Monday, September 29, 2008


Happy 7th Anniversary dear!

Love ya lots...

p.s : Now...can I have my present?? *snigger*

Friday, September 26, 2008

Going places

Out in the sun drying after stepping into a puddle

A while back, Barb of Little Chumsy's Blog, tagged me with a shoe tag. The tag requires me to state my shoe size and my favorite pair.

Well, I actually have had quite a few but lately and possibly, ever since I stopped working - heels are definitely out! I prefer low heels or better yet, flat. It's alot easier on the feet when you have to carry a 10kg baby!

Lately, I've developed a fond-ness for the pair in the above photo. I have a couple of other casual flip-flops cos they are simply the "easier" shoes. But, I love this particular pair cos they are so comfortable. And, they make great vacation shoes; perfect for the sun, the sand and the cruises and once, I even slipped them on by accident whilst rushing out the door to a dinner function. Thankfully, hubby saved the day by laughing at me in the car. Well, I suppose it's "lucky" me!

Ok you guys, have fun trotting around town with your favourite pair this weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Movie weekend

We watched 2 silly movies over the weekend - an Isreali "kou sau" with a inner desire to make people's hair "silky smooth" and a rock star who looks the part of a rock star on and off screen but in reality, he's really just a comedian. A very funny one too. I think I'm in love..LOL

I haven't been up to anything lately. No, I'm not on some crash diet or religiously swallowing diet pills. I'm just...not on. are probably sick of me whining cos frankly, I am too. So, lets make this post less morbid, shall we? Just for laughs, I'll share with you a clip of Russell Brand appearing on Craig Ferguson :

Friday, September 19, 2008

Eggy love

A typical Sunday morning would be - me, in the kitchen and the other 2, in the living-room; either playing with Ash's toys, watching Barney (the purple thing is pretty popular I believe) or Ash watching Daddy work his playstation 3. It can be pretty intense..LOL

So, last Sunday morning was no different. And, I wanted to make us some French toasts. I took out some eggs from the refrigerator, cracked open one of em' and the photo above was what I got. Now you know, I am no expert at egg cracking.

Well, but I thought it was kinda cool how it shaped itself into a 'heart' because frankly, I had nothing to do with it. Even if I did, I did it unconsciously. Before I destroyed my work *ahem* of art by dousing it with milk and ferociously whisking it, I thought I should take a picture for all to see.

Anyhow, until I find another interesting photo to share with you, here's wishing you a happy 'eggy love' weekend. May you have great fun with your loved ones!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's cookin'?

My favorite print on our kitchen wall..

I'm not a good cook; there, I said it! In fact, I can hardly be labeled a “cook”. However, if you consider whipping up simple stir-fries and occasional steaming – cooking, ok then, I'll gladly accept :-)

I don't know, the worst is I can't cook when I am unhappy or simply not-into-it. I have to be in that right mood for me to stay in the kitchen longer than usual. And, I can't do the everyday cooking thing either. So, God help me when Ash is ready for her full-fledged adult meals! I guess I'm not exactly a “model” mom.

Today, however, the “mood” caught up with me. Plus, I would have to say that, hubby was home early too. I can't help it but it feels sort of cosmic; as if he knew I was in my "funky cooking mood" and decided to leave work early. In addition, the mystical connection didn't end there either; we both said we wanted seafood -- simultaneously! More specifically – oysters! By then, my brains were already ticking with our dinner menu.

As soon as he reached home, huffing and puffing, we went looking for oysters but couldn't find any at the store nearby. Strangely, we did find clams and scallops. Well..clams and scallops will have to do since we were running out of time.

So, in the end and after 2 hours of quality time behind the stove (with plenty to spare if you want to squeeze in Boston resumes), our dinner comprised of the following :

  1. rice (staple - can't do without em')

  2. chili sauteed clams

  3. steamed scallops with chopped garlic and ginger

  4. stir-fry vege

  5. potato and fish cake – something all 3 of us could enjoy

I must confess that presentation wise - terrible. We were so hungry, we would've eaten them straight from the wok! LOL...Although our dinner wasn't what you might call a 'gourmet' meal but was good enough.

Finally, if you don't mind sharing with me; what did you have for dinner?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Now and Then

Hey guys, I'm sorry for the delay in posting but...I'm back!

We had been busy puttering around the house as well as paying particularly close attention to Ash since she received her booster jab on Friday. This, incidentally, is her last until she goes to Std1 (1st grade). Frankly, I am more than relieved because that effectively means 'no more mandatory visits to the paed' *knock on wood*. Which brings me to this; the paed has Plantar Fasciitis - painful foot condition in the heel and arch area.

"Huh? Is that it?" say. Well, the thing is, Ash's paed has been the hospital-assigned paed at the time when she was born and frankly, I was never really keen on taking Ash to the hospital each time but, we still did. Thankfully though, *knock on wood again*, Ash has really only seen her for all the scheduled vaccination save for minor sniffles that one time; which is why we didn't bother changing and given that the current one has all her medical records..Now that Ash has done her last, we probably might change later when the need arises but at the moment, we are fine with the one we visit.

I am happy to state that apart from the slight reaction to the jab (fever), she was strong throughout the process; wincing only a little. However, I can't say the same about her mood; she was most irritable the whole of Saturday. But, luckily for us, she slept early that night after our weekly shopping and dinner.

Apart from that, I've come to realise...about year ago, when I posted this, Ash was just a tiny little 4 month old, learning to turn over. It took her a few tries but once she got the hang of it, she was on a roll!!

Now, fast forward many months, she's an inquisitive toddler who happens to love curtains. Strangely, she's taken a real fancy to the drapes and I am not entirely sure what the attraction is though. I'm thinking, it's either they look pretty ; which I doubt. Or, they are simply the perfect hiding place! Well, at least, that's what I think she thinks; know what I mean?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Upside Down

I'm feeling pretty beat today.

So, I'm going to bed early tonight.

Before I do that, I thought I'd share with you this photo which taken shortly after Ash's bath on Monday. She was tickled and kissed to death before being rendered the above position. The person responsible - the ever doting Daddy. And, she didn't seem to mind, not one bit!

Alright, I'm to you soon!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Giving Thanks!

This photo was taken at the Japanese Garden in Bkt Tinggi

Today, I'd like to give my sincere thanks to the friends who have given me awards recently. I must apologize for the delay in acknowledging this. Please know however that I do appreciate your kind thoughts and I truly am grateful for your friendship. So, without further ado, I'd like to thank Tina, Super Mae and Dominique : you gals rock!

Also, if any of you gals are thinking of what to do for summer next year, try Orlando vacations. Heard it's fun! And, you are always welcomed to bring me along *wink*...LOL

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Hi dear friends!

I can't believe that my weekend is over. And, while it is true that that shouldn't make much of a difference since I am 'off' on a daily basis anyway but, let me tell you -- it does (make a difference)! When hubby is around and I can sleep in a little..heheheh...:-)

You might remember me telling you about my looking forward to the holidays but not so much at the same time because of the horridly erratic weather we've been having. Well, all of it came true...until this morning..

I woke up to the sun's greeting instead of a horrible storm which was such a wonderful welcome. I was elated naturally. So, I happily woke the 'half-dead' hubby and told him that we needed to do "something" since today was the last day of his holiday. But, to my disappointment, he mumbled about having an overseas conference call in the morning.

Alright, so that pretty much ruined everything. However, knowing me, I will not be upset by a mere 'conference call' : I told him that we could spend the morning at our neighborhood play-ground instead. Also. to save time, we would drive instead of walking like we normally do. He reluctantly agreed and got up. We quickly had breakfast, changed and out the door faster than you can say "GO!".

And, so we spent a good hour hanging around. I know, it wasn't what I had in mind but under the circumstances, it was the best we could do. I took some photos too since, after all, I am in charge of capturing Ash's childhood on digital. As usual, here are some of my favorites that I'd like to share with you :

I think I've gone on enough about us. How was your weekend holiday? I certainly do hope that you had loads of fun as well!

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