Thursday, May 5, 2011

teacher Ashley

Lately, Ash has been mimicking her teacher when she's at home. And guess who gets to become her 'student'?

Yep, none other than Mini!!

She will round Mini up, sit her down and take a book and pretend to read from the book. I say pretend because she doesn't know how to read from it yet. Or she will tell Mini to go play with some toys or do whatever. Basically, just order Mini around and funnily enough, this Mini'll gladly go along with the role-playing. She adores her sister and will do just about anything that Ash ask of her. Well...maybe except when they're fighting over a toy or whatever. You know, as long as what Ash's "teaching" her does not involve drugs or how to kiss boys or what the oxyelite pro side effects are, I am more than happy :-).

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