at 4..

Sunday, May 29, 2011

what I was watching last night..

Hairspray!! so outdated..

Seeing how early the girls went to bed last night (they had a long day), and Rafa had a good day at the office, there was nothing on tv except for yup, Hairspray. Hubby didn't join me watching it cos he's not into musical and sorts. But, it's more than a musical -- it's a funny silly hilarious musical. One hubby wouldn't be the least interested. Not me. I enjoyed it very much. Either I was on weed or the antibiotics really really gave me the kick.

Oh, and I have a zit in my mouth. Of all places!! What? You're not interested? OK, I get the hint. I shall go look for my cream before it explodes rendering me mouthless. Since I am at it, I will also go look for information on how to get rid of whiteheads while I am at it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

school holidays

What are you up to this school holidays? Seeing as how I've only just recovered, I don't think we'd be doing that much. Ash has got plans though. She told the father this morning that her school is closed (in response to my question if she wanted to go to school) and that she needed new pencils (or was it colour pencils?) and that her father should take her shopping. Oh, before that, she also pestered her father about letting take a bus ride and then go shopping I guess. I can't really remember what hubby told her. Probably mumbled something and hope in vain that she'll stop asking about the bus ride and shopping. I can feel hubby's acne about to pop anytime soon. For his sake, I should get some acne vitamin ready, you know, just in case..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

being sick just ain't no fun

Especially when the school hols are approaching.

I have been having this dreaded fever since last Friday. It appears to be leaving me..for good this morning but I can still feel it trying to make it's way back somehow..Initially, the drs suspected I could've gotten the dengue fever so I went and took the test but thank GOD the test results came back negative. So, it must be some viral thing that's attacked me. I'm on just fever meds and antibiotics only but it's enough to drain all my every away.

The girls have been spending their day at their grandparents' house since Monday because with aches all over my body, I can hardly move. Oh yea, this fever comes with headaches, and even minor diarrhea. Also, hubby took some time off to help me because it was pretty bad in the first couple of days. And I, have been cramped inside the house for a week now, never venturing out unless it was to the doctors. I don't even know if I still remember to drive after this. Who knows what this fever has done to my body, my brains??...You know, I am ultimately thankful that I don't live in rhino steel buildings because if I did, I don't think I'd even survive the week!

OK...sillies aside, there seem to be some bug going around so just becareful, drink lots, eat lots of veggie and fruits and generally, get some rest. I have never had fever that lasts more than 24 hours, unless it was accompanied by some other cause such as chicken pox or measles but if it was just a normal fever, it wouldn't have lasted this long. Like they always say - there's a first for everything.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Maternity wear

I was cleaning out my closet just last weekend. Have to make way for some new clothes and to give-away some old ones. It started with my cleaning out the girls', keeping all of Em's old ones and then sorting out Ash's old clothes for Em. It's a pity that Em has to wear hand-me-downs at the moment. It seems that she does not mind, so, for as long as she's happy, I'm happy not having to constantly buy new clothes for her. But, on special occasion like her birthday, I make it a point to get her a new one.

Anyway, back to the part about my closet clean-out. I found some of my old maternity clothing and contemplated if I should give them away or keep them for my sister. Then, I looked at them and then I realized that by the time she gets married and eventually gets pregnant, they will no longer be fashionable for the belly bump. WHo am I kidding? - they look frumpy as it is now. No one will want then even if I give them away this instant. So, we decided to pack them up and give them away to the people who collects old items and clothing every weekend at out place. They are still in wearable condition, just no longer fashionable thats all.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

and so..

you know, I've been somewhat popular lately. Well, my company that is. I have been going out a lot lately. More than my usual quota. As you would have guessed by now that I was definitely not crowned Miss Social-Butterfly in my school days. Nope. That title belonged to some other people; I'm very much happy being with my group or being well, just ol' me.

Anyway, but of late, I've been out. It's nice of course. Instead of being home all the time with the kids, I get to be an adult for a change. Do adult stuff, talk adult stuff..just being 'grown-up'. And you know what's nice about all of these social events is? It's the fact that despite all the outings, it never felt like a social event per se, I actually enjoy the company I am with. It's definitely with people I like being with and that I don't have to feel like I am entertaining...know what I mean.

So, one of them is my very very close buddy from school. She's been home for the holidays and we've hung out a couple of times now. I even took pictures of us. It's been a while since we've ever been photographed together, the last being...being...see, I can't even remember when. Which is why I will definitely treasure these pictures. And, I plan on printing out copies for her before she leaves..if only black ink cartridges works. Just trying to be different in printing out B&W. None works so it'll have to be the boring colored ones then...Darn!

SHe'll be leaving soon. And, I don't know when I'll ever see her again. She did promise to come back next year but we shall see...we shall see..Momsie's been out eh heheh...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

on Mother's Day

How was Mother's Day guys? I should really be asking about Father's Day now, shouldn't I? Ah well, leave that for the mo; I am still on Mother's Day mode.

As for me (us), we spent Sunday at home most of the time. It was so so warm the past couple of days, I felt like submerging myself into a tub of ice. My cousin and family went to the Ice Room. I was this close to leaving all and following them there. But I didn't. I stayed home, with the troops. All of us were down with something or another : Em got the cough, hubby's nose ran away and doesn't look like it's making an appearance anytime soon, I had the fever last Friday. The only one standing was Ash but now, she's beginning to get the cough too (heard her last night). I think it's the weather, the not-eating-well the past 2 weeks or so. You know, just about everything. So, we decided to stay home on MOther's Day. We or should I say, hubby and I spent the day taking it easy, cleaning the house (which was left untouched for 2 weeks!!!), I cooked lunch (dinner we ate out)...

'Twas a slow slow weekend for us. A time to recoup and recover..

ps : and I didn't get any presents too..hhmmpphh..

Friday, May 6, 2011

housewarming gift

I have a question - what to get for a friend as housewarming gift?

She's into English vintage kinds if things. I haven't been to her apartment but from the photos that she's shown me, it's so so lovely. I can certainly live in it. So pretty and nice and...just so lovely. Made me wanna re-decorate my house. That reminds me - I should start thinking about painting the 'damaged' walls of my house because the girls went on a drawing rampage again yesterday evening. Hmmpphhh...

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the gift. I was thinking perhaps I should start developing some photos of her and her kid and buy photo frames at Personal Creations and give it to her as her housewarming gift. What say you? Good idea?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

teacher Ashley

Lately, Ash has been mimicking her teacher when she's at home. And guess who gets to become her 'student'?

Yep, none other than Mini!!

She will round Mini up, sit her down and take a book and pretend to read from the book. I say pretend because she doesn't know how to read from it yet. Or she will tell Mini to go play with some toys or do whatever. Basically, just order Mini around and funnily enough, this Mini'll gladly go along with the role-playing. She adores her sister and will do just about anything that Ash ask of her. Well...maybe except when they're fighting over a toy or whatever. You know, as long as what Ash's "teaching" her does not involve drugs or how to kiss boys or what the oxyelite pro side effects are, I am more than happy :-).

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello World!

How HAVE you been?

We been very tired and exhausted. Finally, the absolutely crazy week is over. Even Ash has put her hands up and said "no more!!"..

Last weekend, we had a very simple "do" for lil Em amongst family and our very close friends. It was an early celebration nevertheless. Also, thanks (again) to the aunties who gave my girls such lovely lovely pressies.

After the party, I asked Ash if she wanted to party some more and she told me "Enough of party mommy. Enough". She also said she didn't want anymore presents cos she already received so many (even though the presents were technically Mini's and not hers). Oh well, we shall see again next year...we shall see...

ps : oh and did u catch the royal wedding and the kiss, and The Dress and the Lady Gaga-inspired hats? I only caught like the last 5 mins of the thing. The part where they waved and the kiss. Ash didn't believe she was a real princess because it wasn't a pumpkin carriage!! O_O.

Monday, April 11, 2011

pretty dresses

the girls

Ash was on a Sound of Music marathon at my mom's place yesterday afternoon. She likes the songs, the singing and the clothes. She wants to dress up exactly like Maria! Well, if she chooses the nunnery over the frat house - I think I may be able to live with that. I know hubby will be thrilled!! (remember, he doesn't like the idea of his precious girls dating...getting married even).

So, anyway, before going all Maria-ish, she woke up and said she wanted to wear her Ma-ri-mela (her version of Maria) dress. And, she went searching for them in her drawer and wore hers. She then proceeded to search for her sister's dress and got me to wear for Mini. Pretty right??!!

You must be wondering : that doesn't look like Maria's at all!!

Well, you're absolutely right - Maria will not be caught dead in a sun-dress like the ones in the photo. The only reason why Ash associated the dress with Maria is because the dresses actually came with matching headscarfs similar to what the girls in the movie wore. In this picture, they didn't have it on.

Let me tell you that, I am one fussy mom when it comes to my kids' clothes. I don't mind spending just that little bit more for quality or simply shopping around to get exactly what I want and these dresses are no exception. The dresses are meticulously hand-sewn (you didn't know that, did ya? heheh..) by a talented seamstress. Not by me (of course!)..but Pei Yi, whom I ordered the dresses from. I wanted matching floral dresses for my girls. And I also wanted matching headscarfs. Where to find leh? I tell you, she's one very talented lady with a gift of the threads. You can tell the difference between one who does a job because she "has to" and one who puts her heart and soul into her craft. Simply a work of art.

The next time, I will try to get the whole ensemble on the girls. I ordered a larger sizes so they can wear them for slightly longer than thinking eh? heheh..:-).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

early morning tears

Ash cried this morning when she saw her Daddy in his work clothes. She's been asking us to take her to 1U where she can go on the kiddy car/stroller/pushcart ride because it's been a while since she has gone to the mall. Actually, it was more like 'pestering' us and we told her we'll go the first thing on Saturday morning.

But, because she asked us since Monday and Saturday is a long wait and she's already been waiting for such a long time, she can't wait any second longer. So she cried. And refused to change out of her pj's and kept asking her Dad not to go to work (Hubby told her that we'll take her when there's no school and no obviously, she thought that meant she had a choice not to go to school or that Dad has a choice not to go to work).

To pacify his princess, hubby told her we'll take her tonight. -sigh-

It's true that we haven't been spending as much time with her lately. Actually, not only her but the both of them. But, Mini is pretty much still in the blur -- as long as there's food, nothing else matters to her (at the moment). For Ash, perhaps it's the school routine that's boring her and we've been busy during the weekends just running around doing un-fun stuffs. Plus, both of us had our weekends off respectively so we didn't do anything family-like for a while now.

I would like to warn her though that the coming weekends will not be any fun either. Well, at least, not until her aunts and uncle comes home because we've got quite a fair bit to do at home. I don't know...we'll see. We'll see how it goes later tonight. Lets hope she's happier after that...**fingers crossed**
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