Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello World!

How HAVE you been?

We been very tired and exhausted. Finally, the absolutely crazy week is over. Even Ash has put her hands up and said "no more..no more!!"..

Last weekend, we had a very simple "do" for lil Em amongst family and our very close friends. It was an early celebration nevertheless. Also, thanks (again) to the aunties who gave my girls such lovely lovely pressies.

After the party, I asked Ash if she wanted to party some more and she told me "Enough of party mommy. Enough". She also said she didn't want anymore presents cos she already received so many (even though the presents were technically Mini's and not hers). Oh well, we shall see again next year...we shall see...

ps : oh and did u catch the royal wedding and the kiss, and The Dress and the Lady Gaga-inspired hats? I only caught like the last 5 mins of the thing. The part where they waved and the kiss. Ash didn't believe she was a real princess because it wasn't a pumpkin carriage!! O_O.

1 comment:

BoeyJoey said...

Pumpkin carriage!!! Ash's so cute! Haha... the things that kids say, simply adorable :-D.

Happy Belated Birthday to Em. Stay cute, little princess :-).

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