Friday, September 26, 2008

Going places

Out in the sun drying after stepping into a puddle

A while back, Barb of Little Chumsy's Blog, tagged me with a shoe tag. The tag requires me to state my shoe size and my favorite pair.

Well, I actually have had quite a few but lately and possibly, ever since I stopped working - heels are definitely out! I prefer low heels or better yet, flat. It's alot easier on the feet when you have to carry a 10kg baby!

Lately, I've developed a fond-ness for the pair in the above photo. I have a couple of other casual flip-flops cos they are simply the "easier" shoes. But, I love this particular pair cos they are so comfortable. And, they make great vacation shoes; perfect for the sun, the sand and the cruises and once, I even slipped them on by accident whilst rushing out the door to a dinner function. Thankfully, hubby saved the day by laughing at me in the car. Well, I suppose it's "lucky" me!

Ok you guys, have fun trotting around town with your favourite pair this weekend!


Tina said...

got something here mate that may interest you ;)

Tina said...

i have a tag for you too mate x

Tammy said...

I love flip flops, but it's too cold to wear them here now. :o(

Sandra Carvalho said...

I'm crazy about flip-flops!
Love them!

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